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Green Eyes Sublime


Story Summary:
When Harry returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year, only Severus seems to truly notice how deeply Harry's despair goes. Since Dumbledore is as blinded as everyone else, Severus decides to take matters into his own hands and help. But doing that means opening up his own soul and secrets to the Boy-Who-Lived, because Harry isn't going to just heal in one day. SS/HP, SLASH and depression related theme.

Chapter 15

Chapter Summary:
When Harry returns to Hogwarts for his Sixth Year only Severus seems to truly notice how deeply Harry's despair goes. Since Dumbledore is as blinded as everyone else Severus decides to take matters into his own hands and help. But doing that means opening up his own soul and secrets to the Boy-Who-Lived because Harry isn't going to just heal in one day. HP/SS SLASH and depressing thoughts.

Chapter Fifteen

Through Time and Space


"Weasley where is Potter?"

Ever since Snape had stepped into the Potion's classroom five minutes before, Ron had been dreading the question. Now that it had been asked he was no more closer to formulating an answer than before.

"He's...uh..." Ron tried anyway turning a deep shade of red. "Hermione and I left him in the Common Room. He said he would be here soon but uh...he's not."

"Obviously!" Snape thundered and everyone flinched. "Never mind Weasley, I will find him myself and make him very sorry that he has decided to skip my class."

The Slytherins snickered. Professor Snape turned to them.

"Malfoy, I am leaving you in charge," he ordered. "See to it that if I am not back by the end of the double period the Gryffindors lose ten points."

He glared at them all, then as he prepared to leave the room, he spoke again.

"Granger ensure that no one leaves before they get the potion correct. At the end of the time, check that all potions are properly labeled and placed upon my desk before they leave. Anyone who has not done this will lose a point from their House be they Gryffindor or Ravenclaw."

By the time he swept out of the room Draco was standing at the front of the class smirking and Hermione was making rounds.

'Harry where are you?' he asked himself.

Obviously Harry would not still be in his House's Common room and that left an entire castle and its grounds on which he could be hiding. Usually Harry never hid from classes. That was what had Severus preoccupied, because otherwise from that there were a few nasty possibilities that his mind was volunteering.

Adding to that of course was the fact that the last time Severus spoke to him he had told the young man to stay away.

Harry took things far too literal for Severus' state of mind.

Spotting the door to a prefect's bathroom near the corner of the hall, Severus thundered in and was actually not all that surprised when he realized that it was empty.


His last resort, but it was arguably the fastest means of getting information since the ghost had many access to places through the pipes.

She appeared with wide eyes popping in anger and irritation.

"Yes!" she shouted back just as loudly as he had called her.

"Where is Harry Potter?" Severus asked with narrowed eyes, but the ghost's eyes got even more irritated than his.

"How would I know? He doesn't speak to me anymore," she moaned half sadly and half angry. "All I know is that he's no longer very nice to me."

"He has a lot more to deal with than your feelings!" Severus snapped. "Do you know where he is or not!"

Huge tears began to flow from her eyes. "Don't yell at me! I won't tell you anything then!"

"Where is he?"

She pouted. Severus took out his wand and looked at her with a wicked gleam on his face.

"Alright," she conceded still sniffling,"I really don't know where he is. He may not be anywhere at all. Did you think of that? He's not in any of the bathrooms and he's not drowned himself in the lake. If you truly want to know where he is then figure it out yourself, but he isn't anywhere that there is a pipe."

Considering her duty done she flashed him a look of unveiled disgust then dived into the faucet.

Severus decided against wasting any more energy trying to get her out again. Instead he chose to do the next best thing.


"Yes Severus?"

"Potter is missing."

Dumbledore offered Severus a cup of tea, some shortening biscuits and a handful of lemon drops, at such a record speed that Severus hardly realized that he was sitting and eating.

"What do you mean he's missing?"

"Bloody hell Albus how many meanings can the word 'missing' take!"

Severus was prodded to take another sip of his tea before continuing more agreeably. "I asked Moaning Myrtle if she knew where he was and she informed me that she does not. In fact she assures me that he is nowhere near flowing water."

Dumbledore acknowledged that as if it was the most valuable bit of findings he had.

"Then that eliminates the bathrooms, the lake and the green houses too. I was already aware that he is, so far, not in the Forbidden Forest or any of the class rooms and I doubt he would be standing in the Great Hall all alone."

Severus glared in open anger. "You knew he was missing!"

