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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 12

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 12


Friday, October 31, 2003 10:00 PM

"We made it Sam. It´s been thirty minutes since anyone knocked on the door and we have six bags of candy left."

"Yes Ron, I think the little ones have called it a night. No more `Trick or Treat" until next year."

"There may be one more." Ron went over to the couch and picked up Timmy´s Spider Man masked and held it over his face. "Trick or Treat," he said.

Sam gave Ron a questioning look. "Ron, if you want some candy, just help yourself."

"That wasn´t exactly the kind of treat I had in mind.

Sam looked at Ron and blushed. "Let me check on Timmy first and then I´ll see what I can do about that treat."

Ron looked a Sam hungrily. He knew that she was his forever girl. His appetite for her would never be filled. Ron followed her into Timmy´s room.

The young boy was sound asleep, but had a great smile on his face. Ron commented, "He must be thinking about all that candy he collected tonight."

"Thanks, for taking him around while I handed candy out here."

"No problem. We had a great time. Some people even gave me candy."

"I think he is beginning to like you quite a bit."

"I hope so because I really like him. Now if, as the Americans say, I could only get to first base with his Mum."

Sam looked at Ron with an expression that left no doubt how she felt about the tall red headed wizard. "First base! Every time we´re together you hit a home run. I figured you were going for the season record."

"Only if the prize is you."

They melted into each other´s arms as one kiss led to another and another and yet another.

"Ron, we could stand here all night kissing like this, but if you want a treat...."

Ron scooped Sam into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. As they undressed, Ron looked at her lovingly and said, "Sam, are you available next Saturday night?"

"For you handsome, I´m always available. What did you have in mind?"

"If Hermione and Harry can make it, I´d like to go out to dinner. There is someone very special I´d like them to meet. Someone I love very much."

"That sounds nice. Do I know the girl?"

"Yes, quite intimately. Speaking of intimate." Ron started spreading kisses all over Sam´s body. The trail of his lips travelled all over her skin till each path led to her most intimate of places.

* * * * * *

Why is it impossible for men to accept that you just want to be their friend and no more? They don´t want to go to bed with their male friends. Why do they always feel a relationship with a woman must head in that direction?

Hermione Granger leaned against the inside of the door to her quarters. It was such a nice enjoyable evening. Why did he have to ruin it?

Neville and Hermione had departed by carriage for Hogsmeade a little past five o´clock. The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30 and they had resolved to leave early so that rushing dinner wouldn´t be required.

Hermione had thought the dinner went quite fine. The meal was first-rate and she was of the opinion that the conversation had flowed quite effortlessly. Neville hadn´t even given Hermione an argument when she gave him her share of the dinner tab. They had arrived at the concert with more than sufficient time to spare. After checking out the list of coming events they decide to take their seats.

The concert started exactly on time and the performance of the first two numbers was fabulous. Then it happened? Without warning Neville placed his hand on Hermione´s leg.

The audience had thus far been particularly quiet in respect to the performing artists and Hermione didn´t want to verbalize her discomfort for fear of annoying the other patrons. If he had simply laid his hand on hers, she could have just pulled it away. However, she had been geared up for that prospect and had kept her hand out of his reach, which in hindsight she reflected was probably why he went for her leg. And as much as she wanted to mover her leg away, the way they were sitting made it impossible without causing attention to be focussed on them. That was something Hermione wanted to avoid at all costs.

Reluctantly, Hermione decided she would try her best to ignore the hand and enjoy the concert. Unfortunately after a brief time that hand seemed to have become bored with just laying there doing nothing and thus began to stroke her leg. This made her extremely uncomfortable and she shifted in her seat, hoping that Neville would get the message and stop.

Neville got the message. Regrettably it wasn´t the same message Hermione was sending because instead of stopping, he moved his hand closer and closer to her crotch. It seemed that with ever selection he got bolder and bolder. She tried staring at him and even softly grunting to get his attention, but he kept his eyes glued to the performers as his hand finally came to rest on his objective area just as the group started their final lively number.

