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Published: 04/24/2002
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Serpent's Bride

Reiko Naoe

Story Summary:
In Ginny Weasley’s 6th year, Draco Malfoy saved her life and that’s a wizard’s debt. Now, five years later its payback time. Especially now that Draco’s in desperate need of a wife.

Chapter 03


Chapter III: The Proposal

"Hello, Virginia"

Ginny stared at the man looming over her. With his towering height, Ginny felt his overpowering presence wash over her. "Draco?" she squeaked.

Draco raised one eyebrow upon hearing his first name coming out of her lips. His eyes studied her small face. It was still the same sweet-faced Weasley five years ago. There was the red crown of mane tied in a loose bun, so loose that it created pretty tendrils framing her face, wide chocolate-brown eyes, the small feminine nose, the same freckled cheeks, the soft pink glossy lips he had wittingly kissed beforeÂ… But behind all the sweetness, there was something fierce behind those doe brown eyes of hers. It was fierceness he never saw in a woman before. "It's good that you remember me, Weasley," he drawled.

Ginny stared at him for a long time, quite unsure of what to say. Draco MalfoyÂ… After five yearsÂ… Memories quickly whizzed inside her headÂ…

"It's a wizard's debt, you know. I'll see you again, Virginia."

She shook her head. No, he can't be serious now, can he? It had been five years! Those long five happy years of not seeing himÂ… of not seeing even his shadowÂ…


The faint click of the lock shattered Ginny's thoughts away. She looked at Draco and frowned. "You're not supposed to do magic here, Malfoy," she said haughtily, looking pointedly at his wand.

Draco just shrugged and made his way inside her flat. "Aren't you coming inside?" he asked smoothly.

Ginny's mouth dropped with mixed anger and bewilderment and shock. This is so unbelievable! She thought. I'm dreamingÂ… This is a nightmareÂ… She reiterated.

"Suit yourself," said Draco, leaving her alone in her doorstep. "Lumos."

Finally forcing herself out of the shock, she then made her way inside the flat, only to see Draco muttering, wand in hand. "You have to turn the light switch on, you twit," hissed Ginny angrily as her hands felt the walls for the switch. She turned it on and the room immediately shone with light. Draco shrugged nonchalantly and pocketed his wand as if nothing happened. "I really don't appreciate your barging in like that," she began as Draco went about her living room. "Will you just go away?" she added nastily.

At that, Draco stopped and turned to her. "Is that how you welcome an old schoolmate, Weasley?" he asked smirking, looking around her neat flat. There were soft white couches with a small table beside it with a-- what do they call it here-- telephone? He shook his head inwardly. How could she even think of living in a Muggle settlement anyway? He cleared his throat and continued, facing Ginny once again. "Of course, I would've have used the word friend but as I remember, you-" he stopped while thinking of an appropriate word. This time, Ginny decided to help.

"Despise you?" she asked, her words dripping with venom. "Oh yes, I do despise you, so will you please leave already?"

Draco then slowly walked towards her, his eyes narrowed evenly. Ginny backed away slowly and gasped as he stopped just inches away from her. She closed her eyes momentarily upon smelling the faint scent of his cologne, the same scent that sent shivers up and down her body five years ago.

"Are you scared, little Weasley?" he asked. Ginny opened her eyes upon hearing his soft, dangerous voice, so soft that it was like a caress. Her eyes unwillingly dropped to his lips. Unconsciously, her mind reminded her how those lips tasted and to her horror she found herself licking her own.

Draco chuckled upon seeing the pink tip of her tongue sensuously sliding against the smooth skin of her mouth. "Or did you just miss me?" he supplied.

This time Ginny frowned and walked away from him. "Don't flatter yourself, Malfoy," she said spitefully. She faced him, her brown eyes flashing. "Ever since you disappeared, those were the happiest five years of my life, and as I see it, you're just determined to ruin it all."

Draco, instead of answering, raked his silver-gray eyes over her. Well, he had to admit, the years had been ever so kind to her and she had become a beautiful woman. She was wearing Muggle clothes: a crisp white long-sleeved fitted blouse that was primly tucked inside her black trousers, and high-heeled Muggle boots, or shoes, or whatever they called it there. All in all, even in Muggle clothes, she looked beautiful and strong, almost domineering. He wondered what that blouse would reveal. He just didn't miss the blossoming hint of delicious curves behind it.

