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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 09

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 9

Not All Slytherins Are Evil,

Or Are They?

Hermione hastily walked through the halls toward the stairs leading to the teachers´ quarters. She´d lost total track of time after the last lesson as she dealt with a number of students´ questions. The date she´d made with Harry gave her just a little more reason than usual to get back to her quarters, even though she knew, unless he too was delayed, that he would no doubt be there already. She didn´t expect that he would wait outside for her, they´d already exchanged passwords to each others quarters and she imagined that he would have already made his way inside to sit comfortably waiting for her.

She had been very happy at Harry´s reaction to the news of Caitlin´s adoption. Unlike most of her fellow teachers, he´d seemed genuinely happy and supportive and she couldn´t deny, not that she wanted to, the warm feeling she got inside remembering it.

Though she did wonder what he would think of Caitlin´s surprise from yesterday.

Suddenly Hermione came to a brief stop, and shuddered wondering if Caitlin was planning on visiting her this afternoon, before taking off even quicker than before.

* * * * * *

Harry arrived at Hermione´s quarters at exactly four thirty. He felt strange leaving himself into a woman´s quarters, but she had told him it was all right. Besides she knew he was coming, so its wasn´t like he might walk in and see her naked. Harry closed the door behind him and turned around to see Caitlin Garrison run into the room.

Which wasn´t the most surprising thing. That was what she was wearing. Or more accurately what she wasn´t wearing.

She was totally nude.

Harry froze. He didn´t know what to do. Should he turn and leave? Should he cover his eyes? He did one thing without thinking. Harry turned a bright shade of red, as he stood there frozen.

"Professor Potter, I´m sorry, if I´ve embarrassed you. Mum, Professor Granger, said it was all right for me to be naked in our quarters. I´m a naturist. I didn´t realize anyone besides her would be here this evening. I´ll go put something on so you aren´t uncomfortable." Caitlin suddenly realized that she was only concerned about Professor Potter being ill at ease. She was the one that was standing in the room naked, but it didn´t bother her in the least. This is amazing, I´m actually standing here starkers in front of the famous Harry Potter and I don´t feel the least bit eerie about it.

Harry didn´t know what to say, but he knew standing there, glowing red with a permanent shocked look etched on his face wasn´t the right thing. "No, wait. This is your home now. You have every right to remain as you are. I will wait in the hall until Professor Granger arrives. I´m very sorry that I just burst in like that and humiliated you." Harry turned to leave.

"Wait, Professor Potter. I´m not the least self-conscious that you saw me like this. Please stay here till Mum arrives."

* * * * * *

Hermione hastily opened the door to her residence and at once saw Harry sitting on the sofa drinking a butter beer. He appeared to be talking to someone who was seated in Hermione´s high back easy chair, but from the door she couldn´t make out who it was. Suddenly Caitlin jumped from the chair and ran to the door to welcome her.

"Mum, Professor Potter thinks I am very plucky. He said it takes a lot of nerve to stand by you convictions when you know many people will make fun of you. He´s nice. I like him a lot."

Hermione whispered in Caitlin´s ear, "So do I"

Hermione sat down on the sofa next to Harry as Caitlin plopped herself back in the chair.

"I´m sorry I won´t be able to spend any time with you tonight honey. Professor Potter and I must meet with the Headmaster before dinner." Hermione couldn´t get over the innocence and confidence that Caitlin showed. She´s seen much elder students go quiet in the presence of Harry, even just in the last week. And unlike her daughter they were fully clothed.

Though she still felt a little weird at Caitlin´s choice, she couldn´t help but be proud at the way her daughter was talking to the most famous wizard in the world, as if he was the guy next door. "Harry we best be going or we will be late"

Hermione gave Caitlin another hug before they left and Harry gave her a big smile as he said. "I´ll see you in class tomorrow Miss Garrison."

"Yes Professor, but you won´t see quite as much of me as tonight." Caitlin had that devilish look in her eye again.

Harry surprised both Caitlin and Hermione as he kissed the top of Caitlin´s head before saying. "I certainly hope not."

