It could be standing before you, needing a bit of a push. Or sitting beside you, waiting for you to let go. Perhaps it's sneaking up from behind, hoping you will turn around. But sometimes, love falls from a clear blue sky, and you just have to catch it. How do you decide which is the right path, when you're only sixteen? Seamus/Dean, H/H, D/G, R/??

Words: 69,956
Chapters: 15
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East Of Eden by Clio

What did really happen in Godric's Hollow, Halloween '81? Is there more to it than a straight-forward murder? In his 5th year at Hogwarts Harry finally is told the truth about the legendary attack and its consequences. It's the story of a brilliant plan to trap the Dark Lord, which ended in destruction and lead to the personal tragedy of an Ex-Death Eater. Join Harry in a lesson on pride, guilt, misjudgement, emotions, crime and punishment.

Words: 12,259
Chapters: 5
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The war with Voldemort is over. It is the night after the final battle between the Light and the Dark Side. The victorious allies of Hogwarts have all reason to celebrate, or haven't they? Three short-stories, illuminating the state of mind of some HP characters in the night after the ultimate victory.

Words: 4,168
Chapters: 3
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