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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 19

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter Nineteen


Hermione lay completely immobile, pretending to be unconscious, as she struggled to hold back the tears. She could already feel her face being to swell. Damien had dislocated her jaw. "You damn bitch. Play me for a fool will you? You'll pray to be dead, but I'll keep you alive just so I can make you suffer." Hermione's body lay frozen as Damien made his way to the door leaving his clothes behind.

Crabbe and Doyle jumped from their chairs as the door slammed behind Damien. "Come here you two morons. Go in there and saw off the bitch's right leg. Do a charm to stop the blood lose and put her back in the Cage. I'll be back later to personally rip her breasts to shreds."

They watched as his skinny backside turned the corner. Crabbe looked up at Goyle and said. "After what she did to him, I almost feel bad that we have to cut her apart."

"Yeah!" Goyle agreed. "But if we don't, we'll be joining her."

Goyle gradually pushed opened the door for them to enter. He had barely crossed the threshold of the room when he promptly halted causing Crabbe to nearly collide with him. He surveyed the bed and then the floor. There was no sign of Hermione's nude body. "Where the hell is she!?" he shouted.

The words had barely escaped his lips when the great gray timber wolf appeared from behind the door. The wolf's teeth were bared as its growl rumbled through the air. Goyle had no time to reach for his wand before the wolf leapt, knocking him to the floor and trapping Crabbe beneath him. The wolf limped a few steps before transfiguring back to a naked woman who sped down the corridor and up the steps to what appeared to be the main floor of an ornately appointed manor.

Hermione saw at the far end of the hall what seemed to be the main foyer. She heard Crabbe and Goyle lumbering up the steps. She had to make it to the door before they reached the top of the steps. If they hit her with any spell that prevented her getaway, she was as good as dead. She dashed toward the door and reached for the handle. It was mercifully unlocked. She threw the door open and ran outside.

Immediately she once again felt as though a hook just behind her navel had suddenly jerked her irresistibly forward. Her feet left the ground and she went speeding forward in a howl of wind and swirling color. Suddenly she was lying face down in a snowdrift at the side of the road.

Hermione was completely disoriented. The last thing she remembered was opening a box containing a gift from Harry. Now she was lying naked in the snow. What more, her hand and jaw hurt terribly. Her jaw felt like it was broken and her hand; her fingers were smashed. Momentarily, Hermione just sat naked in the snow, in shock.

What happened? Where am I?

Suddenly, she shivered.

Priorities, Hermione. You'll freeze to death sitting here naked.

The transformation into her wolf Animagus form was extremely painful, greatly more so than usual, but at least she was now much warmer.

Hermione preferred being in control of her life and knowing what was happening from one minute until the next. Her life was definitely out of control and she didn't like it; not one bit. She now realized that the box wasn't from Harry, but was probably a Portkey. Had it not been for her injuries she might have thought this was her Portkey termination point. Due to the injuries she concluded she had been some place else, but where and for how long? Who had hurt her like this and why was she let go? Hermione realized she didn't have time to think about this now. She had to figure out where she was and how to get back to Hogwarts. Eating would be impossible; she couldn't possibly chew and depending on how long her fingers had been this way, Madame Pomfrey might not be able to undo the damage.

What concerned Hermione the most was that she felt extremely weak and light headed. Did she have enough strength to hold her wolf form? She could not survive this cold in her human form, most certainly not one that was naked. To make matters worse it was starting to snow and the sun was setting. Hermione looked left and then right. Finally she decide to turn left, hoping that she would come to a cross road that might give her a clue as to her current location.

* * * * * *

Damien sat before the fireplace dreading the impending appearance of the Great One's face in the flames. Abruptly the face appeared.

"Great One, she has escaped."

Much to Damien's surprised the Great One remained composed. "What precisely happened?"

Damien hesitated slightly before speaking. "I was about to conduct the first loyalty test on her. She was on her knees in front of me about to give me oral pleasure. Suddenly she tried to crush my testicles and practically severed my organ when she bit it."

Damien was surprised to see the resemblance of a smile on the Great One's face. "Go on. What happened next?"