"I knew that I could not locate him, but be assured he has not be taken by the dark side. He is indeed somewhere in Hogwarts, we only have to figure out where," Dumbledore edited quietly.

Severus thought he could feel a headache coming on.

"Perhaps if we notified Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger they may be able to offer some insight..."

Severus began to shoot glares at Dumbledore again, but he really could not argue. The sooner they found Harry was the better and the more likely that Severus didn't feel as if he was slowing going crazy from needing to know.

There were worse things that he could think of than Harry simply being taken.

Far worse things.


Ron and Hermione arrived fifteen minutes later looking curious.

"Yes Headmaster?"

Their curiosity died rapidly at the sight of the storm brewing below the surface of Severus' eyes.

"Please sit."

They sat.

"Do you have any idea where Mr. Potter is at the moment?"

Both shook their head in denial. Ron explained that earlier they had been leaving the Common room together when Harry had suddenly stopped short and told him to go along, he would be there soon. He hadn't showed up for Potions though, but that was the last Ron had seen of him.

Hermione began to look worried.

She glanced first from the look of calm urgency that Dumbledore was trying to hide, to the look of sheer worry that Professor Snape was sporting and knew that something was terribly wrong.

"You don't know where he is? Not at all?" she asked, but so softly that only Severus could hear.

"He is still on Hogwarts' premises, we just have not been able to locate him," he growled from beside her.

"Did you check the Common room? The dorms? The classrooms? Myrtle's bathroom? Did you check the Quidditch pitch or Hagrid's hut?" she was suddenly asking frantically. "He could be any of those places. Maybe he needed time alone to think. Maybe he had a vision and didn't feel up for class anymore."

"Or maybe he's lying in a pool of blood or inches away from receiving a Dementor's kiss and too weak to save himself. Maybe he isn't even alive at all," Severus supplied through tight lips.

Hermione tried not to think about it.

"Well not to worry yet," Dumbledore smiled but for once it never quite got to his eyes. "Hagrid is out looking in the Forest for him still. The paintings are on the lookout now if they spot him and the ghosts are going into the places where everyone else may be able to get to. We will find him soon."

'If I were Harry where would I be?' They all tried acknowledging the question circling their head.

Severus could think of a thousand and one places all at once and if Harry was being held captive somewhere else, he could think of about five hundred more.

Ron could think of nowhere but the obvious places they had already eliminated such as the Quidditch pitch, the dorm or the bathrooms.

Hermione was the only person to actually narrow it down to one place in her mind.

Dumbledore however just patiently waited for them to supply him with the information as to where to look and he would snap to getting the place investigated.

"I know where he is," Hermione said softly and the other three turned to her immediately. "You know the way Harry has been for the longest while now. We've all talked about it. Well if you were Harry and you were not thinking properly, where would you go to access resources you don't readily have available to you?"

Ron and Dumbledore immediately bounced to their feet but Severus still looked lost.

"Oh sweet Merlin why didn't we think of there sooner! He's in the Room of Requirements," Ron suddenly paled. "Oh god, think of what he could do in there? He just has to require it and the room would accommodate him."

"The Room of what?" Severus asked, but he had heard enough to become even more worried. He too rose to his feet.

"The Room of Requirement," Hermione repeated.

Then she gave him an idea of what the function of the room was and exactly why it could prove to be dangerous if Harry was indeed using it.

"Where is this room?" was the only words that Severus' suddenly quiet voice asked and the others took that as their cue to lead the way.

They ran.

If there was any curiosity from the students in the hallway as the four persons flew by in a blur, they did not get the chance to ask questions. As soon as they disappeared and the urgent sound of footsteps diminished, the students broke out into a loud uproar of chatter.

The four wizards drew to a hasty stop before the point at which the door was to be activated.

"Wait!" Hermione cautioned. "We should let the Headmaster do it. Ron and I would probably force the room into showing us a safe Harry and Professor Snape...well it may not work for you either."

Severus nodded then joined the other two in holding back as Dumbledore did the three walks back and forth. When the door appeared the four of them rushed to open it, but as soon as they did they all gasped.

And suddenly Hermione was screaming hysterically and Ron seemed on the verge of collapsing.

All Severus could do was stare.


Severus could count on only one hand the few times that he had ever felt time slow.

Even as his head moved around for his eyes to survey the room, everything seemed to pass by in a blur. Mostly it was darkness that he kept noting and it took a firm grasp unto his mental process for Severus to clear his head and truly focus.

It was his six years of being a full Death Eater and four years of spying for the Order that finally kicked in to numb him.