Hermione wanted to kill. If he or anyone else had tried something like this under different circumstances she would have slapped them so hard that her hand would have left a permanent impression. He had her trapped. Did she put up with the humiliation of him touching her there for one more number or did she stand up and slap him in the face while everyone focused his or her attention on her instead of the performance.

Her decision was made when she realized that just two rows in front of her were both a reporter and a photographer from the Daily Prophet.

The livelier the music became the faster and deeper Neville tried to grope.

Hermione could tell that her face was a deep red from both embarrassment and rage.

The last note of the final number was barely played when Hermione jumped to her feet roughly pushing Neville´s arm aside and giving the group a standing ovation. Neville made some comment, but Hermione ignored it and refused to look his direction.

After the curtain had closed and the applause was subsiding, Hermione turned and excused herself as she pushed past people. She was out of the concert hall before some of the audience was even out of their seats. Neville struggled to close the distance between them.

As he reached the door he saw her already walking down the main street to the road that led to Hogwarts. He yelled to her, " Hermione! Hermione. Stop! Wait for me!"

Hermione abruptly stopped and turned toward the fast approaching wizard. When Neville finally reached her, he imploring asked, "Hermione, what is the matter? Didn´t you like the concert?"

She didn´t say a word, but slapped him with all the strength she could assemble. Neville staggered backwards as if he had been socked instead of slapped. "The concert would have been brilliant if it hadn´t been for the ass sitting next to me, who groped and fondled me. Neville you´re twenty-three, not thirteen. What you did in there was extremely juvenile."

"I thought you were enjoying it. You seemed like you were turned on as much as I was by it."

"You bastard. I was not turned on. I was embarrassed and humiliated."

"But you didn´t tell me to stop. You were even moaning."

"You are a perverted egotist. I kept grunting and shifting in the seat because I wanted you to stop. I wanted to slap your damn face and tell you to get your filthy hands off me, but the only choices you afforded me were either ruining the concert and humiliating myself in public or sitting there and allow you to humiliate me with your groping."

"You must have liked it. You were getting all hot and moist."

"You dick. I was hot because I was being embarrassed and humiliated and I was sweating for the same reason. I´m not your damn blow up sex doll. What have I every done or said to you that would make you think I would ever want you to touch me in such an intimate place?"

"I thought that once you let me touch and hold you that...."

"You thought that once you groped me I would be so turned on that I would jump in bed and beg for you to shag me. Neville you need help. That is the same mentality possessed by a rapist."

"Love comes first. Until two people have come to the mutual agreement that it´s okay; you keep your hands to yourself. Neville, I´m sorry, but I don´t see me ever feeling that way about you. Now if you´ll excuse me, I´m walking home.

"Hermione! Can´t we take a carriage and talk about this?" As Hermione started to walk away Neville reached out for her arm.

Hermione drew her wand. "Neville, I´m walking back to the school and I´m walking back alone. Unless you want to spend the balance of your life living with Trevor´s relatives; I suggest you never put your hands on me again."

As Hermione leaned against the door she reminisced about her relationship with Harry. Harry would have never been so bold. He was always a gentleman. Hermione couldn´t help but smile as she thought of Harry. Sometimes he was too much of a gentleman.

I wonder if I should go check on the Gryffindors. No, McGonagall always trusted us. I have to trust them. It´s a Halloween party. It´s not like they´re running around naked in their tower. Go to bed, Hermione.

* * * * * *

Jamie stood there as if time had frozen between two seconds as she tried to figure out what had just happened. The portrait had closed on her robes as she had lingered at the opening. When she leaped away from the spider she had practically jumped out of them. All of her body that remained covered was a shoulder and one arm. The robes´ hem and sash remained firmly trapped between the portrait and the opening.

Had she not screamed, it might have been possible to retrieve the robes with a minimum number of people having seen her. As it was, she had drawn the attention of everyone in the room. The room being so crowded that she assumed all of Gryffindor was now staring at her.

Jamie had always felt at ease naked. Just recently she had told Caitlin that she would be comfortable being naked in the Great Hall even if the balance of the student body was there and fully clothed. However, this was only Gryffindor House and she was frightened.

