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Published: 09/21/2004
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Harry Potter and the Goblin Rebellion


Story Summary:
Year 6 - The goblins are threatening rebellion: Now that Fudge acknowledges Voldemort's return, he is pushing wartime policies, which oppress the goblins. Voldemort is seeking the secret in an ancient Egyptian magical site. Harry is being drawn into these two seemingly-unrelated developments. At the same time, he must train students in the schoolwide DA, while the burden of the Prophecy is filling him with visions, which cause Harry to pull back from his friends. But love has a way of arising whether it is welcome or not. For Harry, the course to resolution is never smooth, but if Harry can thwart Voldemort's plot, he can gain access to the secret which could enable him to use the 'Power the Dark Lord knows not.'

Chapter 37

Chapter Summary:
Dumbledore brings Harry, Hermione and several members of the Wizengamot into Gringotts for a parley with the goblins to sort out a new relationship. The goblins agree to participation on the Wizengamot, but insist on veto over any proposed MoM. Dumbledore declines, but they have a test for the next proposed candidate. After that is settled, Dobby is offered a reward and he proves who he truly is among the goblins. Then he asks for what matters most to him.

Chapter 37 - Rewards

Harry lost track of time until he felt a larger firmer hand gently grasp his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Harry," said Professor Dumbledore, "I was aware of how much she meant to you."

Harry lifted his head and looked up sadly, acknowledging the words silently.

"There's nothing that can be done here, but there are matters to be addressed with the goblins downstairs. Are you up to it?"

"Headmaster!" scolded Hermione, in a tone that surprised even herself, "His leg is crushed, his shoulder's got a deep wound, his hand has been slashed to the bone and he's just lost someone he loves - how can you ask more of him!"

"If there were any other alternative, Miss Granger, I would be happy to spare him any pain, physical or emotional," replied Dumbledore, in a tone that bespoke his total agreement with the outrageousness of the request, "but the goblins are understandably enraged to the point of actual rebellion over the events of this morning. We must calm them and no one carries more weight with the goblins right now than Harry - they value their comrades in battle, particularly those who could have chosen not to participate."

"It's okay, Hermione, but please stay with me," said Harry, "I'm strong enough, if I don't have to move my leg. Emotionally - I've been replaying the deaths of loved ones in my mind since Sirius died - at this point, I'm rather numb, or rather, not numb, I've had such a range of emotions today, they've become blurred. I can move on. I'll grieve later," said Harry, "What happened at the Ministry?"

"A few escaped, a few others were captured. We'll deal with those details later," replied Professor Dumbledore.

"Shacklebolt was here. He was a traitor."

"I was afraid of that when he did not show up at the Ministry even though the call had gone out to all aurors."

"Aren't you afraid to be near me, that Voldemort will try to possess me?"

"What does your scar tell you?"

"That with the intensity of emotions I am feeling now, he wouldn't be able to bear even looking into my mind, much less occupying it," answered Harry.

"And that's what I expected," said Dumbledore with a faint smile.

Dumbledore splinted Harry's leg so it would not hurt so much and gave Harry a dose of blood restorer. He also had with him Flitwick and several members of the Wizengamot: Madam Bones, Madam Marchbanks, and a few others whom Harry could not name. He was relieved that he did not see Madam Edgecombe. Before leaving Harry retrieved Marietta's wand: he wanted to return it to her parents, though it was broken in two. Dumbledore insisted that Harry apparate to the seventh level, so as to avoid further damage to Harry's wounds.

Harry watched as Dumbledore and Hermione went into the lobby and found several goblins involved in the clean-up who agreed to take them all down to the seventh level. Before apparating below, he looked around at the debris and the bustle of the clean-up, as Ministry witches and wizards bound and removed Fudge's army while the older DA members stood guard. The younger DA members made their way back toward Weasley Wizard Wheezes, from which he assumed they would take the Floo network back to Hogwarts. They were laughing and congratulating each other, celebrating their fine performance in battle. Their first taste of battle was very limited and well-protected, and Harry was grateful for that. He was off to the side and still seated, so very few of them noticed him at all as they headed off the opposite direction. Those that did notice him waved and smiled and gave the thumbs-up; a few noticed his bloody chest and made a gesture of concern and with a gesture in return Harry waved them on and reassured them that he would be fine.

When Harry arrived on the bottom level of Gringotts, he found Dobby there already with Grishnack. Dobby squeaked with joy and threw his arms around Harry's waist seeing Harry was not harmed any more than he was.

