Our Twisted Game by Bystander

"Now it's his turn to look condescending, and surprise, she's made him angry. 'But you don't HAVE friends, Blaise, so that really isn't an issue,' he breathes." Harry/Blaise. Het.

Words: 2,214
Chapters: 1
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Those Who Failed by Bystander

Had Professor McGonagall’s tea been a little warmer; perhaps her bun a bit looser or her shoes more comfortable, she would have approved The Letter to be sent...

Words: 653
Chapters: 1
Hits: 526
This Boy by Bystander

There are some people in this world whom life just never seems to work out for; you know the ones I’m talking about? I knew a boy like that once. He was my son, before he became a caricature of himself, a soulless man unrecognizable to me. ````A tragic story of a familar mother and a man who was once just a lost little boy.

Words: 1,626
Chapters: 1
Hits: 540
Fate's Whim by Bystander

When Hermione Granger is the first person Harry meets on his way to Hogwarts, he is introduced to a different take of the Wizarding world and everything therein. He stumbles upon, among other things, a darker side to Ravenclaw House, close friendships with intelligent sorts, and a millenia-old curse. First few chapters take place in Harry's first year, then continue telling the tale during his sixth year.

Words: 12,781
Chapters: 3
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Ring Me Anytime by Bystander

It’s the day before the Valentine’s Dance, and Harry hasn’t gotten Seamus a present! Oh no! –Harry/Seamus slash--

Words: 2,074
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,353