"See you at dinner Mum." Caitlin pulled on her ear lobe.

Hermione did the same as she left the room.

Caitlin watched the door close and then went to her room to dress for dinner. Mum likes him a lot; I can tell. I wonder if he likes her. What if they got married! Oh! That would be so terrific.

As soon as they were out the door Hermione said. "I´m sorry Harry, I didn´t think Caitlin would be there today. I imagine she gave you quite a surprise."

"That´s an understatement!" Harry exclaimed. "At first I wasn´t certain what to do, but she was so confident and at ease with the situation that she made me feel at ease with it, also. Of course, I have to be truthful. The fact that she is an eleven-year-old girl made managing the fact that she was nude a lot easier. Now when she convinces you to practice nudism, I´m not so confident I´ll be quite as at ease."

Hermione blushed as she hit Harry on the arm. "Don´t hold your breath Mr. Potter. That´s something I can guarantee you wouldn´t see in this lifetime."

"Well, You can blame a guy for dreaming."

"Harry, your awful." Hermione blushed deeper as she changed the subject. "Exactly how do you propose to talk Severus into hiring Ron?"

"I have no idea. Do you think begging on bended knees will work?"

"Only if you intend to ask him to marry you." It was Harry´s turn to give Hermione a slap on the arm.

* * * * * *

Severus Snape rubbed his hand over his face and shook his head. "I can´t believe you two are serious. You actually expect me to ask the board of governors to appoint Ron Weasley as a replacement for Madam Hooch. Have you forgotten that he is a werewolf? May I also remind you that he was only recently released from Azkaban? Are you in reality interested in Weasley being hired or the governors having me declared insane? Besides, there are already two Weasleys on the faculty. While we are at it should we change the name from Hogwarts to the Weasley School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?"

Hermione looked at the Headmaster with annoyance. "Severus, don´t be ridiculous! Adding Ron to the staff will only mean that three Weasleys will be here provisionally. You know very well that Charlie has already informed you that he will be returning to Romania next year."

"Besides," added Harry. "The position is only part time. He would only be teaching first years and officiating Quidditch matches this year."

"Lupin was a werewolf and Dumbledore hired him," Hermione interjected. "He was a wonderful teacher. The fact that Ron is a werewolf should not be held against him and he unquestionably won´t be out evenings for the duration of the full moon. Harry and I will see to that."

"Severus, he has served his time. Azkaban changed him considerably. Remember he was a professional Quidditch player and he´s the third member of the Covenant that defeated Voldemort. Many of the governors might be pleased that you secured all three of us as part of your staff," Harry added.

The Headmaster seemed to be weakening. "I have thought how impressive it would be to have all three of the Covenant members on the staff. Yes, he was an impressive Quidditch player. Will you both consent to stay with him in your Animagi forms during the full moon period?"

Harry looked at Hermione and they both nodded their heads yes.

"I, in all probability, should have my head examined, but I will present it to the Governors when they meet on the first of October. They have been quite displeased at the prospect of the Quidditch season being canceled. That very well could be the deciding issue. If this gets approved, you two will owe me a huge favor, so don´t make any plans for December twenty-seventh."

Harry looked at Hermione incredulously as she questioned Severus. "That´s the night of the Yule Ball, isn´t it? Can I assume that Harry and I have just volunteered to be the chaperones?"

The Headmaster only smiled and nodded his head.

* * * * * *

Caitlin´s eyes scanned the common room as she entered through the round hole behind the portrait of the fat lady. As soon as she saw Jamie seated with Alex and Amanda, she ran toward them. "You won´t believe what just happened."

Amanda glanced from Alex to Jamie, "I don´t know why, but something tells me this is going to be first-rate."

Caitlin´s face glistened. "Jamie did you talk to Alex about me yet?"

"No, I didn´t," Jamie answered. "I wanted to wait until you were absolutely sure you wanted to go through with it."

"Okay. Well, I don´t need him any more I already did it."

