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Published: 07/20/2004
Updated: 08/27/2004
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True Revenge

Elf Flame

Story Summary:
Narcissa managed to marry the man of her dreams. But perhaps he's not as dreamy as she thought.

Chapter 02

Chapter Summary:
Narcissa managed to marry the man of her dreams. But perhaps he's not as dreamy as she thought.
Author's Note:
To those who have been asking for owls for notification, I have tried, but they do not seem to be working for me for some reason.

Part 2

Her wedding night was miserable. The things he had done to her were...unspeakable. Afterwards, he gave her her own room, and "visited" her there about once a week, despite her distaste for his touch.

But that was nothing, as their first few years together showed Narcissa just how bad it could get. At first, Lucius seemed mostly to ignore her, but when she did not immediately become pregnant, she soon earned his displeasure. After all, it was her job to provide the next Malfoy heir. As she had not yet complied, she must be punished. At first she was told that she was required to stay in bed the mornings after he had "visited" her at night. Then as time went on, and she still had not conceived, he truly began to punish her. First it was little things--the destruction of her favorite things, thrown carelessly into her fireplace. Then there were the insults--slut, weakling, brainless twit, silly little girl. Finally he began the true abuse--first it was just a slap across the face when he discovered that her menses had come and gone, with still no heir to show for it; then a punch in the gut when she got in his way, or disobeyed him in any way; and finally, he began to use his favorite toy. A silver, snake-handled cane. He would hold it out as she passed so that she would trip, then laugh at her puddled form on the floor. She quickly learned not to try to get up until after he had left, as he would kick at her and hit her with his cane when she did.

He was very careful not to hit her anywhere the marks would show, as he had not simply married her for a baby factory. She was his arm decoration for events, so she had to look her best, which meant that as long as she could cover it with clothing, it was okay, but he would never touch her face. A bruise would mar her complexion, and he didn't want that.

And so she endured six years of abuse with Lucuis Malfoy. At home, she avoided him as much as possible. Though she got pregnant finally in their third year together, she soon lost it, and this was followed by a string of miscarriages in the next two years. He blamed this on her as well, and his abuse became more merciless than before. Finally, she became pregnant and managed to keep the child for more than a month. Lucius was thrilled. He began to make arrangements. Narcissa became both alarmed and relieved when told by the witch-nurse that Lucius had hired for the pregnancy that she was required to stay in bed for the entire pregnancy. Alarmed, because here in her room, she would be unable to escape from Lucius's battering, which had become such a habit that he had continued them into all her previous pregnancies; and then relieved when Lucius had suddenly disappeared from the house for months, to show up only now and then and mention his dealings with "those in power," and to see how she had "progressed."

Narcissa wondered, for she had been keeping up with the news, and she knew that several of Lucius's friends had openly declared their support for the man they called "The Dark Lord," and the rest of the wizarding world called "You-Know-Who." She knew that he had always been obsessed with the dark arts, back in their school days. And even back then Voldemort had been growing in power. Now she thought that there might be a chance that her husband had joined his cause, and for the first time since their marriage, Narcissa allowed herself to hope.

Her hopes were far from pleasant, however. She was hoping that Lucius had, indeed, cast his lot with Lord Voldemort, and that like many Death Eaters before him, Voldemort would take offence at something her husband said or did, and kill him. Then she would be free. And her son, for she was certain it would be--any other option was just too terrible to contemplate--she could raise him as she saw fit.

But no such luck. Her time approached, and her belly grew larger and larger. Her only exercise was walking from her bed to her bathroom and back. Her husband, once distracted by his activities, now visited every day, poking and prodding her to feel his son. After each of these "examinations," he would glare proudly at Narcissa for a moment, then turn and sweep from the room, with no word to her ever passing his lips.

Giving birth was the most pain she had ever experienced in her life. Even more than the worst beating Lucius had ever given her. Through a haze of pain, she listened to the witch-nurse argue with Lucius. The nurse did not feel that it was proper for him to be in the room during the birth, but Lucius would have none of this. There was a crack, and the next thing she knew, Lucius was looming over her. "Just a few more moments, girl. Then it'll be over. Just give me my son." It was the last thing she was truly aware of until the next day. She awoke in her blood- and sweat-soaked bed, a film of dried sweat still covered her. She could tell it was over. She felt empty.

The room, too, was empty--no nurse, no baby, and most of all, no Lucius. The child and the nurse concerned her for a moment, but she was relieved at her husband's absence. And truly, she knew that she needn't be too concerned about the child, for Lucius had wanted him, and would hardly be likely to harm him. No, Lucius's son would be treated like a prince. And if it was a girl? Well, she was obviously too late to save it. Her strength would be better served protecting herself when he returned. If it was a girl she had borne him, the beating he would give her when he came back would make the pain she felt now feel like a gentile breeze.

She pulled herself to a sitting position, then stood for a moment, but quickly collapsed onto her bed once more. Her head swam, and nausea rose in her throat. It took her several minutes to regain her composure. She gazed at the bathroom door longingly, feeling her skin itch from the dried sweat that covered her. She felt filthy. If only she could clean herself off... Then she remembered her wand. She took the wand from where it lay on her bedside table, and cast a simple cleansing spell on herself that left her so drained that she was barely able to return her wand to its place before she collapsed once more on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

She had never seen that nurse again.

It had been several days before she even knew for sure that she had had a son. It had been weeks before she was able to see him. Lucius guarded him jealously. She finally managed to sneak in and take a look at her son, sleeping, bathed in pale moonlight. A perfect replica of his father. After that, she stopped trying to see him.

Lucius was true to his word, at least. He stopped harassing her, stopped coming to "visit" her in the night. Her life was her own again. The few times she saw Lucius with his son sickened her with the gifts he lavished on an infant unable to understand, and made her eternally thankful that he did not want her in his life any longer. She also made sure to stay as far away from her son's room as it was possible to be while still living in the same house.

She privately sneered at the name Lucius had given his son. Draco. What, exactly did he want? His son to grow wings and start breathing fire?