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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 15

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter Fifteen


Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Harry, Hermione and Caitlin brushed the snow off their robes as they rushed up the stairs to the staff quarters. The three had just spent the last two hours frocking in the new fallen snow that now blanketed Hogwarts.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm freezing. I'm going to take a quick, hot shower and then I'll make us all some hot chocolate." Hermione looked like a human snowman, as her hair and robes were still matted with snow.

"No one told you to roll down that hill," Caitlin giggled as she spoke.

"You tripped me, you little traitor and then your bully friend pushed me. Some gentleman you are, Harry Potter!" Hermione first looked at Caitlin and then at Harry who both gave her innocent angelic looks.

After Hermione closed the bedroom door Caitlin and Harry smiled at each other and gave one another high fives. "I'm going to take my garments off. Be right back," Caitlin said as she scurried into her bedroom.

Harry stood for a moment thinking of how fortunate he was to have these two lovely ladies in his life. He loved them both. It seemed like he had always loved Hermione, his feelings for Caitlin had taken him completely by surprise. He only knew he looking forward to being her dad.

He had only gotten as far as finding the chocolate when Caitlin popped out of her room. "How's the hot chocolate coming?"

"I haven't even started yet. You're welcome to help," Harry responded.

Just then Caitlin heard the water shut off in Hermione's shower. "I'll be right back. I want to ask Mum something." She rushed over to Harry and Hermione's bedroom and knocked on the door. "Mum, may I come in please?" As soon as her mum answered, she entered the room.

Caitlin saw her mother standing in the doorway of the bath drying off. She had seen her mum naked on a number of occasions since that first night, but she never ceased to marvel at how attractive she was. "Mum, would you do me a special favor tonight?"

"Sure honey," Hermione quickly answered.

"Will you stay naked with me tonight? We haven't done it together since Harry moved in and I miss it."

Hermione sighed. She knew how much Caitlin enjoyed it when they shared quality time in at state of undress, but it still made her feel somewhat odd. It was so contrary to her prudish upbringing. "Don't you think Harry might feel out of place being fully clothed while we are both nude?"

"Mum, I'm naked all the time when you're both dressed and I don't feel out of place. If it bothers him, he can always get undressed. I've never seen a man without his clothes on. It might be quite fascinating."

Hermione just shook her head as she beamed at her daughter. "Are you sure that you're only eleven? I never gave boys a second thought till fourth year and even then I never thought about seeing one naked. Okay, it Christmas Eve, I'll do it tonight, but don't expect this to be a regular occurrence. After all, you're the naturist, not me. Although I must admit that it will be fun to watch Harry's expression when we both enter the room naked."

Caitlin looked devilishly at her mum. "I bet you being naked will get him all excited."

Hermione gave her daughter a playful smack on her rear. "You, young lady, know too much for a girl so young."

"Don't worry Mum. Just because I know about sex doesn't mean I'd ever consider having it. I'm not even sure if I'll be ready when I reach fifteen."

"There is no reason to hurry it. Wait until you're sure. Just because you're legal at fifteen doesn't mean you have to rush."

Hermione finished drying her hair and ran a comb through it. "Shall we see if we can get a reaction out of the Boy That Lived?"

Hermione put her arm around Caitlin's shoulder as they both walked out of the bedroom as naked as the day they were born. Caitlin was quite relaxed, but Hermione felt nervous and blushed intensely.

Harry had just finished making the hot chocolate and was about to take a sip from his when he heard the girls talking and turned in the direction of their voices. When he saw Hermione, the cup slipped from his hand and went crashing to the floor.

Hermione looked at Caitlin and smiled. "Not bad for starters."

Caitlin giggled.

Hermione quickly repaired the cup and did a spell that cleansed the floor as Harry stood, watching her, his mouth moving in a very similar matter to that of a goldfish.

As they stood drinking their chocolate, Harry was finally able to articulate. "To whom do I express gratitude for having two good-looking naked women with whom to spend the night?"

Hermione looked at Harry with a bogus severe expression. "It was Caitlin's proposal that we give you a double show, but you best restrict your ogling to the legal woman in the room."

As they went to sit on the couch, Harry put his arms around the charming ladies on either side of him. "I must be the luckiest wizard alive.

Neither Harry nor Hermione could believe the words that came out of Caitlin's mouth next. "If you feel odd sitting here with your clothes on, I don't mind if you take them off. Actually I think it would be neat if you did."

Hermione looked at her daughter in alarm not believing what she just heard. "Caitlin!"