It didn´t make sense. She been at parties where most of the participants were clothed and she wasn´t embarrassed. The only difference was that she wasn´t the only person nude and the clothed people had been warned ahead of time.

Suddenly Jamie realized she wasn´t embarrassed. She didn´t care about anyone seeing her nude. That wasn´t the problem. She was frightened of losing her friends. She was afraid that like Caitlin they would think she was weird. In Caitlin´s case she was able to sit and explain naturism and Caitlin had accepted her. Six of the people in this room had accepted her life style. There was no way she could explain this to the other sixty-three, but she had to try.

Alex knew Jamie so well that they could finish each other´s sentences. As soon as he heard her scream and realized what had happened he moved toward the wireless. He knew Jamie was about to make a most important statement and she didn´t need to shout above loud music.

Jamie left the robe slip off her other arm as Alex turned off the music. The atmosphere in the room was quite strange compared to what one would normally have expected under the present circumstances. No one was giggling or laughing. No one was making catcalls or yelling obscene comments. There was quiet conversation. Most of it was about Jamie´s body and how gorgeous it was. Some were, of course, wondering why she was naked under her robes. The first, second and third years all seemed to be staring in awe. The girls were dreaming and hoping. The boys were looking at a living breathing Playwizard Centerfold.

Probably what shocked everyone the most was that Jamie didn´t try to cover her body or run off crying to the dormitory? She just stood there, but as she started to speak the room became completely silent.

"Now that I have your attention." There was a mixture of giggles and out right laughs. "There is something I should have shared with you before and because I didn´t I´m sure some of you are quite embarrassed by what you see right now. I´m sorry if my being nude causes any of you to feel weird or offended. I didn´t intend for my robes to get caught in the portrait hole. Since they did and since you´ve seen all of me it is only fair that you also know all about me.

"The reason that I´m not crying and running to my room is because I´m not the least bit embarrassed to be standing in front of you like this; nude. Honestly this is the most comfortable I have ever been in the Common Room.

"I´m a naturist; some people call us nudists. My parents were nudists and I´ve lived as one my entire life. When I´m at home I never wear clothes; neither do my sister or parents. To me being naked is as natural as wearing clothes is to you.

"Many of you relate nudity to sex. I am not standing here naked to try and be sexy. I´m not trying to turn anyone on, although since most of you guys, with the exception of Alex, don´t normally see girls naked, I imagine it could have that effect. I also apologize for that." Suddenly everyone in the room was looking at Alex.

"Up until today, I´ve had six secret keepers. My dorm mates are quite cleaver witches and early in our first year figured out that I was a naturist. They have been very understanding and supportive by allowing me to be nude in our dorm."

"Near the end of my first year Alex came to my rescue when I had my first menstrual flow. He saw me naked that day and dozens of times since." Jamie hesitated for a moment until the private discussions subsided. It seemed the girls were shocked that Jamie was talking so causally in mixed company about periods. Meanwhile the guys couldn´t believe that Alex had not bragged about seeing Jamie nude at eleven and ever since.

Jamie smiled at Caitlin who was standing with Matt and Randy listening proudly to her "sister". "My adopted sister, Caitlin, has only known since the second day of this year, but has been especially supportive." Jamie felt it wasn´t in her place to tell the others that Caitlin was a nudist.

As Jamie had been talking Alex got her robes from the portrait hole. "I love you all. I always will. Please, don´t treat me now like I have a disease. I´m just like you. I just feel more comfortable without clothes. Again, I´m sorry for embarrassing you and ruining the party." Jamie walked through the silent room and then to her dorm. Not a word was uttered until she left the room and then it seemed like everyone had something to say.

Alex followed Jamie into her dorm. "No more secrets."

Jamie turned and hugged Alex, as she said, "No more secrets. Alex, am I peculiar? Do you realize how much simpler my life would be if I just forgot about being a nudist?"

Alex put his arms around Jamie and pulled her tightly to him. "But then you wouldn´t be our Jamie." Alex began to caress Jamie´s back with his right hand as he held her tightly with his left arm.

As Alex started to break the embrace Jamie said, "Alex, please hold me just a little longer." She felt so secure in his arms and the way he caressed her back reminded her so much of when Harry had held her.

