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Published: 08/16/2002
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Sea of Waking Dreams


Story Summary:
Draco Malfoy has seen his share of nightmares and now, as the war with Voldemort rages around him, it takes Ginny Weasley and a ragged band of orphans to teach him what true love and loyalty really are. Draco/Ginny, and a few brief instances of m/m kissing.

Sea of Waking Dreams Epilogue

Chapter Summary:
Draco Malfoy has seen his share of nightmares and now, as the war with Voldemort rages around him, it takes Ginny Weasley and a ragged band of orphans to teach him what true love and loyalty really are. Draco/Ginny, and a few brief instances of m/m kissing

Sea of Waking Dreams

By Cinnamon


Into this night I wander,
it's morning that I dread,
Another day of knowing of
the path I fear to tread,
Oh into the sea of waking dreams
I follow without pride,
Nothing stands between us here
and I won't be denied,
And I would be the one
to hold you down,
kiss you so hard,
I'll take your breath away
and after I'd wipe away the tears,
Just close your eyes dear...

-Possession, Sarah Mclachlan

Miles’ eyes were wide, and he bit his fist to keep from giggling. He was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, even though it was quite late, because he had grown thirsty and snuck out of his room at Malfoy Manor to go to the kitchens to get some milk. He froze in the doorway, however, because the kitchens weren’t empty, the way he thought they would be.

Ginny had obviously decided to give Draco another cooking lesson. In the months since they’d all come to live at the manor, she seemed to have made it her personal mission to teach him to cook. This, however, looked like a cooking lesson gone horribly wrong. Flour lay all over the floor, floated through the air, and was splashed all over both Ginny and Draco’s face and clothing. They stood in the middle of the huge kitchen, and Draco was snogging her. Miles’ eyes narrowed thoughtfully as he watched, because Ginny seemed to be nearly swooning against Draco’s chest, and he couldn’t help but think that was what Belle should do, every time he tried to snog her. Maybe he should run upstairs and wake her so she could watch as well? He considered for a moment.

Miles’ hands rested on his hips and he tapped his foot a little, annoyed suddenly. He could see that Draco was smirking a little, and it was probably because Ginny was clinging to him and making funny little noises, almost like Keela’s kitten made when she was thirsty. Surely if Belle saw this, she’d let him snog her!

Ginny pulled away suddenly, and Draco moaned, trying to kiss her again. She turned her face to the side, giggling. “Draco, the cake’s going to burn,” she scolded, even as Miles leapt back so they wouldn’t see him watching.

“I don’t care,” Draco was saying, trying to pull her back into his arms. “Let it burn. Kiss me again. C’mon, you know you want to.”

She giggled but ignored him, pulling away and taking a golden cake out of the oven. Draco scowled, crossing his arms over his chest, and she said casually over her shoulder, “That’s it? You’re just going to give up there? C’mon, you’re the god of sex and sarcasm,” she teased. “Convince me to kiss you.”

Miles’ eyes popped open even wider and Draco’s scowl twisted into a grin. “Please kiss me, Ginny, I’ll go mad if you don’t.”

This time it was Miles’ mouth that fell open as Ginny dropped the spatula she’d been holding and suddenly spun on her heel, launching herself at Draco, jumping into his arms and wrapping her arms and legs around him. The force of it knocked Draco back a few steps, but he didn’t care, only laughed a little breathlessly as she kissed him like no other kiss Miles had ever seen before. He thought he had even seen her tongue.

Well. Miles snuck away, his thirst forgotten, as he made his way back up to his room, lost in thought. Apparently he’d been going about it all wrong. He wasn’t just supposed to swoop in and try to snog her, he was supposed to convince her to snog him. And that, he felt sure he could do.

He knocked on the door to the room she shared with Kacy, another girl her age who had come to live with them the month before. There were lots of other kids with no home because of the war, who were coming to live with them now. It was Belle who answered, looking sleepy and annoyed.

“Miles,” she snapped. “What on earth —”

Miles made his lower lip tremble the tiniest bit and grabbed Belle’s hand. “Oh, please, Belle, please snog me? I’ll go mad if you don’t!”

Her lips pressed together so hard that they disappeared into her mouth, and her hands flew to her hips. Miles was afraid she was going to slam the door in his face, and his shoulders slumped dejectedly. Belle paused and sighed. “Oh, bother,” she mumbled. She darted forward and pressed her lips quickly to his, grimacing because his lips were still sticky from the chocolate frog he’d eaten before bed. Miles’ eyes were huge and shiny, and Belle smirked. “Tell anyone, and I’ll tell Draco that it was you who wet the bed last month, not Iniko.” She slammed the door then, and Miles stood there in shock for a long moment, before leaping in the air with a triumphant yell, pumping his fist.

Then, setting off to his own room with a confident swagger in his step he had learned from Draco, he decided, with a smirk, that he was going to like living in Malfoy Manor. There were nearly fifteen kids there now to play with, Draco and Ginny would never forget to come back for them, he always had enough to eat, and sure, he had to sit through boring lessons, but Ginny always came and told them bedtime stories, and didn’t even call him on it when he pretended he was too old to listen to them.

Oh yeah. And Belle had kissed him.

Yes, he was definitely going to like living in Malfoy Manor.

The End