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Serpent's Bride

Reiko Naoe

Story Summary:
In Ginny Weasley’s 6th year, Draco Malfoy saved her life and that’s a wizard’s debt. Now, five years later its payback time. Especially now that Draco’s in desperate need of a wife.

Chapter 07

Chapter Summary:
In Ginny's sixth year, Draco saved her life and that's a wizard's debt. Now, five years later, its payback time. Especially now that Draco is in desperate need of a wife.

Serpent’s Bride

Chapter VII: Vladimir Malfoy II

Chapter VII: Vladimir Malfoy II

"Uh—no," murmured Ginny on her cell phone as she went about her 'old' room searching for her light brown traveling cloak. It was a beautiful late afternoon, with the setting sun giving out a pinkish glow, and here she was, all cranky, leaving her last minute instructions to her secretary, Therese.

"I said I'm on leave," she said cradling the phone between her shoulder and her head as her hands fumbled for the cloak’s clasp. "No, it'll be a while before I-- yes!" she half shouted. Finally feeling fed up, she threw her cloak aside and held the phone with her left hand.

"Look, Therese," she began with forced patience. "All I'm asking is for you to give out the remaining lessons which are all stack up neatly inside my drawers. They are labeled, it won't be difficult finding-- no! You just have to give it to them!" she paused and looked at her watch.

"Well, I'm not really sure when I'll be coming back," she said after the pause. "No, nothing. I'm just at my parents house-- no, I'm not going broke," said Ginny impatiently as she started pacing back and forth in her room. She then stopped before her closet and sighed.

"Therese, I really have to go. Just give the goddamn lessons and be done with it, okay?" she said and with that, she quickly hung-up and let out an audible curse.

"What seems to be the problem?"

Upon hearing a deep voice, Ginny gasped and quickly spun around to see Ron frowning at her.

"Bad news from work?" he asked walking inside and closing the door gently behind him.

"Don't do that again," Said Ginny with displeasure, her right hand clutching her chest and her other hand throwing the phone on her bed. "And it's not bad news. Just giving some instructions to my secretary." She continued, picking up her cloak.

"Oh," murmured Ron as he settled his tall frame on her bed. He looked around, his green eyes roaming disinterestedly from the tiny light brown closet to the little desk just facing the small window.

Ginny looked at him, her eyebrows raised. "Ron?" she asked noticing the unusual silence of her brother. "You want something?"

Ron blinked and turned to her. "Uh," he began.


"Well, Gin?"

"Yes, Ron," she said wonderingly.

"About-- about the other night," he continued frowning. "You know, when Malfoy came here and stuff--"

"Oh," Ginny nodded, her eyes slightly widening.

"Look, I just want to apologize for behaving that way and-- "

"No, no… it's-- it's all right, really," replied Ginny hastily, the guilty feeling washing over her again.

"No, it's not really all right," said Ron stubbornly. Seeing Ron’s determination to go on with the subject, Ginny then reluctantly bit her lip and sat beside her brother. Ron let out a weak smile and placed his hand on top of hers. "Gin, I know that-- well- I'll be really honest with you, all right? I just don't get it, really. Why-- Malfoy?"

Ginny stared at him for a moment only to see the obvious concern flickering in his green eyes. At that, Ginny felt that familiar feeling of being sick again, sick with guilt. It was really a wonder why she still had not gotten used to it, after all the lies and all the deception she had been making these past few weeks… and it wasn't nice. She felt terrible.

"Well, I-- don't know," she replied softly forcing out a weak smile back. She shook her head slowly. "I guess it's just fate. I really didn't plan everything to be this way," she added which was in part, the truth. It was Draco who did all the planning. She closed her eyes momentarily. "Please, don't ask if I love him… please don't ask if I love him… I don't want to lie again… I don't want to lie anymore," she silently prayed.

"Well the thing is, " Ron started patting Ginny's hand gently. "Bill and Charlie are right. It's really none of my business who you choose to marry as long as he makes you happy. But-- " he paused and looked down.

"But what?" asked Ginny.

"But-- well-- I'm your big brother and-- and we've been the closest compared to your relationship with Bill or Charlie or Fred and George… and I can't help but feel protective. Surely you understand that, don’t you?" he asked.

When Ginny nodded, Ron cleared his throat. "The thing is-- Gin, you’re my little sister, no make that my only baby sister and I-- even if you're all grown up and everything I just can't help but feel worried and-- "

"I love you, Ron," Ginny cut in softly. "You're the sweetest, the most caring brother I have and I love you."

With that, Ron stopped and smiled gently. "I love you too, Gin. And I really, really missed you. I haven't seen you since you decided to move out on your own and I'm glad I saw you again," he replied. Then he shook his head. "But I just can't help but feel guilty, you know. I just can't help but think that the main reason why you're marrying Malfoy was that I didn't spend enough time with you or-- or had a serious brother-sister talk with you. I was always with Harry and Hermione cooking up something, no doubt, something that lead the three of us again and again to Dumbledore's office and-- that's probably why I'm missing you this much, you know. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with you before just--"

"Ron, no," interrupted Ginny. "Don't say that. Harry and Hermione-- they're your best friends!"

"But you're family," supplied Ron, shaking his head.

"And nothing will ever change that," she said. The she sighed and took Ron's other hand. "Ron, you-- mustn't feel guilty because-- because my marrying Malfoy had nothing to do with you or with your hanging out with Harry and Hermione endlessly. It was my decision, all right? MY decision." She continued, which was again, the truth. "And it is I who should feel guilty not you," she silently added to herself. "But-- I really-- " She shook her head and smiled. "Thank you-- for worrying and loving me that much."

With that, Ron's face lit up. He turned to her and softly planted a kiss on her forehead. Ginny closed her eyes. "But I can't promise I'll be all nice and sweet to that Slytherin prat, Gin," he said darkly. Then remembering Ginny and the marriage, his sour face faltered a little.

Ginny laughed. "No one's actually expecting that, really," she said, standing up and walking towards her little vanity table. She sat down on the stool and began combing her hair. For her, the thought of Ron being very, very friendly and all chummy with Malfoy was like seeing Voldemort doing the mambo, sipping fruit shakes, surrounded by giggling females and actually enjoying it in a tiny and sunny island somewhere in the Caribbean. It was really, utterly-- unthinkable.

"But since he'll be family as well," said Ron turning to her. "I'll-- I'll-- Well, I'll try my best to, you know… " His voice trailed off while his eyes settled over her reflection meaningfully while his hands flailed stupidly in gesture. "You know, I-- I would, like uh-- be civil and stuff and-- "

Ginny found herself chuckling. "I think I know what you mean," she said.

Ron nodded his head. "Yes, I think so," he replied. "So, uh… was-- was Harry informed about this?" he asked carefully.