Could it be possible that Alex is my... No, he´s my best friend. He couldn´t possible be the one that I´ll give my gift.

They stood like that a few minutes before Jamie broke the embrace and indicated for Alex to come sit next to her on her bed. They talked for about almost an hour, mainly about Jamie facing the Gryffindors again.

Suddenly Amanda burst into the room. "Jamie, they want you downstairs."

"Who wants me?"

"The Gryffindors all of them and they want you like you are."

"You mean naked? But why? How?"

"Caitlin!" Amanda just smiled and nodded her head. "Jamie, she was wonderful. I wish you could have been there. I literally wanted to kiss her."

"Amanda, what did she do?"

"After you left the Common Room everybody started talking about what happened. A few people, myself included, tried to get an organized meeting started. I mainly wanted to get everyone to agree to keep it quiet so that Bancroft and his stooges didn´t get wind of it and give you grief."

"I´ve had to handle worse," Jamie responded

"By that time there were about a dozen groups talking. It started to look like the only way to get everyone´s attention was to do what you did."

"Your not telling me that Caitlin stripped in front of all those people."

"Those two friends of hers, Matt and Randy sort of shielded her until she had all her clothes off. The problems was she was so short that no one saw her except the people right next to her." Amanda trembled "I still can´t believe what she did next."

"She had Matt lean over slightly in front of her. Then she leaned on his back and had Randy lift her by her butt up onto Matt´s shoulders until she was able to wrap her legs around Matt´s neck."

"It didn´t take long until she was noticed. Once everyone was looking she said, `It looks like the only way to get attention in this house is to take your clothes off.´ She was so cool about it. Totally relaxed."

What exactly are we all debating about? What difference does it make whether Jamie is a nudist or not? Does it change the person inside? Why do people continually look for a reason to discriminate against someone? First it was religion, then race or color and now are we going to add being a nudist.

Jamie is a gorgeous girl. I hope I mature to be just half as pretty as she is, but Jamie´s true beauty lies beneath her skin. Has Jamie ever said a nasty or mean word to anyone in this room? Jamie doesn´t know how to be mean or hurt a person. The hat had an easy job deciding that she belonged in Gryffindor.

We are more than schoolmates we are a family know for its loyalty. Jamie is comfortable without clothes. I understand because I feel the same way. How does Jamie not wearing clothes hurt any of you? She has spent four years being miserable so that she wouldn´t embarrass or make you feel uncomfortable. Lets let her be comfortable for a change. Either look the other way or stare if you want, but let her be nude.

This has to be something the whole house agrees on because it has to be kept quiet. You can´t even tell your parents because most of them would see the act of her being nude as sexual and dirty. There is nothing dirty about being nude.

"Jamie the vote was unanimous you can be nude in Gryffindor Tower any time you want. And if you decide to do it, you´ll have company. They told Caitlin she could do it too."

Jamie couldn´t believe her ears. "I don´t know what to say."

"I don´t believe they want anymore speeches. They just want you at the party with them."

"Jamie, this time you get to wear your Godiva costume," joked Alex.

As they headed for the stairs, Amanda stopped Jamie. "Be sure to ask Caitlin about her little accident.

Jamie couldn´t help, but smile as she enter the Common Room and saw Caitlin standing naked in the corner drinking a butter beer with her fully dressed honor guard on either side. Someday she´s going to have a tough choice to make.

Jamie had barely entered the room when a line started to form. By the end of the evening Jamie felt like she had either shook hands or kissed everyone in Gryffindor. She knew for a fact that some of the first year boys had gotten in line more than once.

It was near 1:00 AM when Caitlin finally came up to Jamie to say good night. Jamie looked at Caitlin with pride in her eyes. "They tell me I owe you big time.

"Hey! That´s want little sisters are for."

"Were you nervous being naked in front of everyone?"

"Actually not at all. I love being nude. I´m so glad they said I could be naked, too. The only thing that made me nervous was being on Matt´s shoulders. That and getting up there, it felt weird having Randy´s hands on my cheeks."