Harry removed his arm from around Hermione's shoulder and patted her leg as if to say, ‘Let me handle this.'

"Caitlin, it wouldn't be proper for me to do something like that."

"Why not? Jamie's dad is always naked around her."

"There is a big difference. First, they are nudists."

Caitlin interrupted, "And secondly, he is her real dad, not just someone who lives with her mum and let's Jamie call him dad.">BR>
Hermione was appalled at what Caitlin said. She thought they had straightened all this out, but plainly Caitlin was still concerned by the fact that Harry and she weren't married. "Caitlin, I think you and I better go to your room and--"

Harry stopped Hermione in mid sentence with a kiss on the lips. "Hermione, she's right, I'm not her real father. I can never be that, but I can and should be more than a man that sleeps with her mother."

Harry got up off the couch and walked over to the mantel where he withdrew two boxes that were hidden behind the clock. "I anticipated giving these to you both tomorrow, but I think now is a more appropriate time. Would you please slide together?"

Caitlin and Hermione looked at each other as if questioning whether the other knew what was going on. Harry handed them each a box. "Please open them," he instructed.

As they opened the boxes Harry got down on his knees in front of them and placed a hand on each girl's thigh. Caitlin felt like her body was crawling with goose bumps. Each box contained a smaller box and each smaller box contained a ring. Hermione and Caitlin both looked at their rings as Harry said. "Hermione Granger, I love you. I always have and I always will. Please say you will become my wife?" The expression on Hermione's face left little doubt that Harry could proceed to Caitlin. "Caitlin, you only just entered my life three months ago, but in that time I've come to know you and love you very much. Will you allow me to adopt you? Will you please become my daughter?"

Caitlin had always dreamed of having both a mother and father. It seemed unbelievable that the vision she had always considered impossible was about to come true. And four months ago Hermione had given up hope of ever even seeing Harry again and now he was asking her to be his wife.

Hermione and Caitlin briefly looked at each other before Caitlin vigorously nodded her head and Hermione and she exchanged hugs. Hermione then slide off the couch and onto her knees next to the still kneeling Harry. "You won't disappear on me again, will you Harry Potter?"

"Never," Harry responded nervously. "Even a fool learns from his mistakes."

"Yes, I'll marry you." Hermione's face was one incredible smile. "You can't imagine how long I have waited and hoped you would return and ask me that question."

They kissed and then they hugged and then they kissed some more. Had they been alone they most assuredly would have made love then and there on the floor. Actually, Hermione was suddenly embarrassed that they might have already done more than appropriate in front of Caitlin, but then she realized that Caitlin wasn't watching them. She was curled in a ball crying her heart out.

Hermione sat on the couch and nestled the young girl against her as Harry sat next to them and gently stroked Caitlin's back. "What's the matter, honey? Aren't you happy?"

"Mum, I was so dumb. What if he had answered my prayers?"

"I don't understand Honey. What do you mean?"

"Last July when I was tied to that tree, I prayed that I would die. Now, five months later I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I have you as a mum, Professor Potter as a dad and Jamie as my best friend. What if he had answered my prayers?"

Hermione held Caitlin tightly and tried her best to comfort her. Harry finally spoke. "In a way he did answer your prayer. That horrible life that you were living ended and now you're with us. Your mum and I can't promise you everlasting bliss, but we'll do our best to help you forget that other life ever existed."

Caitlin wiped away her tears as she said, "I love you both so much." She in turn hugged and kissed them both and then got to her feet. "It's Christmas Eve; I should be getting to bed so Santa can come. Although I can't imagine what he could bring me that would compare to my two wonderful parents and fantastic new life. Besides, I have a feeling there is something the two of you would rather be doing now than sitting with me."

Caitlin kissed them both good night and then went to her room. She even closed her door, which she had never done before. Harry looked at Hermione coyly before picking her up and carrying her to their bedroom. "Are you sure she's only eleven?"

"Eleven going on twenty-three." Those were the last words either of them spoke. For the next three hours, no words were necessary to explain how they felt about each other. Their bodies said it all repeatedly.

* * * * * *

Friday, December 26, 2003

Alex got out of the taxi and sat his suitcase on the pavement as he paid the driver before looking up and down the busy street. The houses all looked the same on Devon Drive, quite modest. He stood in front of number 6, building up the courage to ring the bell as the cab drove off. Alex knew there were four naked people on the other side of that door. I'm certainly glad Amanda will be here with me. At least I won't be the only one wearing clothes.

