Mc Gonagall's Daughter

another weasly

Story Summary:
What would you do if you had powers more extreme than any other witch or wizard and Lord Voldemort was holding you hostage for it? Why not get rescued by Harry Potter, go to Hogwarts and fall in love along the way!


Chapter Summary:
what would you do if you had more power than anyone in the wizarding world and Lord Voldemort was holding you hostage for it? why not get rescued by harry potter, go to hogwarts and fall in love along the way!

Mc Gonagall's Daughter


"The Dark Lord would like to speak with you over dinner."

The girl glanced up at the pockmarked Death Eater who had come in to her room.

"Tell the git he can eat by himself," she replied lazily and turned back to her reading.

The Death Eater rolled his eyes and said, "The Dark Lord has instructed me that if you don't come willingly I am able to force you."

"I'd love to see you try."

He took out his wand and yelled, "Imperio!"

The girl glanced up and yawned. Inside her head she heard a voice saying, go down the stairs, go down the stairs. But she ignored it. That voice had never gotten to her and it never would.

The Death Eater was standing there with his mouth wide open, amazed that she was able to resist such a powerful curse.

"I'm going to get dressed for bed and I would really appreciate it if you left while I did," she said and closed the door in his face.

Really, she thought, it's amazing how stupid they are.


"Master, I am sorry, she would not come," the same Death Eater who had been in the girl's room earlier was now bowing before his master, Lord Voldemort.

"I told you to force her," said Voldemort getting annoyed at his witless follower.

"My lord I tried, but she resisted, I couldn't-"

"Go back up there and don't come back down unless she is with you!"

"But my lord-"


The door opened and the girl sighed, "What now?"

"The Dark Lord says you must come down now," the Death Eater was looking rather fidgety as he said this and the girl smiled.

"Now what makes you think I would do that?"

"B-because I told you to! Now get up!"

"No, I don't think I will, and don't try the Imperius curse again, you know it doesn't work," she said because the Death Eater had again taken out his wand. He lowered his arm as he realized that she was right. Instead he started toward her as if to drag her down the stairs himself. But she pulled out her wand and hit him right in the chest with a stunning spell. He crashed to the floor completely immobilized as she put away her wand and lay down to go to bed.


Voldemort glanced up as he heard a crash from somewhere above. Not again. He sighed and got up. That stupid girl was always stunning his Death Eaters, why didn't he just take her wand away? But he knew he couldn't do that, if he did it would waste her power, the only reason she had not yet been killed. He was at her door, he didn't want to open it but he did.

"Hello, my dear. Is that another Death Eater you've stunned? Congratulations!"

"Be a dear and take him downstairs for me, would you?"

"Actually I thought we might talk for a bit."

"No, I'm actually quite tired and it makes it hard for me to sleep if there's filth in the room."

"Was that an insult?" Voldemort was getting very angry with the snotty little brat. She was really pushing it.

"Well it really depends on how you look at it--."

"Shut up!"

The girl was looking amused as if she was holding back a laugh. How dare she challenge the authority of Lord Voldemort? Lord Voldemort is not intimidated by little girls! Yet he pointed his wand at the Death Eater and mumbled, "Enervate," then took him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him out of the room. He could almost swear he her that damned girl laughing behind him.