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Published: 07/20/2003
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Somnio Salvus


Story Summary:
Year Six at Hogwarts, and Draco finds a way to spy on Harry's deepest fears. But will he use this knowledge to gain power over Harry, or to change his own destiny? Featuring Harry/Draco in a big, fluffy, slashy way. Also a hint of Ron/Hermione, a chorus of Death Eaters and one illicit potion.

Chapter 24

Chapter Summary:
Harry and Draco finally arrive safely back at Hogwarts, and Dumbledore is anxious to discover what happened to them. Will they ever get a chance to be alone? It's the final chapter...what do you think?
Author's Note:
Dedicated to June, Christa and Sean - my beta-readers. Thank you for all your hard work. Also to every single person who has reviewed, even my solitary flamer (I don't think you've really made it in Fanfiction until you get a flame, do you?) Particular thanks to Melissa and Heather for contacting me privately with your feedback. You have no idea how much your encouragement meant to me!

It was some time around midday when Harry and Draco arrived back at Hogwarts. The Portkey delivered them to the corridor outside the Headmaster's office, where Professor McGonagall was anxiously waiting to meet them.

'Oh! Thank Goodness, there you are,' she exclaimed as Harry staggered to regain his balance. 'Go straight on up - Professor Dumbledore wishes to speak to both of you immediately.'

Draco looked horrified. 'Now? But I haven't eaten since yesterday morning! Can't we have lunch first?' he pleaded.

Professor McGonagall looked sympathetic but didn't budge. 'I'm afraid not. Professor Dumbledore is anxious to hear what happened to you both. It is likely that your information will be of great importance. I will arrange for the House elves to bring you some lunch. Jelly Baby!'

With that the Gargoyle slid aside to reveal the moving staircase, and Harry and Draco stepped onto it. As they ascended, Harry smiled at Draco with a helpless shrug. He had been hoping to pick up at the point where they had been interrupted on the hillside, but it looked as though it would be a while before they could be alone.


Dumbledore sat down behind his desk with a weary sigh, then looked at the two boys gravely.

'It is a very great relief to have the two of you back,' he said quietly. 'Naturally there has been a great deal of concern for your safety, and not just from the staff. Harry, I believe you will find Mr Weasley and Miss Granger in some distress. They appear to be under the impression that you flew off in a rage because you were angry with them about something.'

Dumbledore kept his face carefully blank and looked innocently at the ceiling, but not before Harry noticed the slight twinkle behind the half-moon spectacles.

Harry relaxed and suppressed a smile. It wouldn't do to appear frivolous when they were supposed to be imparting information of grave importance.

Dumbledore returned his gaze to the two boys. 'You have both shown admirable measures of bravery and determination - of course, I have come to expect nothing less,' he added with a smile. 'However, in my capacity as your Headmaster, and as the person responsible for seeing to it that you receive appropriate guidance to serve you in your future lives, it is my duty to remind you that courage and determination are all the more valuable when moderated by common sense.'

There was a moment of pensive silence. Harry guiltily reflected that it might have been more sensible to go straight to a teacher once he had worked out where Draco was. A sidelong glance at Draco revealed the Slytherin chewing his lip and staring uneasily at the floor. Harry suspected that he was having similar thoughts about his attempt to stop the abduction at the Three Broomsticks.

Dumbledore's eyes flicked from one boy to the other, a faintly amused expression on his weather-beaten face. He nodded once, apparently satisfied that his point had been taken.

'That is all I will say on the matter,' he said, to Harry's very great relief. 'At this point, there are far more important issues to discuss. I would like you both to relate to me exactly what happened, while the events are still fresh in your minds.'

Both boys started to speak rapidly together, and Dumbledore held up a hand patiently to silence them. He conjured a comfortable floral-print sofa out of nowhere and gestured to them to sit down. Two glasses of pumpkin juice appeared on the desk in front of them.

'Draco, if you would care to go first?' suggested Dumbledore politely. Harry sank back gratefully to listen.


