Will You Marry Me?

Emmeline Moonstone

Story Summary:
Will you marry me? It’s a simple enough sentence right? But for the eight Gryffindors in Harry’s year, each has different experiences with the phrase. They range from R/Hr’s casual proposal, in which they might have easily have been talking about a shopping list, to Pavati having to turn down a very public proposal.

Author's Note:
Thank you very much to Emmylou for the plot bunny. I have used the details of it as my summary, as it fits very well. Thank you also to Seraphina Honeyduke for reading bits through and generally beign a fantastic beta.

"Hello darling, how was your day?" Hermione enquired, stepping out of the fireplace and brushing herself down.

"Oh, fairly boring - loads of paperwork. What with the balls up last week, you know - the operation to catch some of the outstanding Death Eaters - the blames being thrown about like a hot Pepper Imp," replied Ron. "How about you, your day any better?"

"Oh fairly average. Dealt with a couple who had mysteriously developed vanishing sickness, and a few aggressive cases of dragon pox. Nothing really strange or startling."

She flopped down in the rocking chair, closed her eyes and sighed. She thought through the tasks she had to get through that evening and after a few moments opened her eyes again, ready to get on with it all.

"Right Ron, we need to make a shopping list. So what is it you want to eat? We're off to your parents this weekend, don't forget, so you only need to think what you want to eat for tomorrow and Monday."

"Hmm, well how about we go out tomorrow?" mused Ron.

"Come on Ron, you know we can't afford to go splashing out money on meals out for no reason. It's not like we've anything special to celebrate." Hermione answered, rolling her eyes. Admittedly they hadn't been out in a while, and she knew Ron was just trying to be sweet and reduce the hassle for her (and himself - he hated thinking what he wanted to eat in advance), but still!

"Who says we don't have a reason?"

"Well, if you can find a half decent reason then fine!"

"Well then, marry me! That'll give us something to celebrate."

"That sounds like a good idea; do you want to book a table somewhere then?" Hermione smiled, secretly ecstatic that he'd finally proposed. To most girls this wouldn't be the perfect proposal but then again she wasn't most girls. She knew Ron would be too embarrassed to do the full 'down on one knee' shenanigans but she was fully aware this was heartfelt and he'd have been shattered if she'd just laughed it off.

"Sure I'll do that, how about 'The Singing Snitch' and we could have a look round some shops beforehand, find you a suitable ring before the weekend?"

"OK, that's sorted then," responded Hermione. "I was thinking we ought to get something to take to your parents."

"Yeah, Dad'll be happy with any bit of Muggle tat."

"Your Mum won't though, will she!"

"Nah, but her beady eyes will spot the ring we'll get for you tomorrow and she won't notice me slip Dad a present."

"Well, on your own head be it. Still, I think I'll get some Elderflower wine and pop into Fortescue's, and get a tub of that strawberry ice cream."


Welcome, welcome one and all to the final of the four hundred and twenty-fourth Quidditch World Cup!" boomed Aidan Lynch, the commentator.

Parvarti Patil couldn't believe she was here, sitting in the players' box. She'd never been a huge Quidditch fan and yet she couldn't help getting caught up in the excitement that was radiating around the stadium. Of course, it would have looked wrong if she hadn't attended but she never expected to enjoy it as much as she was. Her and Justin were the up and coming couple in the wizarding world - always being snapped and constantly in the gossip columns.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, kindly greet - the English National Quidditch Team!" yelled Lynch. "Here they are - Wood! Plumpton! Butcher! Vance! Bell! Summerby! Aaaaaaaaand Miller!"

Parvarti watched as seven white blurs shot past the window waving madly at the crowd, enjoying every moment of their fame. She noticed one of the blurs slow a little as he passed the window, and she saw Justin give her a wink before he sped up again and all she could see was the name 'Summerby' printed on the back of his robes.

She'd been dating Justin since the October after she left school. She'd interviewed him as part of a minor article she'd been assigned. He had just joined the Chudley Cannons then and she was asking about his hopes and aspirations within the club. He'd replied along the lines of he hoped to improve, join another club and get her to go out for a meal with him and he'd achieved three out of three. He now played for the Montrose Magpies, was obviously in the first England team to reach the final of the Quidditch World Cup in Merlin knows how long, and he had been dating her ever since that article.

