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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 05

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 5

Getting to Know All About Her

"Hermione may I have a word with you before your first class."

Upon hearing her name, Hermione turned, recognising clearly her old friend. "Hi! Neville. Certainly I have a few minutes."

"When I was in Hogsmeade last week I saw signs advertising a concert to be given by `Witches on Strings´. I remembered how delightfully you played the cello and wondered if possibly you´d like to attend. It´s on Friday, October 31st."

"Oh! They are extremely talented. I attended one of their concerts two years ago. Certainly Neville, I´d be delighted to accompany you."

Neville nervously wrung his hands as sweat began to form on his forehead. "Perhaps we could go for dinner prior to the concert."

Nodding her head in agreement, Hermione couldn´t be sure, but she was almost certain she could see in Neville´s eyes the nervousness of someone who was asking for more than just two friends going out together. She´d seen such a look before and that experience had taught her that she needed to set the boundaries now. "That would be nice, but only if you agree to go Dutch."

Neville had a quizzical look on his face. "What is going Dutch?"

"Its when both people pay there own way."

"But that positively isn´t necessary. I certainly can afford to pay for your dinner."

Hermione could see in his eyes that her suggestion had not been what Neville had wanted to hear. "No, I insist. When friends go somewhere together, it isn´t reasonable for one to have to pick up the bill just because he´s a male."

Neville looked sadly at her and reluctantly agreed. He tried his hardest to return Hermione´s smile as she walked away, but all he could think about was how on earth he could get Hermione to see him as more than just a friend.

* * * * * *

Alex hastened through the Gryffindor common room and flew up the stairs to his dormitory. As soon as he entered the room he spied his wand lying on his four-posted bed. After hurriedly grabbing the wand he ran down the steps and out of the common room. He looked like a relay runner as he raced along the halls with his wand in hand. Professor Granger had warned him last year that being late one more time to class would earn him a detention. This was a new year, but Alex didn´t want to push his luck.

As he turned the corner he saw a group of Slytherins looking in the direction of Jamie and Amanda. Suddenly Dick Bancroft raised his wand and pointed it at the girls. Without waiting to ascertain what was going on Alex instantaneously focused his wand on Bancroft and shouted, " Stupefy."

Upon hearing Alex´s voice, Jamie and Amanada spun around just in time to see Bancroft´s body collapsing to the ground and his wand rolling out of his hand. Amanda´s face flushed as she realized what would have happened if Alex had not acted so rapidly.

Alex ran up to the girls as the Slytherins just stood staring at their unconscious leader. "Jamie, you ought to know better than to turn your back on that scum."

Jamie smiled at Alex as she said, "Why should I fret when I have the best beater at Hogwarts defending me. Lets get to class guys." As the trio walked off they saw the Slytherins slapping Dick Bancroft´s face trying to wake him up. Jamie laughed, "Gee, maybe we should have stayed and helped with that, it looks like fun."

* * * * * *

The day passed quickly and with the exception of Potions the fifth years had received modest homework from the first day of classes. One more class to go and their night might be relatively homework free. Amanda and Alex were already making plans for what the three of them could do that evening as they sat down for their last class of the day. Jamie was too nervous to think about tonight. She wanted to make an impression on her Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor.

Inside the classroom, the Professor himself was just beginning to feel as though he was going to make it thought his first day. Harry had found it hard to breath as his first class had entered the room, sheer panic taking hold of him. Slowly he fought off the shaking and knots in his stomach, and now at the end of the day, he was feeling a lot more relaxed and in command of the situation.

"Good afternoon and welcome to fifth year Defense Against the Dark Arts. I´m Professor Potter and I´ll be your teacher." Harry brushed his hair aside reveling his scar. "Since every class thus far has asked to see the scar; I thought we´d get that out of the way."

Harry walked about the room. "Can anyone tell me why, since the threat of Voldemort has been eliminated, we should continue to study Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

At first there were no hands, but then Jamie raised hers timidly. "Yes, Miss Zacherley"

Jamie responded, "We are getting older and will soon be off on our own without the guidance of our parents and professors. We are going to be faced with numerous choices, one being The Dark Arts. The magical world although wonderful, can be a dangerous place especially if one is not properly prepared to face it. Although Voldemort was defeated, the Dark Arts still exist and are a constant danger. Knowledge is our best defense against them and our best insurance that we will make the right decisions regarding their use."