A heavy silence filled the headmaster's office. Draco had finished relating his version of events, and there was a lot of information to digest. When he had shakily described his last ever conversation with his father, Harry's heart had nearly burst with sympathy. Much as he loathed Lucius, he couldn't help thinking back to the photograph he had found in Draco's cupboard.

Whatever Lucius did while wearing his Death Eater costume, it was clear that there had been a close and affectionate relationship between the Malfoys. Harry felt a deep twinge of regret that it was ruined - especially since it was largely because of him. It was painful to see how much it hurt Draco to be parted from his family forever, and Harry reached for Draco's hand to offer silent support.

It was just as hard when the time came for him to tell his own story. Draco remained rigid and expressionless while he related the part about Lucius letting him escape, and he was profoundly glad that he'd had had a chance to tell Draco about it while they were alone on the hillside.

Harry moved on as quickly as he could to the demise of Bellatrix Lestrange, the very likely demise of Peter Pettigrew, and the flight from the balcony. By the time he finished, Draco had relaxed and Dumbledore - as always - was looking thoughtful.

'Well, boys...' he said quietly. 'As much as I would wish that you hadn't had to experience all of this, it seems that your adventures have proved useful. Very useful.' He stood up and strolled along one side of the study, nodding respectfully to the portraits of his predecessors as he passed. They nodded back with expressions of polite curiosity.

'Draco...you said that your father claimed to be aware of Professor Snape's involvement with the Order of the Phoenix?'

Draco nodded glumly. 'He said that he's been feeding Snape false information about Voldemort's plans. They've known for months that he's not really working for them.'

'It is unfortunate, indeed, that our best-placed agent will no longer be able to gather useful information. But it is far more important that we know the situation, and can henceforth avoid placing him in danger.' Dumbledore sighed deeply, then turned to face the boys again.

'And Harry...from what you have said, it seems Voldemort is now without one of his most devoted servants...and if I am not very much mistaken, he will shortly be without two more.'

Harry nodded. 'Yes, sir. I...uh, hang on...Two more? I mean, I'm pretty sure Wormtail won't last much longer but...'

'Indeed.' Dumbledore cut him off. 'Even if he is allowed to live once the true depth of his cowardice is discovered, I suspect that the massive dose of Veritaserum he received will leave him permanently spellbound. He will be incapable of lying, or concealing anything, and these traits will do nothing to further Voldemort's cause.

'However, from the information you have been good enough to share with me, I suspect that there is one other from whom the Dark Lord should expect only a limited period of service.'

Draco gave an audible gulp. 'You mean...'

Dumbledore smiled at him kindly. 'Yes, Draco. I mean your father. His dedication to Voldemort is deep-seated and habitual - all my attempts to sway him from that path over the years have failed. However, it appears that he has voluntarily taken a step away. As I have suspected for several years, there is one thing even stronger than his devotion to the dark arts. That is - of course - his love for you.'

Silence filled the study once more. Harry gazed anxiously at Draco, who seemed to be battling with a thousand thoughts and emotions all at once.

'How did you know...?' he whispered eventually. Harry frowned in puzzlement, and Draco continued. 'You said that one day I'd be able to help Harry when nobody else could. Is...is that what you meant? That my father wouldn't let him go for any other reason but to save me?'

Dumbledore smiled. 'I do not presume to know the future, Draco. I leave that to my esteemed colleagues, Professors Trelawney and Firenze. However, when one has lived as long as I have, it becomes much easier to understand one's fellows. Even if their opinions have not been in alignment with one's own.'

Harry was baffled. He was also tired, hungry and keen to find Ron and Hermione. Dumbledore seemed to read his thoughts:

'Now, I suggest the two of you return to your dormitories and get some rest. You have earned it. But please try not to get involved in any more of Lord Voldemort's iniquitous schemes before dinner - I have no wish to miss another meal.'


Harry and Draco wearily made their way along the corridor to the main staircase. There weren't many people about - most were still at lunch. However they passed Justin Finch-Fletchley at the top of the stairs, and he gave them a very funny look. Harry watched, perplexed, as he passed; then he realised belatedly that he was still holding Draco's hand. He swore and dropped it suddenly as if it were an Ashwinder's egg. They looked at each other for a moment in horror, then began to laugh.