She loved everything that came with being with Justin. She had been able to give up her job as lackey on the paper and was now a kept woman; she had fame and fortune at her fingertips; she had a wonderful, sweet, just man who was totally smitten with her. Yet, she was not sure she was happy and she kept wondering whether this was it.

She watched as the Bulgarian team swept passed the window and concentrated on the game. Contrary to probably everyone else in the stadium she hoped that the game didn't go on for days. She was enjoying herself at the moment but she knew that she wasn't up for sitting around watching for too long.

The players zoomed about the pitch - the game was fast and furious. The noise from the crowd was deafening. Suddenly there was a heightened sense of excitement as the spectators realised that the Seekers were whirling around the pitch chasing the Snitch. Around the stadium people were standing up screaming support for their respective Seeker (and a few snide comments were sent in the direction of the opposing Seeker!) Both players dived towards the ground; there was a tussle as both nearly hit the earth and then the English Seeker flew up triumphant. The referee blew his whistle but no one really heard it. England had won by ten points and that was all anyone in the stadium was concerned about.

As the English team did their lap of honour, Parvarti sat back, letting the tension seep out of her. She began to look forward to relaxing in the luxury bath provided in her tent. She blew Justin a kiss as he flew past before the team swept down to the ground ready to collect the actual Cup.

"Let's hear it for the gallant losers - Bulgaria!" Lynch shouted, as the seven dishevelled and disheartened Bulgarian players made their way out onto the pitch.

"And now here come the English National Quidditch Team, winners of the four hundred and twenty-fourth Quidditch World Cup!"

The roar in the stadium was ear splitting as the equally dishevelled but much more ecstatic English players filed out onto the pitch. The team all stood around lifting the cup and posing for photos that would be all over the world's wizarding press by the next morning. The quintessential Quidditch World Cup Winners - each team member a bit battered and bruised but grinning from ear to ear.

"I believe now that I should shut up and let the celebrations begin," roared Lynch, "and I will do so, but I am told one of the players would appreciate a few more moments of your relative attention to say a few words."

Parvarti watched intrigued as to what this announcement would be; as far as she knew this sort of thing was far from usual. She saw Justin extract a wand from his robes and point at his throat and saw him mouth "Sonorus!"

"I appreciate you all coming here to support your respective teams and it has made for a great game. There is one special person I would like to thank and that is Parvarti Patil, my wonderful girlfriend." Justin's voice rang around the stadium. "She has stuck with me from the start and now there is something I want to ask her."

At first Parvarti had thought this all very sweet but suddenly realisation dawned on what he was going to say next.

"Parvarti," Justin said, falling onto one knee and gazing up at the box she was in. "Will you marry me?"

She sat there smiling for a second more, while thoughts raced through her brain. Her breath caught in her throat, but not in the way she'd always expected it to when this moment came - she felt like she was suffocating. Her stomach churned and her skin went clammy. She was sure someone had just put a Disillusionment charm on her because she felt cold ripples running down her. Then she suddenly wished someone had done.

Cameras were flashing so much her view of him was obscured. She stumbled up from her seat and backwards in shock, shaking her head and tears streaming down her face. In that split second she had realised she didn't actually love him. She cared about him a lot and loved what he could provide but she couldn't marry him. She continued stumbling backwards towards the door, stuttering "No, no." She could see poor Justin looking confused and hear a silence settling across the stands as people realised what was going on. The crestfallen look he gave as she reached the door and turned and ran would haunt her forever.


Back in Hogwarts he would never have imagined that she would be the one he would fall head over heels in love with and never want to be parted from. After all she was known as 'Loony Lovegood', always a bit strange - a sandwich short of a picnic, he'd always thought. He remembered seeing her notices on boards at the end of the year calling for her stuff to be returned and laughing about it with Seamus.

