Lilies In Autumn


Story Summary:
Lilies don't just bloom in the spring. Harry and Ginny welcome Lily into their lives.

Chapter 01 - Slamming Doors, Open Windows


Harry opened his eyes at the buzz of the alarm. It was peaceful early in the morning in the moments before sunrise. He rolled over and brushed tendrils of hair from Ginny's face. He cupped her face and sleepily kissed her, smiling a little as she woke up. Ginny slowly inhaled and stretched arching her body against Harry's. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her over him. Ginny chuckled throatily and slipped her hands into his boxers. He hummed huskily against her mouth, his hands sliding down to the hem of her nightdress, gathering the fabric and pulling it up to her hips. 'Daddy!' a voice said next to Harry's ear.

Harry's eyes flew open, and he turned his head to find James standing next to the bed, and indignant expression on his small face. 'Perfect timing as always,' Harry sighed in frustration. 'He's definitely part Weasley.'

'What's the matter, James?' Ginny asked in a resigned voice, tugging the hem of her nightdress down to her knees.

'Albie smells,' the little boy pronounced with obvious disgust on his face.

'All right,' Ginny said, a slight tightness underlying her voice. She looked down at Harry, shifting slightly against him. 'Hold that thought, will you?' she murmured, a wicked glint in her eyes.

'That was not fair,' Harry groaned, as Ginny climbed out of bed, and took James' hand. 'I'll go downstairs and make breakfast.' He paused slowly blew out a long breath. 'In a minute.' He watched Ginny leave the room, listening to James' chatter, willing his pulse to slow to a more normal pace. 'Brilliant,' he muttered. It had been weeks since he'd made love with Ginny, and every time they tried, something came up, or they'd been so tired they fell asleep before anything could happen. He rolled out of bed and shuffled into the bathroom. With a baleful glare at the cold water tap in the bathtub, Harry twisted it on, and dropped his t-shirt and boxers on the floor, ducking into the frigid water. He wondered how on earth Molly and Arthur had managed to have seven children. Shivering, he turned off the water, and grabbed a towel from the shelf, rubbing his hair dry. He wrapped it around his waist and brushed his teeth. --

Teddy's not coming this weekend... I wonder if Molly and Arthur would be willing to take the boys for the weekend...

'The Cannons are playing the Harpies tonight,' Ginny commented as she pulled her nightdress over her head. 'I ought to be home early.'

'Really?' Harry spit a mouthful of foam into the sink. 'That has possibilities.'

'Got plans for a wild party?' Ginny laughed, as she stepped into the shower.

'If you only knew,' muttered Harry, rinsing his toothbrush.

A wail came from one of the boys' rooms. 'Mummeeeeee!' cried Albus. Harry darted out of the bathroom, one hand clamped on the towel, trying to keep it from sliding off his hips. He found Albus in James' room, sitting on the floor, crying in anger, his pudgy fists clinging to a bright yellow lorry, as --

James tried to yank it from his younger brother's determined grasp. 'Dahdeeeee,' Albus howled when he saw Harry standing in the doorway. 'Laweeeeeee.'

'This is way too early in the morning for this,' Harry grumbled. 'James, let Al play with the lorry, all right?'

James eyebrows knit in irritation. 'No,' he said, increasing the force of his pulls. His eyes darkened in annoyance at Albus.

Harry sighed, and tightening his grip on his towel, bent to pick up the toy. 'It's mine, now.'

'Can't do that, Daddy!' James stated mulishly.

'Watch me,' Harry muttered, tucking the lorry under his arm.

'Telling Mummy.' James ran out of his room and down the corridor into Harry and Ginny's bedroom.

Albus had gotten to his feet and toddled over to Harry. 'Up, Dahdee!' he demanded, his tiny hands stretched up, grasping the edge of the towel. The haphazard wrapping job Harry had done unraveled and the towel slid down his legs and landed in a heap on Albus' head. Albus giggled while Harry pulled the towel off his head.

