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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 13

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her too best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter Thirteen


Tuesday, November 4, 2003

For Harry Potter the last three days had been extremely exasperating. He wanted to speak with Hermione. Actually, he needed to talk to her. His sense of right and wrong demanded that he tell her about what happened with Jamie.

However, getting Hermione Granger alone was much easier said than done. It seemed she was always with a student or in a conference. Harry had even gone to her quarters last evening, but she wasn´t there. Harry was beginning to sense she was avoiding him until today when he lastly got to talk to her for a moment after lunch.

That short meeting left him with even more apprehension than before when she informed him that she wanted to speak with him as well. Had she somehow found out about Jamie? Was she irritated with him? It was eight o´clock and he was stationed outside her door. Hermione had told him she would be back by then, but there was no response to his knock.

Harry decided to wait in the hall. Mainly because Hermione hadn´t suggested this time that he let himself in, but also for fear that Caitlin might be present. It wasn´t that he had a problem with her nudity or that he didn´t like Caitlin. Actually the opposite was true, Harry had grown found of the young girl. He simply felt it wasn´t proper for a single male teacher to be alone with a young female student. Especially one that was naked. He had made that mistake with Jamie, but wasn´t about to make it again.

Unexpectedly Hermione rounded the corner looking somewhat out of breath as if she had been running. "Harry, I´m glad I caught you before you left. I´m sorry for being late."

"No apology necessary. I´m just glad that I´m finally getting to talk with you."

Hermione removed the locking charm and they entered her living quarters. "I could use something to drink. I ran all the way from Charlie´s cabin. May I get you something?"

"No thanks. I´m fine." As Hermione poured herself a large glass of spring water, Harry went to take a seat on the couch. As he moved the shawl that was lying there he spied the book that Hermione had been reading. "Hermione, have you finished this? I just heard about it on Friday, but when I went to the library on Saturday afternoon it was out."

Entering the room, Hermione couldn´t help but blush when she noticed Harry looking at the copy of Harry Potter - A History, she´s loaned out froon Saturday morning. I evidently just beat you to the library."

"How dreadful is it?"

"The book taken as a whole is very complementary. It tells your life story and discusses in detail your rapport with Ron and I. It actually makes us all out to be quite extraordinary people and heroes. It´s just that.... Harry it´s written by Rita Skeeter."

Hermione´s face turned scarlet red. "Harry she must have been there every time we made love. She has every facet of everything we ever did to each other in that book."

"The whole lot?" Harry´s face was suddenly as red as Hermione´s.

"It even has realistic drawings of you and I ... Harry, Jamie and Caitlin have read this book. Who knows who else may have read it? The whole world knows how intimate we were with each other. I intend to talk to Madam Pince. The book does have literary merit in that it tells your life story, but I feel someone was very slack, by allowing it to be in the general section where young children could see those drawing and read about you and I making love"

Harry gave Hermione a gentle hug. "Herm, I unquestionably don´t want the world reading about my sex life, but we never did anything of which I´m ashamed. I loved you." I still love you. I´ll always love you.

"I´m not ashamed either Harry. We were in love, but it´s embarrassing to know that Caitlin has read about the most personal things we have done."

"Don´t underestimate that daughter of yours. I think she can differentiate between sex and love. She may be eleven physically, but her life experiences have matured her beyond her teens." Speaking of Caitlin reminded Harry of another girl. The purpose of meeting with Hermione was to tell her about what occurred between Jamie and him. He should get on with that. "Jamie and her are both special girls. They are very special like you. That´s why you three are so great together."

"Hermione, Ietween Jamie and I."

Hermione melted every time she looked in Harry´s innocent green eyes. She could be mean and make him tell the whole story, but she loved him too much to make him suffer through that.

"Harry, Jamie told me everything. I know nothing happened."

"She told you that she wanted to give herself to me. That she had dropped her robes in front of me and that I held her while she was practically naked?"

"Harry, she misread her deep gratitude as love. She understands now. I think you handled it beautifully. She still thinks highly of you and you didn´t make her feel ashamed or embarrassed for her actions."

"Then you believe Jamie and I? You believe we didn´t have sex?"

"I believe it took a great deal of strength on your part to resist her. Jamie is a beautiful girl. I trust you and I trust Jamie. I also know you, Harry Potter. Jamie is a student and you are her Professor. You would never cross the line and violate the sacred trust that exists between a student and their teacher. You both came to me and I believe you both. It was also confirmed by a third party that you didn´t have sex."

Harry looked rather perplexed as he said, "A third party?"

Hermione laughed. "No, there wasn´t anybody in the room Harry. Jamie is in the final phase of her Animagus training. Certainly you remember how you sleep next to the Golden Griffin to bond with it. Jamie slept with her chosen animal last night."

