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Published: 06/09/2003
Updated: 11/20/2003
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Past Present

Miss Yetigoosecreature

Story Summary:
Hermione, Harry, and Ron visit Viktor Krum in Bulgaria and discover there's a lot more to Viktor's past than they could have imagined.

Past Present_100

The final chapter of Past Present (finally), in which a little information is garnered, the school year ends, and a small intervention is staged, hopefully setting Harry up for a better summer than usual. Summer plans, and a few summer possibilities...

Words: 5,232
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Chapter 01

Hermione, Harry, and Ron visit Viktor Krum in Bulgaria and discover there's a lot more to Viktor's past than they could have imagined.

Words: 5,509
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Chapter 02

A teeny weeny, itsy bitsy bit about Durmstrang from Viktor's point of view, in which Viktor mocks Poliakoff and Hermione voices a very good point about making snap judgements based on where you go to school.

Words: 1,627
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Chapter 03

The scar! The scar! Okay, I held off mentioning it until chapter 3. I think that was wonderful restraint. In this chapter, parents, baby pictures, a lot of nose talk, foreshadowing, some Bulgarian (according to the online translator, I mean, I don't know...), and the deep dark secret. Or at least, what was a secret before this chapter.

Words: 2,394
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Chapter 04

The Bulgarian national team makes another appearance, portkeys are used, there's Quidditch practice, and Harry and Viktor bond a wee bit. No, not like that. A window into Viktor's relationship with his teammates, his trouble with fitting in, and his memories of his year at Hogwarts.

Words: 2,447
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Chapter 05

Internationals begin, weird names come out of the woodwork, and Professor Dumbledore makes an appearance in an unusual spot.

Words: 1,128
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Chapter 06

Viktor collects on his bet with Hermione, more on Viktor's relationship with his parents, and a little black book. A short chapter. Miniscule even.

Words: 1,390
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Chapter 07

More drama, and a little lesson on why you shouldn't talk real loud about people who walk softly.

Words: 887
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Chapter 08

Kiss and make up (well, make up, anyway), Viktor reveals a pretty good sense of humor, and what attracted him to Hermione, and Ron admits he actually likes Viktor. Not that way. This isn't a slash. Includes the phrase "headstong hair". Headstrong hair?!?

Words: 2,053
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Chapter 09

More Quidditch practice, and an eensy beensy chapter. Mostly, Viktor kvetches.

Words: 623
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Chapter 10

A vicious and exciting (I hope) match with Wales, some dry humor from the trio, and some other jazz like that there. Includes the name "Cymry", of all things.

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Chapter 11

Oy, the grit! And some ribbing. Short chapter. Very short.

Words: 531
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Chapter 12

Three words. Dragon. Hide. Pants. With riding boots. Dress uniforms. Oh, yeah, and buildup to the international finals.

Words: 1,784
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Chapter 13

The exciting conclusion to the internationals, tons of bizarre names, and some whizzing, whacking, unbalanced, and wild Quidditch.

Words: 2,055
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Chapter 14

Cup presentations, snitch passing, mother hugging, waltzing, Viktor gives a snooty girl her comeuppance, we finally talk to Poliakoff, and a cute little moppet. More insight into Viktor. (Well, who else? Spiro Agnew?) Also, some Russian-flavored snoggage. And fireworks.

Words: 10,767
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Chapter 15

Ron explains his jealousy, and there are flying carriages. And a smidge more on Rita Skeeter. Short, but just jam packed full of...a teeny short chapter, I guess. So it's not jam packed. A bit dialogue heavy, and Poliakoff the motormouth isn't even involved!

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Chapter 16

In this chapter a very tired Viktor blurts out something slightly startling over pancakes. Itty bitty tiny chapter. So tiny that even though it used ot be two chapters, they barely made the minimum limit combined. Wordcount from now on with tiny chapters. Confessions and pancakes, I suppose.