'If he was shocked, I hate to think how your friends will react,' giggled Harry.

'I expect they'll be a picnic, compared with yours...' added Draco dryly.

Harry snorted. 'I'd normally agree, but to be honest I could snog you in the middle of a Quidditch match and Ron and Hermione wouldn't notice. They're way too wrapped up in each other to pay attention to my love life. I think we'll be safe for a while.'

Draco advanced on Harry with a predatory smile. 'In the middle of a Quidditch Match, eh? What interesting diversionary tactics you have.'

'Oh, you don't know the half of it...' breathed Harry as he found himself pressed against the wall.

'I can't wait to find out,' purred Draco. 'Oh, damn it!'

The doors to the Great Hall had just burst open, and the sound of animated chatter rose to meet them. Students were beginning to leave the hall, and a few were already climbing the stairs. Harry could hear the echoing footfalls and cheerful voices rapidly growing nearer.

He opened his mouth to suggest that they move, but Draco had other ideas. Before he could say more than, 'I think...mmph!', he found himself being briskly and thoroughly kissed. His eyes opened wide with surprise, then closed without his permission.

He made a murmur of protest but somewhere between his brain and his mouth it turned into a weak moan of pleasure. Draco's hands raked down his back and slid into the back pockets of his jeans, then he moved his head and sucked Harry's earlobe gently.

The approaching students were getting nearer...Harry opened his eyes a crack and saw their shadows creeping along the wall near the top of the stairs. He tried to remember how to speak - he had to make Draco stop - but he was licking and biting that sensitive spot on his neck and it was nice...very nice...oh where is my invisibility cloak when I need it?

Draco abruptly ceased in his ministrations. 'This Murphy character is a menace,' he muttered. 'I'll see you later.' Then he planted a firm kiss on Harry's lips, and was gone in a flap of expensive designer cloak.

Harry gaped after him, with an overwhelming urge to follow him to his dorm. However at that moment a small group of Gryffindors appeared at the top of the stairs and headed for the Portrait hole. Seamus brought up the rear, and looked up in surprise when he saw Harry.

'Where've you been?' he demanded.

'I ah...went out for...umm.' He gestured vaguely towards the main doors, then let his hand drop to his side in exasperation. 'Oh, Seamus can I tell you about it later? I need some sleep.'

Seamus smiled and seized Harry by the arm, dragging him towards Gryffindor Tower.

'Fine, then. But you'll have to talk to Ron and Hermione. When you didn't meet them at Madam Puddifoot's yesterday they thought you were sulking, because they didn't tell you that they're, you know, together. But don't tell them I know that! And when you weren't in your bed this morning...'

Harry allowed himself to be dragged along, half listening to Seamus and half thinking about when he might next have a chance to see Draco.


'Harry!' shrieked Hermione as he climbed throught the portrait hole. 'Where have you been? When Ron said you disappeared in the night we thought...umm, we thought...'

'What did you think?' asked Harry innocently.

Hermione blushed and looked helplessly at Ron, who cleared his throat and came to her rescue.

'Uh, well, we were worried. We even went to see Professor Dumbledore!'

'Oh? What did he say?' asked Harry mischievously.

Ron opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish. 'Umm...he uh, I mean we...'

He was cut off as Hermione suddenly burst into tears and pushed past him to hug Harry. 'Oh, Harry I'm sorry we didn't tell you. We didn't mean to exclude you or anything, it was just that we couldn't...I don't know why but...oh we'll never keep anything from you again!' she wailed.

Harry gave her an affectionate squeeze and chuckled softly.

'What's so funny?' frowned Ron.

'You two,' replied Harry. 'Did you really think I'd flown off in a sulk because I'd found out about the two of you? I've known for months...I didn't say anything because you obviously didn't want to talk about it.' He released Hermione, who sniffed and stared at him in bewilderment.

'You knew?' she whispered.

Harry yawned and began to amble wearily towards the stairs. 'For a brainbox, you can really be dim sometimes, Herm,' he said amiably. 'Had you forgotten how well I know the two of you?'