'That's why you always put on boxers before trying to untangle the two of them,' Ginny said from the door, James at her side. 'Nice view, though,' she added, giving his bare bum an admiring glance. 'Or maybe that dressing gown Hermione gave you for your birthday,' she suggested, regretfully swathing his hips in the damp towel, and kissing the back of his neck. 'I'll finish getting the boys dressed. You go put some clothes on, and make breakfast.'

Harry set the lorry on a shelf and trudged to the bedroom. It wasn't even eight yet, and he could add one disturbed shag session, one cold shower, a million thoughts about Ginny that could get him punched by all of her brothers, despite the fact they'd celebrated their seventh anniversary in September, one smelly nappy, one sibling argument, and one dropped towel. He yanked on some fresh clothing, and went down to the kitchen to make porridge.

Ginny came into the kitchen, with Albus in her arms, and James trailing behind her. 'Going into the office today?' she asked.

Harry ladled porridge into bowls. 'Some. I have a few investigations to check on, and a trainee class to teach. When do you have to go to Wales?'

'Three. Four at the latest.'

Harry stirred his porridge idly. 'I can be home by two.'

Ginny put Albus into his high chair. 'Maybe we can ask Ron and Hermione to watch the boys tomorrow afternoon?'


'Oh, there's no maybe,' Ginny declared, pouring juice into two cups, fitting a no-spill lid over one of them. 'It's been years,' she huffed. 'A girl's got needs, you know.'

Harry blinked. 'Oh. Well...' He poured water from the teakettle into the teapot. 'I'll go by the shop on my way in,' he promised.

'You'd better,' Ginny told him. 'I have a wand, and I'm not afraid to use it.'

'Yes, ma'am,' Harry murmured, his mind spinning with plans. He left for work soon after breakfast, stopping in Arthur's office. 'Arthur, could you and Molly do something for Gin and me this weekend?'

'Of course.'

'Could you watch the boys this weekend?' Harry asked in a rush, desperation evident on his face. 'Please?'

Arthur grinned widely, recognizing the desperation. 'Oh, sure. Molly's mother would watch the boys for us a few times a year.' A glint came into his eyes. 'It's how we ended up with Percy, the twins, Ron, and Ginny.' Arthur chuckled. Harry twitched, wondering if Arthur shared his wife's ability to read their children's thoughts. 'I'll come to the house with you and take them home with me tonight.'

'Thank you,' Harry breathed fervently.


Ginny walked up to the house, the frosty ground crunching under her shoes. She'd been ready to scream when James barged into the bedroom that morning. Spontaneous sex had been relegated to a memory lately. 'Nine more years,' she sighed, wondering if her parents had counted the weeks until they all left for school. 'Ten if you count Al...' She opened the door into the kitchen, dropping her bag next to the door, and toeing her shoes off. It was awfully quiet. Almost too quiet. 'Harry?' she called. 'I'm home!' No answer. 'Jemmy? Albie?' Ginny pulled her wand from her pocket and approached the door leading to the sitting room. It opened when her hand was mere inches away from the doorknob.

'How was the game?' Harry asked.

'Short.' Ginny slid the wand back into her pocket. 'I almost hate to see Ron get excited about the new season, then watch his hopes get brutally dashed to bits the first game.' She looked behind Harry. 'Why is it so quiet in here?'

Harry put his arms around Ginny. 'Well, I convinced your mum and dad to watch James and Albie until Sunday. I set the table in the dining room. I used the china Andie gave us for our wedding and the nice tablecloth Seamus gave us. And, I even used the silver my parents left me.'

'Wow,' Ginny said, impressed. 'What's the occasion?'

'Do we have to have one?'

'Not at all.' Ginny shed her coat, draping it over the banister of the staircase. 'What else have you got planned for us this weekend?'

'Finishing what we started this morning, before your son interrupted us,' Harry said pointedly.

'Why is James my son all of a sudden...?' Ginny headed for the seldom-used formal dining room.

'I had to take a cold shower this morning. He's your son.'

'Fine, what else?' Ginny sat down in the chair Harry held out for her.

'Anything you want.'