Harry was for a moment taken aback. Not one student in any of his other classes had come remotely close to the correct response, but this girl had summed his thoughts up perfectly. "Well done Miss Zacherley; ten points for Gryffindor." Harry faced the class. "Know your enemy. Voldemort may be gone, but there is always someone ready to use the Dark Arts for their own personal gains. Your best weapon is always your knowledge."

Jamie eyes were glued on Harry Potter as she listened attentively to his every word. She had spent her whole life reading everything she could get her hands on related to him. Now he was here. He was so close that she could literally reach out and touch him. Her knight, her hero, her Sir Lancelot had returned. It didn´t seem real, but there he was standing in front of her. Jamie could feel it in her heart, her stomach. She ached for him. If only he would sweep me off my feet and hold me in his arms as he did that night when he rescued me. Jamie got goose bumps as she remembered him holding her in his arms and stroking the bare flesh on her back. I felt so secure, so safe, so loved. I want so much to be held like that again.

"That being said, lets see exactly what you have learned about the Dark Arts in the last four years." Harry spent the rest of the class peppering the students with questions. By and large he was quite satisfied with their comprehension and the job that the former DADA teacher had accomplished schooling them.

The student that most impressed Harry was Jamie Zacherley. She was a younger version of Hermione, but was much less aggressive in displaying her extensive knowledge. Jamie´s hand seldom went up to answer a question if other students had raised theirs. If no one raised a hand, Jamie would hesitantly raise hers, but she always had the correct answer. On a few occasions no one including Jamie raised a hand, but if Harry directly asked her the question; she was quick with the correct answer. By the end of the period Harry had reached the conclusion that Jamie Zacherley, a fifth year, might well be better prepared to teach this class than him. Every time he looked at her he thought of Hermione. They are so much alike. Both are such special girls.

The Gryffindors were ecstatic as they left the class. Professor Potter was so pleased with their overall knowledge that he had not assigned any homework. As they journeyed back to the common room, Amanda and Alex were in profound discussion about what they could do with their free evening.

The other member of the trio was silent, her mind filled with questions. Questions totally centered on her DADA Professor, her own `knight in shining armor´. He´s just as wonderful as I knew he would be and so good looking. It certainly wouldn´t be difficult to fall in love with him. Maybe, I already have and just won´t admit it to myself. What can I do to show him how I feel; what can I give him to demonstrate how much I appreciate everything he has done. If it hadn´t been for him my parents would have never lived to conceive me. If it hadn´t been for him I would have been raped and killed. What do you give a person to whom you owe your very being? It has to be something very special. Something that is very personal.

Suddenly Jamie knew what it had to be. Something she considered very special. Something she was saving. Something she had been determined to keep until she was able to give it to her true love. Her parents had raised her to believe that this was the most precious gift she possessed and that it should only be given to someone who had proved himself deserving. Harry Potter had certainly proved himself deserving. Jamie was convinced she wasn´t dealing with a little girl crush on a famous hero. She had no visions of a relationship, but in her eyes, in her mind, he was the most deserving of her precious gift. Jamie had decided to give her virginity to Harry Potter. The question now was when and exactly how to go about it so that he wouldn´t refuse her special gift.

* * * * * *

Having survived all the way through the first day, Harry felt like celebrating.

From the beam on his face you would imagine he had just conquered Voldemort.

"I was going to inquire as to how your first day went, but from that grin on your face I presume rather fine." Hermione had entered the classroom while Harry had been occupied with reflections on the day.

"The day had it ups and downs. I was prepared to give up after period one with the Slytherin first years, but the Gryffindor fifth years made my day."

Hermione smiled at the reference to the fifth years. "They are an especially great group."

"Hermione, there is one girl in that class that reminds me so much of you. She ran with us this morning. Jamie Zacherley."

Hermione laughed, "Jamie is a very extraordinary young woman, but in reality she reminds me a lot more of you than me."

"Me?" Harry was taken aback by this comment. "What about her could possibly remind you of me?"

"Oh I´m not sure. Perhaps it´s that she made her house Quidditch team as a first year. Or it could be that she plays seeker. Then again it might be that she seems to be constantly saving lives and looking out for others with no regard to her own safety. Or maybe it´s that in four years she´s been in the infirmary six times with serious injuries."