"Excuse me, please!" Alex responded quite annoyed. "I am sitting here while you are all talking about me. Would someone care to inform me exactly what Caitlin no longer needs me for anymore."

Janie spoke up. "I told you about Caitlin wanting to be a nudist and how she spent the afternoon with me nude. She had asked me to talk to you about her being nude with you in the room."

Alex blushed slightly. "I´m not sure if I ...."

"Oh! Its okay, I don´t need you anymore. I´ve already been nude in front of a man and it went terrific." Caitlin had a glow of accomplishment on her face.

Simultaneously Jamie, Amanda and Alex said, "You have! Who?"

"Professor Potter."

The three just looked at her. Their eyes were wide with disbelief.

"I had gone up to my mum´s quarter´s this afternoon to hang some poster in my bedroom. You know, I wanted to make it more like homey. As soon as I got there I had undressed. I feel so much more comfortable now without clothes."

Amanda looked at Jamie. "Are you sure you two aren´t real sisters?"

Jamie just smiled as Caitlin continued her story. "I was just hanging the last poster when I heard the main door to the apartment open. I thought it was mum, Professor Granger, so I ran out to greet her. It was Professor Potter. He and mum were going to a meeting with the Headmaster and she had told him to let himself in if she was running late. Neither of them expected me to be there."

Alex looked flabbergasted. "How did he react?"

"At first he seemed distressed and uneasy. He wanted to leave because he thought he had embarrassed me. Once I told him I was a nudist and that him seeing me unclothed was no huge deal, he was real cool about it. We sat and talked for about fifteen minutes before mum got there. He is really nice. I was so relaxed talking to him that I didn´t even notice the time going by till Mum arrived a little while later."

Amanda just sat there shaking her head. "I can´t get over how much you two are similar. Now Professor Potter has seen you both naked."

Caitlin was startled by this comment. She looked at Jamie. "Professor Potter saw you naked?"

"He wasn´t a Professor at the time. He was just Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Harry Potter was my Knight." Upon hearing this Caitlin reached out and hugged Jamie.

"How did Professor Granger handle walking in and finding you sitting naked with Professor Potter?" Amanda wondered aloud.

"She didn´t say a word. Her and Professor Potter seem very close."

"They have quite a history. Have you ever read Harry Potter, a History?" Jamie inquired.

"No I haven´t," answered Caitlin.

"Since Hermione Granger is now your mum, it might be a good idea if you did," Jamie said. "The book is actually as much about your mother as it is Professor Potter. I have a copy in my dorm that I´ll let you borrow."

* * * * * *

Tuesday, October 7. 2003 Noon

When Ron was sent to Azkaban he felt like his life was over. He had lost his parents at the end of the war, Harry had disappeared to who knew where and he had walked out on the only girl that ever really cared for him. His brothers and sister were disgusted with him and after the incident at the championship game even his groupie "friends" had deserted him. It was a lonely friendless man that had entered Azkaban.

It was a depressed man that was released four years later. His biggest fear would be that nothing had changed, and he would have just spent four miserable years in a God forsaken place, only to come out to a world that was just as cold. But when his brothers and sister welcomed him back, and then Hermione and Harry, he could see a little light at the end of the tunnel. It was wonderful to have his two best friends back, but he knew it could never be quite the same. Certainly they could be friends, but they weren´t kids anymore. Harry and Hermione would someday admit they were in love. Where would that leave him? He doubted very much that they would invite him on the honeymoon.

Then two weeks ago today she walked into his life and finally he had a reason to live. At the time she didn´t seem all that special. Now he actually felt that for the first time in his life he was in love. He was never in love with Hermione, not this way. The other girls were just sex. He didn´t even remember their names the next morning. Sam was different. He had no idea what it was about her, but when she walked into the room his stomach did flip-flops and when she left at the conclusion of lunch his heart ached.

He was scared. They have had lunch together ever day since meeting, but he had no idea whether she had any feelings for him. He knew he had them for her. Today he was going to ask her for a real date. What would he do if she turned him down? No time to think about that now; she was here.

"Hi Ron, How was your morning?" Sam was always so cheerful.

