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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 17

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter Seventeen


"Caitlin, freeze! Don't touch that box," Harry shouted. "It could be a Portkey."

"What's a Portkey? What happened to Mum?" Caitlin's trembling voice asked as tears streamed from her eyes. At that instant Alex, who was alarmed by Jamie's longer than expected absence, came upon the scene.

"Mr. Ward," Harry ordered, "I need you to find Professor Weasley straight away. Tell him Professor Granger has disappeared; been taken forcibly. Have him make contact with the Ministry of Magic. Tell them to send any available Aurors." Alex momentarily hesitated as he gazed at Jamie's tear covered face. "Hurry boy; this is urgent!" Alex turned and ran.

Never before in his entire life had Harry felt so powerless. Hermione, the love of his life was gone, virtually plucked from his arms. He had no idea where to even begin searching. Not only didn't he have any idea where she was taken, but what's more he had no idea who had taken her. At least with Voldemort, he could put a face to his enemy. He didn't even know for a fact that it was his enemy. Hermione was no longer an unknown muggle girl whose main claim to fame was that she was the best friend of the boy who lived. Hermione had become a well know and powerful witch in her own right. Undoubtedly she had made some enemies of her own along the way.

Harry had other responsibilities besides finding Hermione. There were two girls crying their hearts out. They each in there own way loved Hermione as much as he did. Now they needed him. As weak as he felt at the moment, he had to be strong for them. He had to be brave, so they in turn could be brave. Harry gathered both the girls to him as he wrapped his arms around their slender waists. They leaned their heads on his shoulders and he could feel the sobs racking their bodies.

"A Portkey is an enchanted object, often a piece of supposedly worthless junk, which when touched will transport a person to a preprogrammed location. In this case I believe that whatever was in that box was a Portkey. Hermione has been transported somewhere, but we have no way of knowing where." Harry squeezed Caitlin tight.

Caitlin looked up into her dad's face as he fought to keep his own tears in check. "Can we use the Portkey to follow her; go where mum went and bring her home."

"No. Unfortunately the Portkey is transported with the person."

Jamie looked at Hermione's knickers and robes. "Professor Potter, wherever she is, she's naked. She has no clothes, no wand, no way to defend herself."

"The Portkey obviously was programmed to only transport living matter. It's probably a security precaution to prevent wands or tracking devices from being transported."

All of a sudden Ron came rushing toward them, closely followed by Sam. "They'll be here shortly Harry. The Aurors had to Apparate to Hogsmeade because of the charms around Hogwarts. Their carriages should arrive any minute. Emma Wrong is with them. She sent owls to the balance of the staff calling them back immediately due to the fact that Hogwarts security was breached. The dance is over, but all the students have been instructed to remain in the Great Hall. Alex Ward and Tony Marburger are doing a fine job of maintaining order." Ron breathlessly reported, his face displaying the anguish he felt.

Ron had barely finished talking when Emma Wrong and two Aurors ran up to them. Emma Wrong grabbed Harry's hand. "I'm so sorry Harry."

"Does anyone know where that box came from?" One of the Aurors asked.

"I do,' Sam spoke up. "Hermione was feeling slightly nauseous and decided to get a breath of air. Just before she went out the door a young boy ran up to her and handed that box to her."

"Do you think you would recognize the boy that gave it to her?" The Auror asked.

"I believe so," Sam answered nervously.

"Good! Minister Wrong if you would take everyone inside. I'm sure they will be much warmer. It should only take a few minutes to examine the area here. The way it sounds, she was alone at the time the Portkey activated. Please, don't allow anyone to leave the Great Hall as yet."

Guided by Emma Wrong, Harry and the others went inside to await the Aurors. Evidently the word had already spread about Hermione's disappearance because the students were all very silent and seemed to be in a state of shock. While the others sat and waited, Sam and Ron walked around the room looking for the young boy that handed Hermione the box. Suddenly Sam stopped and said to Ron, "That's him, the cubby boy at the table to the left."

Ron looked frustrated. "I'm afraid this will be a dead end. That's Ronald Aldinger, a Hufflepuff. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He may have given the box to Hermione, but I'm sure he had no idea what was in it. I'll go talk to him and have him join our table."