Finally, he took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Almost instantaneously the door flew open. "Hello! You must be Alex!" The ten-year-old girl extending the greeting was standing in the doorway totally nude.

"I'm Emily, Jamie's sister. Come on in; we've been waiting with lunch for you." As Alex stepped in the door the girl exclaimed, "Is that your suitcase?"

Alex turned to see that owing to his apprehension he had left his suitcase sitting at the curbside. "I'll get it for you." Emily was out the door before Alex could stop her. She didn't rush either, despite the cold and the fact that numerous people on the busy street were staring at her.

"Do you do that often?" Alex asked as she finally closed the door behind her.

Emily looked at Alex sweetly. "Please, don't tell Mum. She gets quite put out with me when I go outside nude. Says, I'm getting too old, but I love being naked outside. Nobody ever complains; so what's the harm?"

Alex made no comment. He had no intention of getting in the middle of a family argument before he even met the family. Just then Jamie literally came bouncing down the steps. Alex was briefly mesmerized as he took in the site of her descending the stairs. That was until she took him in her arms and gave him a big hug and a peck on the cheek.

Just then a couple, which Alex assumed were Jamie's parents, entered the sitting room. Alex tried desperately to maintain eye contact. He especially did not want to be caught staring at the man.

"Mum, Dad, this is my good friend Alex. Alex, I'd like you to meet my parents." Jamie's dad firmly grasped Alex's hand and shook it. Then Mrs. Zacherley gave him a hug followed by a kiss on the cheek. Being hugged by nude women was beginning to take its toll on Alex.

"Jamie's told us many wonderful things about you over the years. I'm delighted we finally get to meet you," Mr. Zacherley said with sincerity.

Emily eyes moved from Alex to Jamie and then she added, "But you never told us he was so hot."

Jamie smiled at her sister. "Conduct yourself properly."

Suddenly Alex missed someone. "Where is Amanda? I thought she had spent the entire vacation with you?"

Jamie gave Emily a sneaky little smile. "Amanda and I have a surprise for you. Emily, will you show Alex where he can wash his hands and then bring him in for lunch? I want to make sure Amanda is ready."

Emily waited for Alex as he washed up and then escorted him to the room where everyone else was already seated for lunch. As they entered the room Alex was startled beyond belief by what he saw. Sitting at the table with her arms discreetly covering her bare breasts was Amanda. "You're naked!" Was all Alex could think to say in greeting.

Amanda smiled meekly. "Everybody else was, so I decided to give it a try on Monday and have stuck with it most of the week. In some ways I really like it, but I don't think I could ever do it in front of strangers. I'm shaking like a leaf now being this way if front of you."

Alex looked at Amanda while trying to look like he wasn't checking out her body. "You have nothing to be nervous about. If anyone should feel weird it's me, somehow I feel like I'm intruder being clothed while you're all nude."

Mr. Zacherley quickly spoke up. "Alex, please. The last thing we want is for you to feel awkward. We know you are not a nudist and no one expects you to undress. I'm sure being in a room full of naked people feels strange to you. It's no different than what Jamie does everyday at school, but there she faces possible mockery because she is a nudist. You will never be ridiculed in our home for wearing clothes."

Jamie's eyes glistened, "Alex, I'm sorry. Would you feel better if Amanda and I got dressed? I didn't invite you to make you feel ill at ease."

"I don't want anyone getting dressed. This is your home. Actually I admire you, all of you. Especially you, Amanda, you have a lot of pluck, girl. You're also very attractive. I wish I had the nerve to undress like you."

Amanda blushed shyly because of Alex's complement as Mr. Zacherley stared at Alex. "Are you just saying that to be polite, or would you actually like to try nudism? There is a big difference between not wanting to do something because you think it is a fanatical practice and not trying it because you're nervous."

"Sir, I've wanted to try it since Jamie was first naked in front of me in first year," Alex answered.

Mr. Zacherley looked first at his wife who raised her eyebrows, then at Jamie who blushed and then back at Alex. "How often since then have you been around Jamie when she was naked?"

Jamie held her breath because she knew the answer her dad would be given, wincing as Alex answered, "Easily over a hundred times."

Mr. Zacherley was stunned by Alex's reply. He gave his wife a surprised look and then turned to Jamie.

"Dad! Alex and Amanda were both my best friends. She knew and had seen me nude. Alex helped me with the tampon when I got my first period. I trust him," Jamie quickly responded.

Emily suddenly looked aghast. "Alex helped you put a tampon in your--"

"No! No!" Jamie interrupted. "He didn't actually help me stick it in. He just unwrapped it and figured out how it worked."