"Whoa! Did you and I have a daughter together?"

Hermione´s face turned a bright pink. She knew, of course, that Harry was teasing, but little did he appreciate how much she wished they could parent a child together. He had absolutely no idea how much she loved him and always would.

Hermione smiled at Harry. "It´s funny in a way that you would say that, because I really don´t think that I could love her more even if she was my own daughter."

She could tell by the look of surprise on Harry´s face that she would have to tell him more. "I know it´s wrong for a teacher to take such an interest in just one student, but I´ve seen something in her since her first year. We almost lost her last year." Hermione shook her head trying to clear it of the emotions that just remembering those days and nights brought to the fore. "I cried myself to sleep every night, it was like part of me was dying."

"Almost lost her?" Harry voice showed genuine concern for a girl be barely knew.

"Yes" Hermione eyes were already tearing just thinking about the events. "It happened on parents weekend in mid February. I wasn´t present, but Alex and Amanada were and filled me in on most of the details."

"Alex Ward and Amanda Pierce?"

"Those three individuals are attached at the hips. I´ve never seen three people care for each other more except maybe..."

Harry finished her sentence. "You, Ron and I. That was the three of them that you pointed out to me walking arm in arm before the Sorting wasn´t it?"

Hermione found herself nodding in response even though her mind was already filling up with the memories of that night.

It was a gorgeous winter´s day that greeted the students and staff of Hogwarts for the annual parent´s weekend. After an exceptionally cold winter, to have a bright and sunny day with the temperature in the fifties was welcomed by all.

As Alex, Amanda and Jamie´s parents had been unable to make it to Hogwarts for the weekend, they were simply hanging out together, enjoying the wonderful and unexpected mildness of the day. After making their way around the grounds, they had all stopped at one of the benches to rest and talk. A short time later they were passed by a couple of parents, and a little girl. A few feet behind looking less happy to have their parents with them walked two fourth year boys from Slytherin. They had only just passed when the one boy turned and ran back to the castle crying out that he would be right back. The others stood talking while waiting for him.

The three of them watched them walk by, before returning to their own conversation. Less than five minutes later, Alex and Amanda were both shocked when Jamie suddenly leapt to her feet without saying a word and ran towards the lake. It was only then that they heard a woman shouting in a panic.

"Karen, where is Karen?"

They watched stunned, as Jamie ran about fifteen yards onto the ice covered lake and without hesitation, jumped into the water where the ice had melted and been broken through. As everyone rushed to the side of the lake, Alex advised them to stay on solid ground to avoid more breakage as he cautiously worked his way on to the ice.

Suddenly Jamie surfaced with the screaming little girl in her arms. The little girl was sputtering water and crying, "My baby, my baby."

Alex rushed to assist Jamie, but had barely gotten the little girl in his arms when Jamie jumped back into the freezing water. "No Jamie, don´t!" he shouted.

But by the time the words came out of his mouth, Jamie had once again disappeared. He rushed the little girl to her mother and hurried back onto the ice to help Jamie get out. As each minute went by and there was still no sign of Jamie, panic started to rise in him. When he felt Amanda tug on his robes, he knew that he wasn´t the only one worried.

"She´s in trouble Alex, we have to help her."

There was no need for discussion as they both instantly jumped in the frigid water.

Amanda stayed near the opening of the ice to act as a guide, while Alex dived lower to search for Jamie. He searched as far as his sight would let him in the freezing water. It may have been a sunny day, but the covering of ice kept the visibility down to a few meters. Then just as his own air was running out, he saw her rising a few meters away. As her body stopped against the ice sheet above, he knew that she was both trapped and unconscious. He swam as quickly as possible to her, fighting the burning in his own lungs at the lack of oxygen, powered on by the fear of losing his best friend. He put his arm around her to hold her steady, then searched for the opening where he knew Amanda and safety was. When he finally saw her legs kicking in the water it gave him the energy he needed and with the last vestiges of his strength he kicked towards her. By the time he reached the surface Madam Pomfrey had arrived. She didn´t even wait for Jamie to be pulled out of the water before putting her in stasis.

