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Published: 09/21/2004
Updated: 01/14/2005
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Harry Potter and the Goblin Rebellion


Story Summary:
Year 6 - The goblins are threatening rebellion: Now that Fudge acknowledges Voldemort's return, he is pushing wartime policies, which oppress the goblins. Voldemort is seeking the secret in an ancient Egyptian magical site. Harry is being drawn into these two seemingly-unrelated developments. At the same time, he must train students in the schoolwide DA, while the burden of the Prophecy is filling him with visions, which cause Harry to pull back from his friends. But love has a way of arising whether it is welcome or not. For Harry, the course to resolution is never smooth, but if Harry can thwart Voldemort's plot, he can gain access to the secret which could enable him to use the 'Power the Dark Lord knows not.'

Chapter 35

Chapter Summary:
The morning run is interrupted by Dobby and Melony, seeking help because Gringotts is under attack by an army commanded by Minster Fudge. The goblins are helpless because of the army is led by heliopaths. The aurors are occupied, so it is decided that Harry with go with Dobby and Melony to try to help inside Gringotts and the older DA members will go with Professor Weasley to Diagon Alley to try to mount a counterattack.

Chapter 35 - Heliopaths

As is usually the case, the weather in late May and early June was delightful - mostly clear, but with frequent enough rains to make all the land verdant. Most of Hagrid's creatures were in mating season, and there were extra class sessions for the 6th and 7th years on the special problems of breeding magical creatures. Apparation class was culminating in testing for licensure, and everyone who stuck out the whole class passed the basic personal Apparation license test - except for Neville. He asked Madam Hooch if he could take the program again the next year and she promised he could. Harry passed the highest level Apparation test, usually given only after 3 years of personal Apparating, setting new records on all portions of the test.

The DA's progress was a thing of wonder. The Spring Skirmish had only served to whet students' appetites to practice and improve their skills all the more. Harry made a point of staging an exhibition with Marietta for the benefit of her students, without saying that he wanted to show them she was as capable as anyone else. He had been tempted to arrange for her to square-off against Ron, but he was not sure she would restrain herself. Ron was usually a better fighter, but why take chances? Sparring against Harry, she did not even have to limit the type of spells she used except as to Unforgiveables, of course.

As May proceeded, Harry thought that outwardly everything seemed to be going swimmingly. But Harry could feel in his scar that dark matters were afoot. He did not know what form they would take, nor when they would arise. He could only wait.

On the first Sunday of June, Harry awoke with his roommates as usual and joined the streams of students heading out to the lake for the early morning run. It was a credit to their determination, thought Harry, that the numbers had not dwindled even though testing, including OWLs and NEWTs, were to start this week. The predawn twilight had just begun as Harry rounded the last bend of the shore of his first circuit of the lake. Suddenly Dobby and Melony apparated in front of him. Melony was wringing her hands and Dobby was hopping from foot to foot.

"Harry Potter! Harry Potter! They're attacking," shouted Dobby.

Harry looked up at the castle. "Who's attacking what, Dobby? I don't see anything going on here!" More and more students were starting to gather. Professor Weasley also was coming around the shore bend.

"What's happening here, Harry? Some sort of problem?" he asked.

"Begging sirs' pardon" said Dobby, "Melony has just come to me by herself to get help. Minister Fudge is leading an army against Gringotts!"

"Fudge!?" said Harry, "Melony, did the goblins start a rebellion?"

"No, Mr. Potter, with the Apparation Charm law being rejected, things have calmed down a lot in the hullabaloos."

Hermione spoke up, "But Melony, why did you come here? There must be a couple of thousands of goblins under Gringotts - defending their home they are a match for all of the ministry's aurors."

"Well, Miss, first it's not aurors. We know most of the aurors and there's not one among them. But what's worse is that they have a couple of huge beasts that shine sunlight. Several goblins were killed by heliopathy at the doors. And these beasts are strong enough that they broke down our main doors. We had to retreat from the lobby underground. The walls are protected from magical attack, but the beasts are battering through to the underground chambers by brute strength. That's when I came here."

"So The Quibbler was right about Fudge creating a private army with heliopaths," said Ron, "Dad, you can call in aurors, can't you?"