Ron was still frowning. 'So...where were you?' he asked.

'Oh, I just needed a change of scenery...' said Harry dismissively from halfway up the stairs. 'I took myself off for a weekend break at the Copernicus. Nice place - very good laundry facilities.' With that he disappeared, leaving his friends to stare after him in bafflement.


Harry opened his eyes and panicked, not sure where he was. Gradually he realised that he was lying the wrong way round in bed, so the window was on his right instead of his left, where it should have been. He had managed to get himself half undressed - his shirt was bunched up on the floor next to his socks. Then he must have collapsed face down on the bed, and slept where he fell.

He vaguely realised that he still had his glasses on. He usually couldn't see the moon so clearly from his bed, but the glowing white crescent flew sharply into focus as he looked out of the window. A warm thrill coursed through him at the sight - for some reason it reminded him of something extremely pleasant.

He turned onto his back and glanced around the moonlit dorm. The other beds were empty - that was odd. He glanced at the clock, and discovered that it was still only early evening. Everyone would be at dinner. His stomach growled at the thought but he didn't move; he was far too comfortable and relaxed to get up. In fact the whole situation had a pleasantly familiar feel to it, and a warm fizz of anticipation was starting to rise.

His sleepy brain was just trying to remember why he felt so happy and fluffy when the door creaked open. He turned to see a dimly lit figure enter the room and close the door. His heart began to pound as the visitor approached. Moonlight fell on silvery blond hair and Harry sat bolt upright.

'Draco!' he whispered.

Draco smiled silently, making his way across the room and taking off his cloak. He draped it over a chair, then kicked off his shoes. The whole routine was very familiar to Harry, and he could tell by Draco's shy yet suggestive smile that he remembered it well, too.

Draco reached the side of the bed and stopped, reaching for Harry's hands and pulling him up so that he was kneeling on top of the covers. Harry quivered expectantly as Draco brought one of his hands to his lips. He couldn't stop a small moan from escaping as Draco began to suck his fingertips gently, one by one, just like he did before...

He closed his eyes, slowly sinking into delirium as Draco's hands snaked around his shoulders and lightly stroked the back of his neck. He silently willed him to do that again, then moaned in protest when Draco took his hands away altogether. He opened his eyes...then opened them wider. The hands that had been so cleverly raising goosebumps all down his back were now methodically undoing the buttons on Draco's robe, and the increasing expanse of ivory skin suggested that he was not wearing anything underneath...

Harry leapt to his assistance, fingers trembling with the realisation of what he was doing. I'm undressing Malfoy...Malfoy, who tried to get me expelled...who victimised me and insulted my friends...who cheated at Quidditch...sabotaged my potions...invaded my dreams...a few more buttons came undone in his shaking hands. ...Saved my life...he thought weakly.

His breaths came faster as all his memories of Malfoy condensed into one moment - the moment when he had found him lying motionless on his bed, magically-created moonlight gently illuminating his naked body. The sight had left him stunned and breathless, and it did so again now, as Draco slipped the robe off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

Harry tentatively ran his fingers down Draco's chest, marvelling at the cool smoothness of his skin. He had never noticed the pale, soft hairs across his breastbone before...but then it's never been this real before...he reflected. Then he shivered with pleasure as Draco paid similar attention to his own chest, showering gentle kisses along his shoulder at the same time.

Harry ducked his head, feeling Draco's quickened breaths on his face as their lips pressed lightly together. Nerves that usually had nothing much to do suddenly sprang to life, making his whole body ache deliciously. He wrapped his arms firmly around Draco's waist and parted his lips, gently stroking Draco's mouth with his tongue. He felt Draco trembling in his arms and drew him closer, slowly running one hand up his back.

Pausing for breath, he brought his hand to Draco's face and lightly ran his index finger over his bottom lip. Draco smiled and turned his head to follow the movement, eventually treating Harry's fingertip to a combination of teeth, lips and tongue that sent miniature lightning bolts shooting through him. He whimpered, trying to suggest to Draco that it might be nice if he did that again...but language was far beyond him. Thought and movement seemed to have him stumped as well...Draco had taken hold of his hand, lacing their fingers together, and now he was planting light, tingling kisses all over his face.