"Fairly quiet. People don´t seem to wake up thinking about practical jokes. We do the bulk of our business in the afternoon. How has your day been so far?"

"It suddenly got a lot better when I walked in the door."

Well, here goes everything. "Sam, we´ve known each other for two weeks now and we´ve been having lunch together every day. I was wondering..." Suddenly an owl flew threw the open door and landed on the table next to Ron.

"Were you expecting an important message?"

"No this is a complete surprise." Ron gave the owl a treat and sent it on its way. The letter that had been delivered contained the Hogwarts seal. "I wonder who from Hogwarts is writing me."

"I don´t know Ron, but it´s always seemed to me that the easiest way to find out what was in a letter was to read it."

Dear Ron,

I´m sure by now you are aware that Madam Hooch is no longer on the staff at Hogwarts.

Her absence has thus far caused a cancellation of all first year flying lessons and if an instructor is not found soon the Quidditch season that is scheduled to start on October twenty-fifth might be lost as well.

Perhaps Hermione and I stepped out of line by doing so, but without your approval we approached Headmaster Snape about the possibility of you being selected to fill this vacancy.

He approached the governors last Wednesday and they have agreed to hire you part time on a trial basis for the balance of this school year. Should they be pleased with your performance the position would become full time and permanent next year.

Hermione and I both apologize for not contacting you first, but we didn´t want to raise your hopes falsely. We both hope you will accept the position so that we can all once again be together.

The Headmaster would like you to come for orientation on Sunday and start on Monday the sixth.

I hope you can work this out with George and Fred.

Please respond as soon as possible.

Your Friend Harry

Ron handed the letter to Sam to read.

"Ron, that´s wonderful. You´re going to be part of the Hogwarts staff. I´m so happy for you." Suddenly Sam realized that Ron didn´t look happy. "Don´t you want to work with your friends?"

"Yes, It´s a dream come true. I love Quidditch and being able to teach young witches and wizards to fly will be wonderful, but...."

"But what?"

"Sam, I look forward to lunch with you. It keeps me going from day to day. I don´t want to give that up."

"Ron, you´re so sweet. I´ll miss you, too. Maybe we could switch to dinner? Not every night, but once in awhile."

"You mean like a date. Would you actually go out with me knowing what I am?"

"Only if you promise not to bite."

If Sam had said something like that two weeks ago, Ron would have stormed out. Now he knew her and had learned to laugh at himself. "I never bite on a first date."

At first Sam laughed, but then her face became quite serious. "Ron, I haven´t been totally honest with you. I know everything there is to know about you, but I´ve avoided telling you some things about me. After you hear them, you may want to withdraw that dinner invitation. I like you Ron; I like you a lot, but I can´t let our relationship go beyond simple friendship without being entirely honest."

"I can´t think of anything you can tell me that is so awful that I wouldn´t want to see you again."

"Oh! It´s not awful. Not to me anyway, but most wizards are turned off by the situation. Ron, I have a little boy. Timmy was two on April third."

Before he had been in Azkaban this would have mattered a great deal to Ron. He would have never considered dating a woman that had a child. Four years had matured him. Plus, there was something too special about Sam to let her slip away. If this worked out he´d just have to learn how to be a good husband and a good father at the same time.

"What I can´t understand is how someone could leave you and leave their son, too."

Sam blushed with embarrassment. "Ron, he never left me because we were never really together. He doesn´t even know Timmy exists. He was a handsome foreign gentleman that swept a silly country girl off her feet. For three days he treated me like I was a Princess and I thought he was my Prince. On the third night I gave my virginity to him only to awaken and find him gone the next morning."

"You must have been devastated. I could never do anything like that to you. Would I be pushing it if I asked you to dinner tonight?"

"Ron, I loved to see you tonight, but that´s only possible if you let me cook it for you. I can´t get a sitter on this short notice."

"Does that mean we have a date."

"It means we have a date, but remember...."

Ron interrupted. "I know! I know! No biting on the first date."

"Well, if you´re good, maybe just a little nibble."