"Harry Potter! You are alive. And I have been told you saved Melony. Dobby is ever so glad!"

"How is she, Dobby?" asked Harry.

"Very weak, but she will be well, thanks to you," said Dobby.

"I don't know what I did, but if anything I did helped, it's my pleasure," said Harry.

Dumbledore and Hermione were just arriving in a cart from above. The other Wizengamot members were in carts behind them. Dumbledore smiled at Grishnack and asked if they might talk.

"You and I, or the Ministry and the glamdrings?"

"All the glamdrings, if you could," said Dumbledore gently.

"I'll get them here - we have much to sort out, I think."

While all the glamdrings assembled, Dumbledore conjured Harry an easy chair with a large soft ottoman to cradle his leg. Hermione found a goblin healer and got bandages so she could at least cover Harry's open wounds and stop the bleeding. Hundreds of other goblins gathered as well to hear the parley.

Grishnack began, "We know you want our support, but your Minister leading an army against us is hardly the way to make friends."

Dumbledore nodded, "I couldn't agree more. But can we sort out all of what happened, and then we'll see where fault lies?"

Grishnack then described the initial attack and the progress of the graphorns, the arrival of Shacklebolt, then Dobby and Harry, and then Harry and Dobby's defeat of the graphorns. He described discovering Harry's injuries and freeing his leg, and leaving him with Melony and Shacklebolt. He told of the counterattack, with several other glamdrings inserting various details - making sure to point out plenty of credit for the members of their various hullabaloos - and then the driving of Fudge's army into the crossfire of the DA.

Harry verified the earlier parts of the story, described how he was hit with a stunner but partly protected by the murtlap, how the graphorn crushed his leg, and then Fudge tried to kill him but Dobby intervened. When he got to Dobby's part, he looked over at Dobby and saw a fierce pride in his eyes. Harry made sure that it was known that Fudge was under the Imperius curse and that it was Shacklebolt who had done it. Then he described all that occurred when it was just he and Melony and Shacklebolt. Together he and Grishnack related the story of Melony's injuries and rescue, and Grishnack acknowledged that Melony had told him enough to confirm what Harry said about Shacklebolt. Harry preferred not to tell about Marietta.

"Excellent, then," said Dumbledore, "Shacklebolt admitted that he was working for Voldemort and that Fudge was under the Imperius curse. Can we at least accept that this was not an action of the Ministry, but rather another attempt by Voldemort to hurt and divide magical beings?"

"That much is clear," said Grishnack, "but it is also clear that you wizards have tolerated persons in high position who have been our enemies."

Madam Bones spoke up, "That is certainly true, and it is a shameful thing. Fudge was in his position on the basis of other qualities, but we needed to have looked at the bigger picture. Many of us have had misgivings about his policies, and I believe you could see that in our rejection of the Anti-Apparation bill."

Grishnack nodded, "You want alliance. That requires trust. Dumbledore has our trust. Potter here has even more - he has not only our trust but our undying loyalty. He has faced great danger on our behalf. He has spilled blood to protect our homes when he need not have come at all. He has shed tears over the life of a goblin. From here on out, an attack on Potter is an attack on goblins, and we will come to his aid, sunlight permitting. But how can we have trust in the Ministry?"

Harry spoke up, "Grishnack, one problem I have noticed is that even though the goblins are considered equal magical beings under our laws, they have no members of the Wizengamot. May I suggest a number of seats be made available to representatives of the hullabaloos?"

"That can be done," said Madam Bones.

"That is a good step. We goblins have kept to ourselves, but it is clear that we must be involved in the larger magical world," said Grishnack, and the other glamdrings murmured their approval. "But another thing is critical - your Minister of Magic has a great deal of power. We must insist on the right to veto any choice of Minister, to ensure that he or she will be a goblin friend."

"That is appropriate," said Madam Marchbanks, "and we will be acting to select someone immediately. We want to work with you on this. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Well, our first choice would be Dumbledore," said Grishnack.

"Ours, too," said Madam Bones smiling, "but he always turns us down."

"Oh, I am much too old for such duties," Dumbledore said disingenuously, "besides, I have other more pressing concerns." He smiled and winked at Harry.

"I know of others who have spoken well of goblins," said Grishnack, "but that would include Shacklebolt. I am afraid we may not understand the duplicities of the wizard mind. We goblins can deal sharply and we will hew to terms of deals closely, but we are straightforward. What say you, Potter, you have been observant of such matters. Who should we trust to treat us fairly?"

"Well, of course, there's Professor Dumbledore ..." Harry thought, and then realized who he would most trust besides Dumbledore.