Ginny suddenly stopped, the smile on her freckled face slightly withering. She put the brush down slowly and turned to her brother. She took a deep breath. "I-- I sent him a letter," she finally replied.

Ron raised his eyebrows curiously. "And?"

"Well-- well, he," stuttered Ginny.. "He didn't-- write back," she sighed and turned her attentions back to her mirror. "It really felt so horrible, you know. Having to tell him that 'thing' during the Quidditch season. Having for him to learn that-- that 'thing'… He actually went back to Ireland completely-- completely-- "

"Happy?" asked Ron.

"Well, not that happy like you know, HAPPY," said Ginny meaningfully.

"Confident? Hopeful?"

"Well somewhat, yes. It's more like a-- more like a," said Ginny thoughtfully. Then she threw her hands up. "Oh blast, I don't know! I won't know until he writes back!" she cried. She really felt rotten just thinking about their conversation back at her office.

"But please promise me that you'll consider?"

"I promise."

"Well, you can't really blame him if he doesn't write back, you know that right?" said Ron.

Ginny sighed and nodded. "Yes, I know," she replied tiredly. Then she looked at Ron's reflection. "Does that make me a bad person?"

Ron smiled softly. "No, that doesn't make you a bad person, Ginny," he replied shaking his head. "Just like what you said, it's fate."

Ginny nodded. "Yes, fate," she said with agreement. "Fate? Was it me or was it just I'm fated to spend the rest of my life unhappy and miserable with a certain miserable prat whom I'll soon be marrying?"

"Everything all right there, Gin?" asked Ron upon noting her sudden silence.

Reluctantly Ginny snapped out of her trance and turned to him smiling. "Yes, of course. I was just-- uh-- thinking of something," she replied.

"Oh, right," Ron nodded his head. "Not that anything's new… you're always thinking of something," he murmured. Ginny frowned at him. Ron shut his mouth.

"So, has Bill already left?" asked Ginny.

"Yeah, just a while ago," replied Ron. "Quite surprising, really, usually it’s Bill who leaves first. But Charlie, Fred and George kind of beat him to it."

Ginny chuckled. "Probably misses mom and dad," she surmised, pulling her shiny red mane into a tight ponytail. Then turning once again on her mirror, she picked up a tiny tube of pale pink lip-gloss from her drawer and began applying it to her lips. She smacked her lips once, stood up and twirled in front of her brother.

"So how do I look?" she asked showing of her semi-fitted blouse and her khaki colored skirt.

"You're pretty, Gin," said Ron. "Of course I would've said beautiful but that's for my Hermione, you know," he added sheepishly. "What's the occasion, by the way?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm off to do something in the orphanage and Mal-- Draco will pick me up and we'll have dinner with his mother and grandfather," she answered, putting on her traveling cloak.

"Oh I see," said Ron. "Meeting the in-laws?"

"Well, you can put it that way," she replied, her hands fumbling with the rose clasp of her cloak and snapping it into place. "Where's Herm, by the way?" she asked.

"Diagon Alley," he replied. "With Sylvia. She kept on saying something about buying a goat spleen and some chopped magnolia or lilac roots or whatever." Then he shrugged. "Pretty nasty if you ask me," he said, his face contorting with disgust. "Now that I think about it… What's Herm up to anyway?" he asked himself.

"Well probably she likes to whip herself up a Deflating Draft," answered Ginny. "Goat spleen and chopped roots of magnolia are for making Deflating Drafts," she replied surely.

"You sure about that?" asked Ron doubtfully.

Ginny batted an eyelash. "My dear brother," she began. "You're talking to the best potion maker Hogwarts has ever seen," she continued.

Ron rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah whatever," he replied. But then it was true. Ginny was the best potion maker back at Hogwarts. Her high marks proved it (much to Snape’s displeasure… it was a Gryffindor and not a Slytherin who gained the highest merits). She was probably the best next to Severus Snape, their potions professor. No matter how Ron hated that man, he still had to admit that Snape was the best when it came to potions and cauldrons and stuff, considering the fact that it was one of Snape’s potions that

saved him during the war. "You know very well that if Snape hears you-- "

"Oh what he doesn't know won't hurt him anyway," she said. "So what did Sylvia inflate this time?" She asked.

"I think it was her mother's underwear," said Ron, chuckling since he had found the XXXXXL size and inflated knickers and brassieres on top of her wife's writing desk that noon.

Ginny frowned. "I couldn't blame little Sylvia. However," she said, looking at him straight in the eye. "Really, Ron-- What were you thinking? Why do you have a Swelling Solution in your room, hmm?" she asked, giving him a naughty smile.

Getting Ginny's meaning, Ron scrunched his face, as it turned pink. "Really, Ginny!" he started with disbelief. He stopped as his 'little sister' grinned impishly at him. He shook his head and went to the door. "I simply refuse to have this conversation with you," he said.

"Ooh, touché," she quipped.

"I don't-- we don't need that! I don't use that, if you must know. They're for the-- the vegetables and," cried Ron.

"Then why is it inside your 'room'? Room-- vegetables-- kitchen-- get the connection?" she asked, rolling her eyes.

"I tell you! It's-- we don't-- it was Sylvia and," babbled Ron.

When Ginny gave him that I-don't-really-believe-you look, he threw his hands up. "Hey! You're my kid sister! What do you know about those things anyway?" he said grumpily.

Ginny chuckled and went to the door as well. "You'd be surprised, believe me," she replied. When Ron eyed her darkly, she grinned. "Oh all right! I believe you! You're tall anyway and you know what they say about ‘tall men’, right?" she added mischievously. Then without a word, she tipped on her toes and kissed her brother on the cheek. "Wish me luck?" she asked. Although this marriage was only a game, she couldn't help but feel nervous and anxious meeting her 'in-laws' all the same. Had Draco felt this way too? She found herself asking.

"They'll love you, was Ron's only reply.

At that, Ginny smiled and made her way down the stairs. "I'll see you then!" she hollered. "And dad, wherever you are! Don't you dare take my phone apart! I mean it!" she added as she made her way towards the fireplace. Then taking the pot full of floo powder, she positioned herself before the crackling fire.

"Take care, Ginny!" called Molly from the kitchen upon hearing her daughter's quickening footsteps. "And please say thank you to Draco for the flowers, dear!"

"I will, mom! Bye!" she answered back. She then blew the powder making the fire roar a greenish color.

"To the orphanage, please," she said loudly and clearly. And with that, she hopped into the flames and disappeared from sight.


Draco crossed his legs and looked out the carriage window that same day. He then placed his carefully manicured fingers on his right temple and stared at the slowly sinking sun. He was just on his way to the orphanage after receiving a letter from Virginia.

"Virginia Weasley," he found his mind repeating. He let out an irritated grunt and turned away from the window, gruffly pulling its covers to block the beautiful sunset from his view. It actually surprised him to find himself thinking about her and his behavior the other night for two whole days now, yesterday and today.

