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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 11

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter Eleven

Trick or Treat

Monday, October 26, 2003 Breakfast

Amanda and Jamie hustled down the corridor toward the Great Hall. As they approached the huge double doors, the aroma of breakfast made their mouths water. "I don´t know about you, but I´m famished," remarked Jamie.

Just then Jamie spied Tony Marburger approaching them from the opposite direction. He was unaccompanied. "Amanda, I want to thank Tony for what he did on Saturday. Do you want to come with me or join the others for breakfast?"

"I´ll go with you; it shouldn´t take that long. Besides, he´s kind of cute."

"Can I believe my ears? Amanda Pierce just referred to a Slytherin as cute."

Amanda blushed as Jamie continued. "You´re right, actually he´s more than cutie; he´s a hunk."

Jamie and Amanada hurried to intercept Tony. "Tony may I speak with you please?"

"Sure, Zacherley. What´s up?"

"Tony, I didn´t get a chance to thank you on Saturday. If you hadn´t hit Bancroft with that Bludger, I could have been killed."

"Think nothing of it; it was my pleasure. Dick certainly lives up to his name, doesn´t he? I can´t believe I once hung out with that jerk. Besides, I owed you big time for what you did last winter."

"I notice you´re alone. Is the balance of the house giving you a rough time because of what you did?

Tony looked at Jamie with a big grin. "No, Jamie. Surprisingly most of them are treating me half decent. Oh! Don´t get me wrong, Bancroft and Crow hate my guts, but most of the others are being pretty decent. Slytherin house isn´t the same as it used to be. Not everyone hates Gryffindors, especially not you."

Jamie blushed at the `especially not you´ comment. "I´m glad they haven´t banded together against you."

As Jamie and Tony continued their conversation, Jamie realized Tony and Amanda kept glancing at each other. Of course, as soon as one saw the other looking, they turned away.

Tony's expression turned serious. "Jamie, if I ask you a question, will you answer it truthfully?"

"That, my friend, depends on the question."

Tony looked at Jamie questioningly. "Now I have two questions. Did you just refer to me as a friend?"

"Yes. I´ve read the school code, plus Hogwarts: A History. No where does it say that a Gryffindor and a Slytherin can´t be friends. Do you want to give it a try or would that be pushing your luck with the rest of the house?"

"Does that include you Amanda? Can we be friends, too?" Tony inquired.

Amanda must have been daydreaming because Tony´s question caught her completely off guard. "What? Fine. Sure!"

Tony gave Amanda a big grin as she blushed deeply. " I´d like to test the waters. Maybe the three up us can eliminate some of the prejudice between our two houses."

As Jamie began to speak, she saw Amanda staring in Tony´s direction again. "What was your original question?

"Yesterday in the Quidditch game did you really try to catch the Snitch in your sleeve or was it a complete accident?"

Jamie had expected someone to ask this question long before now. "Roderick Plumpton went to his grave maintaining that he meant to catch the Snitch in his sleeve and that it was no accident. Do you really think I was still concentrating on the Snitch? All I was trying to do was live to play another game. I had absolutely no idea what had flown into my sleeve. I was afraid it was something that would sting and I just wanted it out on my clothes."

Amanda and Tony both laughed. "I can see why you have so many friends," Tony said. "I´m proud to be one of them."

"Thanks Tony. Come on, let's get something to eat while we still have time."

"Could you go ahead, Jamie? I´d like to ask Amanda something."

Jamie and Amanda exchanged questioning glances before Amanda indicated for Jamie to go ahead into the Great Hall.

"Where´s Amanda?" Alex asked as Jamie took a seat next to him.

"She´ll be along soon. She stopped to talk to someone."

In a few minutes Amanda entered the hall. Jamie noticed at once that she was as pallid as a ghost and was noticeably shivering. Meanwhile as Tony Marburger went to locate a place at the Slytherin table, he had a grin on his face that extended from ear to ear.

Jamie´s voice trembled with concern. "Amanda, are you okay? What did he do to you?"

"I´m fine. I´ll be fine. It´s just that... Jamie, he asked me to the Yule Ball."