He realised now though that in some ways they were kindred spirits. He'd always appeared to fit in and yet he didn't, whereas she knew she didn't and was proud of it; she was always happy being herself. They were both quite arty as well - she liked drawing nature and he was always happy with a sketch pad in hand.

His parents had come to love her quirkiness, although admittedly they'd initially been taken aback by it. Now they'd try and get to see a few West Ham games together, as he'd converted her to the fair game and he now had trouble stopping her from wearing one of her outlandish magical supporter hats. He secretly loved these and if they watched a game on the TV from their flat then they would both don one each and shout at the referee together.

Her Dad liked him as well. He found that quite a relief as Mr Lovegood could be quite protective of his little girl, even though she'd proved that she could look after herself. They lived fairly close to him, as, although he'd never admit it, Luna's father was quite lonely without her.

Now he was just waiting for her to come down the stairs. She was just putting the finishing touches to her outfit, which by Luna's standards was taking a while - usually she just threw something on and looked stunning! He hoped that she hadn't cottoned on to what he had planned. Then again they hadn't been out for a while so maybe she was just making a special effort.

Just then he heard footsteps skipping along the floor above followed by the tapping of her feet as she came down the stairs. He was bowled over by her beauty as he always seemed to be; he wanted to get out his sketch pad and capture this moment but resisted the urge. She wore a very pale blue silk dress, which was slightly creased and skimmed the floor; a pair of earrings that Dean had designed for her; the butterbeer cap necklace that she never took off because her Mum had made it with her; and, of course, her wand peeped out through her long flowing hair.

"You look beautiful," he said, walking over to her and planting a kiss on her cheek.

He pulled the wand out from behind her ear and took her over to the object he'd brought home that afternoon. Seeing how she looked he was glad he had refuted the suggestion that they just Floo there. He knew Luna wouldn't care about a bit of soot on her dress but he wanted this to be perfect. That was why he'd organised a Portkey, which, he realised, would be ready any second.

He took her hand and placed it on the old wine bottle that was sitting on the table. Seconds later, they both felt the usual jerk behind their navel, they whirled forwards and eventually their feet slammed into the ground.

Looking around themselves they discovered they were in an alleyway. The sound of voices drifted to their ears and a strong smell of coffee wafted up their noses. He smiled and placed his hands over Luna's eyes. Carefully, he guided her out of the alley and past the café that they had smelt.

He came to a stop and removed his hands from her eyes. After a couple of seconds adjusting to the light she soaked in the view. She spotted the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Montparnasse and turning around she spotted the Sacre Coeur. It was then she realised where she was and she swung around to plant a kiss on the man that had brought her here.

She ended up kissing thin air though. She scanned the crowd and yet still could not find his familiar silhouette. At that moment she felt a tugging at her dress. She looked down expecting to see a little child and found him kneeling at her feet.

He'd fumbled in his pocket while she was gazing at the view and for a moment had a dreadful feeling he'd forgotten it, but thankfully his fingers clasped onto the box. She looked down at him, he took her hand and whispered the words he'd been rehearsing for weeks.

"Luna, will you make me even happier and become my wife?"

She felt a rush of amazement - she never believed that this day would actually come, even though she knew he loved her. She pulled on his arm and he stood up.

"Yes," she whispered back. "Yes, Dean Thomas, I will marry you."

As he slipped the bespoke ring onto her finger and they relaxed into an embrace all the past hurt dissolved for that moment.


She woke up with the sun breaking through a gap in the curtains. She stretched; a smile spread across her face as she remembered the night before and realised it wasn't just a dream. She extended her arm towards the glass of water she kept by the side of the bed and felt something slip onto the floor as her hand brushed past it. She rolled onto her side and leaned over the side of the bed, her hand fishing around and finally alighting on the envelope. As she brought it up to eye level she smiled as she recognised the writing and immediately tore along the seal. She read:


Please forgive me for writing this and not telling you some other way. I just don't know how; I know if I try and tell you to your face, well, I wouldn't even manage it. So all I ask is that you just read this and accept it.