The room was filled with bottles of potions that lined the walls and laid upon tables, stools and benches which occupied all the space except the center. There were candles on the walls, which gave the room an almost eerie glow. The candlesticks were twisted and carved with the Death Eater's mark.

At the centre, on the floor, amidst broken glass and spilt potions laid Harry. His body was pale and draped across the ground in a twisting of arms and legs. There were fresh lines on his arms and legs. Crescent shapes dug into his skin and deep gashes that ran the entire lengths were evidence of Harry's struggled with his own self, with his own nails. Blood trickled from his scar and mingled with blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth.

His green eyes were open... staring into empty space.

Hermione threw herself unto the still form and Ron was soon to follow. He didn't seem to be able to cry properly because although there were tears streaming down his face there was only an odd sound of strangled whimpering escaping his lips. Hermione was screaming loud enough for the both of them.

"Harry! Oh god, Harry...please! Oh god please, please, please...Harry! Harry wake up! Harry come back! Harry...please...pl..ea..se. Please, please, please come back. I don't care what happened. I don't care why. I just want you to come back. I just want you to come back. I'll be a better friend. I promise. I promise...Please god. Please...please bring him back..."

She dissolved in sobs and a murmured prayer of begs. Ron seemed to be caught in a wave of violent tremors.

"Are you sure that's him?" Severus asked softly, his eyes never leaving the scene before him.

"It is him," Albus answered in certainty.

"Is he still alive?"

"He may be."

Severus grabbed four bottles from the nearest table and quickly scanned the labels.

Draught of the Living Dead.

Dreamless Potion.

Calming Potion.

Tempus Fugit Potion.

An overdose of any of them meant that the drinker would sleep forever. Harry seemed to have overdosed on all of them.

"Albus, get all the professors and bring them here. It's best if the students are locked into their Houses and leave the Sixth year prefects in charge. You are all going to have to form a Cleansing circle. A big one. I need the top ten Seventh years to help too."

Albus nodded but almost immediately whispered, "The order has already been given."

Severus pulled out his wand and approached the three figures. He pointed it at Harry and was just about to cast the spell when Hermione screamed and both she and Ron launched themselves at him.

"No! Leave him alone. Just Leave Him Alone!" Hermione shrieked while Ron was busy trying to wrestle the wand out of his professor's hand.

"Petrificus Totalus! Petrificus Totalus!"

Severus didn't even spare Albus a glance of thanks as the two figures were bound. Instead he straightened himself and pointed his wand at Harry's body again. He took a deep breath in preparation and his determination strengthened as he locked his gaze unto the hollow green eyes below him.


He watched the beam of light leave his wand to enter Harry's body with a bright unnatural glare. Then he collapsed also in much the same position as Harry.


The place seemed different than when Severus had seen it from within Harry's pensieve.

So, because it wasn't inside of him, it took a moment for Severus to realize the changes. It was still cold, dark, and the earth was still parched and cracking, but there was no fog this time. In comparison it was far easier to see and note just how large the area was. Most of the land disappeared in the edges of the thick darkness, but the general feel was less confusion and more hollow.

More important was the thunder and lightening that had never been there before.

The sound was almost deafening and the light almost blinding, but Severus kept walking. He had to find Harry and save him from this place.

"I knew you would come."

Severus spun around at the echoing words and came face to face with the young wizard. With the strong gusts of wind that blew ever so often, Harry looked almost sinister with his black cloak billowing about his body.

"Harry, how did I get here?"

Harry took a few steps forward until he was close enough to reach out a finger and softly stroke Severus' cheek almost sadly.

"I knew you would come. I knew that you would try to get into my mind first so when you did I pulled you here." He smiled bitterly. "It's a nice little trick that he unknowingly taught me. All this time and I was the one who kept letting him in unconsciously."

"Where is he now?"

Harry shrugged. "Gone. He left when you came. I knew he would."

"How long have you been in here?"

"Hours. Days. Moments. In here time has no place."

"Harry," Severus captured the hand that was still trailing patterns against his cheek and his lips. "Harry are you alright? We need to get you out of here."

"Why were you so angry with me last night?" Harry asked instead. "Do you know where this place is? Do you recognize it?"

Severus nodded. "Yes I do, but you can't hide here. It will consume you as it did me and all the others. We need to get you to someone who can help you. Obviously I have failed you and -"

Soft lips stopped the flow of words. So light against his that Severus' breath caught in his throat from the innocence of the kiss. It wasn't even a kiss as much as it was like feather light snatches dancing against his lips.