'Oh, my,' Ginny breathed.

'Thought we could go flying tomorrow afternoon.'

'I'd like that.' She surveyed the array of food on the table. 'You were busy today.'

Harry shrugged. 'I had some time.' He lifted the lid off a dish.

'You made coq au vin! I love coq au vin...' Ginny eyed Harry speculatively. 'Mr. Potter, you're trying to seduce me.'

'Just a little...' he admitted.

Ginny giggled. 'No worries. I'm a sure bet.'

'Are you hungry at all?' Harry asked in a strangled voice.

Ginny looked up to find Harry staring at her hungrily. 'Not right now.' She smiled at Harry's sharp intake of breath. She took out her wand and waved it over the table. 'Dinner'll keep.'


Harry lay on his back breathing heavily. 'Yeah. That was bloody brilliant,' he panted.

'Afraid you were going to forget how to do that?' Ginny asked from the opposite end of the bed, sounding breathless.

Harry grabbed Ginny's ankle and pulled her up to the head of the bed. 'If I ever forget how to do that, you have my permission to repeatedly send Bludgers at my head.' He rolled over and kissed Ginny deeply. Her stomach rumbled. 'Hungry?' he asked.

'Mmm-hmmm. Famished.' She nipped his earlobe playfully.

'Well, we do have a nice dinner downstairs,' mused Harry.

'We should go downstairs and eat it,' Ginny yawned. 'We never get to eat dinner in there. We can have a meal like civilized people.'

'A meal where we don't have to wipe someone else's face,' Harry said wistfully.


'Adult conversation...'

Ginny rolled off the bed and snagged her dressing gown from the floor, where it had fallen earlier. 'Sounds like a good idea to me,' she told Harry, pulling the silk over her shoulders.

Harry sat up, and slid off the bed, and rummaged in the trail of discarded clothing for his boxers. He found a clean pair of pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and followed Ginny back down to the dining room. 'I could get used to this.'

'So could I,' Ginny said, as she used her wand to light the tapers in the middle of the table.


Harry levitated a tray up to the bedroom, setting it down on the foot of the disheveled bed. 'When was the last time we got to sleep past eight in the morning?'

'Since before James was born.' Ginny pushed herself into a sitting position, and piled the pillows against the headboard.

Harry handed Ginny a cup of tea. 'So, still up to go flying today?'

'Separate brooms?' Ginny asked.

'Yeah. We can play a little Quidditch.'

'Just the two of us?' she asked askance.

'We can just use the Snitch.' Harry sipped his tea. 'Love watching you play Seeker...' His eyes darkened several shades. 'Such a turn-on.'

'That's not a fair contest,' Ginny objected. 'You're so much better at that than I am.'

'I'm out of practice!'

'You are not,' scoffed Ginny.

'I am, too,' Harry objected.

'All right, then,' Ginny pronounced. She threw the bedding off and began to dress, layering an old jumper over a t-shirt, and pulling on a pair of worn jeans. 'Arm and shin guards are in the scullery,' she told Harry, as she drew on her socks and a pair of boots. As she tied the laces tightly, she got to her feet. 'See you in the back garden.'

Stunned, Harry sat on the bed for a moment, then jumped off, grabbing his abandoned jeans from the previous night, yanking them on, before he found an ancient sweatshirt that he donned as he ran down the stairs after Ginny. He shoved his feet into his trainers that he had left at the back door when he had arrived home the day before. Harry darted into the scullery to grab his arm and shin guards that he used for the family games on Sundays, before he pulled on his coat.

Stumbling into the back garden, he found the broom shed wide open, and Ginny's precious Firebolt already removed from its hooks. Harry snatched his broom down from the hooks, and he threw the case open that held a set of Quidditch equipment, taking the Snitch from its slot. 'You're rather slow this morning,' Ginny taunted mockingly, hovering over the storage shed.

Harry mounted his broom, and kicked off. 'You didn't mind last night.'

Ginny snorted. 'We weren't playing Quidditch last night.'