"I threw her against a table. She appeared to be unconscious. I left to obtain medical assistance, instructing Crabbe and Goyle to amputate the first limb. She had either been faking or regained consciousness before they entered the room. They claim she changed into a wolf and escaped."

"Professor Granger is quite clever, but perhaps we have not yet lost the battle. She is a long way from home. I doubt she would try Apparating in her weakened state. And obviously she will not travel the road naked. She would freeze to death. Have Crabbe and Goyle pass the word to the nearby muggle villages that an American Timber Wolf has escaped in the area. The animal is wounded and extremely dangerous. Do not try to capture. Shoot to kill. Offer a £1,000 reward for the wolf's skin."

Damien hesitated slightly.

"I imagine you are awaiting your punishment," the Great One said with little emotion. "If she is killed you will receive no further punishment than what Professor Granger has already bestowed upon you. If she lives, you will replace her in the cage and I will ponder your fate. Give Crabbe and Goyle each 20 lashes once they have contacted the villages."

Damien watched the face disappear from the fire and then nervously summoned Crabbe and Goyle.

* * * * * *

Slowly, the wolf painfully limped along the road as the sun set and the intensity of the snowstorm increased. The road was void of traffic as the wolf finally approached a signpost. Hermione was famished, having not eaten since breakfast. She had never eaten in her Animagus form before and doubted her human mind would allow her to kill and eat an animal raw. Under the present circumstances it didn't matter much. She couldn't run swiftly enough to catch anything and even if she were able, the state of her jaw made biting and chewing impossible.

The wolf stared wonderingly at the strange sign that indicated Gartley was five miles in the direction that she had just come from, but gave no indication of what town was in the direction she was headed. Then as she walked closer to the signpost, the words 'Hogsmeade twenty miles' appeared. Evidently, this information was only visible to magical beings and then only at a close proximity.

Hermione remembered Harry telling her about a muggle pub called the Clash that was located outside of Gartley. Gartley was on the opposite side of the Forbidden Forest as Hogwarts. That meant that the road Hermione was on circled the Forbidden Forest. She could probably save time and distance if she cut through the forest; she could also get lost or attacked. She had to follow the road, but at the rate she was moving it would be morning before she reached Hogwarts, even if she traveled all night.

Her wolf instincts told her to seek shelter from the snowstorm that was now becoming a blizzard. Her human side told her that if she stopped and rested she would fall asleep, a sleep from which she would likely never wake up. The wolf backed away from the sign and the directions faded.

Should she turn back to Gartley? Surely she could make 5 miles, but what then. Does she knock on a stranger's door nude? How would she explain her nudity and injuries? A muggle hospital could operate and repair the damage to her jaw, but that would take time, time away from a worried Harry and Caitlin. Muggles could not repair the damage to her fingers. They weren't broken; the bones were smashed. A muggle doctor would undoubtedly amputate the fingers. There was no choice. She had to make it back to Hogwarts. Somehow she had to make it back to the ones she loved. The wolf was limping worse as it continued its journey into the bitter, cold, dark night.

* * * * * *

Jamie couldn't believe the time. It was two thirty in the morning. She was supposed to relieve Professor Potter thirty minutes ago, but had ignored her alarm. She quickly slipped on her boots and then grabbed her robes, not bothering to dress due to her lateness and the fact that no one would see her. As she ran through the halls her bare legs were exposed with each stride.

It was quarter to three when Jamie hurried through the infirmary door. Madame Pomfrey and Headmaster Snape had decided that for the girl's safety, Caitlin should stay under constant supervision. Jamie was about to apologize to Harry for being late, but one look at the sleeping girl caused tears to form in Jamie's eyes.

"Harry, what on earth happened to her?" she quietly asked so as to not wake Caitlin. The young girl had what looked like a birdcage fastened to her head.

Harry sat on a chair at the edge of the bed clutching Caitlin's tiny hand between his two much larger hands. He looked up at Jamie; his red eyes giving away the fact that he had been crying. "Her jaw is dislocated. Madame Pomfrey promises she will be okay and out of this contraption tomorrow."

Jamie put her arm around Harry's shoulder. "Does that mean this happened to Hermione?"