Harry was still bewildered. "How does that establish that we didn´t have sex?"

"Jamie´s selected animal is a unicorn."

Harry nodded. "Of course, if she had sex a unicorn would not let her anywhere near. Jamie is only starting her fifth year. Did you start training her already last year? How did you know she had the ability?"

"Jamie approached me in third year, but at first we didn´t think she had the abilities necessary to become an A when playing the cello and how you were able to make your hair grow? She didn´t think she had any of these abilities at first. A month later she came back to me exclaiming that she had been controlling hair growth and didn´t realize it."

"How could she not be conscious of controlling her hair length?

"Harry I´m talking about her pubic hair, not the hair on her head." Harry looked uncomfortable. "I´m sure you noticed on Friday that Jamie is smooth down there."

Harry hoped this wasn´t a trick question that he would later lament answering, but shyly nodded yes.

"She has never had hair there. She never knew why until I talked to her about how you had made your hair grow. She tried making it grow and was successful. It seems that the rationale for her never having it was because she didn´t fancy it and willed it not to develop."

As Harry looked at Hermione his eyes grew enormous. "Hermione, before McGonagall left you or I start training, we had to show our aptitude. Did you make Jamie show you her, her you know what? "

Hermione japed Harry in the arm. "Of course not. I trusted Jamie. Besides the first night of training I knew she had the capability. I never saw Jamie undressed until Saturday."

"You saw her nude?" The shock was evident in Harry´s voice.

"Caitlin and she were both here on Saturday and Caitlin made me feel quite guilty letting her be naked, but requiring Jamie to remain dressed. I´m having a thorny time with this whole naturist thing, but eventually I told Jamie she could be naked. Extraordinarily by the time she left I had in fact gotten used to her being bare. I don´t even give Caitlin a second glance anymore."

Hermione looked at Harry. "Harry, Jamie is stunning. She is exceptionally intelligent and the age difference is insignificant. If she weren´t your student, would you have had sex with her?"

"Hermione, she is exceedingly beautifuln in love with her and I believe she could have learned to love me, too. At that time on that night, she wasn´t in love with me, but felt in my debt. I was her Professor, someone who shouldn´t be using his position to take advantage of a student. But truthfully Hermione, the main reason was that it would have been unjust to her. She reminds me so much of someone I love. I couldn´t make physical love to that engaging girl and have my mind make-believe I was with someone else."

Hermione took a deep breath and prayed. "Jamie told me that you still loved your first love, the girl to whom you had given your virginity and who had given hers to you. Harry, I don´t need a book. I was there. Do you still love me?"

Tears trickled down Harry´s face. "I´m sorry Hermione. I wanted to keep it a secret. I know you´re involved with someone else and I´ve lost my chance. I just wanted to be near you; be friends again. Yes, I still love you. I´ve never stopped loving you. I was a fool to ever leave you."

"You´re not a fool, but you´re misguided. Harry, there is no one else. There never has been and there never could be. Even Ron was just a rebound, that´s why I could never bring myself to have sex with him. Harry, I still love you. I´ve never stopped loving you." Hermione threw her arms around Harry and held him closely.

Harry couldn´t describe the emotion that rushed through his body as he hugged and kissed his true love.

They just stood there in each other´s arms, both afraid that if they broke the embrace it would cause the dream to end. They kissed ravenously, desiring more. Finally Hermione broke her lips free long enough to verbalize.

"Harry, you are the only person I have ever made love to and the only person I ever wanted to make love with. I was prepared to die never feeling you inside of me again. It´s been over six years. Are we going to stand here all night or do you intend to carry me into the next room ande the sound of that." Harry lifted Hermione into his arms and carried her into the bedroom as he unrelenting overwhelmed her with kisses.

"Professor Potter, disregard the foreplay the first time. I´ve been dreaming about that the last six years. Just make it hard and fast. You´ll have plenty of time for foreplay the second, third, fourth and fifth times."

"Now that sounds like a challenge. My sort of challenge."

* * * * * *

Caitlin rushed hastily through the halls to the drapes hiding the staircase leading to the staff quarters. She had fifteen minutes to get her DADA journal and get back to Gryffindor tower before curfew. She ran up the stairs, down the hall and after giving the unlocking charm into the living area. The room was dark therefore she figured her mother was either out or asleep. She quickly went to her bedroom, grabbed her journal and was prepared to depart when she heard her mother´s voice.

The sound was coming from her mother´s open bedroom door. It sounded like she was talking to someone. She silently walked to the door, which was standing open. Her mother was naked. She was dazzling. Caitlin knew she shouldn´t watch, but the sight hypnotized her. Her mother was lying on top of someone. She´s shagging.