He really didn't expect that everything would turn out good, if not, better than he had expected… He just couldn't forget that night, the way he tried to put his best foot forward, accepting the drinking bout and waking up…

He took a deep breath and tapped his wand against his right leg slowly as he looked at the empty seat across from his thoughtfully. It really stunned him to find himself, that next morning, lying on the couch with his head on top of Virginia's lap, her hand tangled in his hair. He couldn't exactly remember how drunk he had been that night. He hadn't even remembered what suddenly got him in 'that' predicament (lying on the couch with Virginia). He tapped his wand faster.

That alone was worse-- he stopped. No, it wasn't worse but-- disturbing. What was worse was the way he acted the morning he woke up finding himself lying on her lap and seeing her asleep. He clearly remembered blinking his eyes furiously and springing up to a sitting position when he felt a soft hand on his head and when he saw her sleeping face just above him. The thing was, he could've have just left a note and walked away. But no, he did not. Instead, he sat there and quietly watched her sleeping face for a while before actually writing that note, leaving the flowers, and finally walking away.

Until now, it actually didn't occur to him why he had sat there only to watch her sleep. It was also really very disconcerting to suddenly realize that he had actually wanted to sit there and just watch her. There was just that unexplainable something that tugged his eyes towards her direction.

He just couldn't forget how she had looked like back then. She had her eyes closed, making her eyelashes stand out against her creamy white skin. It actually surprised him to see that they were actually thick, dark and long. And she has this nose… this feminine small nose, so different from Blaise's long, aristocratic one. And her red hair, it was very long and shiny with its curly tips… it was so enticing that he had trouble resisting the temptation to touch her hair, to see what it felts like, to know how soft and silky it was. And she was wearing a white dress! A white simple knee-length dress! All in all, Ginny had looked like an angel that morning, minus the halo and the wings, that is.

He let out a soft curse and put his wand aside. What the hell was happening to him? First, he had watched her sleep. Then he suddenly found himself thinking about her the whole day. He wasn't used to that! Usually, after having sex with Blaise or with anyone, he would just stay in bed for about 5 or 10 minutes or so and stand up. If he ever fell asleep it was the woman who watched him with adoring eyes and not the other way around. And he didn’t think about them all day! Well, if he did, then it would be about the 'things' they did that night and not how she had looked like while sleeping. And the thing was, he hadn't even slept with Virginia Weasley! And he didn't do 'mushy' things like that! Sleeping on a woman's lap! Such a thought was-- Draco shook his head. This was so unnerving and so disturbing… That's why he had decided not to see her yesterday. He wanted to clear his head, convince himself that it was just nothing, to sort things out, but then… look where that got him. He still found himself thinking about her.

He shook his head and decided to ignore the unexplainable feeling building up inside him. "It was just the stupid 'mushy' thing." He convinced himself. And also her family. He hastily added. Never in his whole damn life had he encountered a family as crazy as hers, with two older brothers (Bill and Charlie) who laughed at the other’s (Ron) obvious pompousness then with another set of brothers, twins actually, who had a promising career when it came to blowing houses down. In fact, maybe that was just it. It was just the whole, new shocking experience of encountering her family. Hell, it was everything but her! JUST EVERYTHING BUT HER!

"The orphanage, Master Draco?" his coach driver suddenly called, shattering his thoughts.

Draco then lifted the window covers only to see the big, massive edifice of the orphanage looming before him. The castle was small compared to Hogwarts but nevertheless, it was much bigger than the Manor. Draco heard that it was used as a military fortress back in the Peasant's Revolt. He let his eyes scan the structure momentarily only to notice the sturdy towers sticking out of the hard, coarse bricks lining the castle walls. It was without a doubt that these towers were used as watchtowers before. Somehow, the frugal and rugged structure of this orphanage strongly reminded him of the castles back in Scotland. Then his eyes widened only to see the big iron gates opening as though it sensed him. Well, probably it did. He cleared his throat.

"Drive through," he ordered.

"Very well, young master," his coach driver answered as the coach moved forward and then stopped before the big, heavy doors. Getting his wand and straightening his cloak, Draco then opened the door and stepped down from the coach. Looking at his awaiting driver, he spoke calmly.

"I'll be back in fifteen minutes."

"Yes, sir," his driver answered, nodding.

Then without wasting another moment, Draco made his way towards the door, knocked thrice and disappeared inside the castle.


Ginny clutched her cloak tighter to her as she made her way silently through the castle hall, her shoes making clicking sounds against the stone floor. Then stopping before the office she shared with Selena, she took out her wand and muttered,


Instantly, the door opened. Ginny then slid her wand back inside her pocket and marched inside to see Selena busy writing something. Without a word, she hastily made her way towards her and dropped something on top of her bookkeeper's parchment.

"Here," she said. "Pay Gringgots and tell them to shove it up their-- "

"Where the hell did you get this?" breathed Selena, her eyes widening upon seeing the gold Gringgots vault key. She picked it up and turned to Ginny. "How much is inside this vault, if you don't mind, Ginny."

"One million galleons," answered Ginny simply, turning away from her to walk towards her own desk. She plopped herself down without bothering to remove her cloak. "I told you I could get the money, didn’t I?" she said, grinning.

Selena frowned with mixed confusion and amazement. She stood up and walked towards Ginny. "Well, yes but how, " she stopped and shook her head. "How did you get this-- kind of money? How-- "

"I just have my ways, that's all," cut in Ginny.

With that, Selena's jaw dropped. "You didn't-- you know-- please tell me you didn't--"

Ginny's scrunched her face in disgust. "Of course not!" she cried. "Really, Selena! Is that what you think of me?" she asked, slightly hurt.

"No of course not!" the younger woman replied quickly. "But surely, you can't blame me if-- "

"I got a loan," answered Ginny.

"A loan?" echoed Selena.

"Yup!" Ginny nodded, making her ponytail bounce. "I got a loan."

"From whom?"

At that Ginny stopped. "Well- from, " she shook her head slowly. "From-- a friend," she continued lamely.

"Pretty generous friend you got there," said Selena. Then she sighed. "Really, Ginny, can’t you do better than that?"

"You don’t believe me?" asked Ginny. When Selena shook her head, she frowned. "Look, just go and pay Gringgots and buy something for the orphanage, all right? I'll just worry about the finances and such."

"It's my job to worry about the finances, Gin," said Selena, raising one eyebrow.

"No, you're job is to worry about balancing the books," replied Ginny quite crankily. Selena frowned at her with the answer. Seeing that, Ginny just sighed. "Look, I'm sorry but I'm not really in the mood to discuss this thing right now, now that everything will be paid and good," she supplied, smiling weakly.

"Oh all right," said Selena finally giving in. "You just tell me if there are any problems, all right?"