Harry eyes filled with tears. "Yes. I can't imagine the horrors she is being put through. I feel so powerless. Here I sit; doing nothing while some fiend is torturing Hermione and Caitlin is suffering along with her." His voice trembled, "I'm so afraid I'm going to lose them both."

Jamie tried in vain to hold back her own tears. "Hermione is the smartest witch alive; somehow she'll make it out of this. I know she will." Jamie wished she were half as confident as her words sounded. "You should try to get some sleep. I'm very sorry that I'm late."

Harry looked at Jamie as if she were asking something unfeasible. "I'll attempt, but doubt I'll be very successful. Call me if there is any change in Caitlin's condition."

"I will. Are you running in the morning?"

"I doubt any of us are. Haven't you looked outside lately?"

"No. Is it snowing, again?"

"I'm afraid so. Looks like we have a blizzard on our hands." Since the cage over Caitlin's head prevented him from kissing her, he simply caressed her hand. Then turned and head for the door. "Good night, Jamie."

"Good night."

As the door closed Jamie picked up Caitlin's hand and held it tightly. You'll both be fine. You have to be.

* * * * * *

"The scenery on her journey had not changed and the freezing temperatures, fever, injuries and hunger were starting to take their toll as the snow piled steadily deeper. A real wolf would have sought sanctuary long before now, but Hermione wasn't a real wolf and realized if she stopped she would die. She had to make it to Hogwarts.

She hadn't even troubled to consider how she would get in the castle. Obviously she couldn't enter as a wolf and the idea of students seeing her naked certainly didn't thrill her, but all she cared about right now was making it to the castle. "I love you Harry. I love you Caitlin."

* * * * * *

"I love you Mum," Caitlin muttered in her sleep.

Jamie eyes watched Caitlin as she tossed and turned restlessly. She got up from the chair and leaned down next to the sleeping girl. "She loves you, too. So do I. I love you both. Please get better."

Jamie knelt next to the bed and stroked Caitlin's arm as tears filled her eyes. She lost track of time until she heard the door open behind her.

Madame Pomfrey gave a faint smile as she looked at Jamie. "How is she?"

"Everything seems the same except she didn't sleep well. Tossed a lot and talked in her sleep."

"I better check her temperature," Madame Pomfrey fretfully said. "You two are very close. It's quite strange for a first year and fifth year to have such a strong relationship."

"Caitlin's like a little sister to me. She's special. Plus we share a secret passion."

"Is she a naturist, also?"

Jamie stared at Madame Pomfrey, quite startled. "How did you know?"

"I'm very good at puzzles. How many times have you been in here since first year? Seven? Eight? You are my most regular patient. At least half those times you were unconscious and had to be undressed. Many times last year I had to give you sponge baths for weeks.' Jamie blushed at the thought of someone given her a bath. "Don't blush. It's all part of being a nurse. But you do notice certain things."

Jamie didn't say a word.

Pomfrey continued. "I got the idea you didn't like knickers. And two of the times you were here were directly after summer vacation. It was difficult not to notice you were tanned everywhere. You also have a very confident attitude. All signs pointed to it."

"I am, but how did you deduce Caitlin? She's only been here this once."

"Yes, but you two have a strong attachment and to be honest I was shocked to see she didn't wear knickers. I've never had an eleven year old in here before that didn't. I assume Hermione knows and approves?"

"She knows and accepts. It would be going rather far to say Professor Granger approves."

"I'm sure part of the reason she allows Caitlin to practice naturism is because you are a nudist. Hermione is quite fond of you."

"I know. She is very special. If I can become just half the woman she is, I'll be grateful."

"From what I've seen and heard these past years, you're well on your way. Speaking of which, so should you be. I'll take over now."

Jamie nodded and headed to the door, but couldn't help but notice that the minor smile Madame Pomfrey had worn as they talked entirely disappeared when she read Caitlin's temperature.

* * * * * *

Ron woke up startled. For a brief moment he forgot where he was. Then he saw her lying there and a smile came to his face. She was so beautiful. Even with her hair a mess and no makeup, she was stunning. For several minutes he just watched the gentle movement of her body as she breathed until he could resist her no longer.