Ron went over and after whispering in the boy's ear, the first year Hufflepuff timidly got to his feet and apprehensively followed Sam and Ron over to where Harry and the others were seated.

As soon as Ronald saw Caitlin crying he went over to her. "Caitlin, I'm sorry. I like Professor Granger. I'd never do anything to hurt her or you. They told me it was a gift from Professor Potter."

Caitlin smiled through her tears at the nervous boy. "Ronald, I know you wouldn't hurt her. Nobody thinks you were implicated. I'm sure the Aurors just want you to answer some questions about who gave the box to you. Come sit next to me until they're ready to talk to you." Harry watched as Caitlin held her friend's hand. He wasn't quite sure if that was making the young boy more or less nervous, but it was Caitlin intentions at this particular time that impressed Harry. In the middle of her grief and sorrow, she was reaching out with understanding to her classmate.

It was just a short time before the two Aurors completed their tests and came inside. As soon as they were informed that the young boy who had given the box to Hermione had been located, they suggested the balance of the students be allowed to return to their common rooms.

As the students made their way out of the Great Hall many hugged and patted Caitlin and Jamie as they went past. Harry had to get up and walk away for a brief time. He felt like he was watching mourners give their condolences to the family. Hermione isn't dead! We'll find her. She'll be fine. She has to be. I can't lose her not now, not ever.

Once all the students with the exclusion of Jamie, Caitlin and Ronald had vacated the Great Hall, Emma Wrong requested every person to be seated. Ron gave Harry a reassuring touch on the back as he took the seat next to him. Sam sat on Ron's other side. Caitlin, of course, sat next to Harry as Jamie kindheartedly left Ronald sit between her and Caitlin.

Minster Wrong and the two somber faced Aurors took seats across from Harry. When everyone was seated Emma said, "Before we commence, it would probably be helpful if we all introduced ourselves and stated our relationship to Professor Granger. I'll begin by introducing myself and the two gentlemen to my left. I, as most of you probably know, am Emma Wrong, Minster of Magic. Next to me is Sergeant Friday and on his left Detective Smith."

The two men nodded their heads as they were introduced. Sergeant Friday was a tall thin man with a dark complexion. It looked like his face would crack if he even attempted to smile. Detective Smith was shorter and stockier, but positively not fat. He without doubt looked like the more friendly of the two Aurors.

Minster Wrong continued, "Friday and Smith are two of the finest Aurors in the department. Now then miss," she indicated Samantha, "If you would introduce yourself."

Detective Smith took out a ballpoint quill with which to take notes.

"I'm Samantha Bowman. Hermione and I just recently met, but I consider her a friend. I'm dating Ron Weasley," Sam indicated Ron. "I'm not positive, but I believe I was the last person to see the Professor."

Ron spoke next. "I'm, Ron Weasley, flying instructor for Hogwarts. Harry, Hermione and I have been best friends since our first year attending Hogwarts. Sam and I were here tonight to assist Harry and Hermione in chaperoning the Yule Ball."

Harry looked quite disheartened. "I'm Harry Potter. Hermione and I just announced our engagement. We both teach at Hogwarts. This is our adopted daughter Caitlin." Harry indicated Caitlin by messing her hair.

Caitlin looked at the Aurors as if begging, "You'll find my mum? Please say you will."

Neither Auror responded. They simply waited for Ronald to introduce himself. "I'm Ronald Aldinger." Ronald began to cry as both Caitlin and Jamie consoled him. "I didn't know it would hurt her. I like Professor Granger. They said it was a present from Professor Potter."

"Now, now Ronald." Minster Wrong said. "No one is accusing you of wanting to harm Professor Granger. You are only here so you can tell us exactly what happened. Perhaps give us a clue to who kidnapped the Professor." Emma Wrong moved her attention from Ronald to Jamie. "And who are you miss?"

"I'm Jamie Zacherley. Caitlin and I are good friends. Professor Granger had asked me to be her Maid of Honor," Jamie answered.

At this point Sergeant Friday got to his feet. "Did anyone see anything strange or notice anyone suspicious during the course of the evening?" Everyone indicated no in various ways. "Than it seems that young Ronald here was the first to have contact with the perpetrator. Ronald, please don't be nervous. As Minister Wrong stated, no one feels you were involved in the kidnapping. Please tell us exactly what happened. Try not to leave out even the smallest detail that you remember. Sometimes cases are solved with evidence that seems minute or meaningless."

