When Silver and Emerald Meet

Blueyed Angel

Story Summary:
Hi, everybody, I'm Lily Potter. Yes, Lily Potter as in Harry Potter's daughter. His youngest, and only, daughter, if you must know. Anyways, I have my parents, my older brothers, and my friends. So you could say I'm a normal girl... at least I was until he had to show up and ruin everything. But what would you say if I told you I was happy my life is over? ***** Come to Hogwarts, follow the path of Harry Potter's only daughter, and find out what happens when silver and emerald meet...

Chapter 01


Disclaimer: Okay, so most of the characters in this fic belong 100% to JK Rowling and I won't even try to take credit for them. If they belonged to me, I'd be rich. I'm not.

Author's Note: I would like to quickly say how much I hope you all enjoy this story. I'm working extremely hard on it so I'm really excited to see what everyone thinks. I would like to dedicate this chapter to my family for giving me time to do my beloved writing.

So there I was. I honestly couldn't believe I was finally there! I had waited my whole life for this and nothing I had done for the entire eleven years seemed to be able to speed up that time of waiting.

Fortunately, the long-awaited day had come and I was here at the station - Platform 9 ¾ to be exact - with my family, ready to go off to the school of my dreams --- Hogwarts.

I had always looked on tearfully as first my oldest brother, James, then my other older brother, Albus, had gone off to school.

My cousins went to Hogwarts, too. Lucy, Rose, and even Fred had gone before me.

But now it was my turn. Wait, let me correct that, Hugo and my turn. There is no way I could even think of leaving my cousin out. He and I have been close my whole life.

Well, duh, you may be thinking, you're cousins! But we were more than just cousins. We both knew how it felt to be the babies and how it felt to be left behind, again and again. Now, it was our turn.

However, as I looked forward to this wonderful year, I realized that for the first time in my life, I'd be away from home for longer than just overnight. I was leaving my family, my warm, cozy house, and everything I'd ever known. And it was because of these uncertain feelings I was getting now, that I was glad for the quiet presence of Hugo beside me.

But I pretended to be unfazed by this new awareness and I glanced around me at the hustle and bustle of the station. James was no where in sight. He was off with his many friends, torturing some poor person entirely undeserving of his pranks, no doubt. That was just James, what can I say?

Albus was standing by my father, his brown eyes solemn, as we awaited our turn to board the Hogwarts Express. Although Albus was far from being the boisterous, fun-loving James, I loved him as much as I did the former. He just needed to lighten up a bit.

I gave my mother a brief but meaningful hug and I knew that she was sad to see me go because I was the last of us children to go off to school. I could feel her worry in the tense way she returned my hug. But after all, what are mothers for?

I turned then to my father. He smiled proudly down at me and ruffled my fiery red hair. "Little Lily," he intoned, "well, perhaps not so little anymore."

I giggled a little, wishing that I could bring both my parents to Hogwarts with me.

My father, the great Harry Potter, crouched down beside me and our identical, emerald eyes met. He whispered softly, in words meant only for me, "Don't you worry, Lily, you'll do well in school and you'll have the time of your life. After all, you have a namesake up there looking out for you."

I gathered two very important things from this comment. 1) He had sensed my worry, like he sensed everything about me and 2) he wanted to make me comfortable and so he reminded me of my grandma, Lily, whom I had always looked up to. I was ready.

I picked up my suitcase and followed closely behind Hugo. The small, rectangular ticket I clutched in my right hand was worn from months of carrying it proudly around the house and now, as I held it out to the train driver, I was sorry to part with it. I looked at the parting, however, as a sort of relinquishment of my old life and an acceptance of the new. And so, as I boarded the black, rumbling train, I looked on this journey as the last of my old life as Little Lily, and my first as Miss Lily Potter... Jr.

Author's Note: I really really really hope you all liked it! Come back for more because I promise it only gets better from here!