Cali Dream-weaver

This story originated four years ago, when I was still reeling from the death of Sirius Black and did not want to let go of him just yet. I therefore created a past for him, but soon I had left him behind and explored on my own. Minstrel Lehman finds out she is adopted. She goes to Hogwarts, where she meets her two-years-older blood cousin Severus Snape. During the course of her stay in Hogwarts, she has a love-hate relationship with Severus and with two of the Marauders (Remus and Sirius). What happens when Sirius is arrested and sent to Azkaban? In fact, what happens after, during the Second War? This story is told from Minstrel's experience, and spans from her birth in 1962 to past the Epilogue in 2017.

Words: 14,292
Chapters: 3
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