Alex, who had been sitting calmly feeding his face, suddenly jerked to awareness, practically spitting his food across the table as he virtually shouted, "Who? Who asked you to the Yule Ball? It´s two months away. Who would ask anyone this early?"

Jamie looked at Alex in alarm. "Alex, calm down; don´t shout. Everyone is looking at us."

Alex looked around at the staring faces and then at the still whitish Amanda before quietly asking, "Who asked you to the Yule Ball?"

"Tony Marburger," was Amanda´s shy response.

"But he´s a Slytherin!" Alex retorted.

"A very nice Slytherin who just happened to save my life, or did you forget?" Jamie snapped.

"Okay, I´m calm. I´m cool. How did all this come about and what was your answer?

Amanda told a deep breath. "Jamie and I had stopped to speak with Tony so that she could express her gratitude to him for what he did on Saturday. He kept glancing at me as he talked to Jamie and I guess I sort of stared at him, too. As we were about to come in for breakfast he asked me to linger behind so that he might speak with me."

Amanda looked toward Jamie. "He told me that he´d been trying to get up the nerve to talk to me since last year, but there were always so many people around. What with us being Gryffindor and Slytherin he didn´t have the nerve until this morning. He said it was probably ridiculously early to ask me, but he didn´t want to take the chance of anyone else getting to me first."

Alex just stared as Jamie sighed. "He´s liked you since we were in forth year. How dreamy! So, what did you say?"

"I was so nervous, but somehow I managed to say yes. He told me that he couldn´t put it into words how happy I had made him. Then he kissed me lightly on the cheek and we came in to eat." Color was finally coming back to Amanda´s cheeks.

Alex looked at Amanda. "What about Jamie and I? I thought the three of us were going together again like we did last year."

Amanda looked back and forth between Jamie and Alex. "I´m sorry, I know we discussed that, but I really wanted to say yes to Tony. I want to go with him."

Jamie didn´t blame Amanda for saying yes. She could see that her friend was attracted to Tony. It would have been foolish for her to say no. She also understood where Alex was coming from. She really loathed the whole concept of dating. She hated turning anyone down and hurting their feelings, yet she didn´t like the thought of having to say yes to the first guy that asked her either and possibly having a miserable time. It had been Jamie´s idea for the three of them to go together last year. That way no feelings got hurt and they danced with everyone during the evening.

This year if she wanted to go it would have to be as someone´s date. Unless...."Alex, I just had an idea. Is their anyone special you want to ask to the Ball this year?"

"No, I was hoping to just go with you two like we did last year."

"I really don´t want to go through the being asked out thing either. Why don´t we just let it be known that the two of us are going together? You know, as just friends. That way neither of us has to worry about dates."

Amanada looked at Jamie. "That´s a fabulous idea. Could the four of us go together? I´m faintly nervous about the thought of being alone with Tony."

Jamie thought to herself that Amanada might be a lot more than slightly nervous. "What do you say Alex? Do you and I have a date?"

Alex just shook his head, yes. It´s not a real date. We are just going as friends. So why is my stomach doing flip-flops at the thought of holding her when we dance?

* * * * *

Friday, October 31, 2003

Amanda put her arm around Caitlin. "This is going to be the finest Halloween party ever. I can´t believe the magnificent job that you and your group did decorating the common room. I´ve never seen it look so frightening."

"Actually we can´t take all the credit. Mum helped. She showed me how to enchant the ceiling to look like at cloudy night. It was also her idea to have the full moon be the only light in the room."

"That does make the whole thing look creepier, but the way you guys transfigured the carpeting and all the furnishings. This place truly looks like a cemetery. I could have done without the repulsive spiders though. I `m not fond of spiders. Maybe some nice butterflies instead."

Caitlin stared at Amanda in disbelief. "Butterflies! Yeah! I always think of butterflies when I think of Halloween."

Just then Jamie entered through the portrait hole. "Wow! This is incredible. You really out did yourselves. Have Alex and the others returned from Hogsmeade with the butter beer yet?"

"No," responded Amanda, "but they should be back soon. It was quite nice of Professor Potter to okay a pass so they could go to Hogsmeade for party necessities."