Ginny nodded and stood up. She walked towards the office window and peered outside. Then she turned to Selena, who was busy getting a new parchment, no doubt, to write a letter to Gringgots. "Did a man with uh—blond hair named Draco Malfoy-- you know-- um… did he come here yet?" she stuttered.

Selena looked up. "Tall blond guy with those amazingly gray eyes?" she asked. When Ginny nodded, she grinned. "Well no. Were you expecting him?"

"How did you know him?" asked Ginny instead. "You went to Durmstrang, right? So how did you know him?"

"Oh, well… He's very popular with the women, you know," answered Selena, biting her lower lip thoughtfully. "I met him once actually when my uncle threw a party at his Manor, you know my uncle who settled in Germany and well, that's where I saw him. He's so gorgeous!" she said sighing.

Ginny frowned upon hearing the giggle that came out of the young woman's lips. Seeing the look Ginny gave her, Selena then choked back her giggles and cleared her throat. "I heard he was your schoolmate," she said in a questioning tone.

The red haired woman nodded. "We went to Hogwarts," she answered curtly, walking away from the window. "You-- think him uh-- cute?" she couldn’t resist asking after a moment.

Selena gushed. "Super cute!" she replied, her blue eyes twinkling. "He's so tall and so cool and suave… and the way he dresses himself… he's so… sexy, you know! So mysterious and-- "

"Are you forgetting that he disappeared during the war?" asked Ginny blandly.

"Well, yes I can’t deny that fact," said Selena thoughtfully. "But then, he's still handsome and good-looking. He probably, doesn't remember me but I couldn't blame him, really. He was surrounded by dozens and dozens of beautiful women and I was like, only 15 or 14 years old at that time, not an eye-catcher if you ask me--," babbled Selena on and on much to Ginny's dismay.

"But you do realize that his father was in league with the Dark Lord, right?" insisted Ginny upon seeing the dreamy smile on the other woman’s face.

"Oh Lord Shmord! It doesn’t matter, really," answered Selena with a dismissive wave of her hand. "It was his father anyway and not him… ooh… another addition to that Bad-but-Drop-Dead-Sexy thing about him," she added almost drooling.

Ginny stared at her, her brown eyes becoming wide with shock. "Really, Selena… that man’s one— uh—one," she started, her hand flailing in the air as she thought of an appropriate word.

"That man’s one what?"

Ginny whirled around to see Draco standing by the doorway, his hands in his trouser pockets, his lips set in the usual arrogant smirk she knew so well. At the sight of Draco, Selena gave out a tiny, girly squeak and stood up. Ginny frowned with much disapproval upon seeing the curvaceous form of Selena Malthus making its way towards him.

"You’re—Draco Malfoy, am I correct?" asked Selena shyly, stopping a few feet away from him.

"Yes," answered Draco smoothly, taking a step towards her. Selena held her breath as he stopped just inches away from her. "And you must be Selena Malthus?" he asked pleasantly. "You’ve grown to be a pretty young woman, I see."

Selena’s eyes widened with surprise and pleasure. "He remembered me?" she thought as Draco lifted her hand and placed a light kiss on it. "He remembered me!" she added with obvious delight. She gave out a giggle as Draco finally let go of her hand.

"You will, of course, say hello to your Uncle from me?" he asked.

"Of—of course," squeaked Selena.

Ginny stood there, her eyes now flashing with irritation. Her body went rigid as she silently absorbed the on-going scene before her. How dare he? Her mind screamed. Then without thinking, she reached for the heavy paperweight and pushed it deliberately off the table. It created a heavy clunking noise as it hit the floor. Draco and Selena both turned to her, their eyes wide with surprise.

"Uh—wind," murmured Ginny as she bent down to pick the paperweight and partly to hide her hot, flushing face from his view. "Must have knocked down—the uh—"

Draco stared at her, his eyes lighting up with much amusement. For a second there, he let his eyes feast over her. She was wearing white again, much to his pleasure and dismay. Pleasure because her ensemble, though simple and plain, was really very alluring. He didn’t miss the narrow waist and the small rounded hips her white semi-fitted blouse hinted. And he found himself thinking impishly again, then felt dismay because it would get him thinking about her all over again. He turned to Selena and smiled. "You must excuse Virginia," he said walking towards Ginny, who was currently placing the paperweight back on the table. "She’s jealous," he finished standing beside her. At that, Ginny’s eyes widened.

"I certainly am not!" she cried. She looked at Draco then to Selena who was watching her with wide blue eyes. "I certainly am not! That—that is ridiculous and—, " she stuttered again. "Then why did you have to make a scene by dropping the paperweight?" a tiny voice said at the back of her head. Ginny’s frown deepened, ignoring it.

"She’s my fiancé," said Draco to Selena delicately. Selena’s eyes widened with obvious shock and disappointment. "And she’s jealous," he finished again, irritating Ginny more.

"I am not!" she declared heavily.

At that, a spark of hope flickered in Selena’s eyes. "You’re not his fiancé?" she asked.

"NOT JEALOUS," said Ginny through gritted teeth. For a moment there, it made her wonder why she became irritated with the ‘not his fiancé’ thing Selena had said. Was Draco right? Was she feeling jealous?

Selena turned to Draco questioningly. Draco, in turn, smiled and winked at her knowingly. Getting his meaning, Selena smiled back and turned to Ginny.

"You’re not fooling anyone," quipped Selena. She gaily walked towards the pair and giggled. "But really, it’s quite okay. I mean, I’m too young for him anyway," she said happily.

Ginny fumed.

Draco smiled. "Well, I’m sure you’ll find someone who—deserves you," he said thoughtfully. He was so tempted to say "you’ll find someone who looks like me" instead but seeing the dangerous look Ginny’s sporting, he resisted the urge to say so.

"Can I come to your wedding?" asked Selena hopefully, turning to Ginny then to Draco. "Please?"

Ginny looked at her for a moment. She willed her mouth to say yes but surprisingly, she felt so unforgiving that she chose to remain silent. Draco then cleared his throat upon noting the look of subtle anger on Ginny’s face. He turned to Selena and smiled. "Of course," he said mildly. "I believe that my grandfather’s intending to invite everybody. You’ll be at the engagement party, of course?" he added, raising his eyebrows in question.

"Oh! There will be an engagement party too? And everybody’s invited?" she asked. When Draco nodded, Selena giggled with girlish delight, her hands clapping once. "You’re grandfather must be so rich!" she gushed.

Draco’s usual calm demeanor cracked with the question. Ginny didn’t miss the flicker of light annoyance in his eyes. Apparently, Selena had hit a sensitive spot. Ginny suppressed her giggles upon noticing Draco’s forced calmness. "Just what is wrong with this guy?" she found herself asking as Draco struggled to look cool and unaffected. At that moment, she vowed to find out everything about Draco’s relationship with his grandfather, which was obviously bad. It wouldn’t hurt to use a little of it against him, right?