It's always going to be dangerous living with me. I always thought that after Voldemort was defeated, and his Death Eaters rounded up, I - we - would be safe. It's not going to turn out like that, I'm doomed never to have the happy-ever-after we dreamed and planned.

I can't ask you to live that life. I don't want you to live that life. One always looking over your shoulder, hand always on your wand, curse always on your lips. I love you, I really do Susan, and I always will, and that's why I can't ask you to do this.

Last night was wonderful. Maybe it was selfish of me to say yes when you asked whether I would marry you, but I wanted to make you happy, and for once I wanted us to be normal. I wanted to be able to enjoy a normal night of pure happiness, and that's what we had. I didn't mean to hurt you, at the time I just didn't think.

That's possibly my problem, I don't think, I just rush head first into the next situation. You're the thinker - the one who stops and imagines all the possibilities. That's what attracted me to you. You remained so calm, even when faced with the Death Eaters that had caused you so much pain; you wanted justice, not revenge.

Sitting here writing this is the hardest thing I will ever do; I want to tear this up and throw it on the fire and crawl back into bed and hold you close and kiss you and a million and one other things. Yet I know I can't do that. I've made my decision and although I hate it, it's the right one. I'm sorry to do this to you but you're so special I know that you'll find someone who can love you as much as you deserve and provide you with what I cannot - safety.

I'll alert someone from the Order later and they'll look after you. Let them look after you. I'm not naïve enough to think that danger will automatically leave with my departure, but over time it will diminish and that's all I can ask for.

I'd better go now. If I don't leave now then I will hear you stirring, murmuring something in your sleep, and I will never be able to tear myself away. Thank you for everything; you've brought so much to my life that I will always carry with me.

Love you for eternity,


The letter fell to the floor as Susan curled up as tight as she could.

"Don't you realise none of that matters?" She whispered, as the sobs began to escape from her uncontrollably.


It was his last year at Hogwarts and he was smitten. He'd been dating Ginny for over a year now and they were both very happy. He loved the way she seemed fiery and stubborn, and yet she had a very gentle and vulnerable side. Valentine's Day was coming up, and he'd decided to take the plunge. He was nervous, but thankfully Dumbledore had inadvertently gone and made it easier for him. He'd been working on what to say for days now, and although he knew it wasn't brilliant, it would have to suffice.

It was the first year of her NEWTs and she was smitten. She'd been dating Neville for over a year now and they were both very happy. She loved the way he seemed shy and bumbling, and yet he had a very determined and principled side. Valentine's Day was coming up, and she'd decided to take the plunge. She was nervous, but thankfully Dumbledore had inadvertently gone and made it easier for her. She'd been working on what to say for days now, and although she knew it wasn't brilliant, it would have to suffice.

Dumbledore had announced to the school that due to their hard work he was going to allow a bit of fun for Valentine's Day. The events were loosely based on Gilderoy's extravaganza a few years before, as Dumbledore had quite enjoyed them, even if they had been a bit over the top. He'd organised a ball for the evening and during the day had employed a slightly less surly bunch of cupids to deliver Valentine's messages. Of course, this wasn't just for a bit of fun, Dumbledore always had a deeper motivation than that. Fun was the main aim, but he hoped it would bring increased unity as the pressure of the war pressed ever more heavily on his students.

It hadn't been too taxing for Neville that day. He'd had double Herbology in the morning, followed by Charms and he was now finished for the day, as they were allowed to finish early so that everyone could get ready for the ball. He was hurrying along to the Fat Lady's portrait when he felt a tug at his arm.

It hadn't been too taxing for Ginny that day. She'd had double Potions in the morning, followed by Transfiguration and she was now finished for the day, as they were allowed to finish early so that everyone could get ready for the ball. She was hurrying up the stairs when she felt a tug at her arm.

It seemed to Dumbledore that the day was going even better than expected. The events had been received with good humour, and Valentine messages were flying about the school. Dumbledore was pleased to say that even he had been given a mysterious note.

"A message for Mr Neville Longbottom," stated the cupid, clearing his throat. "Would you like me to read it or shall I just hand it to you? You see I wasn't given specific instructions."