The foot end of the bed faced the door. Suddenly Hermione looked like she was getting up and Caitlin was startled, but Hermione only got on her hands and knees. "Mr. Potter, have I ever told you how much I love you? I love every single part of you. I love your head, I love your nose, and I loved your ears." As she named each part she kissed it.

Caitlin watched and listened as Hermione proceeded down Harry´s chest and past his waist. "And I especially love you." Caitlin waited, but Hermione didn´t continue any further. She was concentrating on that area. Suddenly Caitlin realized what her mother was doing. She wut rather ill at ease. This is wrong. This is private between two people who love each other. I shouldn´t be watching.

Caitlin turned and silently exited the room. As Caitlin rushed back to Gryffindor tower, her body ran the gambit of emotions. She was irritated with herself for having watched, but pleased she had seen how beautiful her mother was. She was frustrated she hadn´t gotten to see Professor Potter, but pleased that her mother and him were together.

Actually Caitlin was more than pleased; she was ecstatic that the Professor and her mother were together. Wouldn´t it wonderful if they got married. They´d make such a beautiful couple. I´d have a dad!

But, what if Professor Potter doesn´t want me? What if he won´t marry Mum because of me? My real dad left my birth mother because she was pregnant with me. I can´t let Mum lose Professor Potter because of me. I won´t come between them.

* * * * * *

Thursday, November 6, 2003

"Professor Potter!" Harry heard the voice call out as he left his quarters after showering.

"Yes, Professor Snape? What can I do for you?"

"Harry, I´ll be away on Hogwarts business this weekend. I´ll see that Ron gets his potion up until Thursday; here is a supply for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You and Hermione will be staying with him?"
"Yes. Charlie will be locking us in the same dungeon we used in sixth year when Ron was first bitten by Remus." Strangely, Harry was looking forward to the weekend. Certainly it was not because Ron would be suffering the transformation to a werewolf, but rather because it would be the first time the trio would be alone together since seventh year.

"Are you and Hermione up for this? It has been a while since either of you used your Animagus skills; especially for so long a period of time." The Headmaster was concerned for the sagree that he had considered canceling his weekend plans.

"We´ve both practiced during the past month. Ron is usually quite out of it when he´s had the potion the entire week. Hermione and I will look out for one another."

"Good. Don´t want to lose two of my best professors."

* * * * * *

"Amanda, will you wait for me before you go down to the common room?"

"Sure Jamie. Is there a special reason? Why did you want me to wait?"

"I want you to check out the first years when I enter the common room. They seemed grand about me being nude Friday night, but since Saturday they´ve acted strange. I want you to tell me if it´s just my imagination or if something weird is going on."

Jamie had been quite close to them and now they seemed to be avoiding her. Amanda watched the first years as Jamie and she entered the room. Jamie´s attention, however, was drawn to Caitlin who sat in a corner chair with her chin propped on her drawn up knees. Something was definitely the matter and Jamie had to talk to her before the evening was over.

"You´re right, Jamie," Amanda said. "They are definitely acting weird. They waited until you sat down and then they all changed seats so that the girls were facing you, but so that all the boys had their back to you. The boys sort of acted afraid to look at you."

"Thanks Amanda. That´s the same way it seemed to me. I have to find out what is wrong. Why don´t you join Alex? I have to talk to them."

Jamie got up and walked over to the table that the first years except for Caitlin were all congregated around. She slid a chair up to an empty spot and sat down. "Okay, who is going to be honest and tell me what the problem is?"

Jennifer looked at Jamie with a fake questioning stare. "What do you mean Jamie? There is no problem. We´re just doing our homework."

"Matt, do you guys have a problem with me?"

Matt refused to look at Jamie, but responded. "We all love you and Caitlin. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed. We´re sorry if we stared when you were naked."

Jamie quickly put two and two together. "Do you guys think that Caitlin and I are wearing clothes because you stared at us?"

"We´re not sure," Matt answered, "but Jennifer said it could be the reason. We thought if we, especially the boys, didn´t look at you, maybe you´d go back to being nude."

"It has nothing to do with you guys. The school just has certain rules. We checked with Professor Granger. She said we could practice nudism in our dorms if our roommates didn´t mind, but that doing it in the Common Room was forbidden, even if you guys agreed."

"Were you guys avoiding Caitlin for the same reason?"

Matt looked shyly at Jamie. "No, Caitlin´s been avoiding us since Tuesday night. She seems to be preoccupied."

"I have to go talk to Caitlin. Will you promise not to play musical chairs anymore?"