Jamie's dad had a huge smile on his face as he winked at his wife. "Calm down, Jamie. You've made another good choice in friends. Mum and I aren't angry, but please, learn to trust us as we trust you. Alex, after lunch I'd like to talk to you privately about naturism."

Alex nodded to Mr. Zacherley as he whispered to Jamie, "Did I say something wrong?"

"No. You were honest and truthful. I'm the one that lied. I told them that the first time you ever saw me nude was on Halloween. Back when I was eleven I thought they might have been upset with me for displaying myself to you, so I never told them about it."

Alex just nodded his head as they all finally started their lunch. There was no more talk about nudism during lunch, but as soon as lunch was complete Mr. Zacherley ushered Alex into the sitting room while ordering the girls to help their mother clean up.

After about thirty minutes Alex returned to the kitchen. He inquired, "Jamie may I speak to you in private?"

"Sure, Alex." Jamie looked at Amanda and Emily. "I'll be back in a few minutes. Emily, will you please keep Amanda company?"

Jamie asked Alex to follow her as she ascended the stairs to her bedroom. Once there, she closed the door and motioned for Alex to take a seat on the bed where she joined him.

Alex looked at Jamie hesitantly unable to figure out why his stomach seemed to always flutter lately when he was near her. "Your dad said that if I was serious about trying naturism, you were an expert with first timers."

Jamie smiled at Alex as she put a hand on his knee. "I don't know if I'd call myself an expert, but I've helped a few people get over the first day jitters. Before we start, are you sure about this? You and I have been friends for five years. It certainly isn't necessary for you to do this to remain my friend. Naturism isn't for everyone."

"I know and this could very well be my first and last try, but I'd still like to attempt."

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course, I trust you Jamie."

"Okay, I want you to go in my bathroom and get a large bath towel. I will lay here with my face buried in a pillow while you get undressed and wrap the towel around yourself. Please, try to get done before I suffocate myself," she said jokingly.

Alex walked to the bathroom and grabbed a clean towel. It was difficult not to gaze at Jamie as she lay there. Alex quickly took off all his clothes and wrapped himself in the towel. "Okay, I guess."

Jamie turned around and sat up. "Okay, you are going to keep that towel with you the rest of the day. When we first go downstairs, I want you to keep it wrapped around you. After a time, I'll encourage you to unwrap yourself, but keep the towel on your lap. Eventually you'll feel comfortable enough to lay it aside, but keep it with you at all times in case you have an erection."

Jamie never ceased to amaze Alex. She had so calmly mentioned erection as if it were something fifteen year olds discussed every day in mixed company. "Alex, it happens sometimes with guys, especially their first time. It's no big deal. Just lay or hold the towel in front of you. No one will make a big deal about it." Suddenly Jamie stopped. "I have to be honest. Emily will make a big deal about it if you get one. My little sister loves to embarrass men when they lose control. Try to ignore her. Are you ready to go downstairs?"

Alex looked at Jamie as if she had just asked him if he was ready to jump off a skyscraper. "Can't we just try it here? Just you and I?"

"Alex, my dad likes you. I can tell. He also trusts me, but I doubt he would want you and me spending the balance of the day together in my bedroom. Just keep telling yourself that you have a bathing costume on under that towel. You can do this, I know you can." Jamie opened the door and led the way down the stairs.

When they reached the living room they found Amanda and Emily seated at a table setting up the Wizard Monopoly game. Evidently Mr. Zacherley had talked with them because they both seemed to ignore the fact that all Alex had on was a towel.

Amanda was the first to speak. "Emily thought perhaps we could play some games this afternoon."

"I'm up for that," Alex replied. "Wizard Monopoly is my favorite board game."

As they were about to take their seats, Jamie whispered in Alex's ear, "Take it off and lay it on your lap."

As he sat down Alex followed Jamie's instructions. He had the towel on his lap, but he felt extremely naked.

About an hour into the game Jamie whispered to Alex, "I'm going to take the towel." He looked at her helplessly as he felt her slowly pull the towel off his lap. Like it or not, Alex was now nude.

Shortly after that, Jamie suggested they take a short break. "I'm thirsty. Amanda, will you help me get some beverages and snacks. We'll only be a minute." She told Alex and Emily.

Alex watched as Jamie tossed the towel he had been using on her chair and headed for the kitchen accompanied by Amanda.

They had no more than left the room when Emily questioned Alex, "Do you fancy my sister?"