"Um, well, I guess you can read it. I mean, that's if you like," bumbled Neville, stepping out of the stream of students bound for the Common Room into a little alcove.

The cupid proceeded to somehow summon out a little note and recited:

He makes me smile by being him,

I will love him through thick and thin,

I want to ask him one thing,

Neville, will you marry me? Love Gin.

"A message for Miss Ginny Weasley," stated the cupid, clearing his throat. "Would you like me to read it or shall I just hand it to you? I wasn't given specific instructions, so it's your choice."

"Well, you may as well go ahead and read it," giggled Ginny, pulling the cupid up the remaining stairs and out of the way of excited students, who were slowing down to try and hear whatever message she was about to receive.

The cupid proceeded to somehow summon a little note and recited:

When she's here I'm warm inside

I'm here for her whatever the ride.

I'm giving up the bad poetry now to ask one thing,

Gin, will you marry me?

Even Dumbledore was overwhelmed by how spectacular the Great Hall looked. Professor Flitwick had done a magnificent job, along with the group of seventh year Charm students he'd recruited to help. They were all standing around now, looking very smart in their dress robes, waiting for the rest of the students to join them. People were already beginning to filter in. He noticed Harry, looking very worn but smiling, which was a rarity these days. Ron stood with him, looking rather uncomfortable in his dress robes; Neville was there as well, looking rather impatient and unable to stand still. Students were now pouring in and there was the buzz of chatter in the hall. A flash of copper caught his eye and his eyes fell on Ginny Weasley. She looked beautiful in her pale dress robes, and Dumbledore thought she was the spitting image of Molly when she was that age. He noticed she too looked excitedly impatient as she scanned the hall, and then rushed off in the direction of Neville, just as the band started up.

They both reached each other as other couples around them started dancing. They started to sway together and neither said anything for a few moments. Ginny could feel the nerves building up in Neville and decided to break the silence.

"Yes," she whispered, looking up into his face.

"And yes to you as well," he whispered back, a huge smile breaking across his face as she rested her head back onto his shoulder.


Some say that war isn't a time to fall in love. They reckon that emotions run too high, and that a relationship cannot last under normal conditions, but Seamus and Lavender believed that was codswallop. They both agreed that they hadn't been attracted to each other when they were younger, but most couples that were together wouldn't have been attracted to each other when they are 11 or 12; just because the two of them were only 17, it wasn't necessarily true that it wouldn't last. They promised each other that for them it would last.

The tension was tangible in the air as the final few minutes ticked by. Soon Death Eaters would be swarming all over the barren ground lying in front of them, and they, along with the others crouched around, would have to hold the Death Eaters back for as long as possible, hopefully long enough for Harry to prevail over Voldemort. The Final Battle would begin.

Seamus slipped his hand into Lavender's, squeezing it tightly. He could feel the nerves pulsing through them, as if they were electric. Lavender looked into his eyes, and Seamus could see both fear and love in them. He knew how she felt, he felt the same; he was not fearful about the battle, he was not even scared of dying, but he was scared of loosing her. He knew she felt the same. It had been a silent issue between them for weeks, as soon as intelligence had come in that Voldemort was building up for a final push.

"Marry me," he mouthed, squeezing her hand even tighter.

Tears bubbled in her eyes; she squeezed his hand back, nodding her head slowly. She swallowed hard, trying to stop the sob in her throat. She endeavoured to rationalise her thinking; they might be fine, they might both come out of this alive, they might both actually make it to walk down the aisle.

Seamus watched as she tried to get to grip with her emotions. He leant forward to kiss her when he heard popping from in front of them. He looked around, and saw the masked Death Eaters appearing out of thin air.

"I love you," Lavender mouthed at him and stepped out from behind the rock. Wand at the ready and a curse on her lips

Seamus watched as a bolt of red light flew from her wand. He watched as a bolt of green light hit her from the right. He watched as her body crumpled, lifeless, to the ground.

She watched as he shook from anger and heartache. She watched as he tore out from behind the rock. She watched as he fought harder than she ever knew he could. She watched as he collapsed in tears over her body, and as Dean came and peeled him away.

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