As Jamie´s lifeless body was put of the stretcher to be taken to the infirmary, Alex pulled himself up to the stretcher. He pried the doll from her left hand and held it out for the little girl who was still there, wrapped up in fresh robes to warm her. Alex exchanged no words with the girl´s parents or brother. What could anyone say at a time like this?

He turned to see Amanda looking at him. He could tell by the fear in her eyes, that she was still scared by what had occurred. As a teacher came over to wrap them both in new robes and put a warming charm on them, they held each other. It wasn´t just the cold that caused them both to shiver. Both of them knew how close they´d all come to death.

Hermione had been in her office, when a student came rushing in with the news of what had occurred. She silently thanked Madam Pomfrey for letting her know as she rushed as quickly as possible through the halls of Hogwarts. When she arrived at the Infirmary, the look on Madam Pomfrey´s face was enough to frighten Hermione to the core.

"I think we may be to late, Professor Granger. I´m hesitant to take her out of stasis. She was in that freezing water so long and she had stopped breathing. I´m not sure for how long. If she lives I´m afraid she´s going to lose one leg and there is a 70% chance of brain damage. I don´t know what to do."

Hermione looked at her and said all we can do is pray. And so they did. After a few days Pomfrey reported that Jamie wouldn´t lose the leg, but as far as brain damage, she couldn´t be sure until or if she came out of the coma. For two weeks they took turns sitting with her and praying that she would return to them. Then Headmaster McGonagall housed Jamie´s parents in empty faculty quarters. They spent the days sitting with her and Amanda, Alex and Hermione took the nights.

"We really thought that we´d never see her alive again, Harry. But then one night, I fell asleep holding her hand, and our prayers were answered." Hermione smiled warmly as she remembered the feeling of seeing Jamie that night. "She looked like the most beautiful Angel in the world, and do you know what she said?"

When Harry shook his head, Hermione continued. "She said, `Professor Granger, How is the little girl? Did I lose her baby doll?´"

Harry grabbed hold of Hermione´s hand and gently squeezed it, telling her, "You´re right, she is a very special girl." Though in his mind his words continued, "Almost as special as you."

* * * * * *

Alex bounded down the steps from his dormitory and entered the Gryffindor common room. "Okay, Amanda, lets get started. Where´s Jamie?"

Amanda turned her head and pointed to the lengthy study table along the far wall. There sat Jamie encircled by all ten first years Gryffindors.

Alex looked at Amanada with sad puppy eyes. "The three of us aren´t doing anything together tonight, are we?"

"I´m afraid not, unless it´s assisting Mother Hen help the first years with their homework." She looked at Alex as if she had already resigned herself to spending the evening in that fashion.

"She´ll never change will she?" Alex already knew the answer he would be given.

"I definitely hope not. Come on, let´s get acquainted with the Gryffindor Newbies."

The evening passed unexpectedly fast and although Amanda and Alex would never want to acknowledge it; they had a great time. As the youngest Gryffindors gathered their belongs they thanked the trio for their help. Jamie went over and whispered in Caitlin´s ear. "Give Pureheart a big kiss and hug for me."

"Only if you give me one first," Caitlin teased. Jamie kissed her on the cheek and gave her a big hug before she joined her friends.

"How did you two become so close so fast?" Amanda inquired.

"We share a history," was all Jamie replied.

"So what do you say? Do you guys want to play a little exploding snaps before you turn in?" Alex said challenging.

The tired look in Jamie´s eyes could have answered for her. "Not tonight Alex, I just want to get out of my clothes and relax a little. You can come up for a while if you want. I´m sure the other girls won´t mind."

"Nah! Thanks, but I think I´ll get to bed early, too. See you both in the morning."

As Alex headed toward the staircase for the boys dorm, Jamie and Amanda turned and walked toward the stairs for their room. The dormitory door had barely closed behind them before Jamie started removing her clothes.

Amanda shook her head and laughed. "You really hate wearing clothes, don´t you?"

"It´s not so much that I hate clothes, but that I feel so much more comfortable without them. Thank god I can come in here and take them all off. I had feared that I would have to hide myself for the whole seven years." Jamie gave her friend a smile in appreciation. "I´m so relieved that you and the others are so understanding. Thankfully you figured it out fast in first year that I was a naturist and you are all so supportive of me being nude in the dorm."

