A sequel to my fic "Complication, but can be read as a stand-alone. Draco Malfoy writes a letter for Harry Potter as the Boy Who Lived is calling off his wedding with Hermione. The letter, a confession and a revenge, tells Harry why he should never cross a Malfoy, the natural evolution of love, and a sinister prediction for the future. Warning: slash (DM/HP), songfic, angst.

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Inside by DarkFairyoftheWood

"This house feeds off me like a cancer. Sometimes, late at nights, I think that the house is a sentient entity, an ugly creature that has absorbed my family’s beliefs over the centuries and is now the embodiment of all I tried to run away from at age sixteen [...]Now I feel that what Peter started that Halloween Eve, what the Dementors continued in Azkaban, this lethifold of a house will finish, and I’ll become some kind of empty shell that looks like Sirius Black, speaks like Sirius Black but it’s not, inside, where it counts, Sirius Black." WARNING (for those faint of heart who need it): angst, slash (SB/SS) and incoherency.

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"I’m well-aware this desperate obsession is not exactly conductive to my continued existence. I know better than anyone that my life would be much simpler if I refused to follow the summons from one side or the other, if I stopped trying to keep on the fine line that marks the path of a spy’s survival. But, how to desert the Dark Lord, when Lucius stands by his side, his silver eyes promising the glory under a faceless mask? And how to desert Dumbledore when my position in the Light Side might be the one thing to save Lucius if all else fails?" From Severus Snape's POV, a bittersweet reflection on love and destiny. WARNING: slash.

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The body of Severus Snape, Potions Master, has been found hanging from the gates of Hogwarts. Who would guess that Sirius Black would react so strongly to the imminent loss of his school-nemesis? (For those of you who need a warning: slash, SS/SB, some angst)

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A fic in Harry's POV a year or so after the war. With Voldemort defeated, and Harry and Hermione happily settled down in Godric's Hollow, everything should be perfect, shouldn't it? It isn't, and Harry wonders whether it will ever be. Songfic. (H/D, H/Hr implied)

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It's the day of the wedding between Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, "a match, if not made in Heaven, made in Dumbledore's office, which some fools would regard to be the same thing". Draco Malfoy, a not-quite impartial observer, reviews the events leading up to this momentuous occasion, and ponders on lost opportunities. Warning: HP/HG, HP/DM.

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Written sometime during OotP, a letter not meant to be read by anyone else apart from the author, Potions Master Extraordinaire Severus Snape. What could he possible want to say to Sirius Black by the light of a dying fire? Warning: slash, angst.

Words: 2,632
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