"Grishnack, I know someone whose good heart, kind manner and energetic opposition to dark sorcery is exceeded only by his acceptance and affection for other beings; someone who knows the Ministry very well because he worked in it most of his adult life. That employment only ended when he was fired for protesting the recent anti-goblin laws. He helped us write the article for The Quibbler protesting the Apparation Charm bill and rather than just letting it be signed by a bunch of children, put his own name on it as well. And when Gringotts' came under attack, he violated every rule of his position as a professor of Hogwarts to lead an army of students into battle against other wizards to help rescue the goblins. His own son was among the first on the scene with him. And not only that, but I know that he would at all times seek and heed the counsel of Professor Dumbledore. Could you accept Professor Arthur Weasley as Minister of Magic?"

"Harry," said Arthur, who had been getting ever more of a trout-out-of-water look as he realized who Harry had in mind, "I don't know about that, I was just a lower level bureaucrat. I doubt that the Wizengamot would accept me."

"And he's humble, too," said Harry.

Madam Bones smiled, "Oh, you needn't worry, Arthur, the few of us who wouldn't welcome you in the position will resign over having goblins around anyway. You were only kept down by the very qualities Potter describes, and I think we would all agree they are qualities we would value in the position."

Grishnack conferred with the other glamdrings, and then said, "He meets most of our requirements. We are also well familiar with his sons Bill, Fred and George - they work with us and respect us as equals, and we believe that reflects their upbringing. There is just one thing more. For reasons that are known to most of you, we are extremely averse to those slaves you call elves. We have never seen Arthur Weasley leave an elf at the entrance. Does that mean, Weasley, that you keep no slaves?"

Arthur looked very apologetic as he spoke, "We never had before. That was always something for the better established families. But just this past week, we have been informed that our application has been approved by the Department of House Elf Placement, and we now do have a house elf by the name of Winky."

The grumbling among the goblins was sudden and intense. Then Dobby stepped forward.

"Beg pardon, may I speak?"

The other goblins were unwilling to allow an elf to speak, but Grishnack silenced them with a stern wave of his knobby hand. "Without this being, who chooses to be free, none of us would now be alive. He has come to our aid and he has fought for us - we can at least listen to him."

"Dobby just wants to say that he knows this elf that's been placed. He has been friends with her since before she was given clothes by her former master. And unlike Dobby, she does not like being free. She has been very miserable. She wants a family. She needs a family. All you goblins has your hullabaloos - you too would be lost without your families. That's how she was. She has been ever so happy since the Weasleys agreed to adopt her - and that is how they call it too: adoption, not acquisition. I has even seen the set of clothes that Mrs. Weasley has for Winky - they are in a box on a low shelf at their home. Winky can have them if she ever wants freedom, but she doesn't: what she wants is a family. Elves are like goblins in that they need families, but they are different in that they wants human families You want wizards to respect you in your differences. Can you not respect elves in their differences?"

Grishnack and the other glamdrings conferred again. Then Grishnack faced Arthur, "Weasley, we ask you, then - will you give your elf clothes so that you may become Minister of Magic?"

Arthur looked at him for several seconds sadly, then shook his head and said "No. We have made a commitment to Winky. She wanted a family and we adopted her. She is now a Weasley. We would no more turn her out than we would reject our own children, or those we consider as our own (he smiled at Harry and Hermione). I am truly sorry, but if rejecting a family member is the price of the office, I must decline."

If Harry had felt envy for Arthur Weasley before, it was nothing compared to the admiration that welled up in him. But he was then surprised to realize that an enormous cheer had gone up amongst the goblins.

"That," said Grishnack enthusiastically, "is the sort of Minister we can support - one who keeps his commitments and properly values family, one who does not consider any other beings to be disposable. We would be happy to put goblin support behind Arthur Weasley, and with him we can work out alliance."

Madam Bones smiled and shook his hand, "We are happy with that as well. It will take some months to make the changes and arrangements, but we can make him acting Minister of Magic this afternoon."

"We have some other business to address," said Grishnack, "This eloquent elf has fought bravely and was crucial to saving our homes. He must be rewarded. Dobby, what would you have?"

"Grishnack, what Dobby wants is to be accepted as a goblin."

The murmuring welled up instantaneously.

"I can say that you fought as bravely and fiercely as any goblin, and I know that you will always be welcome in Gringotts, but calling you a goblin does not make it so."

"Pardon, Grishnack," said Flitwick, "but I believe he is."

"Glorfindel, what do you mean?"