"Jamie and I are just best friends, nothing more," Alex answered, flustered. "What made you ask?"

"It's the way you look at her, almost as if she were a veela that had you under her spell." Suddenly, Emily asked, "Would you like to see my Kneazle?"

Alex looked at Emily questioningly, "What's a Kneazle?"

"Sort of like a cat, only much more intelligent and independent. Alfred's basket is behind the couch, come have a look."

Alex went to reach for the towel, but before he touched it, Emily scolded him. "If you really want to try nudism, you have to forget about that security blanket. You don't have anything I haven't seen before in every size and shape imaginable."

Suddenly Alex had a surge of confidence. He realized Emily was familiar with seeing naked men and also that it was highly unlikely he would be aroused by a ten year old. He took a deep breath and got out of his chair to follow Emily over to the couch. They leaned over the back of the couch and found Alfred curled in a ball. Alfred was black, flecked with white. He had outsize ears and a tail much like a lion.

Alfred purred and first went to Emily to be scratched and then sauntered over to Alex and rubbed against his outstretched hand. Emily looked at Alex and gave him a smile. "If Alfred likes you, then you must be a bit of all right."

Jamie and Amanda had reentered the room as Emily and Alex were leaning over petting Alfred. Jamie and Amanda both seemed to check out Alex's butt and then looked at each other with an approving glance. Jamie laughed, "Would you rather we leave you two alone?"

Emily and Alex both jumped up. "Sounds like a plan," Emily responded.

Jamie just looked at her little sister without responding. Was Emily smitten with Alex?

Alex realized that he was quite a distance from his chair and the towel. He was about to be on display for Jamie and Amanda. Deciding to brave it,he turned and walked toward the table, but mistakenly checked out Amanda in route. This was his first opportunity to observe a front view of her from the waist down. The rear view had looked quite fine as Jamie and she had gone for refreshments, but he was slightly disappointed upon seeing her from the front. It wasn't that she was unattractive, she was well shaped and had nice legs, but he was accustomed to looking at Jamie. He liked the smooth clean look Jamie had versus the bikini made of curly hair that Amanda sported.

Doing a side-by-side comparison of the two girls' attributes was obviously not a good idea because suddenly he realized he was becoming aroused. Obviously, Jamie must have been checking him out south of the border because she immediately picked up the towel and threw it to him. He loosely held the towel in front of himself as he took his seat.

Jamie laughingly whispered in his ear. "Be careful what you think about."

The balance of the afternoon went without incident. Alex actually conjured enough nerve to make a trip to the loo and back. Soon they heard the clatter of pans in the kitchen as Jamie's mum started to prepared dinner. Fortunately Jamie's mum enjoyed cooking. They had no house elf and because they lived in a muggle area; magic could only be used sparingly.

After they put away the games and cleaned up, they all went to the kitchen to see if they could be of assistance. Alex had grown acclimatized to being nude, but honestly missed his clothes. He was given the job of dicing celery and carrots; something he had often done before. This time he realized that the vegetables often squirt juices as they're being sliced. Clothes had previously concealed this knowledge from him.

The evening meal passed quickly with the Yule Ball and Emily attending Hogwarts next year being the main topics of conversation. Alex had come to like Jamie's parents quite a lot in the few hours he had known them. It was easy to see the parental influence that had helped make Jamie the individual she was. Alex looked forward to Emily joining them next year at Hogwarts. Despite her obsession with a certain male body part, he rather liked the young girl.

Living in a muggle neighborhood meant that the Zacherleys had electricity and tele. Consequently, when the dishes were over and done with, the kids all gathered around the TV. Alex would be spending the night sleeping on the couch in this room. Around ten o'clock Mrs. Zacherley brought in two blankets and a couple of pillows. A short time later, Emily said goodnight and went off to bed.

At ten thirty a movie came on about a muggle girl and her family going on vacation in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Jamie and Alex quickly became engrossed, but Amanda was tired and since she had seen it before, said her good nights and headed off to bed.

About midway through the movie Alex became a little chilly and wrapped the one blanket around his shoulders as he settled into the corner of the couch with a pillow behind his head. Janie looked at him from across the room and shivered slightly. "It is getting a little chilly in here."

"I have another blanket if you want it?" Alex offered.

"I think I will," Jamie said as she walked over for the blanket, but instead of returning to the chair, she wrapped the blanket around herself and cuddled next to Alex. "You don't mind if I sit here do you?"