"You are one ahead of me there. I´ve been a nudist all my life and no boy has ever touched my bare butt. Which reminds me, Amanda said you had a accident."

Jamie never saw Caitlin face turn so red. "It wasn´t his fault; it was mine, but all the first years saw it happen and Randy got very upset."

Jamie curiosity was peaked. "What happened?"

"I was sitting on Matt´s Shoulders and my not so private any more part was right against his neck the whole time I was talking. It felt weird having contact with his skin there, but he was really cool about it. Anyway, when I was done talking he said thanks and I said what for. He said for not peeing down my neck."

"I wasn´t angry or anything because I knew he was joking, but I teasingly hit him over the head. And said, "Fine, I´m off of here." I should have waited for Randy´s help, but I was pretending to be upset with Matt. I tried to swing around to the front and jump off. I must have looked as graceful as an ox. I lost my balance and fell, but Matt reached out and grabbed me. He saved me from possibly really hurting myself."

Jamie looked puzzled. "That doesn´t sound so bad."

Caitlin squirmed. "His left arm kept me from falling backwards, but he stopped my fall by grabbing me with his right hand. Jamie, it was just a reaction he didn´t mean to do it, but he caught me between my legs. He just held me long enough to be sure I was okay and then he left me down. But everybody saw it. He was scared as could be and apologized so much; I thought he was going to cry."

Jamie looked at Caitlin reassuringly and put her arm around her shoulder. "All rules have gray areas. Nothing in life is black or white. You could have fallen on the hard stone floor and hurt your back or even received a concussion. He was thinking about saving you. He wasn´t being fresh or perverted. You´re not angry with him or you?"

"No, just embarrassed that he touched me there. I thought Randy was going to hit him."

"Don´t be embarrassed. Matt didn´t do it on purpose." Jamie looked at Caitlin. "Your two friends seem to like you quite a bit; that could give you problems in the future.´

Caitlin looked up at Jamie. "It already has. They both asked me to the Yule ball. What am I going to do?"

"First ask your mum if you´re even allowed to go. Then if you are, I have a suggestion. It´s one the boys might not like, but what I think is the appropriate solution at your age."

"What would you do Jamie?"

"I think you should tell them that you are only eleven years old. You want to go to the dance and have fun. That you think you are too young to have to make decisions about what boy to go with and that besides you don´t want to hurt their feelings. You´ll go, but only as friends and only with the two of them."

"Do you think they will go along with that?"

"If one of them doesn´t then he made the choice for you. If neither of them does, than perhaps you´ll miss this year´s ball, but you are only eleven. I didn´t get to go until last year and then as a fourth year. Both Amanda and I went with Alex."

Jamie and Caitlin stood talking for quite awhile about boys and about all that had occurred that evening. When they finally hugged each other good night they had agreed on what they must do next.

* * * * * *

Saturday, November 1, 2003

They had just about finished their cool down exercises before Jamie worked up the nerve to ask her Professor. "Professor Granger, may Caitlin and I come up to your quarters after breakfast. We have something to discuss with you. It´s quite important."

"Certainly Miss Zacherley, but if its that important perhaps we should discuss it now."

"It may take awhile and I don´t want you to miss breakfast. Besides, it´s rather private and I´d rather if no one from any of the other houses heard."

"Certainly. In that case, I´ll see you two shortly after breakfast is finished."

As Hermione walked toward the castle all sorts of extreme thoughts went through her head. I hate it when people leave you hanging like that. What could be so imperative that they want to talk about it on a Saturday morning?

Hermione was still wondering as Caitlin and Jamie entered her quarters. The door had barely closed when Caitlin started removing her clothes. Jamie and Professor Granger just sort of looked back and forth at each other. Finally when Caitlin looked at her Mum see was greeted by a strange look. "Is something wrong Mum? I thought it was okay for me to be naked whenever I was here."

"It is honey, but we have company."

"Mum, Professor Potter was company and now he is okay with me being nude around him. Jamie isn´t company. She´s seen me nude. Actually I was hoping that at times when she came up here with me it would be okay for her to be naked."