Ronald's voice cracked as he began. "There really isn't much to tell. I had to go to the loo. On the way back to the Great Hall two men approached me and asked me to give a small wrapped box to Professor Granger. I took the box from them and gave it directly to her and then returned to where I was sitting with my friends."

"Two men approached you?" Sergeant Friday repeated. "What did they look like?"

"They were both big," Ronald responded.

"By the term big do you mean quite tall or are you referring to their overall size? Were they heavy?"

"One was rather tall. Over two meters and at the same time quite hefty. The other wasn't nearly as tall, but probably weighed as much."

Jamie looked in Harry's direction. He was looking at her. Obviously, they were both wondering the same thing. Were the two blokes that gave Ronald the package, the same ones that attacked her?

"How were they dressed?" Friday questioned.

"They had on yellow and black work robes. I assumed they were with the band. Although when the band packed up tonight, I didn't see them about."

"Try to remember now, exactly what did they say to you?"

"The big guy said, this is a gift for Professor Granger from Professor Potter. See that she gets it. Don't tell anyone or you'll spoil the big surprise.' I asked them why they didn't give it to Professor Granger themselves and he said they weren't allowed in the Great Hall while the concert was going on and students were there. It made sense, so I took the box."

"Did they say anything else?"

"No. Wait! As I was leaving the shorter one made a crude remark."

"What did he say?" Sergeant Friday asked.

Ronald looked at Caitlin as if not sure he want to answer in her presence, but she encouraged him to reply. "He said that he envied me being around all those tight little bitches."

Jamie again looked at Harry and shouted, "It was them! It had to be them! He has the same dirty perverted mouth."

Friday looked severely at Jamie, "Miss, do you think you know those characters?"

Harry spoke before Jamie had a chance. "Jamie was attacked after a World Cup Quidditch game just before her first year at Hogwarts. The blokes Ronald described sound like the same pair that grabbed her."

Ron interjected, "Harry, do you think it could have been Crabbe and Goyle. I realize they're not the only fat wizards in the world, but those descriptions sound a lot like them.

"I thought that possible the night Jamie was attacked. I gave their names to the Aurors then," answered Harry.

Sergeant Friday interrupted. "Do you think you know them on a personal basis?

Harry shook his head disgustedly. "If its Crabbe and Goyle, yes. I wasn't sure the night Jamie was attacked. The one was gone before I happened on the scene and the other Apparated before I got close enough to see his face. They started Hogwarts the same year as us. The two of them were tight with Draco Malfoy until he had his dad sent to Azkaban. After that they treated him like he was diseased. They both dropped out of school after getting zeros on their Q.W.L.s. at the end of fifth year.

"No one seems to know what happened to them. They seemed to have disappeared. Draco heard they had become Death Eaters loyal to Voldemort, but if so; they were never captured or imprisoned."

"Smith, make a note to look up the files on Miss Jamie, what was your last name again?" said Sergeant Friday.

"Zacherley," Jamie replied.

"Ronald, is there anything else you can tell us?" Friday asked.

"No, sir. I took the package that I thought to be a gift and went straight away to Professor Granger. I caught her just before she went to go outside. After giving her the package I rejoined my friends."

"Very well son, I think that will be all. You may return to your Common Room."

Before Ronald left he looked at Caitlin one last time, "I'm sorry. If only"

Caitlin tried her best to give Ronald a smile. "It's not you fault, Ronald. You had no way of knowing."

As Ronald left the Great Hall, Friday focused his attention on Sam. "Did you see the two men?"

"No," Sam responded. "I'm afraid I can add nothing to what Ronald has told you. Hermione and I had been standing to the side of the Hall. Ron had run to the loo and Harry had gone to ask his daughter, Caitlin for a dance. We talked for a short time as Harry danced. Suddenly Hermione said she felt slightly nauseated and was going to get some fresh air. I offered to go with her, but she was worried that Ron and Harry wouldn't be able to locate us. I stayed behind to wait for the guys. Just as she was about to walk out the door to the terrace, young Ronald ran up to her with the wrapped box. She took it and walked out the door."

