Forever Silver

Elf Flame

Story Summary:
Silver comes to pay Draco a visit.

Chapter 01

Silver comes to pay Draco a visit.

Words: 3,156
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Chapter 02

Draco deals with the aftermath of what his father has done.

Words: 2,269
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Chapter 03

More dealing with the aftermath of Silver's death.

Words: 2,400
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Chapter 04

The morning comes, and Draco must deal with the night's indescretions.

Words: 3,407
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Draco and Severus go to the Ministry to give their statements.

Words: 2,486
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Draco and Severus try to deal with the aftermath of everything that happened, and Narcissa returns and hears the full story.

Words: 2,143
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One Year Later.

Words: 1,647
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