"Normally that would be a possibility, although I'm not sure what they would do against Fudge. However, today the aurors are all occupied. The Death Eaters who were captured last year are at the Ministry and were restored to their proper ages in preparation for trial this week. I didn't want to worry anyone before, but we received word almost an hour ago of an attack commenced by other Death Eaters and supporters to free them. All the aurors, and all our friends good at combat are there, including Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall and Flitwick."

"A diversion," said Ron, "but which is the diversion for the other?"

"It doesn't matter now, Ron, perhaps it's a divide and conquer strategy," said Harry, "but right now, there's no one else who can save the goblins."

"Harry, I can't let you go," said Professor Weasley.

Harry looked at him very seriously until Professor Weasley shook his head, "Oh, what am I saying, I couldn't stop you if I tried."

"Someone needs to deal with those beasts," said Harry, "then the goblins could deal with the wizards. But we can't get to the beasts from the rear: that's where the army will be, behind their heliopaths, driving them on to break through the barriers and kill any goblins. Melony, can you get me into your hullabaloo?"

"Like this, I am only strong enough to Apparate myself," said Melony, "Dobby is not a wizard so he can Apparate himself. He would not be able to bring a wizard in, but I told Grishnack of your pledge of support and he modified the charm to allow you to Apparate in and out. He believed from what he had heard that he could trust you, so that at the least it couldn't hurt. Now it may pay off."

"Alright, then, Dobby, I have my wands: would you get my robe before we go?" said Harry, and immediately Dobby disapparated and seconds later popped back.

"You know, Dad," said Ron, "Harry's going to try to do something about the beasts inside Gringotts: maybe we can assemble outside and try to weaken or dislodge the army from there. Or if the goblins can counterattack, maybe we can hold Fudge's army inside the lobby so they can't disapparate and escape."

A cheer went up, "Yeah, let's go."

Professor Weasley raised his hand to quiet them. "This is wrong, children. Very, very wrong."

Then he looked around at them, "But we have to do something. However, we will do so as safely as possible. Here's what we'll do. Harry, you and Dobby see if you can do anything about the heliopaths. Take no poor risks and get out if you have to, but if there's anyone who can come up with a plan, it's you. And never, ever let Mrs. Weasley know I agreed for you to do this! As for the rest of you, Ron and the rest of us who can Apparate that distance will go to the alley beside Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. I'll go to the alley first. Ron, McMillan and Granger will guide off of me. Dobby, please get the robes and wands for the four of us right now."

Dobby disapparated with a sudden crack.

Professor Weasley continued. "Ron, McMillan and I will reconnoiter to establish a positioning plan around Gringotts and possible strategies for counter-attack. The rest of you who can apparate there will get your robes and guide off of Granger and her wand to the alley. Third years and higher who can't apparate, get your robes and wands and meet at my office. Ginny and Lovegood will coordinate using the Floo Network to get you to Weasley Wizard Wheezes - oldest first, please! At first we will just position ourselves to prevent any of Fudge's army from escaping. Harry, if you cannot do anything about the beasts, apparate to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and tell us. We won't launch an attack ourselves if the goblins can handle things from inside the bank. If they can't, we'll have to reconsider our position. The rest of you please just stay here. We'll already have plenty of wandpower if we get a chance to use it."

Another cheer went up. Dobby returned with robes and wands for Professor Weasley, Ron, Hermione, and Ernie.

"Harry, you, Dobby and Melony had better get into Gringotts' right now. If you can't do anything about the heliopaths, we won't have the strength of the goblins, and we'll have a very different problem. But be very careful, son."

Harry wanted to hug Professor Weasley for what he had said, but instead he just nodded.

"Melony, you and Dobby go first. I'll guide off of you."

"Make sure you squat to my height," Melony reminded, "you know the ceilings are very low for wizards."

Then Melony and Dobby disapparated as the first rim of the sun appeared, bloody red. Harry was not two seconds behind, and the reconnoiter team went as soon as they had thrown on their robes. Then the rest headed for the castle.

Harry apparated behind the main door of Grishnack's hullabaloo. Grishnack, with perhaps five dozen goblins behind him, was speaking to Melony. "We knew you were going for help, but we thought that would mean more aurors. All you could bring was an elf and a boy!?"

