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Published: 07/17/2004
Updated: 07/17/2004
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Forbidden Love


Story Summary:
She was a Gryffindor, her girlfriend was a Slytherin and they spent the majority of their weekends hidden in the Astronomy Tower in each other's arms.

Chapter Summary:
She was a Gryffindor, and her girlfriend was a Slytherin; but they cared for one another all the same. Risking it all just to see each other for brief moments on their weekends; sneeking off to be in each other's arms.
Author's Note:
Thanks to Sazlette for going over this chapter, and to Fayetonic for being my canvas. Without Faye, I'd probably not been able to write this, and without Sazlette this would never be up. Thanks you guys.

Forbidden Love

By Leanne

They sat, hand in hand, in the secrecy of night. Together they would sit and gaze upon the stars, while the other students slept comfortably in their nice warm four-poster beds without any knowledge of the two students that snuck their private time high above the ever-formal classrooms, in the Astronomy Tower. Sure everyone went and hid behind the Greenhouse when they wanted to snog their partner silly, or they could (find?) some empty classroom, or even a broom closet; but they were up there to snog, though the thought had not slipped their mind.

Sitting upon the cold stone, with a blanket wrapped around them, they had found peace in each other. They were no longer alone, no longer feeling vulnerable, no longer desperate for some one to recognize them; together they were complete. The school would scorn them, as Slytherins and Gryffindors do not date. They were breaking the number one code of ethics between the two houses, do not fraternize with the enemy; but neither of them cared. They were blissfully happy when they were together, and longed for the weekend when they could sit upon the stone rooftop of the Astronomy Tower once again.

The cool air whipped against their flesh, sending chills down their spines as they looked at each other. Each holding an unspoken question, did they go in, or did they remain in the company of each other? Neither wanted to ask it, neither wanted to leave the comfort of each other's arms and return to their beds so far away from one another; so neither said a word. The mood was not spoiled by the sudden weather change, nor did they move inside to find shelter away from the coming storm. The air felt damp against their cheeks, a slight fogged rolled in over the forest, quickening its pace towards the school.

A stolen kiss, and the two departed through the doors with a final glance back at one another before going their separate ways. One moved off towards the Gryffindor Common Room, praying that neither would be caught for being out after hours. Though both were Prefects, even Prefects could get in trouble when they weren't on duty prowling for students out of bed. They knew they took risks each night when they snuck off to meet each other, they knew that they could lose house points or gain detention, but neither cared. The only thing that mattered was the short period of time they spent together under the veil of night before the first morning's light crept over the forest and they were forced to return to their beds to catch a few hours of sleep before immerging from their rooms well rested.

One single lie was all it took to keep their friends off their cases about why they had slept in; or why they had gone to bed early the night before. They would never understand anyway; what was a girl to say? 'I snuck off to spend the evening in another girl's arms while you all slept dreaming of Quidditch, or Hogsmeade, or whatever you dream about.' Like they would understand or accept that; that had been their reasoning behind hiding the truth, behind hiding their relationship.

She wanted to tell them, she want them to know that she had spent her evenings shying away from them for fear they wouldn't accept her anymore. They were her friends, and yet, some how she knew they would never understand the comfort she found in another girl's arms. How each kiss, each touch of the hand was enough to keep her satisfied like no boy or man could. It was the simplest thing, and yet so complicated. Life came with a handful of simplicity, and an arm load of complications, she knew when she had one or the other, and longed for the handful instead but vouched that simplicity would only make their relationship boring and would definitely not have been what attracted her to her partner.

It was the way she held herself, the security in knowing exactly what to say without fear of persecution from her friends, the way her lips curled into a tight lipped grin when her insults hit the right button to trigger anger. It was the softness of her touch when they were forced to work together, the slipped note hidden in a textbook or backpack. It was the look in her eyes when they passed one another in the hall after class, and the ever-endearing remarks when they were alone, and the world of intelligence both possessed that had attracted them together.

They'd slip away from their friends again that night, and rush off to their tower to be with one another one last time before the school week began again. They would lay awake, arms wrapped around each other, legs entwined with the other, and soft words whispered that only they would hear. She would kiss her forehead, murmur sweet nothings, and smile while her hands roamed the body next to hers. Her mind imagining what it would feel like if her girlfriend lay naked beside her, her long slender fingers caressing each nook, each curve of that creamy white skin.

Saturday nights were their nights to linger in the tower. A time when they could sleep in their partner's arms without worry, and then slip off to breakfast while no one thought any the wiser of where they had been. They would spend the day with their friends and the cycle of their hidden relationship would repeat again come the following Friday night where they would find themselves locked in each other's arms until the morning light crept over the forest and forced them from back to their rooms.

Author notes: This is my first Femmeslash fic, and yes, I didn't say who they were for a reason. I didn't want to. Can you guess who they are?