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The Bet


Story Summary:
It all started with a little bet. "I bet you can't do it." "Do what?" "Seduce him." Draco Malfoy's never been one to back down from a perfectly do-able bet. But when that bet involves Harry Potter? Draco's realising that this bet isn't as cut and dry as it seems, nor as easy... AU post-war, post-Hogwarts, Harry/Draco/OC

Chapter 08

Chapter Summary:
Hermione, Ron and Neville have a little chat, and Harry tries to find out why, but becoming fed up with his friends' interference, he decides to take his life into his own hands.
Author's Note:
Er...I have no idea what to say about this chapter, honestly. It's kind of a lead-in to the next chapter, really. Kind of bit of fun and whatnot. Oh, and please don't be mad at me. Everything will sort it's self out in due time...


The Bet

Chapter VIII - Intuition


Have you ever had that feeling like something's going on behind your back, but every time you try to find out what it is, it completely evades you, and you're left wondering if you're just exceedingly paranoid for no reason?

Well, that's how Harry Potter felt at this moment. He was sure there was something going on between Hermione, Ron and Neville; something to do with him, and if he knew his friends well enough, and he'd like to think he did, than he knew that they were just like him: curious enough to kill the cat five times over, and brave enough to find out all about it first.

And again, he knew that nothing of any great importance was really going on in his life (well, perhaps except his increasing friendships with Malfoy and Raven), so he also knew that Hermione was probably trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill with the small showing of friendly affection that had passed between him and Raven on Sunday afternoon.

It was now Thursday; three days after he cried on Malfoy's shoulder, and there had been no other contact with either of the Slytherins. But that night, when Hermione, Ron and Neville all went over to Number Two, 'just to get some class notes,' he had the distinct feeling that he was being left out of something. And so, being the most curious Gryffindor of all (probably enough to flat out take all nine lives), he snuck out after them, grabbing his broom so he could hover just outside Hermione's window and see what all the fuss was about.

He knew he really shouldn't eavesdrop on his friends, but since their behaviour was so odd, he felt that he should at least see if there was anything untoward about their little meeting. He was even more suspicious when he saw Hermione cast a silencing spell on the room. And knowing that he couldn't hear anything, he was about to just give up when he studied Hermione's face and the words her mouth was forming. Something about...Raven...likes Harry and Malfoy...I'm still suspicious, but that...mean that...I think everything will be fine...let Harry...

But she was talking too fast for Harry to really catch anything more, and Ron and Neville weren't facing him. Lip-reading was hard. Even with Hermione's slight push of the perfect enunciation of words. So Harry landed and headed back to Number One, letting what little pieces of information he had mull around in his mind, trying to find a logical explanation for it all. It was like opening an old box of puzzle pieces, only to realise a few hours later, that nearly half of the pieces had been lost at one point in time.

So all that Harry could really gather, but which was more like an assumption, really, was that Hermione must have talked to Raven. How else would she have known how Raven felt about him and Malfoy? Harry was a little put off that he couldn't find out what the trio was going to do with that information, but realised that he really couldn't care less. He was tired of everyone messing with his life. It was time he took a bit more control of where his life was going. And with that decision, he put his broom away and made his way back outside, across the courtyard and over to Number Four.


"What do you mean, Raven likes Harry and Malfoy? How can she like two people at once?"

"Ron, it's really not all that hard." Hermione said. "You can't help who you become attracted to."

"What do you mean? Do you like someone else?"

"No, of course not."

"Then how can you say-"

"Do you remember Victor Krum?" she cut off.

"Yeah, of course I remember that ugly, Bulgarian, sorry excuse for a-"

"Well, I liked you both. You and Victor. But you were being such a prat at the time that I-"

"Me? How was I being a prat?"

"Um, guys, can we get back to subject?" Neville said in a rather timid voice.

Ron huffed slightly; obviously not ready to let it go. Slouching on the bed and crossing his arms, he said, "Yeah. Fine."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "As I was saying, I'm still slightly suspicious, but Raven didn't seem to be trying to hide anything. If she wanted to keep me in the dark, she could have."