* * * * * *

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Draco Malfoy rushed down the hall toward the Great Hall. He had taken a short nap after his last class and was now late for dinner. As he entered the hall from behind the teachers´ table, the fate he had avoided for five weeks confronted him. The only seat empty at the faculty table was next to Virginia Weasley. Well, Draco. You either sit next to the bitch or go hungry, which will it be? His stomach growled the answer to his question.

Headmaster Snape stood up and bellowed. "May I have silence please?" The room was instantly quiet. "Before we eat this evening, I have a few announcements to make."

"First I would like to introduce Mr. Ronald Weasley. Mr. Weasley will be giving flying instructions to the first years starting tomorrow." The reaction to this announcement was mixed. Some students were politely applauding the new instructor while others were discussing the fact that he was a werewolf and ex-resident of Azkaban. The first years didn´t care who the instructor was. They just wanted to learn to fly.

"Since we now have a flying instructor the Quidditch season will be able to commence on schedule. I hope all teams have been practicing. The first game of the season on October twenty-fifth will feature my former house Slytherin against Gryffindor." Cheers filled the room at the news that the Quidditch season would take place.

"Next I would like to discuss the Yule Ball which will be held this year on December twenty-seventh. As you know the first Yule Ball was held in 1994 as a part of the Triwizard tournament. It became an annual event in 1998 to celebrate the defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

"This year there will be a slight change. In the past we have limited the event to year four and above. Effective this year it will be open to all students that care to attend. Professors Granger and Potter have graciously volunteered to chaperone." Harry and Hermione gave each other a knowing glance.

The Headmaster took his seat and the evening meal appeared on the table. Hermione who was seated between Harry and the Headmaster leaned over toward Severus. "What prompted the inclusion of the younger year students?"

Severus looked at Hermione and gave her a brief smile. "I was presented with a formal request which was signed by over one hundred fifty students. The petition applauded the school for holding an annual dance that celebrated the defeat of Voldemort, a Dark Lord who had practiced discrimination against muggles, muggle borns, and anyone not pureblood. At the same time the letter denounced the school for practicing its own form of discrimination by not allowing first, second and third years to attend unless invited."

Hermione was amazed. "I never thought about it before Severus, but they´re correct. Though most of the younger students probably won´t attend, it should be their choice to make, not ours. Whoever started that petition should be commended. Do you have any idea who it was?

Severus now had a huge grin on his face. "Oh! I most certainly do. I believe taking up causes runs in the family. If I´m not mistaken her mother founded a group called S.P.E.W during her fourth year."

Hermione face burst into a proud smile as she spied Caitlin at the Gryffindor table. Caitlin smiled back at her as they exchanged ear pulls. She may not have my genes, but she´s certainly my daughter.

Draco had eaten his entire dinner without looking in Ginny´s direction, yet alone speaking to her. Finally Ginny couldn´t take it any longer. "Draco, we´ve been working together on this staff for over a month and you have avoided me and not spoken with me that entire time. We can´t go on like this."

Draco looked her directly in the eye. "Precisely why can´t we go on in this manner, Miss Weasley? I would have been quite content if I had lived the remainder of my life without ever seeing your face again. I certainly don´t see the necessity for us to take part in needless banter. Before you suggest it again; no, we can´t just be friends." Draco left the table without bidding anyone a good evening.

Neville who had been seated on the other side of Draco looked incredulously at Ginny. "What´s his problem?"

"He hates me and in all probability always will. Our love gave him the power to betray his father and have the court sentence him to Azkaban, but the legal system also took the family fortune and because of that his mother disowned him. I can understand why he felt deceived when I left him for Harry. I thought that perhaps in time we could at least be friends, but he´s even more bitter now than when we broke up."

Neville looked at her sadly. "Is it totally over between you and Harry?"

"It was over before it started. I had been smitten with Harry since I was ten, but when we were finally together I realized that´s all it was; it was never love."

"What about Harry? He broke up with Hermione to be with you."