They all promised as Jamie headed off toward the steps to the first year girl´s dorm.

Jamie slowly opened the door and spied Caitlin sitting on her bed brushing Pureheart. "May I come in and say hello to Pureheart?"

Caitlin sadly said, "Yes."

Pureheart gave Jamie an enthusiastic welcome as she came and sat next to Caitlin.

"What´s wrong, Sis?" Jamie asked sympathetically.


"Caitlin, I know you better than that. We may not be sisters by birth, but our hearts are linked. I can tell when you´re hurting. Open up and share."

As Caitlin started crying Jamie put her arm around her and drew her closer until the young girls head was actually lying on her chest. Jamie didn´t worry about how this might look to someone that walked in the room. Caitlin was hurting anpened? What´s the matter?
"Tuesday night I realized I needed my DADA journal and it was in my Mum´s quarters. I ran up to get it and walked in on my mum and Professor Potter. They were making love."

"Oh My God! What did they say?"

"They never saw me. I got the journal and then I heard talking. The door to my mother´s bedroom was open and I walked toward it. I couldn´t see him, but I saw my Mum lying on top of him. She was naked. Jamie she is beautiful. I can´t get over how much you physically look like each other.

"She got up on her hands and knees and started kissing him. First his forehead, then his nose and ears. Then she kissed his lips. She kept naming his parts and saying she loved them until she got down there and then she, well you know what she did."

"Did you see it? Did you actually watch?"

"No, Mum´s body blocked my view, but I knew what she was doing. I left because it seemed so wrong to watch. Jamie, I heard of men and women doing that in porno movies and always thought it was such a dirty thing. It´s not when two people are in love. I wish I could have stayed and watched everything they did."

"That would have been wrong. Making love is a very private and intimate event. I´ve seen a couple of those movies you refer to and I agree. Those movies make sex seem very dirty. But the way my parents described it made it sound so wonderful and beautiful."

"Your parents told you what they do in bed."

"My parents are very open and loving. They want me to be prepared for life. I had asked them if I could watch, but they said, no. They said someone watching turns a beautiful act into something dirty."

"Do you mean that by watching I made what they did dirty?"

"No. They didn´t know and it was just a quick peek. Doing something that should be a private thing between lovers for an audience makes it dirty."

Jamie hesitated as if confuyou wanted him and your mum to get together. It looks like you´re getting your wish. Why are you upset?"

"They won´t want me. My real father didn´t want a baby. Why would Professor Potter want a skinny eleven year old? If he doesn´t marry Mum it will be my fault. Somehow I have to disappear so they can be happy together."

"Have you talked to your mum about this?


"Caitlin, I think you are not giving your mum and Professor Potter enough credit. He would never not marry her because of you."

"You and Hermione have such a fantastic and close rapport. Look how you talked to her about being a nudist and how she accepted it. She never once lost her cool when we told her about Halloween. Give her more credit. Talk to her."

"I´ll think about it," Caitlin tentatively replied.

"No you won´t. We are going to see your mum right know. Get your robes. You´re not going to fret about this another night."

Caitlin gave Jamie a sheepish smile. "Who died and made you boss?"

"The bossiness comes with being a prefect. Now are we going to go see your Mum or do you want to lose Gryffindor 20 points."

"We´re going boss lady," Caitlin reluctantly agreed.

Fifteen minutes later Hermione was surprised by a knock on her door. "What are you girls doing up here at this time on a school night?"

"I´m sorry to bother you Professor, but its Gryffindor House business," Jamie said. "It seems one of the first years was out of bounds on Tuesday evening and saw something they shouldn´t have? She´s very upset about it."

"Which student? Where were they and what did they see?"

"It was Caitlin. She was here and I think it would be best if I left and let her tell you what she saw and what has been troubling her since."

Hermione face glowed brighter than Rudolph´s nose as Jamie turned and left.

ThHermione spoke. "Caitlin, I think you and I got off to a remarkable start with our relationship because you were so straightforward with me. First you didn´t try to hide your desires to be a nudist. Then you and Jamie came to me and divulged what happened on Halloween. Both those acts took a lot of courage on your part. Perhaps it´s time that I showed the same courage and was honest and open with you. Suppose you tell me exactly what happened and what you saw on Tuesday and then we can talk about it."

Caitlin hastily told Hermione how she had run up to the quarters for her journal. "At first I thought you were asleep and I was just going to depart, but then I heard your voice and I looked in your bedroom. You were lying on Professor Potter and then you got on your hands and knees and started kissing him all over until you got to his penis and then, well you know what you did. I left because I knew watching was wrong and what you were doing was private."