Friday looked at the somber faces ringing the table. "I'm afraid we have little to go on. From the small shreds of evidence we have found and from what we've now been told, we have a good idea what happen to Professor Granger and even who has her, but that information leads us to a dead end."

"What do you mean dead end!" Harry shouted. "We have to find her and quickly before, before" Harry couldn't finish because he didn't want to put into words the awful thoughts he was having concerning Hermione's well being.

"Harry, Hermione is not the first to disappear like this. Let me explain what I feel has taken place tonight. I'll tell you every thing we know about this new enemy of the wizard world, but alas it is slight," Sergeant Friday responded. .

"The two men that approached young Ronald tonight, I believe were indeed the same Crabbe and Goyle with which you went to school. It would not surprise me either if it were they who created the scare at the World Cup Quidditch game and attacked Miss Zacherley. Crabbe's attraction to little girls is well documented. We cannot apprehend either of them because they rarely spend more than thirty minute at a location. They are either in hiding most of the time or wear a Glamour disguise.

"The box they gave Hermione contained a very sophisticated Portkey. Had someone else opened the box or even touched the Portkey, nothing would have happened. This exceptional type of Portkey will only operate when it identifies the accurate fingerprint. Once she touched the Portkey, she was transported, but only her. If she had been touching another person, they would not have been transported. Likewise nothing on the person is transported. Anything inside, however, would be transported."

Harry interrupted, "What do you mean by inside?

"As I said this is a very sophisticated Portkey. If it is transporting a muggle with a heart pacemaker, it would transport the pacemaker. Somehow it can discriminate between something on the body and something in the body. We've never been able to figure out exactly how it works because we've never gotten to see one

"I can't be absolutely sure, but I feel Hermione is now being held prisoner by the person we dread is in the paramount position to replace Lord Voldemort.

"Who is he? Why does he want Hermione?" Harry urgently inquired.

"Let me try to answer that, Harry," Minster Wrong said.

"We have no idea who this person is. They are only referred to as the Great One. No Dark Wizard we have interrogated has ever seen their new leader. It could well be someone we sit next to every day. Actually many of my opponents have suggested that it could even be me. I assure you that it isn't. Whoever he or she is seems to at least for the moment want to keep their identity a secret. The Death Eaters seem to get all their orders through a person know only as Damien. I fear that is who has Hermione now."

Harry did not at all like the look that came to Emma Wrong's face as she mentioned Damien. She wasn't telling everything she knew. He would have to question her more about Damien, but when Caitlin and Jamie weren't present.

"Harry," Emma continued. "I'm not positive why Hermione was taken, but I can endeavor a knowledgeable guess. Voldemort only worried about you, and destroying you alone. He never paid attention to Ron and Hermione. He considered them as your tag along friends. Only when it was too late did he realize that you could not defeat him alone, but with Ron and Hermione by your side you were invincible. I believe the Great One is significantly concerned now that the three of you have joined together again. The Great One may feel he can handle two of you, but not all three."

"But why Hermione," questioned Ron. "Why not Harry or I?"

"I'd rather not discuss that in front of Caitlin and Jamie. Harry, I'm sorry, but we are at a dead end. We have no idea where they might have Hermione. She may not even be in this country. All we can do is wait and hope. Hope that we get a lead or that Hermione somehow finds a way to escape."

Harry looked at Minister Wrong with disbelief. "Are you saying that we are just to continue our lives as if nothing happened? Surely there must be something we can do!"

"Harry," Emma looked at Harry with compassion. "My entire staff is at you disposal. If you have any idea where we can begin to look tell me. I'm as frustrated as you. I have lost twenty-three loyal dedicated Aurors to that vermin know as the Great One. I despise the name. Do you realize how hard it is to refer to someone you hate as Great One?"

Ron just looked at Minister Wrong. "So you're saying we should do nothing. We should just sit and wait."

"No," replied Emma. "I'm not suggesting you do nothing Mr. Weasley. Do you believe in a supreme being? Do you believe in God?"

"Yes, I believe in God," Ron replied.

"Then pray." The look on her face suggested their meeting was over and the group rose to leave. She looked at Harry and Ron. "If you would please remain for just a moment."