"Physical lust is all it was. When Harry and I were finally together I believe he realized that he lost his true love to be with me. They won´t admit it, but Harry and Hermione love each other. I hope if anyone ever loves me as much as they love each other I will realize it and not be blind like they are to it."

Neville looked tenderly at Ginny. "You´re quite beautiful. It´s only a matter of time until someone realizes just how beautiful and wonderful you are."

"Thank you Neville. You´re sweet. You always have been."

* * * * * *

It was much later that evening when Ginny Weasley found herself climbing the winding staircase that led to the Astronomy Tower. Several years and numerous shattered dreams had pasted since she last ascended those stairs. The tower held some fond memories for her, but tonight she was only in quest of a place of solitude. In her brief life she had loved twice and lost twice. Whoever said it is better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all is full of shit.

Ginny had fallen in love with Draco during her forth year. It certainly wasn´t deliberate and it was a romance reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. Although his father for all his life had physically abused Draco, it was his love for Ginny that lastly gave him the strength to rebuff his father´s evil ways and give the testimony that sent Lucius Malfoy to Azkaban. His mother had disowned him at the time probably more due to the court seizing the family fortune than Draco helping send his father to prison.

Then as Ginny became insecure in their relationship, Harry finally noticed that she existed. He had broke up with Hermione and although Ginny was torn; she left Draco. Finally the little girl´s dream had come true; she was with the boy that lived. Unfortunately the dream was short lived once Harry realized his feelings were more lust than love. They had parted on friendly terms just prior to the Covenant defeating Voldemort. In the years since, Ginny dated many men; mainly Muggles during college, but had still held feelings for both Harry and Draco. The few past weeks, however, had shown that neither of them any longer desired her.

As she lifted the trap door and entered the Astronomy classroom she was startled to find the room was occupied. "Oh! I´m sorry Professor Snape; I didn´t expect to find anyone here."

"Ginny, you are a Professor now. It´s time you called me Severus."

"I´m sorry Prof... Severus. It´s just that after seven years of calling you Professor Snape, it´s difficult to call you by your first name."

"Don´t apologize. Harry and Draco are having the same problem, as did Hermione and Neville their first years. You´ll get use to it in time. What brings you to the tower? Usually the only people I find here are students that have snuck up here to snog."

"I just came to look at the stars. It´s such a beautiful night. Do you come up here often?"

"Whenever I want to talk to her. For some reason I feel so much closer to her here."

The slight waver in Severus´s voice wasn´t necessary for Ginny to tell how much he missed her older sister. In was all to clear in his eyes. It was the same haunted look that Ginny knew she had when she remembered her family that died that horrible day.

"I miss Maggie, too. I miss them both. It just seems so unfair that after all those years I finally got to know my sisters just to have them die in the attack."

"Yes, one´s existence can be incredibly brutal, particularly when you lose someone you cherish so much and just before...." Severus tried to hold back the tears. He didn´t want to cry in front of his youngest teacher.

"She thought the world of you, too. She talked constantly about the wedding and how fortunate she would be to have someone as wonderful as you for a husband."

They stood there for a time, not speaking just looking at the stars.

* * * * * *

Monday, October 13, 2003 6:00 PM

Ron nervously knocked on the door of Sam´s apartment. He hadn´t seen her since lunch on the eighth and it was mind-boggling how much he had missed her. Ron had been afraid to be around Sam even during daylight hours on the day of and the days surrounding the full moon. He had always avoided Hermione on these days. It was unbelievable how the sexual craving of a werewolf heightened at that time of the month. No woman, man nor beast was safe, therefore Ron remained medicated and behind locked doors.

Sam had seemed so understanding when he explained all this to her. Ron marveled that this woman seemed to care for him despite his problems. He was quite insecure and not seeing her for four days certainly didn´t make him feel any better.

Ron´s insecurity vanished when the door flew open and Sam wrapped her arms around him. "Ron I´ve missed you so much. Please come in. There´s someone special I want you to meet."