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Chapter 17

Rated PG for half a curseword and a pseudo curseword. Or really just for implied cursing. Probably still granny-safe, but I'll err on the side of caution. Okay, here's the big payoff chapter. While Viktor sits alone, he thinks back on his past. Find out the childhood events still affecting him, more about his relationship with his parents, the battle of wills with Karkaroff, how he and Poliakoff formed an uneasy friendship, his history with Vratsa, and a heaping portion of Viktor's POV during the third task. In addition, his instinct about Hermione, popping the question (not that one) and a significant conversation with his father about his future. In other words, just about every big plot point you can think of.

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Chapter 18

Viktor finally explains why exactly the family home is called The Pavlova, thus revealing a bit of family history, a riddle, and a hint as to why he's so patient about waiting for Hermione. Also find out how a Muggle ends up in a pureblood family.

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Chapter 19

It was a dark and stormy... um, evening. When the group gets rained in, Viktor reveals a little more about Durmstrang and the Durmstrang ship, as well as how exactly he solved his egg and knew to come to the second task decked out in his swim trunks.

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Chapter 20

A very serious late night talk with Viktor on the back porch sheds further light on the events in the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament for Harry.

Words: 1,412
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Chapter 21

A very serious late night talk with Viktor continues, only now it's Harry doing a bit of secret-revealing. Just to even things up a bit.

Words: 551
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Chapter 22

In this chapter, we find out what his parents got Viktor for his birthday, and the gang transfer to the Burrow for the remainder of the summer. Bill Weasley and his ponytail also make a cameo appearance, and Mrs. Weasley gets to make a birthday cake, something she enjoys only slightly less than knitting big wooly jumpers.

Words: 3,874
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Chapter 23

Hermione shops, Malfoy gets insulted, and Malfoy gets insulted. I enjoyed it so much, I said it twice. Tiny chapter, really. Buy some books, hop the Hogwarts Express. Ginny at least strolls through this chapter.

Words: 863
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Chapter 24

The trio finally make it to Durmstrang for the Opening Ball. They also meet the mysterious Durmstrang Guardian, and the new Headmaster, Potenko. Viktor asks an unusual favor and receives some rather bizarre and vague advice in return. We find that the Trio aren't the only ones who go grounds-roaming at night. Also, formal introductions and formal, err, reintroductions, just for the fun of it.

Words: 5,911
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Chapter 25

The trio settle in for a couple of days at Durmstrang, see the Cossacks and the Valkyries, and meet Poppet. This chapter, Liesl proves that some of the most cruel and predatory creatures on Durmstrang's grounds aren't living in the lake...

Words: 2,877
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Chapter 26

The trio eats dinner with Viktor, Alexei and Poppet. Find out what Poppet's chameleon act and stutter really mean, a bit more about Quidditch at Durmstrang, and why being wise about girls doesn't always mean you understand them.

Words: 2,207
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Chapter 27

Strangers in the night....exchanging glances... Okay, so no Sinatra, but it is night, and the darkness allows Viktor and Hermione to get in a short conversation. Viktor sees Hermione at her most guarded (pun intended... you'll see...) and Hermione sees Viktor at his most unguarded. Feel free to go "awww". Or, to quote poetry, I have promises to keep...and miles to go before I sleep.

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Chapter 28

Alexei pins down Viktor as to the reason why he slept so late, and plans are made for a picnic. A relatively short chapter, which could probably be summed up as Alexei and Viktor shoot the breeze about their dates.

Words: 998
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Chapter 29

We're going on a picnic... where we learn about how Tiger Lilies earn their names, you earn your Tiger Lilies if you don't know what you're doing, and what there is to do at Durmstrang on a Saturday morning. Also, find out why the mere mention of one girl's name is enough to send Viktor running, what Viktor's first words to Elena were, and see Elena act like an old mother hen. Elena and Hermione engage in what passes for "girl talk" with the two of them.

Words: 3,641
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Chapter 30

Alexei apologizes, and truffles are purchased. That's kind of it. Lots of dialogue. And did I mention truffles? The chocolate kind?

Words: 889
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Chapter 31

Getting to know you... getting to know all about you... Elena and Hermione have a little more conversation, and there's a major fluff payoff for all you people who like fluff. Caramel fluff, no less. (Because there are truffles involved. Truffles and milk, and you just can't get any more wholesome than milk, now can you?) Seriously, large amounts of sweetness in this chapter.