Ginny, upon noting Draco's scrutiny, cleared her throat loudly. "What?" she snapped. She could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks upon noting the look he gave her. It was a look of- appreciation and something else, something fervent and intense. She couldn't be mistaken surely, after seeing the way his eyes raked up and down her body. And she hated it. She didnÂ’t want to please him in any way. But then, why did she also feelÂ… thrilled?

"Nothing," he replied shaking his head. He looked away in order not to prolong the impish thoughts churning inside his head.

"I'm tired and I want to rest," Ginny began with hostility. "So whatever it is that you came here for-"

"I'm here to collect," Draco interrupted.

"Collect what?"

Draco gave out a soft mirthless laugh. "Isn't it surprising, after five years, I was able to track you down, little weasel?" he asked instead.

Ginny just remained silent and waited for him to continue. Draco cleared his throat.

"You owe me, Weasley," he finally said.

"And so? What about it?" Ginny asked spitefully.

"And I want you to pay me back."

Ginny's jaw dropped. Wizard's debtÂ… Of course he would be able to track her down. It was old magic. It created a bond between them. She looked at him anxiously. What did he want in return then? She swallowed hard, thinking about the way he looked at her earlier. But then she had no other choice. One couldnÂ’t choose how and when to repay a favor, that was a fact. WellÂ… unless she fought back. But looking at his build, it would have surely been a losing battle.

"H- how can I give it back to you then?" she asked, desperately trying to keep her voice cool. She looked him straight in the eye in order to not to show him her fear.

"Marry me," he said simply.

Ginny's anxiety turned to bewilderment upon hearing the words. Her jaw dropped again as waves and waves of different surprised emotions crashed at her all at once. "What?" she demanded. Was she hearing right? Was he insane?

"Marry me," he repeated. "In order to get my fair share of the Malfoy estate, I have to get married. It's stated in the will, of course, or I wouldn't be here," he added.

"NO," Ginny answered curtly. "You're insane and I simply refuse. Ask another favor, if you please," she continued coolly. Then she frowned when Draco suddenly smiled. "What's so amusing? Even if I owe you something, even if you saved my life five years ago, I won't marry you! I simply won't-"

"I would be inheriting over 200 million galleons worth of assets, Weasley," he said smoothly.

"Good for you. Now will you please leave?" she spat.

But Draco moved towards her. "Think of this as a business proposition," he said. "Think how this can help the orphanage. Think about those children. Those children you so love dearly."

At that, Ginny stopped. Was he implying that he was willing to share his inherited fortune with her if she conceded to be his wife? And why was he that desperate? Well, yes, she couldn't deny the fact that it would be so helpful to the orphanage. Even just a quarter of that vast amount of money would be more than enoughÂ…

"Why me?" the words came out of her lips before she could stop them. She slowly backed away. "How did you know about the orphanage?"

"The Daily Prophet," he answered calmly, advancing towards her. "As to your first question, you are what my grandfather would approve of. Someone nice. Someone who he can be proud of. I'm quoting him on that, of course.

"Or you probably don't have many choices, right?" she said viciously. "What's the matter Malfoy? Can't find a girlfriend? It's not surprising, is it?"

Draco smirked. "Think anything you want," he drawled moving closer to her till he was able to trap her against the wall. "Just yes or no, Weasley," he whispered.

Ginny closed her eyes upon feeling his warm breath against her cheek. "Why should- I?" she asked, her voice coming out in a gasp. "You made my life a living hell. In school...you were so unbearable, so despicable, so--- " Memories came flooding back to herÂ…

She was walking aimlessly down the hall, minding her own way when suddenly she felt her skirt lifting up together with her school robes. She looked behind and saw Draco and his goons laughing.

"Marry me, Virginia," he said, his nose nuzzling her cheek, leaving her tongue-tied.

It was Valentine's Day and for the first time in her life, someone gave her a flower. She was hurrying to Potion's Class when suddenly she bumped into him. Her things lay scattered on the ground together with the single rose. He laughed cruelly and stepped on itÂ… crushing itÂ…

"Just say yes."

Ginny gasped out as hated pleasure escalated up and down her spine. She felt the slow movement of his lips against her neck.

"Marry me," Draco said, his face traveling back to hers. Then without warning, he kissed her lips to sweeten the deal.