Harry opened his fist and released the Snitch into the frosty November morning. 'We are now.'


'What's the score?' Ginny shouted, as she released the Snitch back into the sky.

'Tied. Twelve all.'

'Winner takes all on this one?' she suggested.

'Absolutely.' Harry's eyes narrowed as he flew in circles, searching for a glint of gold in the sun. He began to climb higher, aware of Ginny trailing closely behind him. 'You're not going to get it before I do!' he shouted over his shoulder.

'Watch me!' Ginny urged her broom forward and shot in front of Harry, effectively blocking him. She suddenly pulled the broom handle up and looped over Harry, righting herself and streaking across the clearing. Her fingers closed around the Snitch and with a shout of triumph, she sent the broom spiraling toward the ground.

No sooner than she had landed, Harry pushed her against the broom shed, his mouth slanting over hers in urgent demand. 'That was bloody brilliant,' he muttered, his hands roving under her jumper.

'Inside,' gasped Ginny. Harry began to walk backward toward the house, tearing his mouth from Ginny's to glance over his shoulder. She reached around him to open the door, and once they were inside, he kicked the door closed. No sooner than the door slammed shut, they began to work their way from the layers of clothing, sending shoes, jumpers and Quidditch equipment about the kitchen in wild abandon. Harry picked Ginny up and perched her on the kitchen table. She slid back, knocking the teapot to the floor with a crash.

'We'll fix it later,' Harry growled, trying to work her jeans off.

Neither of them heard someone Floo into the sitting room.


Ron tumbled to the hearth rug in Harry and Ginny's sitting room. He and Hermione had just found out she was carrying a boy the day before. Hermione discovered she was pregnant two months earlier. They hadn't even been trying, and considering their difficulties in conceiving Rose, they had both received the news with a large measure of shock. Hermione was riddled with doubts about having another baby so soon after Rose, and now that they knew she was going to have a boy, she was feeling slightly frazzled. She kept repeating, 'But I don't understand boys...' at odd moments since they walked out of the hospital.

The sound of something breaking, sent Ron scurrying toward the kitchen, his wand drawn and held aloft. He eased the door open a bit, and the sounds of guttural moans drifted toward him. Pushing the door open completely, Ron was confronted with the sight of his baby sister and best friend entwined on their kitchen table, in various stages of undress. 'Bloody hell!' Ron bellowed.

'What the -' Harry scrambled off Ginny, scrabbling for his t-shirt, and throwing it at her. He seized his jeans from the floor and yanked them on, nearly tripping over his feet in his haste.

Ginny perched on the edge of the table, now clad in Harry's t-shirt, spitting like an angry cat. 'Merlin, Ron! Don't you ever knock, you bloody wanker?'

Ron flushed a deep magenta, which clashed horribly with his hair. He kept his eyes fixed firmly on the floor. 'Sorry,' he mumbled, shoving his wand back into his pocket, and spinning around. He fled the kitchen and was digging in the flowerpot for a handful of Floo powder.

Harry followed him. 'Ron, wait.'

'Look, I'm sorry...' Ron refused to look at Harry.

'It's okay...'

'Like hell it is!' Ginny yelled from the kitchen.

'Ignore her,' Harry whispered. 'She'll get over it.'

'I'm not sure I will,' mumbled Ron.

'What's the problem, mate?'

'It's nothing.' Ron threw the handful of powder into the fireplace. 'I'll see you tomorrow.'

Harry laid a hand on Ron's shoulder. 'Ron, wait...'

'No worries, all right? I'll talk to you later...'

Harry watched helplessly as Ron disappeared in swirl of emerald green flames. He went back into the kitchen to find Ginny still sitting on the edge of the table, her arms crossed over her chest, swinging her feet. 'What was that about?' she asked.

'No idea. He wouldn't say.'

'Your brother-in-law is not my favorite person right now,' Ginny huffed.

'You're talking about your brother, you know...'

'Yes, but I didn't choose to be related to him,' Ginny stated. 'You did.'

Harry leaned down to kiss her. 'Checkmate.'