His tongue licked the tip on her breast and she reacted even in her sleep. He caressed her stomach and then moved down to her thighs, eventually bringing his hand to rest between her legs.

Sam woke from a contented sleep. "I just had the most wonderful dream. A handsome red haired man was caressing my boding so lovingly. It seemed like he had more in mind, but stopped. He certainly didn't think I would object did he?"

Ron didn't answer, but as she opened her eyes she heard what sounded like muffled crying. "Ron, are you all right? What's wrong?"

"Sam, I feel terrible. Being with you makes me feel so happy, but that is so wrong. How can I be happy when my best friends are suffering? Hermione, for all I know, could be dead."

Sam took Ron in her arms. "Everyday people lose the ones they love. The closer that feeling of love the stronger the hurt, but for the living life does goes on eventually. It may never be the same, but it goes on. I pray that Hermione is alive and that she makes it back to us, but she would never want you going through the rest of your life buried in sadness and remorse. She'd never want you to feel guilty about being happy."

They didn't make love, but as they held each other tightly and cried for their missing friend, they felt closer than they ever had before.

* * * * * *

Hermione didn't know how much longer she could hold her Animagus form. She was growing weaker with every step she took, but at least the snow had stopped. As the sun began to rise she saw it off in the distance. Hogwarts. She was going to make it.

Somehow the sight of the castle gave her renewed strength and she quickened her pace. In her wolf form she left the road and started across the open land toward the castle. The snow was deeper and it once again slowed her pace, but the sight of the castle grew closer and closer.

* * * * * *

Jamie had decided to detour by the main castle entrance before returning to Gryffindor Tower. She doubted that anyone would be there for the morning exercise program, but felt she should check.

As was normal, the number of students participating had dwindled, as the temperature had turned colder. Now with Caitlin in the infirmary most of the first years had at least temporarily dropped out. She reached the main hall to find only Alex, and he was not dressed for exercise as he stood there in a sweatshirt and jeans.

Jamie tried her best to give her friend a smile. "You don't look dressed for running."

"I'm not," he replied. "You should talk. Since when do you wear robes to exercise?"

"I was going to go change if anyone else had showed up. It seems everyone figured we would cancel because of the snow."

"Well, I only know three people crazy enough to run even in the snow and two of them are..." Alex suddenly realized what he had said. "Jamie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that the way it sounded."

Jamie gave Alex a peck on the cheek. "I know. Professor Granger, Caitlin and I are a little obsessive when it comes to exercising." Jamie's eye watered. "Alex, I'm so afraid. They both mean so much to me. I can't imagine losing either of them."

Alex put his arm around Jamie as they both stood quietly looking at the beauty of the new fallen snow covering the castle grounds.

* * * * * *

The wolf stood on the crest of the hill over looking the Quidditch Pitch. I made it. I'm home. Hogwarts, you've never looked so good.

"Elliott, look!" Ian shouted "There, on the crest of the hill. The wolf! It looks like it's headed for the old castle ruins. Hurry before it moves."

Elliot raised his rifle and fired. All three shots hit target. The wolf fell to the ground and rolled down the hill toward the Quidditch pitch. As the wolf turn over and over, its form changed back to that of a beautiful woman. Soon Hermione lay at the bottom of the hill partly buried in snow. Motionless.

"Good shooting Elliot," Ian yelled congratulating his friend. "Lets hurry go skin that predator so we can collect our reward and get out of this cold."

Both men started to run toward the hill, but suddenly stopped and looked at each other.

"What the hell are we doing out here running in the snow?" Ian asked his friend.

"Damned if I know. I should be..." Elliott hesitated. "I know I'm supposed to be someplace. But I can't remember where."

"Me too," Ian responded. "I have to see somebody. It was important. Damn, my mind is a blank."

Elliott looked at Ian. "It's that damn old castle. Every time I get anywhere near it, I have a memory lapse. Let's get the hell out of here."

The two men hurried off.

* * * * * *

The Headmaster had stopped by the infirmary to check on Caitlin's condition, but was extremely saddened at the news.