Sam leaned over and gave Ron a kiss. "I'll wait right outside the Hall." Ron gave her a quick nod of his head. She then went over and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek. "Remember and think of the happy moments. Somehow we'll get her back."

Harry hugged Sam and then gave Jamie and Caitlin each a kiss on the cheek before the three women left the room.

As the doors closed Minister Wrong looked at Ron and Harry.

Harry saw nothing, but emptiness in her eyes. He could tell she had already given up hope of ever seeing Hermione alive again.

She began. "Twenty-four of my best Aurors have been captured by, the so called Great One. One escaped, but only after being castrated. The other twenty-three were returned to me by the piece. Five were women. They were brutally mutilated before being dismembered. My experts feel that they were kept alive for weeks as each limb was removed. Finally I'm sure they looked forward to being behead and the misery ending. One of them, either the Great One or Damien is very sick. I'm sorry, but you have to be prepared for the worst."

* * * * * *

Harry returned to his quarters after seeing Sam and Ron off. Never in his entire life had he felt so helpless. He slowly undressed down to his boxers and crawled into bed, the bed that he shared with her, and the bed in which they made love. The bed now seemed so huge without his Hermione to share it. He just lay there, looking at the ceiling and knowing he wouldn't be able to sleep. He wanted to sleep so he wouldn't think of her, think of the suffering and agony she may be going through.

He hadn't heard Caitlin enter the room. Harry only realized she was there as she crawled in bed and said, "Dad may I please sleep with you. I can't stand to be alone with my thoughts tonight?

Before Harry had the chance to protest, Caitlin cuddled against him and asked. "Dad why don't men cry? I've been crying since Jamie and I found her dress and other possessions. I may only be eleven, but I know how much you love her. How can you keep your feelings locked inside?"

Harry drew her tight against him as he responded, "I'm afraid to start crying for fear I'll never be able to stop. Caitlin, you can't imagine how much I love her and how much I'm afraid of losing her."

"Yes, I can. Dad, please don't lose faith. God will bring her back to us. He has to, we need her too much."

Harry held Caitlin tightly as he lost the battle and tears filled his eyes. She has to come back. I can't lose her again.

Sometime during the night exhaustion took its toll and they both finally succumbed to sleep.

* * * * * *

Monday, December 29, 2003

Hermione awoke at the sound of a slamming door. She blinked several times, trying to clear her blurry eyes. Her heart thumped as she wondered who was coming into the room. Part of her hoped it was her captor, but she also feared looking into the face of the pervert who had brought her here.

Hermione had lost all track of time since her imprisonment. She had opened the gift that young Ronald had given her thinking it was from Harry. She had barely touched it when she felt as though a hook just behind her naval had been suddenly jerked irresistibly forward. Her feet left the ground and she went speeding forward in a howl of wind and swirling color. She remembered her feet slamming into the ground and then everything went blank. When she came to, she was in her iron body cage, totally naked.

The cage was rather simple. It consisted of an iron band that encircled the waist at the hips. From this band two addition iron bands were connected at either side in the front. These bands crossed at the chest and then bent over the shoulders again crossing in the back before connecting to the waistband. Wrist cuffs were attached to either side and a hinged iron band went between the legs and closed at the back. Attachments for chains at the shoulders secured her to the wall.

"Hello Hermione," the malicious voice echoed. "I do hope you don't mind me calling you by your first name. Professor Granger seems so formal for two people that are going to get to know each other quite intimately. My name is Damien."

Her heart beat faster and her face felt hot as she felt him looking over her naked body. He moved closer and she shivered as he stepped into the light before her. His face was sallow and covered in spots. His eyes were gray, but the parts that should be white were a very sick looking yellow. Involuntarily, she shuddered as he stared at her silently. He took a few steps forward and was now so close that she could feel his breath on her neck. She cringed and tried to move her neck as a stubby, rough finger traced along the edge of her face.

"I've always thought you were attractive, but those pictures in the Daily Prophet don't do this face justice." As he said this, his hand cupped her chin and he jerked her head so that she was looking directly at him. "The things I've imagined doing to you." He was closer now, his large, oily nose mere centimeters from her own. Her body trembled, partially in fear and partially in anger as the man took a step back and began running his eyes over her again. Feeling the fury bubble inside her at this humiliation, she waited until his eyes were once more on her face before she spat at him.