Harry startled as a deep slow familiar voice rumbled behind him. It was Kingsley Shacklebolt, so crowded by the low ceiling that he was seated on the floor. "Not just any boy, Grishnack, Harry Potter. The odds have changed dramatically, if even half the stories I have heard are true. Well, Potter, I said you'd have to decide where you stand. I see you've made your choice."

"Mr. Shacklebolt," exclaimed Harry, "What are you doing here?"

"The same as you, Potter," he replied, "Making my stand to defend an oppressed minority. I see the goblins altered the anti-Apparation Charm for you as well. I'm glad you made the decision to stand with us." Then he gestured to the low ceiling, "Well, not exactly standing."

"Elf," Grishnack said to Dobby, "I told you before you were only allowed in here as an injured guest, and that you should stay away. Why are you here?"

"Melony asked me, sir," said Dobby, "And beg pardon about your rules, but Dobby is here to fight for the goblins, not against them, and you do not have too many fighters here who can tolerate light."

"Well said. Hard times lead to strange arrangements," said Grishnack, "but is there anything that can be done? We have been unable to stand against these beasts. Shacklebolt tried stunning them and even the killing curse, and the spells glanced off."

"You've seen them then. What do you know about them?" Harry asked Shacklebolt.

"They're graphorns, Potter. They've broken through the back of the lobby and are progressing down the ramps of the vault chamber. I just got back from checking: they were already on level 4 and moving down with just three levels to go."

"Graphorns! The Quibbler was right again. But they only generate a weak light. Fudge's army must have modified them to generate very strong sunlight. Perhaps in the course of modification, their other defenses have been weakened."

"You couldn't tell it by me. I hit them with my best spells - nothing!"

"Hagrid talked with us about graphorns this year. Now what was it he said," Harry said while stroking his chin and thinking. "I remember: he said he had only seen them brought down by a dozen wizards hitting them with stunners at the same time. But if these have been modified, maybe three stunners at the same time will be adequate. Let's you, Dobby and I pop out to the chamber and hit them with a stunner each and see what happens."

"There are side tunnels at each level for security," said Grishnack, pointing to a framed map on the wall, "they overlook the ramps and you will be able to Apparate there and attack."

They coordinated their Apparation plans and their timing. They counted down, then with a crack, all three disapparated. Ten seconds later they reapparated.

"Well?" said Grishnack.

"Nothing," said Shacklebolt, "even though the elf was able to use a stunner from each hand. And they have just reached level 6 now."

"Four stunners and still moving: then there is no hope," said Grishnack grimly, "you three may as well escape. Goblins do not abandon their homes."

"Not just yet. I have an idea," said Harry, looking at his watch and counting on his fingers.

"How fast can you repeatedly Apparate, Mr. Shacklebolt?" asked Harry.

"About once a second. Why?"

"Not good enough, and you're too large for me to take fast. How about you, Dobby?"

"About the same, sir, why?"

"Dobby, will you trust me to Apparate you?" asked Harry.

"Dobby trusts that Harry Potter can do whatever he says he will do," replied Dobby.

Harry pointed out on the map. "We need to hit the graphorns with at least twelve stunners at the same time. But they don't have to be from different beings. I can apparate five times a second, even with a medium-sized creature, if I use my left hand wand. It takes a second and a half for a stunner to reach the sixth level from the topmost side tunnel. Dobby, you'll be on my back, and I'll use my left hand wand to Apparate to the mouths of each of the seven security side tunnels on the sides opposite the graphorns. See - here. I'll use my right hand wand to fire between each Apparation, and you will fire with both of your hands. The spacing is regular so that all twenty-one stunners will reach the graphorn at the same time, if we have aimed well. We only have to do a little better than 50 per cent."

"Okay," said Dobby.

"OKAY!?" shouted both Grishnack and Shacklebolt. The rest of the goblins murmured to themselves.

Grishnack continued, "He says he's going to Apparate faster than anyone else is known to do, taking you with him, while the two of you fire stunners between each Apparation, with virtually no time to aim, and if either of you fires a stunner while you are Disapparated it will recoil upon you, and all you say is 'okay'?"

"Harry Potter says he can do it. Dobby trusts Harry Potter."