"She is quite sick and weak," Madame Pomfrey reported. "Besides all the injuries she has sustained, I fear the girl now has pneumonia."

Severus just stared at the sleeping child. He touched her forehead, which was sweaty and hot. Suddenly, the girl was jolted awake and screamed. Her body convulsed two more times and she lost conciseness.

Madame Pomfrey ran to the young girls bed with a look of horror on her face and pulled the sheet off that was covering the girl. Caitlin's hospital gown was red with blood.

"Quickly Severus! Cut off her gown. Hermione has been shot."

* * * * * *

Jamie and Alex had stood staring at the snow, not talking, just thinking. Finally, Jamie looked up at Alex and said, "I guess we should get back to Gryffindor Tower. Its still early, maybe a good long shower before breakfast will make me feel better."

As they turned Alex said, "Lets take a short run in the snow first."

"Are you crazy?" Jamie responded. "You don't even have your robes on. You'll freeze."

"No I won't. Just a short run toward the Quidditch Pitch and back."

Jamie hesitated, realizing that she too would be quite cold since she was bare under her robes, but she hated to refuse Alex. It was so seldom that he wanted to do anything spontaneous.

"Okay," she said. "But just a short run out to the Quidditch Pitch and back." She looked up at Alex and gave him a little smile. "I like it when you act on your impulses."

As they stepped out the door they both looked at each other as if maybe this wasn't such a great idea. The path had been previously plowed, but that was before last night's snow, which dumped a fresh ten centimeters.

Jamie gave Alex a little smile as she headed off down the path. "Remember, this was your idea."

Alex couldn't believe he had suggested taking a run. How he wished he had his winter robes on like Jamie. He delayed a few moments, but then figured he best catch up with Jamie. After all, this was his crazy idea.

Some ice had remained on the path when it was plowed and now was covered with snow. As Jamie looked back to see what was keeping Alex, she stepped on one of the patches of ice and lost her balance. Before she realized what had happened, she found herself laying spread eagle on her back with her knees in the air. Her robes had flown open to the waist. Alex ran to her yelling, "Are you alright, Jamie!"

"Yeah! Nothing hurt but my pride."

As Alex went to help her up, it was impossible for his eyes to not follow her bare legs to where they connected. Immediately he found himself aroused as he turned his head away hoping Jamie wouldn't notice.

"Are you totally naked under your robes?" He asked.

"Yes, I was late to relieve Professor Potter last night and didn't take the time to dress."

Alex dropped the subject as they continued to try to run through the snow. He had seen Jamie naked at least a hundred times since first year, but lately, things had changed. Jamie had changed. He had changed.

Finally after them each falling a few times they reached the Quidditch Pitch. "I'm not nearly as cold as I thought I would be. How about you?" Jamie inquired.

Alex didn't want to admit it, but despite the weather, the thought of Jamie naked under those robes was making him quite warm. "I'm fine. Isn't the snow beautiful?"


They both just stood and took in the beautiful scenery. Then Jamie turned and said, "We better return to the castle. I have to shower before breakfast."

Jamie turned to leave as Alex took in the view one more time. Then he saw it. "Jamie, what is that over at the bottom of the hill? It looks like a ..."

Jamie looked in the direction Alex was pointing and before he could get the word out of his mouth, she yelled, "It is!"and began running toward the motionless figure.

Jamie threw herself on the ground grabbing Hermione's wrist and at the same time placing her ear against Hermione's chest. "She's alive, but barely." Only then did Jamie see all the blood. "Alex, quick! Put her is stasis."

As Alex put Hermione under stasis, Jamie removed her robes and but a warming charm on them and then placed them over Hermione. "Alex, do you think you can carry her? Levitation charms are so tricky. I don't want to take the chance of her floating too high or out of control."

"I can manage, but you'll have to help me lift her initially."

In seconds, Alex had Hermione in his arms and was headed toward the Castle. "Jamie, you're naked. What if you're seen?"

"Then I'm seen. It's either her or me. I'm a nudist. Professor Granger would be humiliated. I don't think she could ever face her students if they saw her naked. Besides, I might not be seen. We won't use the main entrance. We'll use the entrance that leads directly to the infirmary."