"Jamie, it didn´t take a brain surgeon to put two and two together. First I saw that plastic bag from Cap D´agde. Then there was that day you were so preoccupied with Quidditch tryouts that you sort of forgot I was here when you got out of the shower and just tossed the towel in the laundry. You must have strolled around the room five minutes before you realized you were nude. I bet you must have said I´m sorry fifty times. What really clinched it was noticing that full coverage tan of yours."

"A life time of doing something makes it seem quit natural. I know it´s still difficult for you to understand, but we never wore clothes at home. For years when my parents took me someplace, I thought I was being punished because they made me get dressed. I´m as self-conscious putting clothes on as you are taking them off. Amanda, you and Alex are my best friends. You guys know me better that anyone, else in the world. You know I´m basically shy and certainly no exhibitionist, but you also know I would be more comfortable sitting in the common room nude then with clothes on. It wouldn´t matter to me that everyone else was dressed or even if they stared. They´d get over it."

Amanda shook her head. "Your right, I´ll never understand it, but I love you and I accept it." Suddenly their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the dormitory door. Jamie and Amanda looked at each other puzzlingly as to who would be knocking on the door.

"Jamie its Caitlin. Can Pureheart and I come visit?" Caitlin called through the door.

Jamie and Amanda looked at each other.

"Sure come on in." Jamie reached for her robe, but Caitlin opened the down before she had it completely on and closed.

Jamie could tell by how quick Caitlin´s face turned red that she was embarrassed. But when she noticed the first year start looking back and forth between herself and Amanda, Jamie started to worry about what conclusion Caitlin was jumping to, especially considering her revelations the night before.

"Oh, I´m sorry. I didn´t know you.... I´m sorry, I´ll come back later."

"No, please Caitlin don´t go. Come in. Its not what you think." Jamie rush to the door and grabbed Caitlin´s hand. "Please, let me explain. I wouldn´t lie to you. Please don´t go."

Initially Caitlin tried to slip out of Jamie´s grasp, but then she stopped. Jamie´s been so nice to me. I have to trust her. I have to. She slowly waked into the room and sat next to Jamie on the bed. "Are you gay, Jamie?" Caitlin asked.

Amanda looked at Jamie as if to say now what? Jamie bit her lip and looked at Amanda. "Amanda can I talk to Caitlin alone for a little bit."

Amanda rose from her bed, grabbed her nightclothes and headed to the bathroom. Once she had closed the door behind her, Jamie turned to Caitlin wondering just what to tell her. She didn´t want to lie to the young girl, but apart from Alex, only her dorm mates knew of her lifestyle. The last thing she wanted was for it to scare Caitlin away. Suddenly her father´s words, telling her to trust her instincts came back to her. In the end she decided to trust them, hoping that they didn´t let her down for the first time.

"Caitlin, I am not gay. I have gay friends, but I am 100% heterosexual. Do you know what a naturists is?"

"No, not really. Does it have something to do with nature?"

"Sort of. Have you ever heard the term nudist?

"Oh yes!" Caitlin quickly responded. "Aren´t they those weird people that run around outside without their clothes."

Jamie looked at Caitlin. "Caitlin do you think I´m a weird person?"

"Oh! Heavens no. You´re one of the nicest people I´ve ever met."

"Caitlin, I´m a nudist." Caitlin´s jaw dropped slightly and she hung her head realizing she had just call Jamie weird. Jamie continued. " I´ve been a naturist or nudist; take you pick, ever since I can remember. At home my parents and sister never wear clothes. We find it more comfortable, more natural. When I first came to Hogwarts I was miserable here because I had to wear clothing all the time, even to sleep. Fortunately my dorm mates discovered my secret and found it in their hearts to allow me to be nude in the dorm."

"Do they stroll about nude, too?"


"Do you mean that they sit around and talk entirely dressed while you´re in your birthday suit?"

"That what I mean, Caitlin."

"So you and Amanda aren´t lesbians? You were just sitting talking. She had clothes on, but you were more comfortable naked?"

"That´s correct."

"If one of your dorm mates had walked in, you would have just kept talking, correct? Why did you cover up for me?"

"Most people have difficulty accepting our life style. Even though we´re the ones without clothes they become all disturbed and uncomfortable. I didn´t want to embarrass you, so I put my robes on, but you got in the door a little too swiftly"

Caitlin took a minute to soak up all this and then said. "I have a lot more questions I´d like to ask, but first I want to be sure I understand what you just said. If I state that I don´t mind you being nude, are you going to take off your robes and sit down there naked?"