"Who says she's not just lying to you? About everything?"

Hermione thought for a moment. How to explain this... She settled on, "Women's intuition, I guess."

Ron deadpanned for a moment. "Women's intuition?"

"Yes." Since Ron was obviously not buying it, and Neville just seemed rather confused by the whole mess, she said, "Look, I just think it would be better if we just let it be. We should trust Harry's instincts. They are the reason most of us are still alive today. Besides, Raven seemed to be very aware of how Harry has been doing lately, and genuinely wanted to help."

Ron sighed. "Well, I suppose so..."

"Well...if you still feel weird about it, why not talk to Harry yourself, Ron?" Neville said.

Ron smiled. "That's a good idea, Neville."


"So, that's settled then?" Hermione said. "Ron, you're going to talk to Harry, and then we're just going to leave it alone for now?"

"Yeah," came the simultaneous response.

Hermione smiled. "Good."


To say that Raven was a bit surprised to see Harry at such a late hour on a Thursday was actually quite true. She tried to not let anything take her by surprise, and as such, politely invited Harry inside and upstairs to her room, where they could have at least a little bit of privacy.

Daphne Greengrass was sitting on her bed, trying in vain to get through her Arithmancy homework when Raven walked in with none other than Harry Potter.

"Daphne, I'm not sure you guys ever met, but this is-"

"Harry Potter. I know." She quirked up an eyebrow at the girl then turned her gaze over to Harry.

Harry just stood there, his hands shoved in his pockets and looking altogether a bit nervous. "Hello, Daphne," he said.

"Hello...Harry." It was only polite to say his first name when he said hers, after all.

At the rather awkward atmosphere, Raven cleared her throat and asked, "Daphne, I don't mean to be rude, but do you think Harry and I could have a moment alone? I don't want to interrupt your studying or anything..."

"No," Daphne said quickly. "It's fine. I was just thinking of taking a break anyway. Arithmancy still is a hard one for me. Just call me when I can come back up." And then with a rather calculating look at the dark-haired, green-eyed pair, she scooted off her bed and out the door, closing it behind her.

Raven turned to Harry. "So...Harry. What do you want to talk about?" Sitting on her bed, she patted the space next to her.

Blushing slightly, Harry sat down next to her, leaning his elbows on his knees. "Er...well, it's not a secret or anything...I was just...well, I've decided to take you up. On your modelling proposition."

Raven's eyes lit up and she smiled. "Really?"

"Yes. And you really don't have to pay me. I don't want payment."

A smirk placed itself on Raven's lips and she said, "And may I ask what provoked you to want to do this for me?"

Harry shrugged. "I just wanted to try something new, I guess. And you needed help with your paintings anyway."

Raven nodded in understanding. "So...what time is good for you? I'm open all weekend."

"Well, I have Quidditch practice tomorrow after school, but after that I'm open."

"That's right, I nearly forgot about your daily Quidditch practice. Are you sure you won't be too worn out?"

"No, I'll be fine. I don't have morning class on Fridays, so I can just catch up on my beauty sleep then," Harry grinned.

Raven chuckled. "Oh, yes. I'm sure you Gryffindors need all the beauty sleep you can get."

"Hey, I don't just roll out of bed looking this good, unlike you and Malfoy. It takes effort!" he joked back.

Raven rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, sure."

"Besides," Harry said, "I should probably let Malfoy take on more of the practicing, and just watch."


"Because he doesn't get enough practice...and I've been thinking of asking the captain if he'd let Malfoy play more often."

Raven cocked her head to the side. "What makes you think he'd like to play more often?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know. Seeker's intuition, I guess. He's really not all that bad; he was my only real competition at Hogwarts, after all."

"I think Draco would have a heart attack to hear you complementing him."

Harry furrowed his brow quickly, like he just realised that he did just complement his long-time rival. But he smiled and said, "Now that's something I'd like to see."

Raven rolled her eyes. "And here I'd thought the two of you had made progress."

"Really? Did Malfoy tell you that?"