* * * * * *

Harry ran through the halls and burst into the infirmary. "How is she?" He looked at the Caitlin lying there so tiny and frail exposed to the world as Madame Pomfrey and Severus worked on her.

"We've stopped the bleeding," Pomfrey said. "Severus is using his Hyperempathic powers to heal the wounds." Harry realized that Severus was in deep concentration as he held his hand just above Caitlin right breast. "It appears Hermione was shot three times. Once in the right shoulder just above her breast. The second shot was to her extreme upper thigh. A few more inches and it would have done irreparable damage to her reproductive organs. The third shot was to her backside."

Pomfrey took a deep breath. "Harry, I promised you I wouldn't hide anything from you. Caitlin's blood loss was minimal because Severus and I were able to put her is stasis and treat her almost instantaneously, but she also has pneumonia. Her body is extremely weak.

"I would assume that wherever Hermione is, her smashed fingers and dislocated jaw have not been repaired. The pneumonia that Caitlin has originated from Hermione's body, so she is also extremely weak If her bullet wounds go untreated its just a matter of time before she dies."

The look on Harry's face was indescribable. "How long? What about Caitlin?"

Madame Pomfrey had tears in her eyes. "Very soon. Caitlin and Hermione will be together."

Harry knelt down and kissed Caitlin's check and then dropped to his knees next to the bed. He held her hand in his as he stroked her forehead with his other hand. Tears flowed freely from his eyes.

Severus strained to keep his concentration as his eyes moistened and a tear dropped on Caitlin's chest.

Abruptly, the door to the infirmary burst open. Jamie Zacherley, clad only in boots, held the door as an extremely tired Alex Ward carried Hermione into the room.

"Oh! My God!" Pomfrey cried. "Quickly bring her back here." She held the door to the emergency treatment room open as Alex carried the nearly lifeless body through and laid Hermione on the table. "Jamie, I'll need your help. Harry I know you'll want to stay. The Headmaster will need assistance with Caitlin." Pomfrey looked questioningly at Jamie. "How would Caitlin feel about Mr. Ward seeing her without her clothes?"

"She wouldn't care. He's already seen her nude."

"Good! Alex, please go assist the headmaster."

The door closed behind Alex. Sheepishly, he walked toward the Headmaster.

Alex looked down at Caitlin, who looked to be asleep. A sheet covered her to just below her breasts. The Headmaster was just removing his hand from that area.

"Mr. Ward, as you know young Caitlin here shares the injuries and pain of her adopted mother. Professor Granger was evidently shot just before you found her. Caitlin has been put in stasis to stop the bleeding and now, as a partial Hyperempath, I am healing those wounds. As you can see there is no sign of any injury where I just had my hand. Now that I have explained what I am doing and what you will be assisting me with, I have a few questions for you." The Headmaster looked Alex directly in the eye. "Shall we start with Miss Zacherley? Could you please explain why I was the only one in the room that was shocked to she her running about without her clothes? Secondly, how is it possible that you have seen this eleven-year-old girl naked?"

Alex had never been so panicky. Jamie and he had made it all the way to the infirmary without anyone seeing her state of undress, only to find the Headmaster there. Jamie didn't think Madame Pomfrey would be upset because she knew Jamie was a nudist and after all she was only trying to protect Professor Granger's dignity. Professor Potter understood; he knew Jamie was a naturist, but the Headmaster? They hadn't expected Severus Snape to be in the infirmary. Now Alex had to explain and defend the girls. He knew he was a pathetic liar; it just wasn't his nature to lie. Hopefully the Headmaster wouldn't dwell too deep.

"Yes sir. Jamie is a naturist; has been her entire life. During first year she had an accident that caused her to tell me she was a nudist. Madame Pomfrey figured it out herself after seeing her all over tan when she was in the infirmary. Professor Potter was either told by Caitlin or perhaps saw Jamie naked in Professor Granger's quarters."

Snape knew there was much more to this story. "Is Caitlin also a nudist?"

"Yes, sir."

"Caitlin grew-up with her grandparents and then in an orphanage. I doubt very much she practiced nudity in either of those places."