Alex smiled contentedly at Jamie. "That's what friends are for; to keep each other warm." He put his arm around Jamie's shoulder and drew her blanket-covered body closer to him. They both fell asleep long before "Dirty Dancing" ended.

* * * * * *

Saturday, December 27, 2003

The sun peeking in her window awakened Emily. It was only six, but she was ready to get up. She sat up and slipped her feet into her slippers. After stretching, she got out of bed and went to the bathroom where after peeing and brushing her teeth, she took a quick shower.

Refreshed and ready to start the day, she headed down stairs to see if anyone else was about. She froze when she spotted Alex and Jamie and then turned and ran up to Jamie's room to wake Amanda.

"Amanda! Amanda! Come quick! You have to see this. Hurry before they move."

Amanda wasn't even awake as she felt herself being drug down the stairs. Finally as she forced her eyes open, she viewed a sight that fully awakened her. Alex was asleep at the edge of the couch with a blanket wrapped around his back. His head was leaning against a pillow. Jamie was laying the full length of the couch covered by another blanket. Her head was rested on Alex's lap; her head turned toward him; her lips less then an inch from his organ.

Emily stared at Amanda, "You don't think they…"

"No," Amanda responded without letting Emily conclude. "I think what we see are two innocent people that simply fell asleep together. I also think they are going to be tremendously embarrassed when they wake up."

At that very moment, Alex stirred and opened his eyes. Initially, he looked confused and dazed as he looked back and forth between Amanda and Emily trying to get his bearing. All of a sudden Alex jerked as if finally realizing where he was and who was lying on his lap. The sudden movement caused Jamie to turn and sleepily yawn. As she yawned her lips barely touched target. Alex's physical reaction to the stimulus was immediate and he jumped from the couch almost knocking Jamie to the floor in the process. He ran to the loo and shut the door.

Jamie slowly sat up with a befuddled look on her face, but remained unruffled. "Amanada, please tell me that I'm dreaming and that what I think just happened, didn't actually take place."

Emily and Amanda both looked at Jamie shamefaced as Amanda answered, "It happened and I doubt Alex will come out of the loo all day."

Jamie jumped up. "I have to talk to him. It was an accident; more my fault than his."

Jamie walked over to the door and knocked as Amanda whispered ‘good luck' and pulled a nosy Emily out of the room.

"Alex, please let me in; it wasn't your fault. We have to talk."

Jamie heard the door unlock, but it remained closed. She slowly opened the door until Alex became visible. He had his back turned toward her.

"Jamie, will you please get my clothes? I can't walk around fearing my emotions will be on display any second. I'm sorry. I guess I'm not like you."

"You and I are more alike then you appreciate. I just don't have to be concerned about a sex organ telling the world I'm aroused." Jamie put her hand on Alex's back. "Please turn around."

Alex turned slowly around until he finally faced her. Jamie then did something she had never done in her life before, not to a nude boy or even a fully clothed boy. She put her arms around Alex and pulled him toward her in an embrace as she leaned her head back to receive the kiss she hoped would be coming.

She wasn't disappointed as Alex's lips touched hers and they kissed Suddenly Alex tried to pull away. "Don't worry, it's natural. I'd be upset if you weren't aroused."

Alex looked down at Jamie with tears in his eyes. "Jamie, you're my best friend. I don't want to lose what we have, but yet if it can be more, I want that."

"I know what you mean. I don't want to lose you as a friend either. How can we be sure if what we feel is love or simply teenage hormones at work?"

"I'm not sure, but I know we have to avoid me being alone with you when you're naked."

"Yeah! You sort of had my blood rushing yesterday, too. Being nude in front of someone you have desire for is a lot harder than being around strangers or people who are only friends. We have to backup and start over. Take things a little slower."

Alex looked at Jamie with his puppy dog eyes. "How far do we have to back up and how slow? I really enjoyed that kiss."

Jamie blushed, "So did I. Kissing is something I definitely want to keep doing.">BR>
"Does that mean we're sort of a couple?"

"Only if you swear to me that no matter what happens we will always be friends."

"I never want to lose that Jamie. I'll always be here for you."

"Me, too,"

"Jamie before you get my clothes, do you think we could do that again?"

"I think it can be arranged. Do you think you can make your friend behave?"

"Pressed against you? I doubt it very much."

"You're an animal, Alex Ward."

"You're beautiful, Jamie Zacherley. Which of us is going to tell Amanda?"

"It won't be necessary. She'll know as soon as she sees us together. Now if you want another hug, I suggest you get with it. I really don't want Mum and Dad catching us in here snogging, especially after what just happened this morning."

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