Words: 1,200
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Chapter 32

Some of the Durmstrang Quidditch tryouts, Poppet rebuffed (sort of), and possibly the first ever romantic invitation to a ...library?

Words: 627
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Chapter 33

Viktor's favorite corner of the library... and why. A smidgen of Dostoevsy, and a little something that librarians usually frown upon... at least in the stacks.

Words: 712
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Chapter 34

Hermione and Viktor get ready for the Opening Ball at Durmstrang, and have the accompanying large attack of nerves and self doubt. Equal opportunity self criticism and fashion. Lots of internal dialogue. Heavily influenced by Avril Lavigne's Things I'll Never Say.

Words: 2,787
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Chapter 35

The Opening Ball at Durmstrang (finally!). There's a bit of blushing, Elena and Viktor engage in some matchmaking, Viktor, Hermione, Elena and Alexei get drafted, fancy footwork, classical composers, and someone goes outside for "fresh air". And three very significant words get uttered...though they may be trumped by one particular word.

Words: 5,329
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Chapter 36

The one-hit wonder of the classical world, some sage advice on matchmaking and why you shouldn't do it from Viktor and Elena, two friends who sound like an old married couple (not Ron and Hermione!), and the wrapup of the Opening Ball. Find out the difference between making people happy and MAKING people happy. And why Viktor and Hermione have a "tired leg" in common...

Words: 2,372
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Chapter 37

Viktor steps outside for some air. No, really, air. Well, okay, maybe for a tiny little conversation...

Words: 517
Hits: 694
Chapter 38

Viktor has a visitor when not many other people are up...

Words: 561
Hits: 575
Chapter 39

Ron, Harry and Hermione pack and prepare to leave Durmstrang. Lots of (temporary, we hope) goodbyes and some packing. Of socks. And little knobbly elf hats.

Words: 1,405
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Chapter 40

A snack in the woods, and Viktor accepts an offer after Ron, Harry and Hermione portkey back to Hogwarts.

Words: 570
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Chapter 41

Viktor takes leave of Durmstrang, says goodbye to Alexei and Elena, and keeps an appointment with the Guardian for a little more conversation and complication... One door shuts and another one opens...

Words: 1,592
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Chapter 42

Viktor makes his promised visit to Hermione in a slightly unexpected fashion...and someone else from Viktor's past has come along...and they don't just want a cup of tea and a chat.

Words: 9,115
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Chapter 43

Finally putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together. Find out a little about what Viktor was up to while he and Hermione were apart, and discuss the thin, thin line between the Dark Arts and defense against the same.

Words: 4,246
Hits: 638
Chapter 44

Puzzling over notes, the possibility of food as weapons, a little on Fudge's incompetence, and more importantly, a conversation on the reality that good does not always win just because it is good...

Words: 1,399
Hits: 685
Chapter 45

A late night (or early morning, I guess) visit to the infirmary turns up some interesting information. Viktor receives a visit from the last person you would expect, and they have a conversation about the importance of "seasoning"....

Words: 2,429
Hits: 588
Chapter 46

Viktor and Harry have a bit of a hop and a chat. Why is it nothing unarguably happy ever follows the words, "I need to talk to you"?

Words: 1,972
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Chapter 47

Viktor gets a bath, Harry asks for advice, and there is a bit of a standoff with someone who is acting just a touch bratty...

Words: 2,408
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Chapter 48

With Viktor just about out of the infirmary, he starts to make...study plans? He thinks he needs work on a surprising subject, and his trickiest test question might not be what you think. Well, Hermione certainly seems surprised.

Words: 646
Hits: 647
Chapter 49

The ride to Hogsmeade brings Harry a little confirmation that he's not a complete nutter. Viktor does some essay consultation, and deals with being in a tight corner in regards to handling Neville Longbottom's problem with Potions. Also, find out what can spoil the magic, even when it is magic...

Words: 1,880
Hits: 573
Chapter 50

Drawing boundaries in uncharted territory. And Viktor attempts to change the subject. Also, a promise of things to come. McGonagall once again proves to be a boundless source of study supplies, and the Shrieking Shack is put to a bit of use once more.