"Uh… Draco, dear," Ginny began as she tried to keep a straight face. "I believe that it’s— we should get going?" she asked.

Draco turned to her seriously. "Yes. Grandfather will be expecting us to arrive at any moment now," he said. Then turning to Selena, he smiled. "It was so nice seeing you again, Ms. Malthus."

"Oh same here," answered Selena carelessly. And with that, Draco tipped his head and walked past them. Ginny turned to Selena and smiled.

"I’ll see you," she said.

"Oh, I’m so happy for you," said Selena with a nod. "Do owl me and tell me everything, okay?"

Ginny nodded as her answer as Draco opened the door and motioned for her to go first. Once outside, Ginny turned to Draco, smiling, the unpleasant feeling a while ago completely vanishing.

"Do I detect a sour fruit here?" she asked as they walked side by side, making their way towards the orphanage’s exit. She gave him a happy smile before walking past the oak doors.

"You seem so cheerful," murmured Draco as the coach driver opened the door for them. He stood aside to let Ginny climb in first. He followed next and shut the door gently. He sat before her and smiled. "Happy to see me at last?" he asked deliberately.

"Oh you can vex me all you want," said Ginny with a grin as the coach moved slowly away from the orphanage. "But I assure you nothing and no one can ruin this lovely night. Not even you," she added.

"And why is that?" he asked, taking his gold pocket watch out. Flipping it open, he gave out a soft curse and snapped it closed again.

"Just the way you looked the ‘other night’ was worth it," she said simply. At that, Draco looked up and eyed her sharply. Ginny met his stare and smiled pleasantly.

"Well, I just hope that that cheerful demeanor will last till you meet my grandfather," he finally answered as he slid his watch back inside his pocket.

"You are so ancient," answered Ginny instead.

Draco raised his eyebrows questioningly. "I beg your pardon?" he asked.

"The pocket watch," she said. "Hello! It’s the 21st century and you’re still using a pocket watch? Can’t rich Draco Malfoy afford himself a Rolex or something? Or was it that big, bad ol’ mean Grandfather who didn’t want to buy him one?" asked Ginny nastily.

"This a 17th century gold pocket watch," answered Draco patiently. "Other than it belonged to a long line of Malfoy’s back then, the antique value of this pocket watch is more than the cost of a dozen Rolexes put together. Now tell me, why would I want a Rolex over this?" he added calmly.

At that, Ginny frowned and decided to let the subject drop. She rested her chin on her right hand and stared out the window. Draco, in turn, stared at her. His cold gray eyes reluctantly swept over her white blouse then to her semi-flowing skirt. He didn’t miss the dainty and shapely legs sticking out of that skirt and much to his surprise, he began to breathe hard as the familiar fervent warmness rushed inside him. All in all, Virginia looked so fragile and so innocent. If he hadn’t known her that well, he wouldn’t dare think that this so-called fragile and innocent woman was also stubborn, fierce and ill tempered. Just thinking about the uncommon combination of her traits, the warmness increased even more. It also made him wonder—Was she still a virgin? He then raised his eyebrows. It was the 21st century! Was there such a thing? He mentally shrugged. Even so, virgin or not, he had finally come to the conclusion that Virginia Weasley was not the type of woman who gave in easily. Reflecting about that made his desire to bed her

stronger. Taming a woman such as her would be a prize for he was sure that it wouldn’t be that easy. She would be his victory.

"Excuse me, but didn’t your mother teach you that it’s quite rude to stare?"

Draco blinked once and turned his attention back to her face. Ginny was frowning at him but he didn’t miss the flicker of intrigue etched in her eyes. Smiling, he took his wand out.

"Suddenly feeling conscious?" he asked smoothly.

"Well, no," answered Ginny, her voice already cracking with nervousness. Draco was looking at her again. And she never felt so… so… "Don’t— look at me like that," she said in a tiny voice. She completely hated it when Draco looked at her like that. It was if he was trying to ‘undress’ her mentally. But then, deep inside she felt something else. Pleasure? Excitement? Fear?

Draco met her eyes and saw the conflicting emotions there. He then placed his wand on top of her right knee, making slow, small invisible circles with it, his eyes looking hotly at her. Ginny gasped but she found herself doing nothing, just staring, her heartbeat quickening, her face getting hot. Instantly, she felt all warm and feverish.

"So Virginia," drawled Draco, finally stopping. He leaned his body towards her and it didn’t take him long to stare at her face which was just inches away because of the smallness of the carriage. "Are you nervous?" he asked silkily.

Ginny gulped. "A- a little," she stuttered. "Did—did you feel this too? I- I mean, the other night?"

"Why are you asking?" he asked.

Ginny finally found the courage to shrug. "I don’t know," she replied softly as Draco began inching towards her. "Just want—want to start a polite—conversation—"

With that, Draco chuckled. "Believe me, conversation is the last thing we want right now." He said and with that, he pulled her to him and began placing his lips over hers.

Ginny muffled out her surprise but nevertheless, she found herself letting her body take control, finally losing the fight. She closed her eyes and opened her lips to his, letting his tongue inside, meeting it with her own. She wrapped her arms about him and began trailing her hands to his hair, then to his neck, then to his back… After that first ‘date’, Draco hadn’t kissed her like this and she was shocked to finally realize that she had actually missed this.

Draco let out a groan full of pleasure upon feeling her silky hands raking through his hair then to his back. Her fingers… those tiny fingers… they felt like butterflies, fluttering gently and stroking him sensuously… Without another moment’s hesitation, Draco lifted her up and placed her on top of his lap, her legs automatically wrapping about him, straddling on top his. He tightened his arms around her waist and began kissing her neck, her ears… She let out a little cry. He smiled. She was sensitive there.

Ginny gasped out as hated pleasure surged inside her body. She threw her head back when she felt his lips against her neck, her hands clinging onto him helplessly "Please—not—don’t," said Ginny breathlessly as Draco’s lips found one earlobe and began kissing it unmercifully while his hands left her waist only to undo her cloak. Just then, she felt ‘something’ hardening and pushing against her. She let out a tiny whimper as her hands flew to his shirt and clumsily tugged and yanked it. It seemed imperative to have less clothing between them, she had noticed.

Draco smiled again upon feeling the urgency of her movements. He wanted her! Right here, right now! She was making all sorts of whimpers and gasps that he was now fully aware of his body, screaming and aching against her. Completely forgetting himself, his expert hands went up to her blouse and began unbuttoning them one by one till it laid open before him, exposing the delicious swell of her breasts pushing out of her lace-white brassiere. He was about to take her meddlesome underthings off when he suddenly felt the bumpy movements of the carriage stopping.

"Malfoy Manor, Master Draco," his coach driver suddenly called.