Caitlin had completely caught Hermione off guard. Of course, she realized Jamie was a nudist, she had just never considered the possibility that Caitlin would have any of her friends up to the faculty quarters, especially not any naked friends. Hermione glanced at Jamie. She may only be fifteen, but she´s no little girl like Caitlin. She´s a full-grown woman.

Jamie saw the torment in Hermione´s face. "Professor Granger its okay. I totally understand. The last thing I want to do is embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable. I don´t mind staying dressed. Really I don´t"

Hermione smiled at Jamie in relief, but then was startled to see Caitlin starting to get dressed. "Honey you can stay nude. I know you feel more relaxed and comfortable like that." Suddenly Hermione realized what see had just said. It was fine for Caitlin to be naked, but not Jamie. Jamie shouldn´t be comfortable and relaxed because it would make Hermione feel ill at ease. Hermione was disgusted with herself.

"Jamie. Take your clothes off." Hermione flushed. "I´m sorry Miss Zacherley. I didn´t mean that as an order. Caitlin is my daughter now and I love her. You are both very special girls and I wouldn´t want to change one thing about either of you. It´s I who has to change. I´m getting accustomed to Caitlin´s nudity and since you two have become such good friends its only fair you be allowed to be nude also when you are together."

"Are you sure Professor Granger?´ Jamie inquired.

Hermione shook her head. "No. This is totally new to me, but I know how strongly you both feel about this. Please relax and be comfortable."

"Thank you," was all Jamie said as she first took off her shoes and socks. She was glad that the Professor had decided to let her be nude, but what really made her happy was the slip of tongue that the Professor had made. She had called her Jamie and not Miss Zacherley.

Hermione was dumb struck as Jamie undressed. She is more at ease than I am when I undress for a shower in an empty room.

Hermione knew Caitlin didn´t wear a bra or knickers, but was surprised to find that Jamie also evidently abhorred under garments. Hermione was embarrassed when she realized that she was staring at the now naked girl. "I´m sorry Jamie I was staring. You´re a beautiful girl. Can I get you both something to drink?"

Both girls responded yes as Hermione went to get three beverages.

As Hermione handed the drink to Jamie, the young girl said, "Thank you five times."

"Five times?" Hermione questioned.

"For the drink, for the complement, for allowing me to be nude, for being more than just a Professor and most of all for finally calling me Jamie instead of Miss Zacherley."

"I did call you Jamie, didn´t I? Miss Zacherley sounds quite formal when you´re talking to someone who is naked. Professor Granger is rather pompous under the circumstances, also. Why don´t you call me Hermione when we are alone."

"I´d like that," Jamie was quick to respond.

"Alone?" Caitlin remarked. "What am I, a piece of furniture? Does her being able to call you Hermione mean you are going to get naked?"

"The only place I get naked is in the shower young lady. You best be careful what you say or else I just may turn you into a piece of furniture."

Caitlin got that mischievous look in her eyes. "How about a love seat for you and Professor Potter?"

Hermione turned red as she grabbed Caitlin and started tickling her. She didn´t stop until the 11 year old pleaded for pity.

Jamie couldn´t help but grin as she watched the new mother and daughter. It took you eleven years, Caitlin, but you ended up with a terrific Mum. I just wonder how she´ll handle what we´re about to say.

After settling down and chatting for a bit, Hermione asked, "Jamie, you said you had something important to discuss?"

"Actually I have two things," Jamie said. Caitlin had a questioning look on her face. "Let me start with what happened last night in the Gryffindor Common Room because the other doesn´t involve Caitlin."

Hermione sat in horror as in turn the girls told about the events of the previous evening. "Both of you spend the balance of the evening naked while everyone else was clothed?"

Both girls shyly nodded their heads. From the tone in Hermione´s voice it was evident she was not pleased.

"Are you both that naïve? Surely you must realize that the only reason the boys want you naked is so that they can stare at you. How long do you think it will be before they start touching and groping you?"

Caitlin blushed as she looked at Jamie. They hadn´t included the accident in their summary of the night´s events.

Hermione continued, "Being nude in your dormitory is one thing. Those are all girls."

"But you didn´t get upset when Professor Potter saw me naked," Caitlin responded.