"Don't. You didn't fail me." Harry breathed the words. " Severus you were why he left. I spent hours fighting him, maybe even days, because I knew that you wouldn't let me be trapped here alone. I knew you'd come."

Severus pulled away to look into Harry's eyes as a flash of lightning lit the world.

"Harry, you don't know what you're saying."

Harry laughed softly. "Of course I know what I'm saying. I know what I'm doing too. You're the one who isn't reacting properly. I don't have you on a pedestal in here. Look around. Do you see hundreds of you walking around? For the first time, I understand why I have this place and I realize that he was right in saying that we all have one. This is the place we all come to when reality is too much to have to deal with. I know this now and healing isn't about getting rid of this place. It's making it less dark and hollow. It really shouldn't be this vast."

Severus scowled. "Then what is this about? Why were you just...kissing...me?"

Harry laughed again. "Because I like you and I've been wanting to for the longest time now. Honestly Severus get it in your head now. I don't like you because you were playing the role of counsellor. I know the color your eyes get when you're amused. I know why you smell like smoke, but the way your hair smells heavenly is still alluding me. I know you honestly, genuinely worry about me even if you don't allow anyone else to see. It's very easy. I like you."

Still laughing, Harry wrapped his arms around the thin shoulders and burrowed his head against the side of Severus' neck. He was so much more tired than he was letting on but he didn't want Severus to be too worried.

"That being said, I should tell you that I've tried to get out of here on my own before and it hasn't worked. I figured that the next best thing was to try to do something opposite to the purpose of this place," he chuckled softly and raised his head to look into Severus' less-than-amused glare. "So, just kiss me now and when we awake you can throw every charm you know on me to let me forget, but the only way out is probable my way."

"Why did you take all those potions?"

"I was trying to get the voice in my head to go away."

"You've been fighting him in here since last night?"

"Nasty little bugger isn't he? I think it's time I really buckle down and kill him for Merlin's sake. He won't leave me alone otherwise, I'm sure."

Severus sighed very softly. "I don't like your plan little Gryffindor. It sounds a lot like you're trying to exploit me. I was prepared to rescue you and all I find is emptiness and you being a prat as always. Why would you want to do anything physical with me when you already know I won't let either of us remember?"

Harry pretended to consider. "Well, because it's the only plan I have that seems logical enough to work and because you're here with me and he's not. What does it matter? I deserve a reward for being Harry Potter and surviving an attack once again, even if this time it was all in me."

Severus would have protested, but Harry's lips were softly pressed to his...and he was being pulled away by a whirlwind of air and thunder.



"Severus! You're awake... alive... and up and about I see," Dumbledore chuckled. "You didn't hurt Pomfrey in your rush to escape the Hospital wing did you?"

"Where's Potter? Is he alright?" Severus glared dangerous, clutching the edge of Albus' table.

"Yes, we have him all stable now. For a moment it was a bit terrifying but I assure you that he is doing better. Pomfrey says he may even awaken in a few hours, but in the meantime a private room in the Hospital Wing is just right. Of course it may have been better news for him Severus, if you hadn't cast that memory lock on him as soon as you were conscious again. Honestly Severus I'm sure the charm could have waited."

"No it couldn't," Severus snarled. "There was something I needed him to forget and it had to be done before he was conscious."

Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully. "Something you wanted yourself to forget too? Hmmm my boy? Well, you were unconscious for so long that we thought the Cleansing circle had failed. You were trapped in his mind for a long time. His vital reading indicated that his mind went dead with you in it for a good thirty seconds, in fact. Whatever you think you needed to have him forget could have just been a dream."

"It wasn't," Severus said although his voice was a little uncertain. "Where is he now?"

"I told you. Pomfrey is hiding him. Perhaps if you ask nicely, she will allow you a short visit. Provided you don't cast any more spells on him of course."

Severus snorted in disbelief. The chances of him getting anywhere near Harry now was probably too slim to be worth the effort. Instead, he sat in the seat facing Dumbledore and sighed softly.

"What will you do with him now?" he asked softly.

Dumbledore smiled sadly, giving the Potions professor a look of determination. "I'll have to send him away. It hardly seems worth having him here to be tormented by Voldemort. The sooner he gets better is the less likely that Voldemort can do such a thing to him again."

"Where will you send him? There is nowhere he can hide. This attack was inside of him so there is no escape."