"Do you remember that there was always one goblet unaccounted for after Voldemort exterminated the hullabaloo to get at Merlin's trove? I believe this is that young goblin, caught partway between his goblin character and partway toward becoming an elf by being raised by a Death Eater family at that time."

Professor Flitwick then related the whole history and the indications that Dobby was that goblin.

Another glamdring spoke up. "But elf mothers have large eyes, too, and anyone raised among Death Eaters should have nightmares of the killing curse. Do you have any proof?"

"I think I do," said Hermione, "if I may speak. The vault of that hullabaloo is right here, number 717. It may be opened by a Gringotts' goblin, which Dobby clearly is not. It may also be opened by the rightful owner. If Glorfindel is right, then it will open for Dobby. Let Dobby try."

"Excellent," said Grishnack, "Give us your proof then, Dobby."

Dobby approached the vault and looked at it. He then looked nervously over his shoulder at Harry.

"Go on, Dobby. Melony told us how the vault is opened."

Grishnack prompted him. "Just start your finger down here, and run it along the edge."

Dobby placed his finger at the lower edge and ran it all along the seam. The seam began to glow and then the whole door disappeared.

"Well, then," said Grishnack, "goblin you are, though a frightfully strange one. Welcome, brother."

All the goblins cheered.

"It's time you saw what was rightfully yours," said Grishnack.

They walked in and there were heaps of gold and silver and all manner of ancient objects. Dobby saw one in particular and picked up a small old wooden box. He handed it to Dumbledore.

"Please, great Master Dumbledore, it seems that this is what all this destruction and fighting was about today. It would be safer with you."

Dumbledore smiled and looked inside the box.

"For safekeeping only - I believe soon we must take this and find what is in the site it opens."

"That can be done," said Grishnack, "our custom is for the proceeds in such cases to go one half to those who own the site and one half to those who provide the key, since both are equally necessary. I understand, however, that this site may hold a message of some sort which might tip the War one way or the other. I believe our counterparts in Egypt will agree to entrust this information to you, Dumbledore."

"Thank you, Grishnack," said Dumbledore, "I believe that is a wise decision."

"Now, Dobby, or rather Gargamel, for that is your rightful name, you still have only claimed what already belonged to you. What reward may we give you?"

Dobby looked down shyly, then looked up again and said, "I am all there is of my hullabaloo. That is a sad and lonely arrangement. A hullabaloo needs more than just one. I wants the most precious thing in all of Gringotts - will you allow me to ask Melony if she will marry me?"

"It is time she was wed. You are a most peculiar being, but you have proven yourself brave, loyal, honest and resourceful. Whatever your nature truly is, you will make a good glamdring for her, if she will have you."

Then Dumbledore said, "I believe we have then resolved our pressing issues. You need to tend to your dead and wounded, as do we. I believe Melony's recovery would be hastened were her suitor allowed to hold her hand in recovery, as she did for him, nine months ago. I believe Galadriel would even be willing to act as a chaperone again today, if you deem it proper."

"Indeed I would," said Flitwick.

"Both are excellent suggestions," said Grishnack, "I'll bring you to her, Gargamel, Glorfindel. And I hope you will both plan on staying for the battle feast we will have once our dead and wounded have been tended to."

Flitwick and Dobby accepted the invitations with smiles and bows.

Dumbledore then addressed the other members of the Wizengamot, "You know I will support Arthur, but I must insist on him serving out the year for our students. Arthur, it's just as well that you have this new position, as I am sure I would be forced to sack you for leading students into a battle."

"Oh, certainly," said Harry, "The Headmaster would never let his students go into any dangerous situations."

"I detect some sarcasm there, Harry," said Dumbledore with a grin. "Anyway, we must get you back to Madam Pomfrey."

"Before I go, may I ask something?"


"I was here when Hagrid removed the Philosophers Stone from Vault 713. There was nothing else in there. Has anything else been put in there?"

"Not that I have been told of. Why do you ask?"

Harry paused thoughtfully, debating whether he wanted to say anything.

"That's where Shacklebolt is."

"Well, we must certainly see to him then. Grishnack, when is the vault next scheduled for inspection?"

"Not for two more years, Dumbledore."

"Well, let me know when it is to occur. I would like to be present at that time."

Dumbledore picked up the stiletto from the floor and pulled out his wand. "I'd like to send you directly to the Hospital Wing, so Apparation won't do. Does the Ministry object to my making a portkey? - No? Alright then - Portus! Miss Granger, I think it best if you accompany Harry. On the count of three - one, two, three!"