Jamie smiled. "Yes, I´d feel a lot more comfortable without these robes, but only if you say it´s alright."

"Will you get angry or think I´m perverted if I look at you? It´s just that I´ve never seen a grown woman naked."

Jamie laughed as she leaned over and gave Caitlin a hug. "Caitlin, the last thing I would ever think is that you were perverted. You can stare at me, as much as you desire and ask as many questions as you want. I´m completely comfortable with my body and being seen nude."

Jamie stood up and removed her robes laying them over the end of the bed. She remained standing as she said to Caitlin, "We can keep this our little secret, can´t we?"

As much as she knew she shouldn´t; Caitlin couldn´t stop gazing at Jamie. "Your stunning, no wonder you´re comfortable with your body."

"Comfort with your body has nothing to do with how you look. Nudists come in every age, size and shape. I felt comfortable when I was 8 and I´ll feel comfortable when I´m 188. It´s all about freedom and being one with nature. Its hard to explain, a person has to experience it."

Caitlin hadn´t been able to take her eyes off Jamie´s breasts. "They´re beautiful. Do you think I´ll ever have breasts as full and beautiful as yours?" She looked down at her chest. "I´m as flat as a board."

"I want to show you something," Jamie said as she walked over to her dresser and opened the second drawer. She removed a picture and brought it back to the bed. "This is a picture of my family taken at Cap D´agde the summer before I started Hogwarts. I´m the skinny flat as a board one on the left. As far as you are concerned, you´re beautiful already and will become more beautiful every year." Jamie put her hand on her breast. "You don´t want breasts this big, they have a tendency to get in the way."

Caitlin smiled as she looked at 10-year-old Jamie waving to her from the picture. Suddenly her face turned as red as a beet and she looked away from the picture as she returned it to Jamie. Jamie saw the stunned expression on Caitlin face. "Sorry about that. I didn´t mean to turn this into a sex education class. I forgot that most girls your age have never seen a naked man."

"I guess you´ve seen a lot," Caitlin questioned in admiration. Her eyes were as big as saucers.

"Hundreds. Hundreds of guys have seen me nude, too. It´s really no big deal."

Caitlin shivered. "I can´t imagine being naked in front of a boy."

"It´s actually no different, at least not if the boys are nudists. Some times younger boys who aren´t naturists can be a little silly when they see someone naked."

Now Caitlin was confused. "Have you been nude in front of boys that aren´t naturists; boys that are fully dressed?"

"Yes, often we have parties at home and undoubtedly all of our friends aren´t naturists. We always warn anyone coming to the house that we will be nude. We leave it up to them whether they want to attend under those circumstances or not."

Jamie sat on the bed brushing Pureheart´s hair as Caitlin asked yet another question. "But aren´t you embarrassed to be nude in front of someone that´s fully clothed. Doesn´t it make you wish you had something to cover yourself with?"

"Caitlin I know your not going to be able to understand what I´m about to say, but it is totally true. Last night when you had to go up and be sorted did you feel all sweaty and nervous?" Caitlin nodded her head yes.

"The night I was sorted; I was petrified. My hands were all sweaty; my clothes were sticking to me. I was scared to death. I kept thinking that if only I could be void of those terrible clothes and feel the air against my skin; then I could calm down. To me being nude is being relaxed and a part of nature. In that room, in front of all those fully clothed strangers, I would have been much more comfortable and at ease if I had been able to be nude.

Caitlin just shook her head. "It must be wonderful to be so confident. Obviously you wear clothing in the winter outside because of the cold, but aren´t there any other times you feel the need for them; for instance if you were climbing or exercising?"

Jamie laughed. "Do you mean am I ashamed to have people see what´s between my legs? It´s just another part of my body; all girls have one. It´s only a big deal because people make it one. Caitlin, I play Twister at parties all the time. I´m not ashamed of any one seeing any part of my body."

"Well, its good to see that you two are getting along," Amanda said as she reentered the dorm. "I see at least one of you is comfortable and relaxed."

"We´re both comfortable with Jamie being nude," Caitlin responded defensively.

"It´s getting late and you should be off to bed; especially if you´re running with us in the morning," Jamie said. "One more question and off you go."