Hermione felt extremely guilty and mortified. "It´s my fault that you saw that. I should have closed the bedroom door and put on a locking charm. I´m sorry you were discomfited."

"Mum, I hope this doesn´t make you think poorly of me, but I wasn´t embarrassed. I´m glad I saw you together like that. I got to see that something I thought was dirty really isn´t when you love someone. Does he do things like that to you down there, too?"

Hermione nodded her head as she continued to blush deeply. "Harry is a very special lover. He never thinks of his own pleasure, just of mine. I hope when your time comes that you have some one as special as him."

"Do you want to marry him?"

"If he ever asks me, I´ll say yes, but I´m not sure if Harry is ready for marriage and a family."

"Especially not an already made family with an eleven-year-old daughter. He loves you, but he doesn´t want to be stuck with me. I´ve ruined your chances of happiness. Haven´t I?" Caitlin burst into tears as Hermione threw her arms around the young girl.

"Caitlin, the day I adopted you was one of the happiest days in my life. Not once have I regretted it. You underestimate Harry Potter. He is a very unique man. He knows what it´s like to spend your life feelings as if no one loves you or cares if you live or die. I´ve seen how he looks at you. I think you´ve already wormed your way into his heart. Harry wouldn´t consider you as a reason not to marry me; he´d consider you a bonus. What do you think of him?"

Caitlin looked up at her mum as a smile came to her face. "I think I´d be the luckiest girl in the world to not only have you as a mother, but him as my dad." Caitlin hesitated as if not sure she should continue and then said, "Mum, what does it feel like to make love; to have that part of a boy actually inside of you. Does it hurt awfully bad?"

"It doesn´t hurt at all. Actually it´s the most wonderful feeling in the world, but only if it´s the right person and at the right time in your life. That means never before fifteen young lady. That´s the wizard age of consent." Hermione hoped Caitlin would be older.

"I probably couldn´t have picked a poorer time to ask you this, but am I allowed to go to the Yule Ball?"

"Have you been asked already?" Hermione was surprised. She hadn´t expected many first years to attend. Now here was Caitlin wanting to attend.

"Yes, by two real nice boys in my class, but I haven´t given them an answer yet."

Hermione thought a moment. "Suppose you tell me how you are going to handle the fact that two boys have asked you to the same dance and based on the maturity of your decision, I´ll decide whether you can attend."

"Well, I´m only eleven. I really don´t want a boyfriend, but I like them both as friends and don´t want to hurt either´s feelings. I was going to suggest to them that the three of us ike you and I both need to go shopping. Are you available Saturday morning?"

Caitlin hugged her mum. "You bet I am. Can Jamie go with us?"

"Sure if she´s not busy. Best if we go this weekend since there is a Quidditch match next week."

"Mum, buy something short and sexy that will knock Professor Potter off his feet."

"I´m afraid your mum is more the long and plain type. Do you have all your homework done?"


"Why don´t you break a rule and spend the night here? I´m sure your head of house will let it slide."

"That would be great. You can tell me all about Tuesday night. How many times did you make love?"

Hermione rolled her eyes, as she turned red. She couldn´t believe she was discussing her sex life with eleven-year-old Caitlin. Perhaps the open and honest conversation had gone too far. Or maybe they were more than mother and daughter. Perchance they were also good friends. "Five, we never went to sleep. I was dead tired all day Wednesday."

This was Caitlin´s opportunity to ask her mum to do something special, if she dared. "Mum would you try something, just once, for me? Can we spend the rest of the night together nude? I want you to experience how wonderful it feels."

Hermione was mortified "Caitlin, that´s something I can´t do. I´d be too embarrassed." Hermione tried to change the subject. "I´m going to go get ready for bed. Why don´t you do the same and then I´ll make us some hot chocolate?"

Caitlin headed to her bedroom to take off her clothes, but before entering the room turned and said, "You didn´t seem embarrassed the other night and you shouldn´t be, you´re beautiful."

Hermione momentarily watched Caitlin through the open door as she started to remove her robes. Hermione wished she could share Caitlin´s passion with naturism, but it went totally against her rearing. I envy her. She´life feeling mediocre.

As the door closed to her bedroom, Hermione went over and stared at her reflection. She felt badly that she had turned down Caitlin´s request.

Suddenly the mirror spoke. "It´s quite out of character for you to stare. You rarely give yourself a glance unlike some of those stuck up princesses I´ve served."

Hermione was a first started. She realized the mirror spoke, but they seldom talked. "You never told me you served princesses before?" Hermione got her pajamas out of the drawer and started to undress as she talked to the mirror.

"There are a lot of things I´ve never told you. We´ve hardly talked in the five years you´ve been in the castle. I´ve never served someone who looked so little at herself. It certainly can´t be because you´re unhappy with your reflection?"

