Harry and the Six Virgins


Story Summary:
The summer after OotP, Harry spends time with six of his attractive classmates as he goes on a quest through time for the one warlock who has the power to help him defeat Voldemort. Will Harry find love, or at least have a good time? Featuring Ginny, Daphne, Susan, Eloise, Hermione, and Luna in a very unserious tale.

Chapter 05

Chapter Summary:
The summer after OotP, Harry spends time with six of his attractive classmates as he goes on a quest through time for the one warlock who has the power to help him defeat Voldemort. Will Harry find love, or at least have a good time? Featuring Ginny, Daphne, Susan, Eloise, Hermione, and Luna in a (mostly) very unserious tale.
Author's Note:
Hippy Harry and his Biker Babe, pt 2

Chapter V

As far as Ginny was concerned, the weekdays passed by too quickly. She wasn't certain if Harry was falling in love with her, or if he had just accepted the situation as a dream which was filled with more reality than usual. For her, it was both and more.

They walked on the beach. Since it was warm enough on the Wednesday and Thursday, they swam in the ocean. They made love every morning. Harry would snuggle with her and bring her to orgasm every afternoon. They would snuggle, or even make love, in the evenings.

Growing up as they had, poor near a Muggle village, and with Arthur Weasley as a father, Ginny had learned more about Muggles than many witches as pure-born as she. She had gone with it, and was taking Muggle Studies as well as Care of Magical Creatures as her extra courses.

And yet in many ways, she had learned more about actually living as a Muggle in those few days as she had known previously.

Ginny didn't wish that these conditions would last forever, since forever is just that.

She wouldn't have minded a few more decades of it, however.

However, Friday morning arrived. After they had made love and had breakfast, they scurried around the motel suite, securing food with preservation charms, cleaning their clothes, and packing and shrinking everything that needed to be packed away.

At a little past 10:00, Harry turned in the key, thanked the owners, and checked his petrol. 'Gas,' Harry reminded himself. He climbed on the motorcycle, buttoned his enchanted denim jacket, and put on his sunglasses. Ginny was dressed the same way: t-shirt, jeans, leather boots, the enchanted jacket, and sunglasses. She braided her hair into two side braids and climbed on behind Harry.

They were off to see the United States.

Friday June 27

Ginny, when asked on the previous Tuesday, had said she was happy to go wherever Harry wanted to. He had glanced through some guidebooks, and made a rough outline of where they might go.

Their destination on the Friday was Mount St. Helens in Washington State, a little over 200 miles or so by the Muggle roads. Even stopping for lunch (Ginny's first McDonald's), they were looking at the volcano by 2:00.

"It's very pretty," Ginny said, "But why are we here?"

Harry made certain no one was close enough to overhear. "It's not as dormant as many people think. It will actually erupt a few months before I'm born. Sirius teased me about it a few times last summer."

"Difficult to believe, since it looks to peaceful," Ginny acknowledged. "It helps makes you realize how . . . impermanent everything really is."

"Makes you wonder how Casey stays sane," Harry agreed.

"Maybe he's not, not totally anyway. I mean, I like being with you, but you have to admit, this is a very weird set-up."

"True," Harry had to admit, then he smiled. "I thought you were enjoying yourself, Mrs. Porter." Harry knew this was even more her fantasy than it was his, and had worked very hard to please her.

Ginny blushed. "I am."

Harry put his arm around her shoulders. "Come on, I'll ride post for a while."

They rode back to the coast and up towards Olympic National Park. They took their time, making love every morning and Harry bringing Ginny off every evening after they showered. Over the next 10 days, they slowly wound their way through Washington, Idaho, and western Montana, seeing scenery such as Harry had never seen even on television, and which Ginny had never even dreamed of. They gazed at National Parks, National Forests, and lava fields and mountains that took their breath away. On Monday the 7th, they went through Yellowstone National Park, and were even more impressed. By then, they had purchased a pair of cheap Muggle cameras and were snapping away like Colin Creevy.

On the Tuesday, they were halted by three days of rain in Jackson. There was no way they were going to try and cross the mountains in bad weather.

Ginny didn't mind. As much as she was enjoying the scenery, she was enjoying Harry more. Shortly before noon, just after they had finally gotten dressed after a prolonged session, they were surprised to hear a knock on their motel room door.

