Frances Potter

Resolution by Frances Potter

When you've spent six years fighting evil, all you really want is a quiet time. But when your name is Harry Potter the chances of that are very slim. A series of vignettes chronicling Harry's final six months at Hogwarts. Exams, friends, lovers, Quidditch, the war and Draco all conspire to make the year end seem a very long way away. Slash (Harry/Draco)

Words: 322,203
Chapters: 11
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This story takes place in the universe of Frances Potter's Resolution. In the summer after his sixth year, Draco Malfoy learns some new moves on the Quidditch pitch--and off. He also spends more time than might be good for him thinking about his rival. And owls.

Words: 10,534
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,415

Based on Ch 10 of Frances Potter's (nonslash) Schnoogle fic "Coming of Age". When Harry goes to heal Draco's wounds, they find the curse which ties them together calls them to be together in other ways as well.

Words: 2,480
Chapters: 1
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After finally defeating Voldemort, Harry Potter can take no more. He leaves the wizarding world for good. But three years later the Dark Lord has a 21st birthday present for the Boy Who Lived. Just what Draco has to do with that present is anyone's guess. An Animagus, Ron and Hermione living together and the least likely person to be an Auror are all there to help, but just what role does Dudley Dursley play in all this!

Words: 96,682
Chapters: 10
Hits: 44,753

"Every dewdrop and raindrop had a whole heaven within it." - Longfellow. A collection of vignettes featuring Harry and Draco. Some are related, others are just standalone. All were originally written for the Gun+Handcuffs Forum on FictionAlley Park. All are H/D slash.

Words: 5,887
Chapters: 1
Hits: 3,456