By this time Hermione was naked. "I´m hardly anything special. Just a nerdy little girl that´s grown into a nerdy woman."

"Perhaps it´s time you take a good long look at that woman. Do you think that magazine wanted you for your brains?"

"They just did that for publicity."

"You are incredible. I´ve had owners who saw attractiveness where there wasn´t any, but I´ve never had one who so vocally denied beauty that is so obvious to the rest of the world. Do you think that hunk the other night was turned on by your brains?"

Hermione looked at her reflection. "I think he loves all of me and accepts my face and body for what they are."

"And what they are Professor Granger is drop dead gorgeous. By the way, that young lady that you adopted is quite like you."

"What do you mean by that?" Hermione had become extremely defensive when it came to Caitlin.

"She has no vision of the future. She is unable to picture how lovely she will become."

"How do you know how she will look in the future?"

"Because I can rttle girl and a beautiful bride. Do you remember this young girl?"

Hermione couldn´t believe her eyes. Suddenly, instead of looking at her reflection she was looking at an eleven-year-old buck toothed bushy-haired Hermione.

"I´m impressed, but couldn´t you have shown me a reflection of my past with some clothes on."

The mirror responded, "Your present condition determines whether the past or future image is clothed or not. Would you care to venture into your future?"

"How far?"

"Sadly, I am not calendar programmed. The images can be from the past or future, but I have no control over how far in the past or future."

"I´d rather not see a one hundred fifty year old naked me, but let´s try."

Suddenly Hermione was looking at a reflection of herself that hadn´t aged, but she was pregnant, quite pregnant and nude. She wasn´t alone in the reflection. Caitlin was there leaning with her ear against Hermione´s stomach. Jamie was there. It looked like she was getting ready to take a picture. Suddenly another naked girl about Caitlin´s age entered the reflection and started rubbing Hermione´s belly.

"Who is that other young girl? Why are we all naked?" Hermione couldn´t believe that her future could possible involve her being naked in a room with three young girls. Even worse it looked like she was about to allow Jamie to take a picture of her both naked and pregnant.

"You ask questions a simple mirror cannot answer. I only reflect the actual past and a possible future."

"Possible future? Why do you say possible?"

"Each day humans are faced with decisions. Sometimes the simplest most insignificant decision can have a tremendous effect on the future. The reflection you are currently viewing shows you quite happy, but you are also pregnant and in this room with three other nude girls. The woman who has looked into me for the last five years wille.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Mum is everything all right. You´ve been in there talking to yourself for fifteen minutes."

"Professor Granger, I know I´m just a mirror, but could I make a suggestion?"

"I´m listening, but please make it fast. My daughter thinks I´ve gone crazy."

"The reflection you are looking at seems to me to be quite pleasant. The young ladies all look extremely happy and you certainly look pleased being pregnant."

"You´re correct. That looks like it´s a happy picture." Hermione had to admit that the girls were smiling and laughing. What shocked her was that she was, too. She looked as comfortable being naked as Jamie and Caitlin. She was bothered most by not knowing the identity of the third girl. Who was she and why was she with them and nude?

"Perhaps now is a time for one of those life changing decisions. May I suggest you remain as you are and let the young girl into view this image? Perhaps I can also show her one that will make her happier with her body."

"Are you suggesting I let Caitlin see me naked?"

"I´m suggesting that in order for that reflection to have a chance of becoming a reality you must do it sometime. You putting it off may have no effect on the future or it might make that reflected future impossible. Do you want to gamble?" The mirror had her there. She couldn´t stop looking at the smiling faces in the reflection. Could she risk losing the chance of this being her actual future? Would it be that awful for Caitlin to see her nude?

"Mum, you´re scaring me. If you don´t let me in, I´m going for Professor Potter."

"They tell me I´m the smartest witch alive and yet here I am about to take the advice of a mirror."

"Perhaps that´s why you´re the smartest witch alive?"

"MUM, I´m going, now!" Caitlin turned and head for the door, not even thinking that she was n at this mirror."

Caitlin rushed into the room. "Mum are you all right you.... You´re nak.... You´re beautiful. I love you so much. I´m glad you changed your mind. Thank you" Caitlin threw her arms around Hermione and hugged her.

"I love you too honey" Hermione was amazed at how much her being naked meant to Caitlin. The warmth of the good feeling helped diminish her embarrassment. Look in the mirror."

Caitlin slowly turned and her jaw dropped in astonishment. "Mum, it´s you, but you´re pregnant. That´s me. Mum look at my chest, I have little puffy breasts."

Hermione smiled. "Yes, you do. Do you know the other girl in the reflection?"