Amanda lowered her voice, "Speaking of Professor Potter, are you still...."

Jamie nervously nodded her head, yes.

Just then Caitlin interrupted their conversation. "We´re going to practically have the castle to ourselves tonight. A good part of the staff will be gone and those that will be here never much leave their quarters."

"What do you mean Caitlin?" Jamie questioned.

"Shortly after last period I saw Professors Vector, Malfoy and Weasley along with the Headmaster get in carriages that headed for the train station. They´ll probably all be gone until Monday morning."

"Which Professor Weasley?" Jamie asked.

"It is complicated with three of them, isn´t it? It was Virginia Weasley. I never see her brothers around here except for class. Charles seems to send all his time in that shack and Ron never eats breakfast or dinner here. He always heads to Hogsmeade after his last class." Suddenly Caitlin had a sickened look on her face. "My Mum left a little while ago. She is having dinner with Professor Longbottom and then going to a concert."

Jamie had a look of astonishment on her face. "Does your mum fancy Professor Longbottom?"

"She says not and I believe her. They are just friends. He may want more then friendship, but Mum´s not interested. I think she likes Professor Potter. That book you gave me said that Mum and Professor Potter lost their virginity to each other. I think she still fancies him."

Jamie was suddenly overcome with guilt. She admired and loved Professor Granger almost as much as she loved her own mother. Could she go through with her plans knowing she may still care for Professor Potter?

"Do you think Professor Potter likes your Mum?"

"Oh, he likes her a lot. They are close friends, but unfortunately I don´t think his feelings go any further than friendship. If they do, he is very good at hiding it."

Suddenly Jamie had to be alone. She had to think. "Will you excuse me, please? I´m feeling quite tired. I believe I´ll skip dinner and lie down so I´m rested in time for the party."

Caitlin was concerned. "Are you all right Jamie? You´re not sick are you?´

"I´m fine. I´m just a little knackered. Give me a couple hours and I´ll be as good as new.

Caitlin and Amanda watch as Jamie headed toward the dormitory. Amanada knew Jamie. She knew what was troubling her best friend. You´ll make the right choice, Jamie.

* * * * *

The elves must have just been in the dormitory before Jamie entered because the fire was warm and cracking. Jamie removed her clothes and laid down on top on her bed covers. The room was toasty so she had no need for covers. She just looked up at her canopy and pictured herself laying in a green meadow. She tried to relax. Do I go through with this or not?

I adore Professor Granger. I can´t do anything that will hurt her. Yet I love Professor Potter and owe him so much. Do I ignore my debt and feelings for him on the chance that he might still have feelings for her? What if he doesn´t? Is that fair to him or I? Should I ignore what we could have because of what she wants, but may never have?

Perhaps she never stopped loving him. After all it was him that broke off the relationship. Maybe she only went to Ron Weasley on the rebound.

Professor Potter can´t still love her? Certainly if he realized she was his true love. He would have tried to get her back, not go live with Muggles for five years.

What if I do nothing and someone else enters the picture and takes him? Then I´ve lost my chance at being with him.

Jamie dozed off with tears in her eyes.

Jamie woke up giggling. Alex was sitting on the side of her bed tickling her side just below her armpit. "Are you dressing for the party or is that your costume?"

Jamie gave Alex a big smile. "This is my costume. I decided to go as Lady Godiva."

"That would make from an interesting party. Actually it would be an appropriate costume if my memory of history is correct. Wasn´t her ride in protest of high taxes her husband had levied on the peasants? Sounds very much like something you would do."

"I´ll take that as a complement. Actually I´m wearing those Wales Quidditch Robes." She pointed to the robes lying on her dresser. " Would you hand them to me." Jamie sat up and slipped her shoes on her bare feet. She then stood and put the robes on that Alex handed her.

Alex looked on in astonishment. "Aren´t you going to wear anything under them?"

"No, the material is quite warm and the Common Room is really hot."

"Well, be careful. The only thing that holds them shut is that sash."

Alex and Jamie entered the Common Room to find the party well underway.

Jamie had no doubt that this was going to be the best party Gryffindor ever held. She regretted that she would miss most of it, for she had decided to go through with her plan.