Caitlin thought a minute before saying. "I would like to ask something else, but it´s not really about nudity in general, it´s about you, about down there." She pointed to Jamie´s pubic area. "You´re 15, shouldn´t you have hair down there by now."

Amanada looked at Jamie and smiled. Then she walked over to Caitlin and ruffled her hair. "I can see why Jamie likes you. You don´t pull any punches. If it´s on your mind you speak it. Good for you."

It made Jamie feel good that Amanda was getting to like Caitlin. "Caitlin, I use magic to prevent it from growing; it makes me feel cleaner. I like the air to be able to circulate freely there. That´s why even though I´m forced to where clothing I will never ever wear knickers. I never wear a bra either. Clothing is bad enough, but underclothing is way to restrictive."

Caitlin shrugged her shoulders and laughed, "I never wear a bra either, but it´s mainly for lack of anything to put in it."

Amanada chucked. "Don´t feel bad Caitlin, most of us don´t have 56EEEEEs."

Jamie stood up and threw her pillow at Amanda. "I´d never get in the door if they were that big. Caitlin, I think you and Pureheart best be getting back to your dorm so you can spend some time with your housemates. Thank you for bringing him to visit. Do I get a hug tonight?"

Caitlin left Pureheart on the bed and practically leaped the distance between her and Jamie as they both threw their arms around each other. Somehow, probably because of their differences in height, when they embraced, Jamie´s one breast hit Caitlin in the nose and rubbed against her cheek. "Oh, I´m sorry Caitlin," Jamie quickly responded as she pulled away from the younger girl.

Caitlin got the strangest grin on her face and said. "No problem. I guess things like that happen when you´re dealing with a nudist that doesn´t know enough to keep her 56EEEEEs on a leash."

Amanda roared with laughter. Jamie looked at Caitlin. They both had huge smiles on their faces. They hugged each other again and with the same disastrous results only this time they held the embrace. Until Caitlin said, "Well at least now I know what to get you for Christmas. What size harness do you need for them?"

Amanda almost fell off the bed she laughed so hard. Caitlin grabbed Pureheart and Jamie walked her to the door before saying, "Do you want me to walk you to your dorm."

Caitlin eyes went to Jamie´s feet and then brushed her whole body until they reached her eyes. "I think not. You´d do it, and just like that. The last thing I want is you getting expelled. Jamie." Caitlin indicated for Jamie to lean her head down and she whispered in her ear.

Jamie stood up at once with a stunned look on her face. She just stared at Caitlin´s eyes for a few moments and then whispered something back in Caitlin´s ear. Caitlin smiled as she leaned over and yelled good night to the still giggling Amanda and then said good night to Jamie.

After the door closed behind her, Caitlin stood for a moment hugging Pureheart and then turned toward her dorm. I´ve never had a father. I never knew my mother, but now I know what its like to have a big sister and I want to be just like her. I love her.

As Jamie returned to her bed, Amanda said, "You know for an eleven year old first year she´s pretty cool. "

"Yeah," Jamie replied. "I like her a lot."

"So, what was the whispering all about or is it a big secret."

"No, Amanda, its no big secret, but it was an unbelievable surprise; something I would never have anticipated especially with her history. Caitlin wants my help doing something, but I told her to think about it for a week while she gets to know her dorm mates a little better. I don´t want her spending too much time with me and not having any friends in her own class."

"So do I have to yank it out of you or are you going to enlighten me."

"Caitlin wishes me to ask my roommates if it´s all right with them if she spends some time in here with them and me. She wants to feel what its like to be a nudist, especially around dressed people."

Amanda jumped to her feet with her pillow in hand and started hitting Jamie with it. "Kill! Kill! Destroy the wicked naturist before she infects the entire first year class and we have naked pre-teens running the halls of Hogwarts. Kill! Destroy!"

Susan, Lisa and Mandy entered the room to find Amanda and Jamie rolling around the floor doing a combination of wrestling, pillow fighting and tickling.

Lisa looked at Susan and Mandy and shook her head in a mock disgusted fashion before yelling, "Pillow fight." In a matter of seconds all five girls were rolling around the floor. Four girls were wearing clothes and one was utterly naked. The naked girl had rapidly come to the conclusion that being nude is a definite disadvantage when people are trying to tickle you.

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