"No, but she looks to be about my age. There´s Jamie. We´re all nude. Does that mean you´re going to become a naturist." Caitlin wondered who the third girl was, but soon forgot her as she reveled in the fact that her Mum seemed to be joining her in a pursuit she so loved.

"Hardly, the mirror said this is not necessarily the future, but a possible future based on decisions we make. We look so happy and the mirror suggested that perhaps as a safety precaution I should let you see me like this."

Caitlin gave Hermione the saddest look. She couldn´t explain why, but she very much wanted her mum to be a naturist like her and Jamie. "Does that mean you are going to get dressed now?"

Hermione could see the disappointment in Caitlin´s eyes and decided it wouldn´t kill her to remain like this till they went to bed. "It´s almost time for bed. I´ll stay this way the rest of the night, but I´m not cut out to be a naturist. I feel quite awkward being naked in front of you."

The mirror decided it had been quiet long enough. "You shouldn´t feel awkward. You are quite stunning. Are you finished with this reflection? If so both of you please look into me."

The reflection slowly dissolved and was replaced by the actualimage of a beautiful young blue-eyed girl with blonde hair almost touching her waist. Hermione was brushing the girl´s hair.

"Mum, is that me? You haven´t changed; you´re as gorgeous as ever, but look at me. I´m pretty and I have a great figure."

"Caitlin, look at my face in the reflection. The night we adopted each other you said you wanted to make me proud. From the look on my face I believe you will do just that."

"Mum look at the bed post, is that a wedding robe. Do you think I´m getting married?"

"I think so. Look at the engagement ring on your finger." Tears started to fall from Hermione´s eyes.

"Mum, that´s years away. Besides I´ll always be your little girl." Caitlin smirked. "Did you notice we were naked again?"

Hermione couldn´t believe she was once again naked. She wondered if in time she would possible adopt nudism. She wiped the ridiculous thought from her mind "Yes, I noticed something else, too." Hermione was stunned to see that her pubic area was total void of hair.

"So did I" Caitlin wished she could see the reflection of her mum pregnant again. She had been so engrossed in the mystery girl and her own little breasts that she hadn´t looked that closely at her pregnant mum. She wondered when and what caused the tremendous change in her mum. Caitlin was definitely sure of one thing, she liked this future.

Hermione looked into the mirror. "Thank you."

"You are quite welcome. It is seldom one of my masters has thanked me. Sadly I must remind you that what you have just seen is not necessarily the future you will live. Many, many decisions affect your future. I prefer to reflect pleasantly. The boys´ camp leader mistakenly turned left instead of right. Make the most of every day you both have."

Caitlin looked at Hermione with horror in her eyes. "Did the mirror mean that if the camp leader hadn´t made a wrong turn, I would be deI think the mirror wanted to impress upon us how important the decisions we make during our life are, not only to ourselves, but also to others. Are you ready for some hot chocolate?"

Hermione and Caitlin talked about their experience with the mirror for about an hour, before going off to bed. Hermione thought about putting her pajamas on, but decided against it.

Midway through the night Hermione woke up to find a trembling Caitlin nuzzled up tight against her. Softly she asked, "What´s wrong sweetheart?"

"I dreamt about this summer and Pureheart wasn´t there to protect me. May I please sleep with you?"

"Of course." Hermione wrapped her arm around the young girl and drew her close. It was only when Caitlin´s cheek touched Hermione´s breast that she remembered that they were both naked. The young girl seemed to find instant comfort as she draped her leg over Hermione´s and drifted into a quiet sleep.

For a time Hermione laid there unable to go back to sleep. Somehow them lying together like this seemed so wrong and yet so right. No one would think twice of a mother comforting her child if they were both dressed. She certainly had no intentions of touching Caitlin inappropriately. All she wanted to do was hold her and make the bad dreams go away. Just because were naked doesn´t mean we´re twisted. This has nothing to do with sex in any way. Being naked has nothing to do with sex.

Suddenly Hermione understood what Jamie and Caitlin had been telling her these last few weeks.

* * * * * *

Hermione, as usual, woke up a few minutes before her alarm went off. She carefully slid away from Caitlin before waking her.

"Ready to do some running sweetheart?"

Caitlin stretched and as she opened her eyes seemed to be trying to figure out where she was. "I´m sorry I woke you last night. I didn´t think I nut I guess the mirror made me think of that day. I didn´t hog the bed. Did I?"

"No. You kicked me a few times, but other than that you stayed on your side"

"I´m glad we bought me extra clothes so I don´t have to run all the way up to Gryffindor tower. I´ll be ready as soon as I pee and brush my teeth."