Jamie had come to the realisation that it didn´t matter what either her or Professor Granger sought. It only mattered what Professor Potter desired. His acceptance of her gift could happen in one of two ways. She hoped it wouldn´t be a one-night coupling, but if that were the case she would live with it without shame. She would have given her gift to the person who she felt most deserved it.

If they actually became a couple, she would do everything in her power to make him never regret the decision. Hopefully Professor Granger would understand and they could continue a strong relationship.

She was also ready to except rejection because she realized that her being rejected could signal that Harry Potter still loved Hermione Granger. How could she be sad if her rejection might mean that the two people she cared for so much would end up together?

It was nine o´clock.

* * * * *

Caitlin had been correct. Most of the staff was either out of the castle or in their quarters and because all the houses were having parties; the halls were empty. Jamie made it to Professor Potter´s room without seeing a soul; not even the ghosts were about.

Jamie took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

After a few moments the door swung open and there stood Harry Potter in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Without his robes he could have easily passed for a seventh year student. His face wore quite a surprised expression."Miss Zacherley, what brings you to the teachers quarters. There is no problem in Gryffindor tower is there?"

"No, Professor. I have something important to discuss with you. Would it be possible for me to come in for a short time?"

Harry hesitated, wondering if it was quite proper for a male teacher to have a female student in his room. If anyone saw her leave they might think something improper had occurred.

"Miss Zacherley couldn´t we discuss this in my office tomorrow? I´m not sure if the Headmaster would approved of me having a female student in my quarters."

"Please Professor, it has taken me weeks to work up the nerve to discuss this. Don´t send me away."

Harry didn´t know if it was his poor judgment, the fact that it was Jamie Zacherley or the anxious look on her face that caused him to usher her into the room. As he sat down he indicated a chair to Jamie. "If it´s all right, I´ll stand," she said.

Actually that suited Harry just fine. That probably meant that whatever Jamie wanted to say would take only a brief time. Harry didn´t know why, but Jamie made him rather edgy. Quite possibly it was the physical similarities between her and Hermione. "What is so important that it tore you away from the Halloween party? The Halloween feast and house party afterwards were always favorites of mine when I was a student." Then Harry took notice of the robes Jamie was wearing. "Is that your costume for the evening? They are quite a good copy of the actual thing. The robes I wore in the England vs. Wales game in 1997 were quite similar."

"I know, I got to see you play in that game."

"Really, I´m sorry I didn´t do better for you."

"Actually, you were wonderful. Absolutely wonderful."

"Thank you, but I´m sure you didn´t come here to talk about my showing in that game. Exactly what can I do for you?"

"Actually what I want to talk about started back on August 15, 1981, my parents, in reality my parents to be, were captured in a Death Eater raid and sent to one of Voldemort´s death camps. That is where they met and fell in love. It didn´t seem they would get to consummate that love because on October 31 they were told they would be put to death the next morning. They spent what they expected to be their last night on earth in each other´s arms praying for a miracle. That evening Voldemort´s curse rebounded off you. They were rescued and married two months later."

"Miss Zacherley, I was a one year old baby. I´m quite pleased your parents lived, but..."

Jamie had tears in her eyes. "Please, Professor Potter. Please let me complete my story. You can throw me out if you want afterward, but please let me finish.

"I´m sorry Miss.... I´m sorry Jamie. I won´t interrupt you again."

"You were about to say you had no control over Voldemort dying and that I shouldn´t credit you with my parents being alive. The fact remains Professor that if that curse had not rebounded off you they would have died and I wouldn´t be standing here now."

"My parents were going to name me Harrietta." Jamie noticed that Harry had a look of horror on his face. "Fortunately instead I was named Jamie Lily in respect to your parents."

Harry thought of the parents he had never known. He was glad that this girl had been born and granted time with her parents.

"As I grew up I read everything I could about you. My favorite book is Harry Potter, a History." Harry couldn´t believe his ears. He had promised to let Jamie finish and he would, but later he had to know more about that book. Exactly what was in it?