"Sort of. He skimmed over the details, but did mention that you seemed rather comfortable around him at some point Monday night."


"Don't worry, Harry. Draco and I are both private people. We both understand about keeping others' privacy. Like I said, he really only told me that you guys seemed to have made some progress in your relationship."

"We have. A little. But it's still strange." There was a small pause before he said; "Anyway...I'm a little tired of stealing the limelight all the time. Malfoy should have the same opportunity I have to go pro, if he wants to, that is."

"What about you? Do you want to, Harry?"

"To be honest, I don't know. I mean, I'm studying medicine on top of my N.E.W.T. classes, and I'd really like to work at Hogwarts as Madam Pomfrey's apprentice, but I really love Quidditch too. And it would give me the opportunity to go and see the world."

"Maybe you could try Seeking, and then work at Hogwarts," Raven suggested.

"Maybe. It's something to think about at least." Harry chuckled. "You know, it's funny. Even though I've been studying medicine for a few years now, I still feel like I don't know what I want to do with my life."

"There's nothing wrong with that, Harry. Wizard's lives are longer than muggles...you have plenty of time to figure out what your true passions are."

Harry sighed, sagging slightly in defeat. "I know. But it's just...well, I've never told anyone this, but...ever since the war's been over, and I've had time to focus on other things besides killing Voldemort, tracking down the remaining Death Eaters, and helping the survivors...I've realised that I had never expected to survive the war. I really thought I was going to die. That Voldemort would take me down with him. It's something I think about everyday, even as I throw myself into what ever it is I'm doing, to help forget about it all."

Raven put an arm around Harry's shoulders. "To be honest, I didn't quite expect that you felt that way, Harry. But a part of me understands. I mean, I wished I could die...when I was in the infirmary. But I couldn't. I couldn't do that to Draco, I couldn't do that to my parents...I couldn't do that to myself. Draco, Blaise and I...we're what's left of those who chose to follow the Dark Lord, and now, all I can be, every day, is...grateful. Grateful that we were given another chance at life, instead of killed or put in Azkaban."

Harry smiled softly, realising what it was that Raven was trying to say. "You're right, Raven. I really shouldn't be focusing on feeling like I was supposed to die. I should focus on how I want to live, and make the most out of it."

Raven ran a hand through his unruly hair. "Exactly, Harry. You're still young. You should do whatever it is you fancy, before you're so old that you become as bizarre as Dumbledore."

Harry laughed. "Could you imagine me, acting like Dumbledore?"

Raven laughed too. "Not particularly, no."

When their laughter died down, the two looked at each other for a moment, both forgetting the conversation momentarily, and then the world started to revolve only around each other and their sudden intimacy.

Raven felt those little butterflies flutter in her stomach as she realised the close proximity of the Gryffindor. She had never been this close to him; her arm was still around his shoulders, her fingers were playing with his hair. She could count the freckles on his nose; there were five. His cheeks were this constant flush of pink, making it look like he was always blushing, and it was only getting darker at the closeness of the nearly identical girl. Harry's lips were parted slightly, and Raven noticed just how full his bottom lip was, and how red the flesh was.

Harry was having a hard time breathing. The last time he had been this close to a girl that he was attracted to, was Cho. His spine tingled as her fingers massaged his scalp. He had thought that Raven's skin was as fair and pale as Malfoy's, but now he noticed that she had a few light freckles on her cheeks and nose, and a slight flush to her skin, but he had a feeling that that wasn't normal for her. Her green eyes were wide and searching, obviously looking at him as well. And when her eyes landed on his lips, he automatically looked down at hers as well.

Unconsciously, both parties leaned forward, and just before their lips touched, they both jumped apart in shock.

"I...er..." Harry mumbled. Oh God.

"Yeah..." Raven breathed. Oh Goddess, what just happened?

Harry fidgeted in his seat next to her. "Maybe I should..."


"...See you tomorrow." Harry stood.

"Yeah." God, can't I say anything else?

"Bye, Raven." Harry quickly went to the door and opened it.

"Bye, Harry." She watched as Harry left her bedroom.