Every caress of Draco's lips made Harry ache for more. He drew back slightly to look Draco in the face - the grey eyes were wide and shining...and his lips were parted.

With a hungry groan, Harry pulled Draco's head towards his own until their lips met once more. He opened his mouth and shuddered with unbearable pleasure as Draco's tongue slowly glided over his own.

Draco's hands wandered down over Harry's stomach, pausing to stroke a ticklish spot which he had discovered in a dream. Harry squirmed and giggled. 'Stop it,' he breathed against Draco's neck. 'You know that tickles.'

'Sorry,' murmured Draco. 'I just wanted to see if it works in real life...'

A second later Harry found himself blessing reality and the whole world and every living moment, as he felt Draco's hands drop to his waist, swiftly unfastening his jeans. Oh God, that's a good idea...he thought, wriggling out of them. Then he stretched out on his back, lifting his hips off the bed so that Draco could take off his boxers. He seized Draco's hands and pulled him down on top of him, gasping with delight at the soft warmth of Draco's skin against his own.

He firmly wrapped his legs around Draco. '...And I want to see if this works in real life...' he murmured, thrusting his hips against Draco's. Draco groaned and thrust back, which was all the encouragement Harry needed. He let go of Draco's hands, taking hold of his hips instead as he began to grind rhythmically against him. Draco's eyes closed in an expression of painful ecstasy, and he buried his face in Harry's neck with a whimper. Then, with no warning, Draco thrust his arms underneath Harry and rolled them both over. The change in position gave Harry a thrill of new sensations, and he slowed his movements for a moment to savour it.

Draco groaned in protest and bucked against him, seizing his mouth in a desperate, ravenous kiss. Harry took the hint and picked up his pace, moaning Draco's name as his crescendo of arousal began to build. Draco writhed and panted beneath him, his fingers digging into Harry's buttocks.

'Don't stop...oh, Harry...don't stop...'

By this point no power in the universe could have made Harry stop. His breath came in sharp, halting gasps and he pumped against Draco in a series of quick, jerking spasms. Draco arched off the bed and cried out helplessly...

Harry collapsed, sweating from blissful exertion. Waves of raw emotion washed over him and he gave a short, joyful sob into Draco's neck. He could feel Draco's heart rapidly drumming against his chest, and could hardly distinguish it from his own thundering pulse.

Harry lay motionless, his body half draped over Draco's as they slowly floated back down to earth. There was no sound but their own laboured breathing, and the rustle of fabric as Draco closed the bed hangings with a wave of his wand. After a few minutes of comfortable stillness, Draco turned towards Harry and nuzzled the side of his face.

'Is it alright if I stay here tonight?' he whispered.

'Mmmm,' replied Harry, wrapping an arm firmly around Draco's chest for emphasis.

'What happens if Weasl...I mean Ron...looks in and finds me in your bed?'

'Dunno...that can be our next big adventure.'

Minutes, or possibly hours, passed in a warm and blissful silence. Harry drifted pleasantly on the edge of unconsciousness, torn between staying awake to enjoy every minute that he spent in Draco's arms, and plummeting headlong into welcome oblivion.

'Pinch me...' he murmured, through a thick haze of glowing contentment.

'Why?' whispered Draco, softly kissing his ear.

'You know why. Just do it...' Harry replied drowsily.

He felt Draco's hand slide lazily down his back, then a sharp pain in his right buttock.

'Ow!' he said happily, and felt Draco smile against his face.

He allowed himself to sink into the deep and wonderful sleep of the afterglow, safe in the knowledge that no matter what he dreamed about, this was real. And it would still be real in the morning.

The End

Author notes: Well, that's it. *Wipes away tear*. I really, really enjoyed writing this story but it had to finish sooner or later. Sorry for the delay in posting the later chapters - I hope they were worth the wait. Anyway...must go...lots of plot bunnies to feed!