"My parents are great and I love them. They´ve taught me to respect others and myself. My father tells me I have a special ability. It´s the skill to be able to judge whether people are trustworthy or not. Because of this gift I´ve never had a friend that´s lied or betrayed me. I consider myself quite fortunate. Dad told me this ability would also allow me to recognizes the person who I should give my love and myself to one day; my true love."

Harry became quite nervous as Jamie discussed love and giving herself, but relaxed slightly when she continued.

"There was a day over six years ago when I thought I´d never have the opportunity to love or be loved. A horrible man was about to rape and kill me, but my Knight saved me.

"Tonight I´d like to return his robes and give him a gift, that I consider my most precious gift.

"If it weren´t you I would never have existed. If it weren´t for you I would have died a horrible death. You not only gave me my life, but you saved it. Please let me return your robes and give you my love."

It all happened so fast Harry had no time to react. Totally engrossed in her story, Harry had only begun to realize that Jamie Zacherley was the same young girl he´d rescued six years ago when the vision of her naked immediately stopped all logical thought. It was a different part of his mind that switched into gear.

Can this actually be that little girl? She is absolutely gorgeous; it´s like seeing Hermione for the first time all over again. She is totally naked waiting for me to take her in my arms and make love to her. Can she possibly realize what she is doing to me? I haven´t been with a woman since Ginny in seventh year. She´d never tell a soul; she´s not the type.

It took a few moments for Harry to come out of the trance like state, and once he did he knew what the first thing he needed to do was. He reached down for the robe and holding it in his arms stepped forward and wrapped it around the naked schoolgirl, not only hoping to make her feel more comfortable, but also to provide a much needed physical barrier to the sight of her naked body.

Harry wrapped his arms around her as she buried her head into his chest and he tenderly stroked his hands up and down her back. Jamie´s arms, much like six years ago, had placed themselves around his neck, and Harry´s memories of that day came flooding back to him in spades.

Has it really been six years since I held you like this? You have grown into such a beautiful young lady.

He felt her raise her head off his chest and when he looked down, he was met with her eyes staring into his, looking for acceptance of her offer. "Jamie, you don´t know how happy I am to know that you are not only okay, but that you have grown into such a wonderful person." He could see the glimmer of hope flash across her features, before he continued. "But this just can´t and won´t happen."

Jamie looked into his beautiful greens eyes as tears filled hers. "Why? I love you."

Harry warmly smiled at her words. He understood them, and hoped she would understand his. "I know, but you don´t really know me, and I don´t know you. I had wondered for years what happened to you. Even after that horrible event, you had this spark in your eyes that gave me hope in a very dark time of our lives, and part of me loved that little girl for that, but..." Harry paused looking down at her. "You aren´t that little girl anymore. And it would be so easy to take advantage of your offer, but I´m not that sort of person."

"But I..."

"I´m one of your teachers, Jamie. Even if there weren't other reasons, that would be enough," Harry said firmly but warmly, not wanting to upset her.

Jamie took a slight step back from Harry. "I guess it would be best if I left?"

Harry couldn´t help but notice that as Jamie took a step back, the robe he´d slung around her shoulders parted at the center giving his eyes yet another view of her ample body.

"Actually, I´d like you to stay. There is more we should talk about," Harry replied as nonchalantly as possible as he reached out to close the robe. There was part of him that thought it would be dangerous to continue the conversation, but he felt like he had a responsibility to make sure she was okay. "Just to make you more comfortable," he said lightly, hoping to keep the girl´s embarrassment at a controlled level.

"Actually, Professor, I´m a nudist. Truthfully I´m more comfortable as I am."

A few of the strange occurrences Harry had witnessed since his return came into focus all of the sudden. "Well, you might be a nudist, but I´m a red blooded guy who hasn´t had sex with a girl in over five years. Under different circumstance I might be able to handle your nudity. Tonight well...I´m afraid your staying naked might be asking for trouble. Would you like something to drink?"

"Yes please, Professor Potter."

Harry motioned for Jamie to have a seat at the table. "I think that perhaps you and I have come to know each other well enough that you can drop the Professor when other students are not around. Shall we call each other Harry and Jamie from now on?"