As Harry walked back home, only one thought permeated his mind:

Malfoy's going to kill me.


When Ron and Neville returned from Hermione's, Harry was nowhere to be found. So Ron sat in the lounge and waited, hanging around with Seamus and Owen, as they vainly tried to finish their homework, but were too talkative to stay on track. After a few moments of waiting, Harry finally came home, kicking off his shoes and wearily trudging upstairs.

"Oi! Harry!"

Harry stopped his ascent to turn around and look at his best mate. "Oh, hey Ron. What's up?"

"Where ya been?"

"Oh...over at Raven's."

Ron frowned slightly and said, "I see. Um...actually, I was wondering if you had a minute to talk."

Harry was in a slight mental anguish at the moment, considering what had just happened, but realised that Ron probably wanted to talk about whatever it was exactly that Hermione had told him. So he decided to just get it all over with, and see what the three had decided to do.

"Yeah, sure. Come on up." And Harry started walking up to his room again, waiting for Ron to follow him inside, and then closed the door behind them. Flopping down on his bed, he asked, "What do you want to talk about?"

Ron shifted his stance slightly. "Er...well, I was wondering...how you felt about...Raven," he finished. Harry raised an eyebrow. At his hesitation to answer, Ron continued. "You know you can tell me anything, mate."

Harry sighed. "Yeah, I know. And to tell you the truth...I'm not sure. I mean, I know I'm attracted to her, and I think I might like her, I definitely feel comfortable with her, but...I also know that she likes Malfoy, and he likes her. They've known each other a lot longer, and I know I can't compete with that."

Ron nodded. "I see. So you're not going to do anything?"

Harry shrugged. "What can I do, really? Without over stepping my bounds?" He shook his head. "No, I don't think I'll do anything."

"But I thought...I thought that Raven liked you..."

Harry gazed back steadily at his friend. "Yes, she does. And I suppose you and Hermione and Neville had to go find that out for yourselves?" he said in an accusing tone.

Ron blushed and stammered, "Er, y-yeah. We did. Hermione talked to Raven yesterday."

"I thought so."

"Are you mad?"

Harry sighed. "To be completely honest, yes. I'm tired of everyone butting in on my business. And I know you guys are just trying to look out for my best interests, but I wish you'd trust my judgement."

"We do, mate, we do. But you have to agree, that this situation is a little odd."

"I suppose so. Honestly though, it's just nice to have some change right now. I was feeling like I was in a bit of a rut there."

"I understand. Hermione and I just don't want you getting forgotten as we both start focusing on the wedding as well as N.E.W.T.'s."

"I know, Ron. But I'll be fine. Honest. I think I'm just going to live life up a little. Do whatever takes my fancy. Have more fun. Stuff like that."

"That's fine, mate. Just try and stay out of trouble, eh?"

"I will, Ron. I will."

Author notes: Yeah...so I hope you don't all hate me. I can't really talk about much without giving the plot away, so...just don't rip me a new asshole about that thing with Harry and Raven. Please?

Also, I'm not sure how many people have noticed one of my previous notes, but I have actually written up through chapter fourteen of this story, but I am still most appreciative of your comments! So please, keep reviewing! I love getting reviews, and I love my reviewers! I am actually thinking of going back through chapters 1-11, and having my current betas review them, to help tie the story together. As I said before, Eva, my original beta, was lost to me, and I now currently have three new betas, who will hopefully help me go back through the earlier chapters to gain more unity out of the story.

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Added (again, in case anyone's been missing it):04.09.06
Okay...I'm getting rather tired of everyone thinking that my story is a rip-off of "Cruel Intentions". I've written notes about this at FanFiction.net, but perhaps I forget here. I DID NOT INTENTIONALLY USE THE SAME PLOT. I totally forgot the movie existed, until someone pointed it out after I posted chapter five or so. Any similarities are COMPLETELY COINCIDENCE. So please stop telling me I'm ripping something off, when I had no intention of doing so. Besides, "Cruel Intentions" is a rip off of Dangerous Liaisons, an old play.