Life and Love After Voldemort


Story Summary:
H/G, R/Hr story focusing on how career paths are finalized, life choices are made, and rings are exchanged. There's a goodly amount of romance, humor, action, adventure and mystery, as the quartet find that the post-Voldemort world holds its fair share of challenges.

Harry meets with Minister Shacklebolt

Words: 2,117
Hits: 735

Harry ponders the day's events and gets an unexpected but welcome visitor

Words: 1,148
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Harry, Ginny, and a troubled Hermione head back to Hogwarts

Words: 1,827
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Harry, Ginny and Hermione react to Ron's letter

Words: 1,326
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Harry faces a blond adversary in Knockturn Alley

Words: 1,149
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More is at stake surrounding the Quidditch exhibition match than Harry and Ginny originally thought

Words: 1,297
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Rita, Ludo, and a monarch greet Harry at Hogwarts

Words: 1,268
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Harry and Ron face off, on and off the pitch

Words: 1,137
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Harry is propositioned at the Hog's Head

Words: 1,581
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A wizard, a witch, and a Whomper

Words: 1,081
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Harry seals the deal

Words: 1,748
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Between two worlds

Words: 1,373
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A special assembly

Words: 1,291
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Captain Oblivious and the 9-month math problem

Words: 1,596
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Hot Hogwarts Hearts

Words: 1,293
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Harry's 1st match with the Cannons

Words: 1,096
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Blast-End Skeeter sounds off again

Words: 2,193
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Graduation Day

Words: 1,797
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Suitable for framing

Words: 2,162
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Back to Grimmauld Place

Words: 1,315
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Putting the band back together

Words: 1,810
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Doing it by the book

Words: 1,986
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Shoulda headed fer Argentina...

Words: 1,510
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Words: 1,607
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The Cannon Fodder Choir

Words: 668
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Mission accomplished, Miss Granger

Words: 1,369
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My Hero

Words: 832
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