"Well there is one place," Dumbledore stated, suddenly serious. "I'm sending him to St. Mungo's where he will see a MagiPsych. To make him emotionally stable again will eliminate the chances of Voldemort using mental attacks on him."

"But he has exams in the next month! And of all things Albus, a Magical Psychologist? Are you sure there is even one at St. Mungo's? There are only five such wizards and I don't trust any of them for as long as I can hex them. Isn't it dangerous to leave him there anyway? Or to allow another person access to his thoughts and fears?"

Dumbledore raised a hand to silence the onslaught of questions. Reluctantly Severus calmed himself although the glare he was shooting the Headmaster was no less dangerous.

"Yes I'm sure that he must go Severus. It is our only option right now," Albus said calmly. "No one else will be told of his stay and the MagiPsych has already agreed to the use of an Oblivious spell at the end of Harry's time there. He even assures me that Harry's treatment will last only as long as Harry progresses. Harry is a very resilient young man, he will get well quickly."

"You want to hold him hostage in a hell house for three months Albus? What do you expect from me now? Approval? The last thing he needs is to have some little fool prodding his thoughts and feelings just to get into the famous Harry Potter's head," Severus retorted.

"Severus I understand your concerns but I assure you that all will work for the best," Albus looked at him with an unreadable expression. "Have you forgotten that you promised to do everything in your power to help him through this time? Allowing him to go is in his best interest. I know how close the two of you have become. I understand Severus. I also know that because of how much you mean to him now he will not leave without your agreement. I am imploring you to tell him of your approval."

Severus was silent for a long time. Albus waited in silence also, not wanting to disturb the Wizard and his thoughts. In the end Severus would do the right thing Albus knew. Harry needed time away from Hogwarts to heal and Severus needed to be away from the confusion that Harry's constant presence was no doubt already causing.

Albus sighed mentally. He had a lot to consider concerning his two boys. There was definitely something strong brewing between the two and it was up to him to decide how close he would allow them to get to each other.

Did he have the right to deny them? He had caused so much emotional destruction in their lives. Was it wrong for him to want them to be happy? They deserved each other, he knew. But how would he approve and not compromise his position as Headmaster at Hogwarts.

He had much to think about and so did they. Three months should allow sufficient time.

"Alright," Severus conceded. "Before he leaves I would like you to allow him to see me."

"Ah Severus, you say that as if I could stop him."


"You're what! Are you serious?"

Harry had woken up and dispatched from the Hospital wing only an hour before, to be ushered to Dumbledore's office by Professor McGonagall. It hadn't taken long to be informed about his extended summer.

When he entered the Gryffindor Tower to finally consult with Ron and Hermione he had been in for a shock because everyone was in there and as usual he seemed to be the one to harass for information as to what had caused the abrupt halt to lessons for the day. Of course he couldn't tell them anything because he didn't know just how much Dumbledore and the professors wanted him to disclose.

As soon as he had fought his way through the crowd, he grabbed his best friends and headed to his room to tell them about Dumbledore's plan to send him away.

That had been the reason for Ron's outburst. Hermione was still too busy hugging him tightly to comment.

"Harry that's nonsense! They can't send you there. Lockhart is there and a bunch of muddled Wizards who don't know the difference between their head and their arse! What would they want to send you there for?" Ron continued in his tirade.

"Oh shut it Ron!" Hermione snapped with eyes flashing. "Harry almost died. He almost killed himself Ron! Of course Dumbledore wants to send him away. If V...Voldemort could attack him in such a covert way then of course the professors all want to make sure it doesn't happen again."

"He didn't try to kill himself 'Mione! He had good reason to do what he did. He just told us why. They have no right to treat him like a mental case and send him to that horrible place!"

"It's for the best!"

"You bloody always say that!"

Harry took a deep breath amidst the shouts of his two friends. He was still a little muddled from all the spells he had been told that were cast on him. His head pounded when he tried too hard to remember all the details of the day and more frustrating were the bits he knew were important but couldn't seem to recall at all. He needed to pack. He needed to get his best friends to shut up long enough for him to think and he needed to see Severus. Badly. He had no idea if he should actually, but it would be nice to see him.

Severus would make everything seem less surreal.

"'Mione you have to let me go now," he said somewhat amused as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I have to pack. Dumbledore said we'd be leaving in another hour."

Hermione stopped in mid-shout to nod and smile sadly as if it only just occurred to her that leaving meant that her best friend would indeed be gone from her presence for a whole three months.

Ron gasped. "You're going?"