"Professor Potter is a grown man who I know and trust. He would never look at you and think of you in a sexual way."

"I won´t always have a little girl´s body. I hope to someday look like Jamie. If when I´m fifteen I look like her will you make me get dressed if he comes here to visit?"

"No because I have faith in Harry. He is not the type of person that would ever touch you."

Jamie interjected. "Alex has been around me when I was naked since we were both eleven. He has never tried to touch me improperly."

"I suppose he has never looked at you either."

"Certainly he has looked at me. He´s human. I´m a girl. But he doesn´t spend every hour we are together staring at my breasts or between my legs. Most of the time he looks at me just like he would if I had clothes on. People can think and say sexually dirty things about you whether you have clothes on or not. Whether you realize it or not Professor most of the male students find you quite attractive. I´ve heard plenty of dirty comments about getting you in bed, despite the fact you dress like a nun except when we run." Jamie suddenly realized how awful that sounded.

"I´m sorry. I didn´t mean that the way it sounded. I think you are beautiful. It´s just that some guys can be trusted and some can´t. It doesn´t matter whether the girl is dressed or naked. I had robes on the day that guy tried to rape me, yet I´ve spent fifteen years being nude in front of hundreds of men and not one has ever as much as tried to touch my leg."

Hermione thought back to her experience the previous night. Her clothing hadn´t been the least bit provocative.

Jamie looked Hermione in the eye. "I´m sure there have been Gryffindors who have gone bad, but I believe I´m a good judge of people. I probably talked to every Gryffindor last night and I trust them. I trust them to keep Caitlin and I a house secret and I trust that none of them will ever try anything."

Caitlin looked at her Mum. "I trust them, too. Besides we´ll be there for each other."

Hermione stared at the girls. "There are school rules to be considered. What would the parents think if they knew girls were naked in front of their sons?"

Jamie answered, "I don´t think anyone will tell them."

Caitlin jumped in. "Mum everyone in the House loves Jamie. They´d never do anything to hurt her."

"What if someone does find out?" Caitlin questioned her Mum. "Would we be expelled if it were found out?"

"Hardly, probably a few nights detention. Technically you wouldn´t be hurting anyone by being nude, especially since they gave their consent."

"Does that mean you are okay with it Mum?" Caitlin asked excitedly.

"I didn´t say that. I was discussing whether you would be expelled or not."

Hermione held her head. "Caitlin, being a mother is hard. I feel I´m wrong if I say yes and wrong if I say no. I love you. I think in this situation you aren´t old enough or experienced enough with naturism or the world to make an educated decision."

"Despite the fact that both of you have been the subject of sexual attacks, you adhere to a naive picture of the world. I realize as naturists you see yourselves being naked as totally innocent. And in fact you are. The problem is that not everyone that sees you is as innocent in his or her thoughts. In a perfect world conceivably I could see myself allowing such a thing, but not in today´s world. Not even here at Hogwarts.

"If the girls in both your dorms are not troubled by your nudity, then you may be nude there if you wish. Caitlin you can continue to be nude at any time in our quarters and if Jamie visits you here she may do the same. But under no circumstances do I want a repeat of last evenings performance."

"But what about the house members? They all said it was acceptable. What should we tell them?" Caitlin argued.

Hermione stared at her daughter. "Some of your peers may not be as comfortable with your nudity as you think. They may have felt pressured to go along with the majority. I would suggest the truth. Tell them you both came to me to discuss the situation. Say you were worried what would happen if it were found out. Put the blame on me. Inform them that I´m not punishing anyone for last evening, but that I´ve prohibited either of you to go naked in the common room."

Jamie looked at Hermione and then at Caitlin. "She´s correct. It´s not proper. Some of our housemates may have felt compelled to go along with the majority. Besides, next year there would be a new group of first years causing us to stop anyway. I hope in years to come the world will change and nudism will be an acceptable practice, but right now we are doubtless asking too much too soon."

Hermione glanced at Caitlin. "Do you hate me now?"

"Of course not mum. I´m saddened, but I understand. What's more I don´t think I could ever hate you." Caitlin gave her mum a great hug.