Alex felt like he was being trapped. "Caitlin decided she wanted to be a nudist when she saw Jamie nude. She saw how confident and relaxed Jamie was and wanted to try it."

"Does professor Granger know about all this?

"Yes. She allows Caitlin to remain nude in their quarters."

Severus was dumfounded. He couldn't believe this was going on at Hogwarts and he had no knowledge of it. "Every answer you give me produces at least two more questions. Instead of trying to avoid giving information, it might be best if you told me the entire story."

Alex knew the Professor was right. He wasn't helping the girls or himself by avoiding the truth. "I'm sorry sir. I wanted to protect the girls, but I think I'm hurting them more by not telling you the entire truth. I'll tell you everything, but it's a long story."

"In that case, we should probably continue with the healing of Caitlin. Once I begin the Hyperempathic healing I cannot speak, but I can concentrate on the healing and listen to your story at the same time. I'll let you know when to begin and don't leave out anything. Please pull the cover down to her knees."

Alex did as the Headmaster instructed, but felt like it was exceedingly wrong. He felt like he was undressing Caitlin. When he saw the wound he cringed. If the bullet had hit two inches up and two inches over it would have struck her reproductive organs.

The Headmaster saw Alex's reaction. "I felt the same way when I saw it. Your job is mainly to witness that I do nothing improper. If I need anything I will make hand motions. Taking my mind off the healing process in any way will slow it, but if I talk the whole procedure must be started over."

The Headmaster placed his hand on the wound being quite careful not to touch her private area. "If you would, please let me know when thirty minutes are up. You may start the story, the whole story, whenever you are ready."

Alex looked at the clock and took a deep breath. "It all started in first year. Jamie and I had become very good friends...."

* * * * * *

...and she was lying there in the snow. Jamie knew she would be naked, but couldn't allow the possibility that someone would see Professor Granger in that state."

Alex finished his story just as the thirty minutes elapsed. "Mr. Ward, please get me the alcohol off that counter and a cloth," Snape requested. Alex promptly gathered the items and then watched as the Headmaster carefully cleansed the area of Caitlin's body where the wound had been located.

Alex could not believe his eyes. There was no sign of the wound, not even a tiny, faint scar. He asked, "Are all wizards able to do that or is it a special ability?"

"All wizards have the ability, but some to only a very small degree. For some the healing of the tiniest nick can take hours. Others such as Professor Granger have the ability to absorb the pain and scars of a burn victim. All sixth year students are tested in order to determine the degree of their power."

Alex looked down at Caitlin. He was amazed at what the Headmaster had done, but he was reluctant to stare in that area for fear Professor Snape might get the wrong idea. "She has the power, doesn't she?"

"Definitely. I've never seen it so strong in one so young. She is not only a Hyperempath, but also one with telepathic powers. Let us pray she lives to use that ability for good. Now, if you would? Help me turn her over so that we can heal her third wound."

They gently slid Caitlin to one side of the bed and then turned her over on her stomach. Then they slid her back to the middle of the bed.

Alex sort of smiled when he saw that the last wound was in Caitlin's backside. The Headmaster looked at him harshly. "No injury to the human body should be taken lightly. We are fragile creatures. Had that bullet struck a few more inches toward center, there could have been serious damage.

"Mr. Ward. I feel that to this point you have been truthful and honest with me. I also don't believe that either of the young ladies in question looks upon their nakedness as being remotely connected with flaunting their sex. I believe Professor Granger handled the Halloween situation admirably. The school could never permit nudity in the common room in front of both sexes, but if their dorm mates have no problem with it there, I don't either. As far as what happens in her quarters, that is totally up to Professor Granger.

"I do, however, have one concern and that involves you and in all probability more so Caitlin's two young male friends. You indicated that you have seen Jamie nude easily over a hundred times. Would I be correct in assuming that most of those were in the girls' dorm?"

"Yes, sir."

"Were you ever there alone or was someone else always present?"

"Both. Mostly there was someone else there, but many times we were alone."

"How old were the two of you when you started having sexual relations?"

Alex looked at the Headmaster bewildered. "Sir, Jamie and I are just friends. We've never had sex. We're both virgins."