"Of course I'm going Ron," Harry said pointedly as he did a quick bit of shoving his belongings in his trunk. "Eleven professors, the Headmaster of the school, and surprisingly, ten Seventh Years said it's best if I do. Who am I to argue?"

"So uh we uh won't be seeing you for a bit then?" Ron spluttered.

Harry nodded but he smiled mischievously. "Yup, I'll be gone for a bit. I promise that I'll be at Snuffle's house by my birthday though. I'd be damned if I stay in that 'horrid place' for longer than two months. I'll get better quickly and then there'll be nothing to worry about."

He quickly made his luggage pocket size and shoved his wand in his pocket also. Then he handed Hedwig's cage to Ron with orders to take care to feed her and he would collect her by early August.

One last survey of the room and he was ready.

"Well, bye then. I'll see you in two months if I can," he said softly.

Hermione launched herself into his arms with a sob and tears already streaming from her eyes. Ron was next with his own quick hug and a scowl of disapproval still.

"This is Professor Snape's idea too isn't it? He's probably angry that he had to rescue you again. Probably disappointed too I bet."

Harry laughed softly but he did nothing to correct Ron's assertions. Instead he pulled both his friends into a big group hug. Then donning the invisibility cloak he followed Hermione out into the Common room, still filled with people, and through the hole. With another hug goodbye she returned to the buzz in the Tower.

Harry headed for the dungeons.


Severus didn't look up at the light knocks on the door. Nor did he look up when the door closed and there was the rustle of Harry's invisible cloak being dropped unto the floor.


He did however look up at the whisper of his name.

"Potter," he gave a short nod then returned to staring at the sheets of parchment on his table.

Harry sighed softly. "Have we been reduced to that again?"

When Severus continued to ignore him, Harry walked the short distance over to where Severus sat. His fingers glided over the soft silkiness of his black couch and he paused just long enough to look on the Snape crest that he loved for so long to look at.

Silently he knelt at Severus' feet as he had done so many times before.

"I'm leaving now," he whispered, wanting desperately for the Wizard to look at him and acknowledge his presence.

"I know," Severus finally whispered but he still did not look at Harry.

"It didn't work. I'm sure you cast the charm but I can remember what happened there pretty well. I didn't dream it did I?"

Severus took a deep breath. This would be the perfect moment to lie or fix whatever wrong he had them hurtling towards, but one look into the glistening green eyes at his feet and Severus lost the battle with his conscience.

"No it wasn't a dream and I know you remember because I remember." Entranced, his long fingers glided across Harry's cheek and along the soft red lips.

Harry's eyes seemed to sparkle even more like emeralds.

"I don't want to go," Harry whispered brokenly. "I don't want to leave here. I like it in here with you. Why can't I just be left alone?"

"You need to go because you need to get better," Severus said quietly.

Harry sighed impatiently. "Yes, I know that. That's the only reason why I agreed. I know I'm not the best person to be around because to everyone I probably do seem emotionally unstable."

He rose from the carpet and pulled Severus up as he stood. As always, he cocooned himself within Severus' embrace. He wanted to remember everything from the past year. He wanted to remember Severus' warmth and the sound of the strong pulse beating against his cheek.

There was so much that Harry need to take with him about Severus. Three months was a very long time.

"Please be here in September," he begged softly. "Please be the Severus I remember."

Severus' arms tightened against the lean body and he tried to savor as much of Harry as he could also.

Harry was just as cathartic to him as he was to the young Wizard.

"Get better Harry. That is all that I require of you," Severus murmured against the strands of ebony hair.

Harry gave one last nod then silently he untangled himself, slipped on the invisible cloak again and soon he was gone.

Severus' quarters had never quite felt so empty to the Potions Master before.


It was raining.

In retrospect Harry knew it would be raining. How else would he be able to hide his silent tears as he walked across Hogwarts' campus? It would have been the perfect drawings for his book.

Severus and Harry in a tight embrace.

Harry, crying in the rain.

He would get better. He would return in September, stronger and more mature. He would have to if he wanted Severus. And he did want to be with Severus.

'I will get better for you,' Harry vowed silently. 'I will...I promise.'

From high above within the Astronomy Tower, Severus watched the little procession of figures through the sheet of silver droplets.

His eyes never left the invisible space where Harry was walking.

'Harry, come back to me soon.'


Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild,

With a faery hand in hand,

For the world's more full of weeping,

Than you can understand.


The Stolen Child by W.B. Yeats


Author notes: Summary changes for Part Two! Read summary on chapter 16 to avoid confusion.