The sharp crack echoed in the dingy room and she bit back a cry as the tears formed in her eyes. Her face stung where he had struck her and he was staring at her again, a menacing look in his eyes. "You won't stay pretty for long if you keep that up." He turned on her, walking towards a low table along the far wall. He spun quickly after picking something up and as he moved slowly towards her, she was able to see that he was pulling latex gloves over his hands. "Do you think they're looking for you, Hermione? Do you think they even care?" He was standing in front of her again.

The nightmares had haunted her since she'd arrived in this place. Sleep had come to her rarely and when she slumbered there were nightmares coursing through her mind. In her darkest moments, there was only despair, knowing there was no way they'd ever find her. She shook as the gloves traced down her body and she clenched her teeth as her body shuddered against his touch. It was neither smooth, nor sexy, but the touch of a man who hated women, who looked down upon them. Women were objects to this man who was now exploring her most private parts and she felt the hot tears beginning to stream down her face as the violations came again and again.

"No tracking devices. Not a very smart group, are you?" he asked finally, his inspection apparently complete.

Her voice wavered as she replied, "Why have you brought me here?"

"Ah, you do speak. I suppose that since you have deigned to talk to me, I can answer that. The Great One has requested your presence here. He wants you to join us."

"Join you?" she spat out.

"And of course, if you don't, then he'll leave you to my...devices." He licked his lips as he said this and she felt a sharp stab of fear in her stomach.

She heard the door creak open again and two large men entered the room.

"I imagine you're rather hungry. I'll leave my assistants to feed you. You will be fed only twice a day, Miss Granger, and I suggest you don't waste that," he said, almost gently, as he ran a hand across her stomach. "Starvation is not an option." His hand lingered on her stomach for a few moments and she felt her entire body tighten in fear as he gazed at her. "Crabbe! Goyle!" His voice was stern and loud as he beckoned the two men at the door forward.

They lumbered towards her as Damien backed out of the room.

Hermione would not have needed to hear their names in order to recognize her two new visitors. From the size of them, it was evident that they hadn't changed their eating habits. "Crabbe, Goyle have you stooped this low? How can you associate with that depraved monster?"

Goyle gave Hermione a smirk as he ignored her question. "The holier-than-thou-mudblood doesn't look so haughty anymore, does she Crabbe? Got to admit Granger, you have one hell of a body." He licked his lips as if a feast had been set before him. "Almost a pity to see Damien blemish it, but he does it in such an entertaining way. He'll leave you screaming."

Hermione shivered uncontrollably. She was cold, humiliated and terribly frightened. Never in her life had she felt so vulnerable. It had been horrible enough being exposed to Damien's eyes, but now to have these two clowns gawk at her was mortifying. She felt like an animal in a zoo being stared at by the visitors. No, the animals had it better; no one could touch them.

Crabbe gave a chuckle in response to his partner's joke. Goyle sat the tray of food on the table as he went over get a closer look at Hermione body. "Now this is workmanship," he said as he began to move his hands over her body.

Hermione struggled against her bindings to avoid his greasy hands and tried unsuccessfully to kick out at him. "Try that again Mudblood and we'll put you in leg irons.

Goyle once again left his eyes soak in her beauty before saying, "Crabbe here just doesn't appreciate a well-developed female body. He'd rather shag that little orphan bitch you adopted. Damien has promised her to him. Maybe we can have a foursome. Would you like that Granger?"

She felt the bile rising in her throat. Wasn't it enough they had her to debase? Why must they bring Caitlin into the discussion? She tried to push the thoughts from her mind and change the subject.

"I thought you where here to bring me my meal. Let me out of this contraption so I can sit and eat."

Crabbe laughed. "She thinks were going to let her sit at the table. Maybe she'd like to go to the loo and take a shower, too?"

Goyle smiled at his cohort. "Granger that cage is your new home. It's your bedroom, kitchen and loo. You never leave it. If you get so dirty you develop lice, Crabbe and I will wash you down."

Hermione cringed at the thought of these two degenerates giving her a sponge bath.