As Ron entered the room he had to duck to avoid being struck in the nose by a flying Cho Chang action figure. Immediately a handsome two year old ran over to him. "Are you Mr. Weasel? My mommy told me you were a great Quidditch player. Will you learn me how to fly?"

Sam shrugged. "I´m sorry Ron. I keep telling him your name is Weasley, but he insists on saying Weasel. Timmy, you are too young for anyone to teach you to fly."

Ron looked at the fine-looking youngster that stood before him. The man that walked out on Sam and Timmy was most certainly a dupe.

Ron bent over and picked up the blonde haired boy. "You may be too young to fly on a broom, but how about flying without one." Ron held the little tike in his arms and zoomed him around the room as if he were as light as a feather.

Sam gave Ron a smile that oozed love. "I think you may have started something that you´ll live to regret."

The three of them sat and enjoyed a delicious home cooked dinner. It reminded Ron of the wonderful meals his mother used to cook and a tear came to his eye. After Timmy was put to bed Ron and Sam sat and talked. They talked about their pasts and they talked about the present. They were both afraid to discuss the future.

Unfortunately much too quickly the time came for Ron to leave. They stood at the door holding each other as one gentle kiss led to another. Neither wanted to say good night and break the embrace. Finally Sam whispered, "Ron, are you at the joke shop tomorrow or Hogwarts?"

"I´m opening the shop, but Clarence is taking over at noon. I have a one o´clock class."

"Since you have to be in the village early, why don´t you spend the night here?´

Ron´s heart sputtered as it jumped into passing gear. "Sam, you don´t have a spare bedroom."

"No, I don´t, but I have a couch."

Ron heart came to a screeching halt.

"I also have a king size bed that I´d be happy to share as long as you promise not to go straight away to sleep."

It was quite late before they ever thought about sleep. Timmy would have only needed three fingers to count the hours that Sam and Ron sleep their first night together. It would be a night that neither of them would ever forget. Ron had been with more women than he wanted to remember, but it was never like this. At the time he had referred to those joinings as making love when in actuality there was no love involved. His sex organ had controlled all of his previous experience. Tonight his mind was in charge. Tonight he wasn´t having random sex with a groupie. Tonight he was making love to someone quite special. As he laid there caressing her as she drifted off into a pleasant sleep, Ron realized that he had found his love. He had no desire to ever share a bed with anyone else. This was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He wanted to raise her son as if he were his own. How will she feel about that? Ron fell asleep and for the first time since he had become a prisoner in Azkaban he had pleasant dreams.

* * * * * *

Saturday, October 25, 2003

The cold morning had dawned quite brightly. As Jamie, Alex and Amanda entered the Great Hall they were greeted by the delicious smell of fried sausages. The first Quidditch match of the season was always a highly anticipated event, but especially when the opponents were archrivals Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Alex and Jamie each had their own dissimilar ways of approaching breakfast on a game day. Jamie was always relatively nervous and just picked at her food hardly eating anything. Alex, on the other hand, seemed to treat the meal as if it were the very last he would have and ate with gusto.

"Jamie you should really eat a little breakfast," Amanda coaxed.

"I know, but I´m too jumpy to eat.

By the time eleven o´clock rolled around it seemed the whole school had assembled in the stands surrounding the Quidditch pitch. In the locker room, Alex, Jamie and the balance of the team were changing into their scarlet Quidditch robes.

Team captain and keeper, Kevin Stern, loudly cleared his throat for silence. "Okay, team," he said. "We know which house has the best team. It´s time we show the rest of the school."

The rest of the team shouted their agreement. "Be careful out there." Kevin´s eyes surveyed the entire team, but seemed to finally focus on Jamie. "We, are better than they are, but they have a high disregard for the rules. Don´t get hurt. Good luck, all of you. We´re going to win. Let´s go Gryffindor!"

* * * * * *

Meanwhile Richard Bancroft, the Slytherin captain, was addressing his team, which was dressed in green. "I´m really tired of losing to Gryffindor. They are a bunch of losers; without Zacherley they don´t stand a chance. Play the game, put on a good show, but our main goal has to be to get that bitch out of the game." He looked around at the team. "I mean permanently out."