Severus studied Alex's eyes. Something he saw told him the boy wasn't lying. "I believe you. Hopefully you can understand my concern. You and Jamie are both now of legal age and should you want to enter into consensual sex that is your business. Madame Pomfrey will even supply, without question, a potion to young ladies that will prevent unwanted pregnancy. The school, however, can't be seen as promoting sex and I question whether allowing boys to be alone with girls in the dorms is proper, especially unclothed girls."

"Sir, that totally depends on the boy and girl in question. I think some could actually sleep in the same dorms without anything happening while all the security in the world would not prevent others from being intimate. Can I be completely honest?"

"Honesty is always the best road to take, Mr. Ward."

"When I was eleven and first saw Jamie nude, I couldn't take my eyes off her down there. After a few times seeing her nude, it was no big thing. I actually saw her so often that I didn't notice the change that was taking place in her. She went from a little girl to a beautiful woman. I'd be lying now if I said I never had reactions to her, but I don't think its just because she's nude.

Headmaster Snape smiled. "What about Caitlin? She has four years to go before she is legal."

"Matt and Randy seem okay, but what's more important is Caitlin and her relationship to Professor Granger. She would never do anything that would hurt or disappoint her mum."

Snape nodded his head in agreement. "Let's get this young lady finished." He looked toward the emergency treatment room. "I wish someone would stick their head out and tell us how Hermione is doing."

* * * * * *

When Professor Snape finished he said "Wingardium Leviosa" " and Caitlin gently rose about two feet off her bed. Alex quickly changed the sheets and then the Headmaster indicated where he could get a hospital robe for Caitlin.

Alex looked undecidedly at the Headmaster and then finally spoke. "If the rules require it, but I know Caitlin would prefer to remain as she is."

The Professor nodded his head in agreement and lowered Caitlin to the bed. Alex pulled the covers over the young girl's body before the Professor removed her from stasis. There was no change. The girl remained unconscious. Professor Snape tried to hide his concern. "There is nothing more you can do here for now. It would be best if you go to your classes now so that you don't get too far behind."

Alex wanted to wait for Jamie, but decided it would be best not to question the dictates of the Headmaster. He had barely left when Harry and Jamie came out of the treatment room followed by Madame Pomfrey. They all looked extremely solemn. Jamie was now wearing a hospital gown.

Madame Pomfrey glanced sadly at the Headmaster. "Is young Caitlin in a coma as well?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so." Severus got the distinct impression that Pomfrey wanted to discuss the condition of the two, but not with Jamie and Harry present.

"They've both been through hell." Pomfrey looked in Jamie's direction. "You've been a great help, but now you should be getting back to class." Jamie headed toward the door. "But not dressed like that!"

Jamie turned around as if to ask Madame Pomfrey what the problem was. As she turned the Headmaster became well aware of the quandary.

"I'm afraid that hospital gown has quite a southern exposure," the Headmaster said.

"I sent her robes off to be cleaned, but the elves have not returned them yet." Madame Pomfrey informed the Headmaster.

Severus replied. "I will see if I can hurry them along, meanwhile you may remain here. Harry, there is no more you can do here at the moment. I know you want to stay with Hermione, but I insist you first get yourself cleaned up and have something to eat."

Harry didn't want to leave, but realized the Headmaster was correct. "I'll be back within an hour. Please call me if there is any change."

Pomfrey nodded as Harry and the Headmaster headed out the door. Jamie went to sit next to Caitlin's bed as Madame Pomfrey went back to check on Hermione. After a few minutes Jamie heard a quiet alarm sounding. Within seconds Madame Pomfrey was calling for her assistance.

* * * * *

Harry quickly shaved and showered. He couldn't even think about food. After grabbing his robes he hurried back to the infirmary.

As soon as he opened the door he realized something was terribly wrong. Jamie was sitting in the corner crawled up in a ball crying her eyes out. Harry ran immediately toward the emergency treatment room just as Madame Pomfrey was opening the door. Her eyes were red and when she saw Harry they filled with tears. "I'm sorry Harry. Please believe me, I did everything I could. Hermione was just too weak from all the injuries and the pneumonia."

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