Goyle waved Crabbe over, and the other man carried over whatever her meal was. "With the help of Crabbe, I will feed you. If you don't eat, or you spit your food at us, the meal is finished. Also, if you complain about any of your extra dining experiences, don't expect us to feed you." He grinned maliciously at her and Hermione had only a moment to be confused before she understood what he meant. As Goyle fed her, her body shook with repulsion and loathing as he used his other hand to roam over her body. The food was no more than mush and her stomach jarred as she swallowed. She gagged on the spoon as he pushed it into her mouth, tears streaming down her face. Crabbe stood by, smirking at her humiliation. She attempted to glare at him, but the spoon being shoved into her mouth once more prevented this. Suddenly, a door slam echoed in the room and she cried out in pain as the spoon struck her front teeth when Goyle jumped.

"Goyle!" Damien shouted. "I see your are taking advantage of a prisoner again. Haven't I warned you before that you only touch when the Great One or myself has granted you permission? Perhaps I should cut that hand off. I'm sure that would be a lesson not soon forgotten. But, sadly, you would not be much use to the cause with a missing hand. I suppose ten lashes will have to suffice. Strip!"

Goyle looked at Damien as fear covered his face. "Here? Now? In front of her?"

"Yes!" Damien shouted. "Here and now. Don't you wish Miss Granger to see your handsome' body? You've seen hers. Don't worry! I doubt she has the desire to watch. Crabbe, you will inflict the punishment. If you hold back, I will add two lashes for everyone I feel is wielded too lightly."

Hermione turned her head. She had not desire to see Goyle's naked body, or to see a man beaten even though at the moment a part of her wished she were the one holding the whip.

She winched as she heard Goyle scream in pain, wondering just how long it would be before the screams were hers. When the punishment was complete Damien ordered both Goyle and Crabbe from the chamber, not even allowing Goyle to dress.

"Hermione, I apologize for the interruption, but one must keep the underlings in place. Shall we get back to the subject of why you were brought here? You are one third of the Covenant that defeated Lord Voldemort and temporarily slowed the Death Eater take over of the Wizard World. As you are aware, there is a new leader known only as the Great One. Voldemort was stupid, a mere insect when compared to The Great One. With the assistance of the other Death Eaters and myself, the Great One will bring to an end the wizard world as you know it."

"The Great One respects the Covenant members and realizes that together the three of you could be a roadblock to our success. If I had my way, you would already be dead. I, however, respect my leader and will follow orders. Although you are a Mudblood, the Great One feels your assistance could greatly aid our cause. Therefore, I have been instructed to offer you a choice. Join us, or die." Damien smile was cold and evil.

"There is no choice," Hermione responded. "I would rather die than become one of you. Inflict the Avada Kedavra curse, you bastard." Hermione held her breath; prepared for the end.

"Hermione, Hermione." Damien laughed wickedly. "There will be no Avada Kedavra curse. Look around your chamber. If you decide to die it will not be a quick and easy death by use of a curse. Have you not noticed? I do not even carry a wand. Your death will be long and painful. You will actually beg for me to kill you, but I won't. I enjoy watching people suffer. Do you want to suffer, Hermione?"

One glance at Damien's face was adequate to inform Hermione that he didn't wish for her to join them. He wanted her to say no, so that he could enjoy torturing her to death.

"Don't answer that. The Great One has ordered that you be given every chance to see the err of your ways and join us. I will give you 48 hrs to think about your decision. But before I leave, let me give you a mini tour of your quarters, I want to show you the wonderful ways in which you can be made to suffer." Damien had a smile on his face, indicative of how much he would enjoy giving this tour.

There had been plenty of opportunity for Hermione to inspect the surroundings and she didn't necessarily desire a guided tour. She knew her thirteenth century history. This was plan and simply a torture chamber and Damien was a demented individual that enjoyed his work. She had also come to the realization that it was best not to fight Damien, not if she wanted to live to escape. She had to humor him. What she needed to do was get out of this cage, but how?