Words: 1,122
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Chapter 51

The Shrieking Shack has not exactly improved since the last time the Trio were inside, but it serves as a practice field for dealing with boggarts in this chapter. What exactly does a boggart do when you have no specific "worst fear"? Read on and find out...

Words: 2,084
Hits: 578
Chapter 52

Snape's class has a substitute, one who offers to put Malfoy in his proper place. (And I guarantee, all of us have wanted to put Draco there sometime or another...) Viktor offers Neville a solution to his Potions Problem that's so simple, you're going to wonder why no one else ever suggested it. Also, Viktor employs some creative discipline that does not involve house points.

Words: 1,472
Hits: 596
Chapter 53

Crookshanks gets acquainted with Ivan and Natasha, and Viktor and Hermione engage in a meandering conversation that takes in pets, essay, Quidditch, and when to stop apologizing.

Words: 1,445
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Chapter 54

Harry and Viktor trade tutoring services. Viktor learns the importance of thinking happy thoughts, Harry learns the importance of looking where you are going.

Words: 1,236
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Chapter 55

Viktor collects on his promised walk, and Fred and George use the Halloween Feast to debate the relative merits of their substitute, Viktor and Hermione's relationship, and flying toad spleens. Also, ferret out the possible jealously of another Weasley...

Words: 834
Hits: 598
Chapter 56

Viktor and Hermione take a walk (among other things), try not to peeve the squid, and make some holiday plans.

Words: 783
Hits: 631
Chapter 57

What's proving to be a giant pain in the ... head? Harry, Ron, Hermione and Viktor and some late night puzzlement...

Words: 951
Hits: 535
Chapter 58

Fudge and the Ministry start meddling at Hogwarts by sending Dolores Umbridge to start sniffing out scandal. Find out what she asks during a Potions class that has Hermione saying, "The absolute nerve of that woman!". Also, questions to which there are no right answers, and learn to dread the "hem, hem" even more...

Words: 4,286
Hits: 523
Chapter 59

Umbridge is still nosing around, November is a haze of practices, Christmas plans are solidified, and Harry goes a'wandering, which gives Viktor cause to worry.

Words: 1,337
Hits: 531
Chapter 60

On Christmas Eve Eve, Hermione talks over her Christmas Eve plans, how Christmas presents can be evil if you try hard enough, how nothing can be the perfect Christmas gift, and how some people always believe the worst.

Words: 652
Hits: 576
Chapter 61

Christmas Eve morning and Viktor and Hermione set off for the visit to the Granger house.

Words: 1,055
Hits: 520
Chapter 62

Christmas Eve with the Grangers, humoring parents, even when they're not yours, the Grangers get first names (gasp!), twenty questions, one awkward question, not wanting to intrude, the best of both worlds, and Michael Jordan gets mentioned. You'll have to read to find out why...

Words: 1,636
Hits: 545
Chapter 63

Harry and Ron miss seeing Viktor and Hermione off, but they don't miss the fireworks when Hagrid lets it slip to Umbridge. But is Umbridge on a fact finding mission or a wild goose chase?

Words: 2,275
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Chapter 64

Viktor lies in bed and reflects on the Muggle world and the world in general. Could be summed up with "Viktor takes stock", I guess.

Words: 704
Hits: 530
Chapter 65

Viktor and Hermione return to Diagon Alley via the train station, and Hermione learns some interesting things about Bulgarian culture.

Words: 1,284
Hits: 508
Chapter 66

Another Christmas, another Weasley jumper. Also, what they leave out of Hogwarts: A History, Viktor checks in with Dumbledore, Mama's stew, hot coffee, a bit of teasing about huggy, kissy mothers, Percy is scandalized (when isn't he?) and Gred and Forge angle the Weasley's into an invitation from Viktor and take him up on a bet. .

Words: 3,366
Hits: 553
Chapter 67

The Boxing Day exhibition match, and Viktor takes up the challenge from Fred and George. Feel sorry for Aidan Lynch. Very...very...sorry.

Words: 1,371
Hits: 623
Chapter 68

Umbridge calls an impromptu meeting of some of the staff when evaluations are done, and most of the attendees are not going to be happy... Probations and threats of probation, and the setting of the near-impossible task. Also, see McGonagall do something she almost never does...