Hermione watched as Caitlin skipped toward her room. If only I could have been there for you those first eleven years. Suddenly Hermione realized how impossible that would have been. She was only a second year when Caitlin was born.

Hermione got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She actually forgot she was naked until she went to pull her knickers down. I´ll never admit this to the girls, but being naked does feel kind of nice.

She didn´t fully realize how nice until she put her bicycle shorts on for running and again later when she dressed for breakfast.

* * * * * *

Friday, November 7, 2003, just before moon rise

. "Hermione, you are a spoiled witch. Have you ever seen a wolf sleep on a rug?" Harry inquired.

"I don´t care if I will be in my Animagus form, it´s still a dungeon and these stone floors can get awfully cold."

Harry looked at Ron. "You´ve been taking the potion all week?

"Yes. It´s good of Severus to still go to the trouble to brew it for me. It makes a great difference in how I feel during the days of the moon. Without the potion I´d be trying to shag every man, woman or beast within my scent. I almost felt normal yesterday. Sam said I didn´t seem any different."

Harry and Hermione looked at each other questioningly before both saying, "Sam?"

"I´ve wanted to tell you about Sam. I believe I´ve finally met the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. I´ve never been this happy. If possible I´d like for uHermione both looked like they were in a stupor. Finally, Harry spoke, "I´m free, how about you, Herm?"

Hermione just nodded her head in agreement. "I´ve noticed how happy you have been the last couple of weeks. If Sam is responsible, I´m happy you found each other."

Hermione´s head was still nodding as if it had come loose. "Yes, Ron. The important thing is that you are happy. If being with Sam makes you happy, that´s all that matters." Hermione looked at Harry who just shrugged his shoulders. Neither could believe what Ron was saying. Could Ron actually be gay?

"Sorry, I´m late!" Charlie Weasley yelled as he ran flat-out down the torch-lit corridor. When he reached the group he was panting. He briefly bent over trying to catch his breath.

Ron looked at his brother. "Did you bring the revolver? And the bullets in case of an emergency?"

Harry was taken aback. "Ron, do you really think that is necessary? The dungeon is quite secure. I´m sure that the locks and bar will hold. Besides, Charlie will also place some very effective locking charms."

"Harry. You and Hermione will be in there with me. Although you are both accomplished Animagi there is always the possibility something could go wrong. If it should I want you to have the gun. I couldn´t live with myself if I hurt either of you."

Hermione gave Harry a look that indicated that now was not the time to argue with Ron. Harry took the gun as Hermione, looked at Ron. His hair seemed to be growing longer and his fingernails were beginning to look quite claw like. "I think it might be best if we get inside," Hermione suggested.

The three friends stepped through the doorway and Harry and Ron pushed the heavy door closed. Inside they could hear the sound of the locks being secured by Charlie and then the enormous bar being put through the metal supports. Charlie had to use a levitation charm to lift the bar.

"It will be sbr> Hermione and Harry positioned themselves near the door and watched, as Ron seemed to become quite nervous. Soon he began twitching and pacing the floor. The closer moonrise grew the longer Ron´s hair became and he was now sporting a beard.

"I think we should change now, Harry."

Harry was soon staring at a female wolf where Hermione had stood. Harry changed to his Golden Griffin form. Hermione settled next to Harry as they watched their friend suddenly cry out in agony and then begin to shake uncontrollably as his shoulders hunched and his hands curled into paws. Suddenly Ron was a wolf, but unlike Hermione his eyes were a glowing red. The wolf tongue hung out and saliva dripped from his mouth.

Harry remembered the first night he had spent with Ron and Remus at the end of sixth year. Sirius had been with him. That night Remus and Ron had not had the benefit of receiving the potion the entire week and both Harry and Sirius were attacked. Tonight was quite different, as Ron just seemed to quietly pace the room. He glanced at Harry a few times and sniffed Hermione, but then went over in a corner and lay down. Hermione came over and nudged Harry toward her rug where they both snuggled next to each other.

* * * * * *

Harry awoke to see Ron sitting across the cell staring in the direction of him and Hermione who was still sleeping in her wolf form.

Ron had a smile on his face. "You two have finally gotten back together, haven´t you?"

Harry had a guilty look on his face. "Yeah. She thought I liked someone else and I thought she was involved. With the help of a unique young lady, we straightened things out,"

"Ron, I love her. I want to make it a life commitment if she´ll have me."

"What about Caitlin? How do you feel about her?"

"She´s grand. I´m looking forward to being her dad. I just hope they´ll botfell from the eye of the wolf lying beside Harry. Wolves don´t usually cry or smile, but this one did.

Harry nudged Hermione awake as he heard the bar being drawn back from the door.

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