Draco stopped abruptly while Ginny snapped back to reality. She looked down only to find herself on top of Draco in a most— provocative and stimulating position, her blouse wide open in front of him and her hands on his shirt, which was unsuccessfully unbuttoning them and Draco eyeing her with obvious irritation and disbelief at the sudden interruption and… disappointment. Blinking her eyes and jolting herself back to reality, she let out a curse, raised her hand and slapped Draco hard on the face.

"You—you— sorry piece of--" Ginny began, climbing down from him and settling herself across from him. She hastily buttoned her blouse up and straightened her skirt, eyeing him with much hatred.

Draco, for a moment, stared at her with shock upon feeling the stinging pain across his cheek. She—slapped him! She slapped him! Never in his life--! At that, his eyes hardened as he began fixing his disarrayed collar, his anger rising. "What," he paused and took a deep breath, calming the building fury inside him. "—was that all about?" he continued.

"You ask?" Ginny spat angrily. Then kicking the door open, she stared at him angrily. "Don’t you ever, ever do that again or I swear I’ll kill you!" she threatened before hopping down and stomping away from him furiously.

"Haven’t I heard that before?" Draco replied nastily. But that was so unsatisfying since Ginny was walking straight towards the castle doors, out of earshot. Cursing out loud, he climbed down the carriage and hastily made his way towards her, his hand gently massaging his sore cheek.

Ginny stopped before the door and turned around only to see Draco walking towards her. She looked away when he settled himself beside her. Draco, in turn, rapped the door thrice and waited.

"Stop kidding yourself," said Draco suddenly, not looking at her. "You wanted it too," he added, as the door opened to reveal his grandfather’s ghost butler and valet, Fields, who bowed with politeness before them.

Ginny stared at the transparent form before her with shock. Never in her life had she seen a ghost butler! Now this was really very… uncommon. Then seeing the outstretched arm of the ghost, motioning for them to go in, Ginny took a step inside with Draco following close behind her. "I will not have this conversation with you," she hissed as they followed the butler down the dimly lit castle hall, making their way towards the dining hall.

Just then, Fields turned to them, taking their cloaks. "Master Malfoy has instructed that you wait for him in the dining hall," he said in a low, sorrowful tone that chilled Ginny’s insides. "Dinner will be served after a moment," he continued. When Draco nodded, Fields then floated away from them.

Draco cleared his throat. "So much for the—"

"Oh shut it!." Ginny said tiredly.

"No, you—" Draco began calmly, his eyes narrowing coldly. No doubt, this will be a start of new squabble between them. He was about to open his mouth, when a third voice rang inside the hall.

"Draco, is that you?"

The two turned around only to see Narcissa Malfoy walking towards them. Ginny hung her head while Draco replaced the cold look on his face with cool civility.

"Mother," said Draco stepping towards her. He smiled and put his arm over her shoulders. "I would like you to meet, Virginia Weasley, my fiancé. Virginia, my mother," he said.

With that, Ginny forced herself to smile. "Good evening, Mrs. Malfoy," she said politely, slightly bowing her head. Upon seeing the delicate form of Narcissa Malfoy, her simple long black dress falling gently to her ankles, Ginny immediately learned where Draco got his good looks. She had silver gray eyes and fine, blond hair-- so much like Draco’s. And the way she moved, graceful and delicate, just like Draco… again. She couldn’t deny the fact that Draco was graceful and, if not delicate, suave and smooth. Even the almost translucent quality of his skin-- smooth and clear, were clearly from his mother. Now, looking at them standing side by side, Ginny surmised that if she hadn’t known him, she would surely have thought that they made a beautiful couple.

Narcissa gave a delicate gasp of surprise. "Oh my!" she cried walking towards Ginny. "A Weasley?" she asked, her silver gray eyes widening. Ginny looked at her and nodded. Narcissa then smiled. "It’s so nice to meet you at last," she said pleasantly, much to Ginny’s surprise. "So how are Arthur and Molly, dear?" she asked, leading Ginny to a chair, completely leaving Draco staring at them with a frown.

"Oh, they are fine," answered Ginny.

"That’s good to hear," said Narcissa. "I was so—"

Just then, the door banged open. Narcissa, Draco and Ginny looked up to see the huge form of Vladimir Malfoy II striding inside the dining hall, his black robes billowing about him, his heavy footsteps making Ginny’s nerves coil. "Good evening, good evening!" he barked.

Draco cleared his throat and subtly motioned for Ginny to stand up and walk towards him. "Grandfather," he started as Ginny placed herself beside him. "I want you to meet my fiancé, Virginia Weasley," he said cordially.

Ginny let out a tiny smile as she stood there, speech ability completely leaving her, the carriage ‘mishap’ already forgotten. Vladimir, in turn, let his black eyes roam over her face, then to her clothes then back to her face again. The one thing that she noticed about Vladimir Malfoy was the unusual color of his skin. He looked so pale, in fact, so very, very pale. The only thing that Draco got from him was his towering height. When Ginny’s brown eyes met his’, she couldn’t help but notice them momentarily softening. She fidgeted slightly as she felt him staring at her quite-- Ignoring it, she mustered up her courage and opened her mouth. "A pleasure, Mr. Malfoy," she said pleasantly.

"Yes, yes--," murmured Vladimir as he finally tore his eyes away from her and made his way towards his seat, at the head of the long table.

Draco nodded. "Right," he murmured and immediately made his way towards Ginny and held out the chair before her. Ginny sat delicately and waited for Draco to take the empty seat beside her.

"So, Virginia," growled Vladimir as a servant entered to serve them wine. "Are you by any chance related to Moira Aurelius?" he asked as he lifted his wine glass.

Ginny nodded. "Yes. Uh, she was my grandmother," she answered. "How- how did you know, may I ask?" she added frowning slightly.

"Hmm… red-hair," said Vladimir absently while nodding, signaling the end of the conversation. He then took a sip of his wine. Then turning his black eyes to Draco, he cleared his throat. "Tell me, what made a sweet girl like you like my wretched grandson."

Ginny’s eyes widened as she quickly turned to look at Draco’s near-to-cracking expression. "I—I beg your pardon, sir?" she stuttered, the question completely catching her off guard.

"Oh you heard me!" Vlad barked.

Ginny blinked her eyes furiously as the servants served them dinner one by one. "Well, I couldn’t deny the fact that Draco’s wretched, once in a while," she started. With that, Narcissa let out a tiny gasp, while Draco tried his best to smile pleasantly. All right, she’s getting back at me, he thought a little crossly.

"But I wasn’t really looking for the perfect man, to tell you honestly," she said. "Draco’s sweet and charming if he wants to be, actually. And he’s just the right man for me because there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ man. And I don’t even mind the wretchedness, I can very well control that," she declared without losing her smile.