Beater, Tony Marburger, looked at the dazed expressions on his teammates faces.

"Now lets go out there and beat those f...ing pussies."

The team players weren´t the only ones with butterflies in their stomachs. Ron Weasley was refereeing his first Quidditch match. He stood in the middle of the field waiting for the two teams, his broom in his hand.

"Now, I want a nice fair cleanly played game, all of you," he said as the teams gathered around him. The comment seemed to be more directed at the Slytherins.

"Mount your brooms."

Ron gave a loud blast on his whistle and fifteen brooms rose up, high into the air. The game had begun.

"The Quaffle is immediately taken by Gryffindor Chaser, Lindsey Sellers!" shouted Ravenclaw announcer Jason Turner.

"What this, it looks like Gryffindor Seeker, Jamie Zacherley, has already spotted the Snitch. Yes, she is in pursuit___wait, here comes Dick Bancroft of Slytherin toward her from the right side of the field, but he doesn´t seem to be going for the Snitch. He is headed directly for Jamie!" WHAM! "Ouch that must have hurt. Bancroft seemed to have purposely flown directly into Zacherley. I have no idea how she managed to stay on her broom."

Hermione who was seated next to Harry grabbed his arm. "That was done on purpose," Harry commented. "He was trying to run the point of his broom right into her side."

Hermione winced with pain just thinking of the possible result.

The Gryffindors screamed, "Foul!"

Ron blew his whistle to stop the game, but as he did Slytherin Beater Dennis Crow sent the Bludger hurling in Jamie´s direction just barely missing her head.

Ron was livid as he spoke to Bancroft and then awarded Gryffindor two free shots at the goal post. Lindsey took the first shot and Karen Walker the second. Both girls scored.

"Gryffindor 20, Slytherin 0."

Caitlin had an extremely worried look on her face. "Amanada is this the way Quidditch is always played?"

"No, Caitlin. Slytherin is on a witch-hunt. It seems they are more interested in hurting Jamie than they are in winning the game."

"Quaffle taken by the Slytherins__ that´s Cherry Moore speeding off toward the goal posts, but she´s blocked by a Bludger__sent her way by Alex Ward__nice play by the Gryffindor Beater__Lindsey Sellers back in possession of the Quaffle with a clear field ahead__dodges a speeding Bludger__she scores." "Gryffindor 30, Slytherin 0."

After making an early appearance, the Snitch had remained out of sight for over an hour. During that time Slytherin had taken advantage of numerous scoring opportunities and now led.

"Slytherin in possession score Gryffindor 60, Slytherin 90," Jason Turner was saying. "Wait a moment__was that the Snitch?"

Jamie saw it. In a great rush of excitement she dived after the Snitch, Slytherin Seeker Dick Bancroft had seen it, too. Soon they were side by side hurtling toward the Snitch. Jamie glanced to see Bancroft in deep concentration murmuring to himself. Suddenly Jamie realized she no longer had control of her broom.

Jamie couldn´t turn, she couldn´t speed up, and she couldn´t slow down. No matter what she did, Jamie´s broom stayed directly parallel to Bancroft´s. Although they continued after the Snitch, Jamie realized Bancroft wasn´t making any effort to catch the streaking gold object instead he seemed content to just follow it and wait, but wait for what.

Hermione looked at Harry. The expression on his face showed deep concern. "Harry, what´s wrong?"

"Watch Jamie´s broom. It´s in perfect synchronism with Bancroft´s. He´s performing some sort of Dark Magic. He´s controlling her broom."

Suddenly the Snitch turned and so did Jamie as Bancoft maintained power over her broom. The speed was increasing. Jamie yelled at Bancroft as they followed the Snitch on a path that would have them collide with one of the viewing towers. Faster and faster they sped. Was he crazy? They were going to hit the tower. At the speed they were traveling they would certainly both be killed. As they got closer and closer to the tower, Jamie realized she was wrong they wouldn´t both be killed. Bancroft would barely brush the side of the tower. She would be the only one killed.

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