"Many of the items you see are originals stolen from museums, some others we had to have made to order. Many of the devises such as the Iron Maiden and the Stretching Rack can be used both to extricate information as well as to execute. One of my personal favorites for execution is the Head Crusher." Damien pointed to the device. "The victim's chin is placed on the lower bar, and the cap forced down by the screw. First the teeth are crushed into their sockets and smashed by the surrounding bone, then the eyes are forced out of their sockets, and finally the brain squirts through the fragmented skull. If you join us, I'll be sure to let you watch a demonstration."

Hermione thought that she would lose the meal' she had just been force fed as the image of Damien's words materialized in her mind. What kind of mind invented such torture and how could he possibly think she would ever be able to watch such an act.

"This might interest you." Damien picked up a metal, pair-shaped device. As he held it up, light glinted off the sharp, pointed prongs. "The Pear." As he explained the torturous ways the device was used, Hermione's stomach clenched in horror. He indicated a screw at the end and as he turned it, Hermione's body broke out in a cold sweat as she imagined the excruciating pain. Her body shook in revulsion.

"Such vivid imagery," she said, her voice shaking in terror as he moved on towards a table under the window.

"I'm glad you're enjoying this."

"I didn't say that."

"Catch your tongue, Miss Granger, or I will." He gestured to three devices on the table. "The previous instruments I showed you won't be used unless you decide that you'd rather die. However, I do have permission to use these whenever I wish."

She shuddered as he picked up another device.

"Are you fond of cats Hermione?"

She nodded, swallowing nervously.

"Do you own a cat?"

She thought of Crookshanks as he continued.

"Have you ever been scratched? The claws tear into your skin, cutting away layers of flesh. Quite painful, really. Of course, as we are wont to do, human beings have improved upon that simple act of pain. This," he showed her a device known as a Cat's Paw, "rips your flesh and strips it off the bones. On any part of you." He pressed the sharp claws against her breast until a trickle of blood appeared and when he removed the device.

Tears stung her eyes as she watched him stare at the torture device, his eyes wild. He explained the other devices and the tears slid down her face, her body shuddering with violent sobs as he explicitly described the ways the flesh was mutilated. Horror invaded her mind as she wondered how it was possible to ever do that to another human being. As he finished explaining the thumbscrews he slammed them on the table and turned to her.

"You have forty-eight hours to determine your fate." His words were deadpan.

"What if I were to agree to join you?" Hermione said almost desperately. "Would I be set free?"

"If you mean free as in able to return to your beloved Harry Potter, then no! But you would not be tortured and you would get to live and serve the Great One. Of course, you would have to pass two tests in order to convince me of you sincerity."

Hermione knew that her only way to get out of here was to agree to join them, but what tests would she have to face. Coming from this sick individual, Hermione knew the tests would most likely also be sick. "May I ask what those two tests would be?"

"But, of course. The first would be for you to willingly pleasure me."

"That doesn't sound like a test," Hermione lied. "Having sex with you would I'm sure be extremely enjoyable," Hermione answered in a sweet, but unconvincing manner.

"Hermione, you are a poor liar. Should you, however, be able to push your high moral standards aside, you would still have test two."

"What would I have to do in the final test?"

"Simply assist me in an execution."

Hermione realized that this was something she could never do. "Exactly what would I have to do?"

"Do you see that four handed saw hanging over there on the wall." Damien pointed to the saw. "It is not only used for cutting large trees."

"There is an execution that some consider worse even than being burnt at the stake with a slow, small fire, or being dipped into boiling oil. The victim is hung upside down from a two by four. Their feet tied to the board. The saw is placed between their legs and they are sawed in half. Owing to the inverted position, which assures ample oxygenation of the brain and impedes the general loss of blood, the victim does not lose consciousness until the saw reaches the navel -and even sometimes the breast, if one is to believe accounts of the early eighteen-hundreds."

"My second test would be to help you saw some innocent victim in half." Hermione stated in shock. There was no way she could ever be part of such an act. Unless she could devise an escape plan, she would have no choice but to die a horrible and painfully long death.

"Not just any victim," Damien continued "but one selected by the Great One. Actually the victim will be joining us in about a week whether you decide to become part of the organization or not. You will either help with the execution and become a part of our group or you will get to witness the execution as one of your last visions before you are put to death."

Hermione didn't want to know the answer to the next question, but had to ask, "Who?"

"The one that calls you mum."

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