At that, Draco let out a soft, almost inaudible snort of laughter. As he was in the verge of finishing off his wine when Ginny said that, he found himself pursing his lips to keep himself from spitting and laughing. Ginny? Control him? Now that was really absurd!

With that, Vlad nodded with undenied approval and chuckled. Narcissa took a relieved breath while Draco looked at Ginny and smiled. "And what makes you that confident?" Vlad asked after a moment. "Even I have a hard time controlling this blasted boy," he added as if Draco wasn’t there.

Ginny frowned as she looked at Draco out of the corner of her eyes. She was actually surprised to notice that Draco’s usual cool and calm demeanor was almost near to flaring, which was very odd. It was very seldom for Draco to show his emotions let alone to be ‘obviously’ angry or annoyed. It seemed like nobody but Vladimir Malfoy II could annoy and vex Draco like that. She just couldn’t believe Draco was just sitting there and taking everything! It was so unlike him!

"Well, I— guess, I just got used to it," she replied finally. "I can’t deny the fact that I will be marrying a brute, " Ginny smiled and turned to him. "Sorry about that, dear. No offense." she said so sweetly that she nearly puked.

Draco, in turn, smiled back. "None taken," he quipped.

Ginny smiled and turned to Vladimir once again whom was watching them, more like scrutinizing them, with his hawk-black eyes. "But really, Draco’s a sweet and charming brute," she finished.

"You are very well aware that youre using irony here, are you not?" Vladimir said as he placed the table napkin on his lap.

"Yes, of course," answered Ginny without losing her cool. She delicately unfolded her own table napkin and placed it on her lap as well. "But that’s what making this marriage more exciting, don’t you think?" she asked then much to her disbelief, she smiled and winked mischievously at Vladimir. Vladimir, in turn, looked at her, his eyes widening while Draco and Narcissa all waited, holding their breaths. Surely, something that—that daring wasn’t proper… it wasn’t proper when you spoke with the head of the Malfoy clan. It was very, very--

"What the hell was she thinking?" Draco’s brain screamed. "Doing a thing like that!"

Just then, loud, raucous laughter rang inside the dining hall. Draco turned to his grandfather to see him shaking his head in laughter. He also noticed that he was actually looking at Ginny quite fondly and with amusement. It was simply—unbelievable.

"You are a very different girl, I noticed," boomed Vladimir. "And you remind me so much of your grandmother," he silently added to himself.

"Well, that’s me," sighed Ginny. "Atypical, different ol’ Ginny"

At that, Vladimir chuckled as they finally started the meal, conversing pleasantly. He asked her questions from time to time, the topics varying from economics, then to politics then down to personal things such as who her parents were, who her brothers were, how old were they and what her parents did… Although Ginny found his interrogation a bit irksome, (she also find it unusual for a Malfoy to be this interested with Muggle things) she granted him a dimpled smiled and tried answering all his questions politely.

Draco, on the other hand, listened with reluctant amusement. Surprisingly, he wasn’t in the mood right now to speak and to take part in the lively and enlightening conversation about the Ministry’s new set of Magical Laws about the added security of the Muggle community (which Ginny answered quite passably since Percy worked in the Ministry) unlike before. Although, his grandfather would demand for his opinion now and then, Draco found himself shutting his mouth and listening with much amazement at how Virginia intelligently answered everything his grandfather asked. It actually astounded him to find out how quickly Virginia was able to adapt to his grandfather’s sour disposition. And from the looks of it, just seeing Ginny’s brown eyes sparkling and her demeanor bubbling with cheerfulness, it was no doubt that she was having the time of her life. He couldn’t help but also notice that his grandfather was smiling and chuckling more and more and at that moment, Draco knew he had scored. It was Virginia’s charm and wit that finally secured him his inheritance.

"I heard that you work in the Muggle world?" Vladimir asked as he deftly brought his knife to his steak.

"Yes, sir," replied Ginny politely. "I teach Muggle history."

"Ah yes, Muggle history," said Vlad. "Fascinating… I was once interested in the Egyptian culture, mind you. My most favorite Pharaoh of all was Hatshepsut. He was the best ruler in the 18th dynasty if I recall," he shook his head with wonder. "Amazing ol’ chap, really! He was the best man for the job, I tell you!"

With that, Ginny’s smile faltered a little. "Hatshepsut was a woman," she said softly.

Vladimir stopped abruptly while Narcissa turned to her then to the old man fearfully. Draco forced a smile on his face and nudged Ginny. "Honey, I’m sure Hatshepsut was what—," perhaps he was wrong… oh, why did she have to say this now? He thought. Or do this?

"A woman you say?" Vlad interrupted. Ginny nodded reluctantly. It seems like Vladimir Malfoy II wasn’t used to being uh— corrected. Well, it was about time someone stood up to him. "He’s a man, lass! I tell yeh, he was Pharaoh and Pharaoh’s are all men!" he said loudly.

At that, Ginny found herself frowning. "I’m sorry but I teach Muggle history and I just couldn’t agree with that fact, if you don’t mind," she said clearly.

Draco cleared his throat. "Virginia, I think that—"

"Let’s hear it then!" Vladimir challenged, completely ignoring Draco. "Come on, lass, let’s hear it then."

Ginny cleared her throat. "Hatshepsut was actually the female ruler of Egypt," she began. "She was an 18th dynasty Pharaoh, daughter of Thuthmose I and Aahmes. When her father died her half brother, Thuthmose II, ascended to the throne. He was young, apparently younger than Hatshepsut herself. Due to that, Hatshepsut became his regent and they ruled Egypt together. It was after a number of years she proclaimed herself as Pharaoh."

"That’s rubbish!" Vladimir replied. "Then why are all her pictures—they all look like men to me."

Ginny nodded in agreement. "Well, yes that’s true," she answered. "Hatshepsut had this crazy notion about being a man. She wanted everyone to think so strongly of her that she had her every portrait drawn with her having a beard. She even groomed her daughter to be a prince and not a princess." She continued as she placed a piece of steak inside her mouth.

"Will—you excuse me?" Vladimir asked standing up abruptly. He then made his way outside the dining hall leaving the three looking at him with confusion.

"Where’s he going?" Ginny asked the two before her. Draco shrugged while Narcissa eyed her with disapproval.

"Probably he went off to check his books," she just answered. After a moment, Vladimir went back inside the dining hall and grumpily took his seat.

"I just had it looked up," he growled. Ginny raised her eyebrows. "And I guess, you were right." Then he smiled, and looked at her with much amusement then turning to Draco he frowned. "Consider yourself lucky to have such an intelligent woman, boy!" He growled as he quickly finished his steak.

"Yes, grandfather," Draco forced himself to say. Now, that was something! Vladimir Malfoy II admitting he was wrong? Whatever was happening to the world right now?

"So, then, Ms. Weasley," he said finally standing up, a sign for the end of the dinner night, well, at least for him. "You are a very beautiful, delightful and intelligent young woman… well, not so intelligent since you chose to marry my grandson…"

Ginny smiled politely.

