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The Harry Potter at Hogwarts Years
Published: 08/25/2006
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Right Here

Miss Alise

Story Summary:
In a world where you can't trust the person closest to you, and all the people you look up to let you down, sometimes you have to pick up your pieces by yourself, and that's so much harder than just giving up. Then you start to realize that the only person you want to prove yourself to, is you.

Chapter 01



"Congratulations Mrs. Weasley! You've got yourself a couple of very active, mischievous little boys. They haven't stopped crying since they were born, and in my humble experience, that means they'll be pretty difficult to deal with. It makes me happy to see it, if I may say so, Molly. Congratulations"

"Thank you so much Dr. Mayar. You've always been so helpful with the other boys, they admire you so much. Bill wants to be a doctor, did you know? You and Patty have always been there when we needed help. No more children after this I think. Maybe I'll have to convince Arthur of that, maybe not, we'll see." Molly smiled, a serene smile of a woman who had done this before and, though far from being comfortable with it, she was very much resigned.

"Now Molly, you know how much I wish my other patients were like your children. I have never seen any boys with more personality. I can only hope that one of these days, your genetics decide to allow you to have a girl, as I'm sure she would be just as wonderful. Now, none of your other children were premature, so you haven't had to deal with this yet, but we'll have to keep the children here for at least a week, maybe more, depending on how they react to being out of the womb, so would you like to take a short nap, or see your children first?"

"I believe I would like to see my children first. But where is Arthur? With the nurses?"

"Yes, no matter how many times you and he are here with the next member of the Weasley clan, he will never let himself believe my nurses know how to handle children properly. It's quite vexing at times, I must admit." Dr. Mayar pinched the bridge of his nose in feigned exhasperation. But he opened his eyes and smiled at Molly. "Let me go get you a wheelchair Molly, we'll go down to the nursery together, as I have yet to see your twins properly."

Cloaked only in a flimsy hospital gown, Molly was wheeled down to the premature infant nursery, joined by her husband on the way there.

"Why hello, Arthur, so nice of you to join me. Are you done harassing the nurses yet? They do know how to do their job, babe."

"Now Molly, it may be their job, but they're our children, wouldn't you rather I make sure they were being taken care of properly?"

"Arthur, I KNOW they're being taken care of properly." She poked him playfully in the side. "You're the only one who seems to be having a hard time believing it."

Suddenly, she tensed beside him, a small frown crossing her face.

"One of them is crying Arthur, one of my babies is crying, I can tell. Wheel me over there, I need to see them."

Sitting down in her wheel chair, Molly could barely see into the large glass window showcasing the newborn babies. Bassinettes covered in frilly pink or blue plaid were lined up in rows, with two blue ones on the end of the front row. A small, pudgy hand was poking out of the left crib, feebly waving around in the air, as if trying to flag down a nurse or doctor.

A nurse wandered over to the crib of the offending baby, checking for any physical discomfort or obvious medical problems.

"Wheel me in there, Arthur, I need to see what's wrong with my baby." Molly's demand sounded concerned, but looking at their faces, neither Arthur or Molly appeared overly distressed. They'd both dealt with crying babies before.

"Excuse me, nurse? What appears to be the problem here?" Arthur's tone may have come across as nonchalant and merely curious, but his eyes betrayed that this nurse better know what the hell she was doing with his child, or so help her.

"I'm sorry Mr. Weasley please forgive me I don't know what's wrong normally the babies will stop crying on their own but this one just won't stop crying and I can't find anything wrong with him and I don't know what's wrong and I was going to go get a doctor but the you came in here and I just don't know what to do!" She looked quite scared and perhaps she feared for her job as well. Just perhaps.

"Calm down honey, we don't blame you, right Arthur?" Molly glared at her husband before continuing. "Dr. Mayar was going to come down here soon to check on the babies himself, so we'll just ask him how best to handle the situation then. In the meantime, may I hold him? I haven't had the chance yet."

"Of course Mrs. Weasley, here you go," she handed the squirming baby to Molly, "what're their names? The tags don't say anything other than Weasley. Have you decided yet?" The nurse was clearly relieved that Molly was in a more forgiving mood than their father at the moment.

"Well, we decided we didn't want to know the sex until they were born, so we've just been calling them Baby One and Baby Two, we haven't really discussed it very much yet. What do you think, Arthur?"

"How about Fred and George? Nice, simple names that are different enough to give them a sense of individuality, but are similar enough that they will never forget where they came from. Plus, they flow together, don't you think? Fred and George, George and Fred, no matter how you slice it, it sounds nice. Do you agree, dear?"

"Yes, Arthur, I think you've got it perfect. I've always thought it would be nice to be a twin, now I can witness it as a mother, something even more profoundly beautiful. Fred and George it is. Now, who should be who?"

"If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion?" the nurse timidly spoke, "The boy in the bassinette has a small birthmark, so why not name him George, which is longer, because he has more marks? The one in your arms can be Fred, because he has none." She looked pleased with herself, and apparently so were Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, for they both smiled and nodded in agreement.

"I'm sorry that I threatened your job Ms. Ramsey. Surely with all the children that you see here, you know of the worry of being a parent, right?" Arthur at least had the good grace to appear a little sheepish, but to his credit he was not too repentant.

"Oh, don't worry Mr. Weasley, as a matter of fact, I got an invitation to join one of the top orthodontic offices in the country, and I've been thinking of accepting it. As you can see, I'm just not as good with children as I used to be when I took this job. I was just worried about your child Mr. Weasley, not my job." There was a bit of an awkward silence, interrupted by the arrival of Dr. Mayar.

"Why is this poor child not in his crib? Ms. Ramsey, I thought you said you had this under control." Dr. Mayar peered down at the tiny baby.

"I'm sorry Dr. Mayar, but he wouldn't stop crying, so I gave him to his mother, that always works." She smiled down at George, in his overly large bassinette. "Do you have another suggestion, Sir?"

Looking thoughtful, Dr. Mayar took Fred away from his mother, and he instantly started crying again. Gently shifting George over to one side of the crib, he lay Fred down next to him, and stepped back to see what would happen. Fred's flailing arm smacked his brother in the face, making him smile a little and he immediately went to sleep. George looked a little less enthused about being smacked in the face, but he got over it, quickly falling asleep as well.

And far from the muggle hospital infant care ward, Severus Snape frowned in his sleep.