"How about you?" Hermione glanced toward Jamie.

"I could never hate you either." Jamie started toward Hermione as if to hug her and then stopped. "Is it okay?"

"Jamie whether our relationship is right or wrong it´s been a long time since we were just Professor and student. There´s nothing wrong with friends hugging."

After they all sat down and had a sip of their drink, Hermione looked at Jamie and smiled. "You said you had two things to discuss. Will I need another butter beer before we move on?

Jamie looked at Hermione as she shook her head yes. "You might want Caitlin to leave the room."

Both Hermione and Caitlin looked at Jamie and then at each other. Hermione remembered how honest Caitlin had been to her their first night as mother and daughter and how they had pledged to not have secrets. "Unless it will embarrass you to have her here, Caitlin and I have no secrets."

Jamie started at the beginning telling how her parents would have never lived to marry and conceive her had it not been for Voldemort´s curse being deflected by baby Harry.

Although Caitlin had told her that someone had tried to rape Jamie at the Quidditch match, Hermione was shocked to find out that Harry had saved her. It was so like Harry not to brag about something like that.

Hermione became nervous as Jamie discussed her feelings for the boy who lived. Caitlin dropped her butter beer when Jamie revealed her plan to give herself to Harry.

Caitlin and Hermione just looked at each other when Jamie told how she had taken off the robes and handed it to Harry leaving herself standing there naked. Hermione had no idea what was going to happen next and regretted her decision to have Caitlin remain in the room.

Hermione herself wanted to leave the room and cry when she heard how Harry had held Jamie in his arms. Hermione hid her smile of relief as Jamie talked of Harry wrapping the robes around her and their discussion about no one owing someone for saving their life.

"There isn´t that much difference in our ages and at a different time under different circumstances I think perhaps it would have worked out. He told me he couldn´t make love to me because he was my teacher and I was his student, and even if that wasn´t so, he still wouldn´t. He loves someone else."

Caitlin had a look on her face like see was reading a sexy paperback. Hermione looked depressed. He still loves Ginny. He´s been thinking of her all these years. "He told me he still loved his true love, they had given their virginity to each other."

Caitlin shouted with joy. "Mum, he still loves you. You were the first one to ever sleep with him."

Hermione had never heard such good news, nor had she ever been so shocked. "How did you know? Who told you that? I mean what makes you think that...?

Caitlin looked at her mother and meekly said, "It´s in Harry Potter a History."

Jamie added, "It goes quite into detail. There are even artist drawings."

"Oh My God!" There are drawings of Harry and I making love and you have both seen them? You have both read the book?" Hermione´s face was bright red. "I can´t believe this. How can there be drawing?"

Jamie looked guiltily at Hermione. "I´m sure that part is the author´s imagination of what happened."

Caitlin agreed. "You would have had to be a fly on the wall watching to know all the details the writer has in the book."

Hermione went from being as red as a beet to as white as a ghost. "Do either of you remember the authors name?"

Jamie shook her head no as Caitlin said, "I believe it was Rita somebody or other."

Hermione face was twisted in anger. "Rita Skeeter? She is a Beetle Animagus."

Caitlin looked at Jamie in amazement. "Mum, you mean that you and Professor Potter actuality did all those things to each other." It was Caitlin´s turn to blush.

"I have to read the book!" Hermione nervously announced.

They all sat there for a few minutes. No one knew quite what to say next. Finally Jamie gathered the nerve to ask, "Are you angry with me Professor Granger?"

"I thought we agreed that you would call me Hermione? I´m angry with that woman, Rita Skeeter, not you, Jamie. You´re a young girl who thought she had found her true love. I don´t necessarily agree with what you did, but I understand your motives for doing it. I´m glad it was someone like Harry who wouldn´t take advantage of you. If you girls will excuse me for a little while; I have to go to the library."

"Hermione," Jamie felt weird calling her professor by her first name. "Before you leave. Is everything set for Monday evening?"

Hermione smiled, "Yes, I´ll meet you after dinner. Are you nervous?"

"Not really, but very anxious. I´ve been looking forward to this for so long."

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