Dark Phoenix Rising


Story Summary:
Sequel to The Legend of the Phoenix Well. The Dark will rise once more... aided by the Storm and the almost-Leo... After the defeat of Lord Voldemort, the wizarding world thought it was safe. Insignificant dark wizards fought for the position of the dark lord in power, and so far, none have succeeded. None... except for one. Now the members of the Order of the Phoenix find themselves dealing with past mysteries and dangers perhaps more perilous than before. Post-Hogwarts.

Sequel to The Legend of the Phoenix Well.

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Chapter 01

Lord Voldemort has been defeated, but a new dark lord has risen. The Order of the Phoenix finds itself facing a new darkness, perhaps impossible to defeat. Chapter One: In which we meet Maia Potter, the obedient girl who loves trashy romance novels. Also, where Maia meets the exceedingly rude Xavier Malfoy, where chaos ensues.

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Chapter 02

Chapter two: In which the boy reaches Knockturn Alley, Draco shows how he really can't speak Spanish, we learn a bit about Matteo and his fantasies, and Xavier finds a friend.

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Chapter 03

In this chapter: Xavier and Theo get caught (kind of obvious that they would be), Draco is insulted repeatedly by Mr. Borgin, and the identity of the boy is revealed in a Mundungus Fletcher-like way. And the boy's quite confused.

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Chapter 04

Sequel to [URL=http://www.schnoogle.com/authors/amethystphoenix/LPW01.html[/URL].

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Chapter 05

Sequel to

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Chapter 06

Sequel to

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