"I´d like that."

"Jamie, I understand you jumped through the ice last winter and saved a little girl from certain death. You almost most died in the process. Is that true?

Jamie blushed as she said, "Yes."

"What do you expect from her in return for saying her life?"

"I don´t expect anything."

"Then why did you do it?"

Jamie didn´t quite know what Harry was trying to prove, but if it was that he could make her angry; he was succeeding.

"She was in trouble, what did you expect me to do just stand there and watch her drown?"

"No, certainly not. You wouldn´t be capable of such an act."

"When do you plan on giving yourself to Alex?"

"Alex and I are just friends. I have no intentions of having sex with him. Exactly what are you trying to prove?"

"But I thought Alex saved your life. Why are you willing to sleep with me and not him?

"Because, because. Because you were a little girl´s hero and I´m not a little girl anymore, am I?"

"No, you're not. You are a very beautiful young lady and you almost gave something that is very precious to you away for the wrong reasons.

"Love, especially true love is impossible to define or to describe. Sometimes you don´t even realize you´ve had it until you´ve lost it. Hold on to your special gift until you found the right person. I believe your dad is right. You will know. Just don´t make the same mistake that I did?"

Jamie looked into Harry´s eyes. They were sad and lonely. "Harry, when you found your true love was it the first time for you both?"

Harry shook his head yes, wondering if maybe the informal nature of the conversation was getting was too informal. "Unfortunately, I was too blind to see what I had and cast her love aside. Don´t you let that happen to you."

"Your first love was Hermione Granger, does that mean...? You still love Professor Granger don´t you?"

Now Harry was sure it had gone too far. "How would you know who my first love was? I think perhaps we should call it a night."

"I´m sorry. I didn´t mean to upset you Professor, but it´s in Harry Potter, a History. It says that Harry Potter and Hermione Granger gave their virginity to each other."

"That´s in a book?! My god, isn´t anything private in this world!"

"Professor, its not too late. Caitlin says she thinks her mum fancies you."

Harry could tell that he wasn´t being all that successful in hiding his joy at Jamie´s words. Even as he was trying to regain the authority of his position, he knew his face would be a dead give away. "You are supposed to be calling me Harry and students should not be discussing who teachers do or don´t fancy. Perhaps you should be getting back to the party."

Harry walked Jamie to the door. "Thank you Harry. I´m glad you stopped me, but somehow I don´t think I would have ever regretted it."

Harry opened the door. "I assume you´ve decided to keep my Quidditch Robes."

Jamie grinned, "Would you like them back?"

"No, I think you might find the Halls a bit chilly without them."

"Thank you." Jamie stretched on her toes and kissed Harry, not on the cheek, but on the lips. "Follow your own words Professor. Don´t let her get away this time." Jamie turned and walked toward the stairs.

Harry watched as she walked away. Wondering just how much this night would come back to haunt him, or if it was the start of a special friendship. Either way, he had no idea on how to explain to Hermione what had occurred.

* * * * *

Jamie hurried back to Gryffindor tower. As she scurried down the corridors she felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders. It was amazing. Just an hour ago she had stood naked in front of Harry Potter offering herself to him and truly expecting to lose her virginity. He had rejected her and yet she couldn´t remember ever being happier. Maybe it was because he had held her again. Maybe it was because she had kissed him. Maybe it was because he had made her realize that people don´t save lives for rewards, but because it is just the right thing to do. It was probably for all of those reasons and none of those reasons. He still loves Professor Granger. He´s come back to Hogwarts to claim his true love.

Since it was only 10:00 o´clock the party was still going strong. Jamie gave the password to the Fat Lady as she opened the sash on her robes in order to readjust them and close them tighter. The picture swung open quickly so she simple held the robe closed as she stepped through the hole. She had to stop right inside because a couple was passing close by and she wanted to inconspicuously tighten the sash before proceeding. Unfortunately Jamie was not aware that she had stopped with the bottom of her robs and the sash still hanging outside the picture.

The transfigured spider hanging above the opening picked this very time to slide down its web and land on Jamie´s hair.

Jamie screamed as she lunged forward and out of the Quidditch Robes.