Ginny lips reluctantly opened up for him. She shuddered upon feeling his tongue immediately seeking out her own, his hands traveling down her waist, pulling him closer to him till she felt his warm body against hers. White, hot pleasure sliced within her upon hearing his unwilling groan. Good lord, she didn't feel this with Harry!

"What now, Virginia?" Draco asked, his voice muffled against her lips.

"Yes," she gasped as his lips traveled down her neck. "Yes, yes."

Then to her surprise, he stopped. Ginny nearly cried upon feeling him pulling away. She took a deep breath, swallowing the forming protests within her.

"A wise choice," he said, smiling lazily. His eyes danced upon noting the blush creeping up her cheek. "So, they still produce women who blush?" he found himself asking.

Ginny's eyes narrowed. She just couldnÂ’t believe she had said that! She just couldnÂ’t believe she had agreed to marry him! She agreed just because of a few million galleons and a hot, searing kiss! The feeling worsened when the thought of being bought came to her mind. But then everything was irreversible now. She bit her lip to keep herself from crying. Just what would her parents say when they learned thatÂ’d she'd be marrying a Malfoy?

"Of course, I will keep my part of the bargain," he said calmly. "One million galleons will immediately be deposited in your Gringgots account as an installment. There will be an engagement party of course and-"

"Does it include children?" she found herself asking.

Draco stopped and looked at her momentarily. "No, fortunately it doesn't," he finally replied. "You will get 30 million galleons after our divorce and-"

"70," she demanded. She was bought now, anyway, and the best thing to do was to make the most of it.

Draco's eyes narrowed. This girl was shrewd! "50," he said evenly.

"70, final offer," insisted Ginny. Draco sighed, raking his hand against his fine hair.

"Do we have a deal then?" she asked sweetly. When Draco nodded his head, Ginny smiled. "Deal."

"Good," said Draco, nodding his as well. "So I guess you'll be seeing a lot of me and-"

"It doesn't include sleeping together in one room, does it?" she asked. Well, after all, having children was out of the question so she couldnÂ’t see the point of sharing one bed. The thought nearly made her sick. Sharing her bed with Malfoy?! No way! Her brain screamed. But then, why does her body disagree? Damn him! She thought spitefully.

Draco pursed his lips as if he was trying hard not to laugh. He looked at her as if he was reading the conflicting emotions raging inside her. "Do you want to?" he asked in that soft, caressing voice of his again. "We can surely make the proper arrangements," he added meaningfully.

"Oh, stop kidding yourself!" Ginny cried indignantly. "I want a separate bedroom, of course!"

"Are you sure?" he asked, smiling knowingly. "And why don't I believe you?"

"Separate bedroom or you will find yourself with no wife at all, Malfoy!" she said crossing her arms stubbornly.

"All right, all right, if that is what you want. separate bedrooms!" he said throwing his hands up as a sign of surrender. But then, he smiled inwardly. Let's just see how long you'll be able to keep up this charade, Ms. Weasley. He silently thought, remembering her gasps and moans of pleasure just a while ago. After tasting her the second time, there was just no way that Draco would allow her to sleep somewhere else on their wedding night.

"Give me a month," she suddenly said.

Draco frowned. "What ever for? You just said yes," he said.

"I have to prepare my parents, especially my brothers for this, you idiot," she hissed. And Harry. She silently thought.

"Oh, yes, yes of course," said Draco in agreement. That would give him enough time to show his grandfather that he had changed. He had to prove that he and Virginia were in love and surely ample time was needed to prove that he had broken up with Blaise and the rest. Vladimir Malfoy II was no fool.

"So what now?" Ginny asked. "Anything else?"

"I'll see you soon," said Draco, walking towards her door. "You settle everything with your family, I'll settle with mine. Given the appropriate time, I'll go to your parents to formally ask for you hand."

"Seems like you've already planned everything out," Ginny said weakly.

Draco just nodded and stepped outside her flat. "Have a good night, Weasley." And with that, he got his wand and disapparated.

Ginny slowly closed the door and leaned against it tiredly. She brought her hands to her face, taking mouthfuls of air.

Just what did I get myself into? She asked herself. Then she remembered Harry. She had been firm with him. She was in total control. But when it came to Draco... when it came to this... why did she feel so... weak, so overly powerless...

Oh, wizard's debt my foot! She thought. But then, she had no other choice, right? She sighed. Everything was decided now. As of tonight, she was officially Draco Malfoy's fiancé.