"However, I find you refreshing, grown up to perfection and I’m pleased to announce that I have no objection to you marrying my grandson, no matter how absurd I think it is," he continued. "I’ll see you at the engagement party and you," Vladimir barked turning to Draco. "You boy, will see to the wedding preparations?"

"Yes, grandfather," answered Draco.

"I’ll take Virginia to Diagon Alley tomorrow for her dress and things," Narcissa seconded.

"Very well," said Vladimir nodding his head. "I’m sorry if we have to cut this lovely evening short. I would love to have coffee with you but I have to retire," he added. Then turning to Ginny, he smiled, took her hand and lightly kissed it. "It was a pleasure getting to know you, Virginia."

"Good night, Mr. Malfoy," she said.

Vladimir shook his head. "From now on, you call me Grandfather," he ordered.

With that, Ginny smiled. "Yes, Grandfather."

"Now, that’s more I like it," said Vladimir. "We will have another chat some other time?" he inquired, with his eyebrows raised in question.

"Of course," answered Ginny.

"Excellent, excellent," replied Vladimir with a delicate wave of his hand. He then turned around and made his way towards the doors. "Then I bid you all good night."

"Good night, Father," answered Narcissa politely.

"Good night, Grandfather," answered Draco at the same time.

After a moment, Narcissa stood up. Seeing that, Draco immediately sprang up from his seat. "I think I’ve already reached my limit," she said chuckling softly. "You take care of Virginia dear," she added. Then turning to Ginny, she smiled. "I’m sorry dear but I guess tonight’s excitement has worn me down. I feel so tired."

"Oh no, no, please don’t mind me," said Ginny quickly. "We’ll be fine," she assured her.

"We’ll walk you to the stairs," offered Draco. "Are you finished, Virginia?" he asked, looking at her half-eaten steak.

"Yes," she replied standing up as well. "I’m already full."

"Very well, then," said Narcissa, turning around and making her way towards the exit, with Draco and Ginny following close behind her. "Why don’t you two go in the living room and have some tea or coffee?" she suggested as they made their way across the hall.

"Yes, mother," murmured Draco as they stopped before the manor’s grand, wooden staircase. Narcissa then turned to the couple and smiled. "Good night, dear," she said giving Draco’s arm a tiny squeeze.

Draco nodded his head. "Good night, mother."

Narcissa smiled and turned to Virginia. "It’s finally nice to meet you," she said.

"Likewise," answered Ginny smiling back.

"Don’t forget that I have to take you to Diagon Alley tomorrow, all right?" Narcissa said as she slowly made her way up the stairs. "Owl me early tomorrow morning."

"I will," said Ginny, watching Narcissa’s retreating figure. "Good night," she called. Then they stood there, alone. Draco turned to her.

"Shall we go to the living room and have coffee?" he asked.

Ginny stood there and looked at him. "I don’t want to be alone with you," she said nastily, the scene in the carriage coming back onto her again full force. "I’m going home if you don’t mind."

Draco chuckled without mirth. "Stop pretending and do yourself a favor, Virginia," he drawled arrogantly. "I promise you, you will find it quite enjoyable too."

"With you?" she spat back. Then she shook her head. "I doubt it."

His eyes narrowed dangerously as he inched towards her. "Don’t tell me you didn’t like it," he rasped. Then he stopped. "Was Potter a better man?" he asked cruelly.

At that, Ginny’s eyes widened. "How dare you?" she said with soft menace.

Draco smirked. "It’s just a simple question that requires a simple answer," he said darkly. "Was Potter a better man?" he repeated.

At that, Ginny’s temper snapped. She raised her hand and was about to bring it across his cheek but Draco was fast. He raised his hand and held hers fast, stopping her, his fingers digging so deeply onto her wrists that red, nasty bruises began to appear.

"You let go of me!" Ginny threatened, her voice hissing.

"Just yes or no, Virginia," he said instead, not letting go of her hand.

She stared at him. She forced herself to say ‘Yes, Harry’s a better kisser than you’ just to insult him but surprisingly nothing came out of her mouth. She couldn’t say yes, but she couldn’t possibly say no either. Just the way his hands touched her everywhere… the way she had clung to him, her body begging… Her lower lip trembled. "What- what I do with Harry or with anyone is none of your concern," she answered instead.

Draco chuckled. "Thought you’d say that," se said. Then to Ginny’s shock, he slowly brought her hands to his lips and lightly kissed the red bruises he had caused. "It won’t hurt to be honest, you know," he said arrogantly after Ginny snatched her hand away.

"I AM BEING HONEST," she said indignantly.

He smiled. "I don’t believe you," he replied. Then without giving Ginny a chance to answer back, he cleared his throat. "Fields!" he called.

"Yes, young master," Fields immediately answered, floating towards them. As if reading their minds, he handed them their traveling cloaks.

"Have the coach ready," ordered Draco.

The ghost butler nodded his head. "Very well, sir," it replied before floating out of their sight. Once alone, Ginny turned to Draco angrily.

"I told you I don’t want to be alone with you," she said taking her wand out. "I’ll Disapparate, if you don’t mind."

"Be my guest," Draco just said. "I bid you good night, Virginia."

And with that, Virginia eyed him darkly before disappearing from his sight.


"I tell you, Fields," said Vladimir that night as he prepared himself for bed. "I like that girl!" He boomed as he climbed onto his enormous bed.

"Very good, master Malfoy," replied Fields as he skillfully pulled the heavy velvet drapes down.

"That girl’s got moral fiber… and such character," he said as he laid his head down against his pillow. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. "Reminds me of someone I used to know, Fields," he added softly.

"Will there be anything else, sir?" the ghost asked after picking up Vladimir’s boots.

"No, that will be all," replied Vladimir yawing..

"Very well, sir," replied Fields floating away from the bed. "Have a good night, Master."

Vladimir gave out an acknowledging grunt as his reply. When he felt the stillness in the room, he smiled lightly.

"I have finally seen you again, Moira," he thought as he drifted off the sleep.

End of Part VII

Author's Notes: As you have noticed, I've inserted some facts about history and stuff here... they are actually true. Hatshepsut was really a woman Pharaoh back in the 18th dynasty. And yes ::nods:: she had her portraits drawn with her having a beard on them. She actually died a very mysterious death. Nobody knew if she was murdered, she just vanished and all the records about her time were destroyed, only a few were retrieved.

About Narcissa Malfoy, I'm not really sure if she's that sweet but here in my fic, I've just decided to make her a sweet and loving mother, after Lucius' death. It wasn't really mentioned in HP series that's why I wrote my own version of Narcissa... and also I'm not really sure of what she looks like. Anyway, that's all! Thanks for reading!!! Please review... ::waves::

(End of Chapter)