Words: 1,457
Hits: 544
Chapter 69

Viktor, in a towering temper, goes on the mother of all rants. And mind you... he does have a pretty good point...

Words: 2,924
Hits: 536
Chapter 70

Harry stops by to talk to Viktor, who is in the midst of trying to complete Umbridge's "Nearly Impossible Task". Harry also seizes the opportunity to do a bit of snooping, and ask for some advice on dealing with a certain Ravenclaw. Viktor continues to insist he's "the wrong tree" and that asking permission is better than getting slapped. Ask Alexei.

Words: 2,531
Hits: 670
Chapter 71

Hermione receive mail from upstairs, and the madness of love. It will even make you read a thesis.

Words: 564
Hits: 521
Chapter 72

Hermione passes verdict, caffeine can only do so much, and why you might want to pass on a cup of joe at Hogwarts.

Words: 673
Hits: 503
Chapter 73

Viktor eats at the student table, Umbridge seems awfully interested in the location of seven scrolls, and Ivan and Natasha sure do seem to be good judges of character... Also, Viktor becomes an expert at The Rules. I mean, the rules. Not that awful "Catch a Man" book.

Words: 643
Hits: 501
Chapter 74

Exam day, and Hermione has a bigger case of nerves than Viktor, why long legs come in handy, how not to subtly listen in on a conversation, and why is the examiner apologizing? And Viktor becomes quite good at explaining technicalities.

Words: 1,980
Hits: 568
Chapter 75

Pre-Valentine's Day hysteria descends on Hogwarts, and it makes Harry want to scream. Also, Viktor and Hermione make plans and hatch theories, Ron gets an invitation, and Harry suspects about Ginny and Neville. For those of you concerned this is the story that never ends, I swear it does at the end of the school year! I got in the habit of doing nice bite-size chapters and can't break it. I swear, I'm not a total windbag that goes on and on and on and on and on and... okay, maybe I am. But it's a quick read. Really. And I'm going to be nice to folks who might want to download it by eventually posting the full story somewhere, rather than forcing you to download all forty-eleven chapters one at a time. I'm a real humanitarian, huh?

Words: 1,631
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Chapter 76

Valentine's Day, so owls are dropping off ridiculous tokens of love (or are they so ridiculous?), and it's Hogsmeade weekend. Frankly, the whole thing proves a little more exciting than Harry and Cho and Viktor and Hermione really wanted... Sometimes, boring is good. A contrast of two couples, comfortable versus uncomfortable silence, why you should pay attention to questions before answering, and how to keep confetti out of your coffee. Also, marshmallows, the difference between girls and women, and why there's more than enough blame to go around.

Words: 5,453
Hits: 669
Chapter 77

Harry goes a'wandering again, and very nearly gets the Trio and Viktor in some hot water. Mrs. Norris stirs up some trouble, Filch is disappointed, and what the heck is Snape doing coming to Viktor's room at this time of night? (No, get your mind out of the gutter.) Err... the plot thickens, I guess.

Words: 5,028
Hits: 646
Chapter 78

When the twins sort of kind of accidentally on purpose put Crabbe into the Vanishing Cabinet, the staff table gets quite busy, trying to determine what happened to him. Also, Viktor and Fleur knock heads once again, until Hermione, um, intervenes with something more important.

Words: 1,878
Hits: 637
Chapter 79

Harry returns to the common room after a particularly interesting Occlumency session, to run into the three people he definitely does not want to talk to right now. Harry gets taken to task for focusing so much on himself, Viktor engages in some Dolores-baiting, and what exactly is the lesson of James and Lily Potter?

Words: 5,413
Hits: 716
Chapter 80

Harry sort of kind of accidentally on purpose eavesdrops on a confrontation between Fleur and Viktor, and is rather surprised to say the least at what they butt heads over this time. Rated PG-13 for some suggestive... ummm... err.. suggestiveness and a bad French ackzent. The definition of a "civil conversation" just got very loose, pun unintended.

Words: 1,585
Hits: 625
Chapter 81

Harry finds out that the contents of his care package might not have been so caring as he thought, Errol, we hardly knew ye, and finally, Viktor takes Harry to task for being too trusting in some things.

