Once upon a time, a friendship was formed that would change the Wizarding World forever. But now that they are older, the three no longer rely on each other as they did before. At the birth of baby Rose, Harry Potter reflects on Ron and Hermione's relationship and the way the trio's friendship has changed over the years.

Words: 5,721
Chapters: 1
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Teddy in Time by maramouse

Fifteen-year-old Teddy Lupin has always longed to meet his parents, so when he stumbles upon a new model of a Time Turner, he decides to travel back to August of 1997. But in the past, Teddy finds more questions than answers and begins a desperate quest to reunite the parents he never knew.

Words: 6,918
Chapters: 3
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The Gift of Time by maramouse

DH missing moment. Ron and Hermione discuss the prospect of a future post-war.

Words: 2,538
Chapters: 1
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