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Published: 06/01/2005
Updated: 04/18/2006
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The Greatest Power


Story Summary:
After the events in the Department of Mysteries, Sirius' death, and the revelation of the prophecy, Harry is again sent back to stay with his aunt and uncle on Privet Drive, more broken and overwhelmed than ever before. How will he survive without his friends? He needs them more than ever, and as his mind is repeatedly attacked, the situation becomes desperate.

After the events in the Department of Mysteries, Sirius' death, and the revelation of the prophecy, Harry is again sent back to stay with his aunt and uncle on Privet Drive, more broken and overwhelmed than ever before. How will he survive without his friends? He needs them more than ever, and as his mind is repeatedly attacked, the situation becomes desperate.

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Chapter 03

Harry's health is deteriorating rapidly, and the inhabitants of Number 12, Grimmauld Place are growing frantic in their worry. They go to check on him, but will they make it in time?

Words: 3,392
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Chapter 04

Will Harry make a full recovery now that he is in the care of his friends?

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Chapter 05

Harry begins a slow recovery from his ailments, and Voldmeort plans his next attack.

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Chapter 06

Remus Lupin finds out what Harry's been hiding, and some of the secrets to his condition are revealed.

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Chapter 07

Ginny finally gets to see Harry and lets him in on what's been happening at headquarters. Molly, Remus, and Dumbledore talk, and a certain redhead's temper shows itself.

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Chapter 08

Harry's friends see him awake for the first time, and there are hints of romance for Ron. Lupin gives Harry some surprising but welcome news, and they all find out just how horrible the things that have been happening to Harry really are.

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Chapter 09

After Ginny witnesses an attack on Harry, she and Ron begin to figure out what has been happening to their friend. Will they be able to help him?

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Chapter 10

Dumbledore begins training Harry personally in Occlumency, and unlike we saw in his lessons with Snape (OotP), Harry makes great progress...but will it be enough?

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Chapter 11

Harry's sixteenth birthday arrives, Lupin receives a surprising request, and Hermione returns to her friends' sides...all the makings of a merry day! Or will it be?

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Chapter 12

Harry suffers the worst attack he has yet had to face, and he is unable to fight back. What will this mean for him?

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Chapter 13

Harry and his friends receive their OWL results, and Harry is left alone for the first time since his rescue.

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Chapter 14

Harry and his friends journey home on the Hogwart's Express, and we finally get a glimpse of our favorite antagonist...

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Chapter 15

Draco Malfoy takes part in something he has been waiting for since Voldemort comes back...two years before he expects to be there...

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Chapter 16

The Start-of-Term Feast brings with it a new Sorting Hat Song, and McGonagall wants to meet with all three of the trio individually in her office...what could that be about? We'll finally see some good news around here, that's for sure...

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Chapter 17

The first Potions class is a disaster on many levels...

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Chapter 18

Harry's friends react to his abrupt departure after Snape's attack, and question the Potion Master's loyalties.

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Chapter 19

Harry begins his Occlumency training with Professor Dumbledore, and they talk about everything that has happened. We also find out exactly how Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy have been staging their attacks!

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Chapter 20

Harry is made to witness the first official death of the second war.

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Chapter 21

Lupin gives Snape a piece of his mind, and Quidditch tryouts are held.

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Chapter 22

Harry's training with Dumbledore takes an interesting turn as Harry begins to exhibit some real power. Ginny and Harry have a nice "talk" as their relationship begins to solidify.

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Chapter 23

Harry starts his defense lessons with Kingsley Shacklebolt, continues his lessons with DD, and decides it is time to tell everyone about the prophecy.

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Chapter 24

Harry reveals the prophecy to those he loves the most...and someone else as well.

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Chapter 25

Molly flips when she hears about the prophecy, Draco Malfoy begins the second part of his new mission, and Harry learns some new skills...

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Chapter 26

Wandless magic, a date, and invisibility cloak, an angry roommate, and a battle...

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Chapter 27

Harry and Ron are not getting along, and Harry's progress in Legilimency and wandless magic has slowed. As Voldemort performs his most evil deed to date, how can Harry cope without his best friend at his side?

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Chapter 28

Harry finally gets to spend Christmas at the Burrow...with some surprising results.

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Chapter 29

You'll have to read to find out...

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As the Weasley family tries to deal with their loss, they find solace in togetherness...and support in surprising places.

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Draco is asked to spend Christmas at Hogwarts instead of returning home. What is Voldemort's intent?

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Dumbledore gives Harry his heaviest responsibility to date, Percy gets sacked, and one of Draco's missions is finally fulfilled.

Words: 8,902
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Harry and company find out about the attack on Hagrid's hut and rush to his side...they all receive some unexpected visitors, and Harry comes clean with Ginny, and begins training for the hardest thing he will ever do.

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As the pressure increases, so does Harry's determination to succeed. Has he lost sight of himself?

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Harry finally makes it in...what will he see?

Words: 1,871
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After his first successful break into Voldemort's mind, Harry must regroup and go in again in hopes of finding more information...not to mention, exams, Quidditch and other worries.

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As Harry's sixth year barrels towards it's end, many things begin to happen in quick succession, and Harry has to decide whether to take matters into his own hands.

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...and the battle ensues.

Words: 10,014
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How do you say goodbye to someone like

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Chapter 40 - Onward

This is the final chapter of The Greatest Power. I hope you enjoy it! :)

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