Words: 1,292
Hits: 635
Chapter 82

One of the nagging questions is answered, at least for one person. And Harry finds that his warning bells are still working and some of his suspicions are well founded. Paying attention to detail can be very important...

Words: 3,126
Hits: 615
Chapter 83

Snape is snarky, as per usual, Dumbledore sets about finding out what really happened during the Third Task, sandbagging, a touch of Bulgarian, and when yes means no and no means yes.

Words: 4,933
Hits: 612
Chapter 84

Questions and answers, answers and questions, and a very ill-timed visit from *hem, hem*, everyone's favorite character, Dolores Umbridge. Also, hints, lies, accusations, and always looking on the bright side.

Words: 1,712
Hits: 611
Chapter 85

Cue up one more of those things that Hogwarts seems to go through like Kleenex! A class goes from "all theory" to "we've never done this before", and why, exactly is Viktor attempting to "scare the bejeezus" out of some of the students? Pity poor Dean Thomas...

Words: 2,671
Hits: 506
Chapter 86

A fun and short little chapter wherein wrists are flailed, fun is poked, and Seamus gets his.

Words: 733
Hits: 474
Chapter 87

Well, that's a funny way to spend a date... but practical nonetheless! Under a tree, watching the stars, talking Astronomy, and a tiny, wee bit of barefaced flattery.

Words: 1,220
Hits: 468
Chapter 88

Ron's Patronus revealed, a new lead to follow, and sympathy nerves.

Words: 1,493
Hits: 493
Chapter 89

Viktor and Hermione get a bit of research done in the library, but it's a little tough with Gred and Forge on the case.

Words: 844
Hits: 589
Chapter 90

Hanging out in the library again, Viktor and Hermione get in a bit more research, and play everyone's favorite game, Annoying Dolores. And everyone seems to be studying...

Words: 1,544
Hits: 607
Chapter 91

Umbridge wants some answers, but has to give some of her own. Saved by the Bulgarian and the Scotswoman! Oh, and have a biscuit, Potter. Also, Viktor and Hermione finally begin to compare some interesting notes...

Words: 1,794
Hits: 628
Chapter 92

Finally, Hermione shows Viktor the seal of the alliance, but he's not so impressed... seems he's already pretty familiar with it from somehwhere else...

Words: 795
Hits: 645
Chapter 93

Umbridge's midnight stroll prompts a communication from Dumbledore, and an even bigger parting of the ways. Sneaking in the middle of the night, ganging up, flight and refuge, and Viktor finally collects on his bet with the proprietors of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. Rated PG for some minor swearing, mild violence against wizards and witches and half-giants, and some extreme violence aimed at a door.

Words: 1,870
Hits: 624
Chapter 94

Having reached 12 Grimmauld Place, Viktor, Hermione, Ron and Harry finally encounter some solid answers. They finally put two and two together about what the Guardian was hinting at, Viktor encounters some faces from his past, and everything new looks old again... Rated PG for some minor language. (It's fun when Viktor's kinda cranky...)

Words: 6,398
Hits: 665
Chapter 95

Dumbledore gives some more answers, what it means to be equals, a bit of kismet, and find out what prompts Ron to say "Myth, my Aunt Fanny!"

Words: 1,631
Hits: 606
Chapter 96

As the Order of the Phoenix gauges their position, politics, military strategy, and loyalties are discussed during Viktor's briefing.

Words: 1,705
Hits: 667
Chapter 97

The three requirements necessary for admission into the Order of the Phoenix, why names and faces are so important, and new members are inducted. Also, Hagrid arrives with some startling news...

Words: 1,109
Hits: 616
Chapter 98

A bit more is revealed about the attack at Beauxbatons, reasons to be a bit happy, and perhaps, a reason to find someone to cling to. Also, Viktor reveals a rather unique perspective on a couple of traitors, and why you shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions.

Words: 1,843
Hits: 663
Chapter 99

Grim arrangements made, what decency demands , what separates "us" from "them", where there's life, there's hope, and a pensive Viktor talks about doing something you just shouldn't have to do at nineteen.

Words: 2,490
Hits: 912