Harry smiled, "Anyway, it's the only plan we've got. We'll be moving too fast for them to hit us. The question is if we can actually hit the graphorns. Dobby, let me help you get up on my shoulders: hook your feet in my armpits, with an arm extended on each side of my head. Look at the map and see how you need to shift your aim with each Apparation. There won't be time to visually aim. We'll go for the front one first. Ready? On the count of three - One, Two, Three!"

With a crack they disappeared. The seconds ticked by. No one drew a breath. After five seconds, which passed like twenty minutes, they returned with a crack.

"Woo-hoo!" they cheered.

"One down, one to go," shouted Harry.

"You did it?" said Shacklebolt, awestruck. He disapparated, and in five seconds returned. "They did it - the front one is collapsed and the invaders are trying to get it off the tracks."

"I wouldn't have believed it. There is hope after all. Can you do it again?" asked Grishnack.

"We aim to," said Harry, panting "Let me catch my breath - that took a lot out of me."

Suddenly they heard a great thud.

Shacklebolt disapparated and then reappeared. "They got the first one off the tracks. That was it landing on this level."

Harry took a deep breath, "Okay, no time to waste. At least they make a big target - that really helps."

"I've got to see this" said Shacklebolt, "I'll go to this other tunnel over here, Potter, and I'll add my own stunner in for good measure."

"On the count of three, then" said Harry, "One, Two Three!" and with a crack, the three of them disapparated. As before Harry Apparated from tunnel to tunnel, he and Dobby firing stunners at the graphorn, which had reached the seventh level adjacent the security tunnel. The last stunners they fired were almost point blank. As they fired those last spells, a stunner from above struck Harry in the chest, throwing him out from under Dobby and against the tunnel wall. He bounced back off it and fell, just as the light from the graphorn was extinguished. The great beast collapsed and rolled on top of Harry's left leg, crushing it and pinning Harry in place.

Shacklebolt apparated to Harry's side. "Guard him!" he ordered Dobby, "I'll tell Grishanck's hullabaloo and they will tell the other hullabaloos that the heliopaths are down and they can attack. That will drive them away from here and we'll take care of Potter."

He disapparated and within seconds Harry could hear the muffled sound of twenty goblins disapparating to the other hullabaloos of Gringott's. In seconds, Harry saw all the doors open wide and howling streams of enraged goblins rushed out screaming "Fight like mothers!"

The sound was deafening as the battle was joined. The chambers were lit brightly by the rapidly exchanged spells. Bodies of both goblins and wizards began raining down past them to the nearby floor, landing with a sickening thud. Harry was trapped by the graphorn on his leg as Minister Fudge, looking completely dazed and addled, climbed over it and drew his wand.

"I should have done this long ago, you troublesome pest!"

Before Fudge could pronounce any spell, Dobby fired a cutting spell at him that ripped him into two pieces.

Grishnack, Melony and Shacklebolt came out looking for Harry. When they found him, Shacklebolt protected them while Grishnack levitated the graphorn and Dobby and Melony dragged Harry out to the cover of the tunnel. All above them, every color of spell was flying every which way.

"Melony, tend to him, let no harm come to him - he is the truest of goblin friends," said Grishnack, "I must join the battle."

"Dobby," said Harry, "Go with him - show him just what kind of a being you are."

"Grishnack," said Shacklebolt, "you goblins are more than a match for these. I would never be forgiven if I left Potter under these circumstances."

"So be it, my friend, we would have him safe as well" said Grishnack. He turned to Dobby, "To the battle then!"

"Fight like mothers!" squeaked Dobby, as they disapparated to the battle.

"Mr. Potter," said Melony, "if you can tell me what to do, I will try to ease your pain until you can get to a wizard healer. I'm afraid my remedies might not be appropriate for other than goblins."

"Let me see about him," said Shacklebolt, "one can't be an auror without knowing a bit about battle wounds."

Shacklebolt squatted down to Harry and began checking his crushed left leg. Then he checked Harry's pulse at his neck. Suddenly he pulled a long thin stiletto knife out and held it to Harry's throat, as he reached with his other hand, grabbing Harry's wands and tossing them aside.

"I thought they'd never leave. Now it's time for this nasty little goblin to get me what I came for."