"Yes?" Harry asked, wand at the ready.

"It's me," came a familiar voice.

Harry opened the door, and Casey walked in.

"Are we behind schedule or something?" Harry asked.

"No, no," Casey assured them both. "Just time for a progress report." He smiled at them. "If one of you could go into the bathroom for a few minutes? Doesn't matter who's first."

Harry shrugged and went into the bathroom.

"He won't be able to hear us," Casey assured Ginny. "How is your fantasy going?"

Ginny sat heavily on the bed. "Harry is everything I dream of, and more," Ginny admitted.

"So far, so good. Go on."

"Well, even if Harry and I ever became , err, ever get together, it wouldn't be like this, would it?"

"My dear girl, so far as I know, marriages are never as happy as honeymoons, although some are as bad."

"And you did say that, in many ways, this isn't real. It isn't real to Harry. This is an escape, a vacation, for his horrible life."

"Exactly. I thought he deserved some happiness and joy in his life. I am certain you're bringing him both."

"By being a scarlet woman?"

"Are you really? Aren't you at least allowed to fantasize? This is, after all, much like the ultimate fantasy."

"I guess I am, it just feels so exactly right and yet wrong." Ginny sat on the bed and pouted. "Maybe I'm just being greedy, but I do wish this could last."

"Don't let that thought intrude. Enjoy. I hope you'll get two months of happy memories from this. How many people manage to have two months of consecutive happy memories? I've lived so long, and I have many happy memories, but I've never had two months of unalloyed joy with a lover. Life itself prevents such joy to be unsullied. Here you are, knowing you will have no bad news from the outside world, no bad health, no financial problems."

"True," Ginny admitted. "Oh, we've been taking snaps. May we bring them back with us?"

"Give me the film, and I'll see they're developed, preserved, and kept safe for you. And I'll make certain you each get a set, even if they're Muggle photos." He grinned. "If you take any . . . candid and personal shots, warn me, so I can have them discretely done."

Ginny blushed.

Harry exchanged places with Ginny. "Any problems, Harry?"

Harry grinned. "Except for the fact some Americans seem to think we're criminal bikers, no, no problems or complaints." His grin grew wider. "In fact, it's bloody wonderful!"

"Well, I'm glad you're having a good time."

"Any chance I can keep the cycle?" Harry asked eagerly. "I'd be glad to pay for it!"

Casey smiled in return. "Don't worry about it. You'll find I'm one of the wealthiest beings around. I'm glad the two of you are having fun."

Harry's grin faded. "I hope none of them will be hurt," Harry said.

"Don't tell any one of them that you love them, unless it's the very last one, until you come back," Casey warned.

"Good point," Harry admitted.

"I hope you're studying your French. You will need it in the next adventure," Casey reminded Harry.

"I'm reading, but Ginny isn't very interested in speaking it with me." Harry shrugged. "Not surprising, really. And I should be practicing, taking advantage of being able to do magic in the summer, shouldn't I?"

"Well, keep going as you are. You'll get plenty of time to practice in your other incarnations." Casey stood. "Here," he added, handing Harry a thick envelope, "Some more cash. Have fun!" Casey

Harry went to the bathroom. Opening the door broke the silencing spell. Harry was a bit surprised to see Ginny in a foaming bubble bath.

"Care to join me?" Ginny asked.

The rain ended that evening. Harry and Ginny, both loving the scenery, took the next ten days to explore the high mountains in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and winding up finally at the other end of Wyoming (Cheyenne). Consulting the maps, they then went north after spending an extra day in Cheyenne. Three fairly easy days riding took them to Banff in Alberta. Over the next week, they rode up the Rockies to explore the Canadian parks, and then rode on to Edmonton. The next three days were rather more boring, riding across the plains and towards the Great Lakes, ending up just past Thunder Bay in time to stay Saturday night and Sunday on the shore of Lake Superior.

"What's wrong, Ginny?" Harry asked they stood on the deck and watched the sun set behind the motel.

"Just wishing this wasn't going to end so soon," she answered. "I mean, compared to real life, this is wonderful. But we'll have to go back to real life in maybe three weeks -- well, ten months and three weeks for you." She suddenly looked very sad.

"What thought just popped up?"

"Just wondering about . . . after."


"After we're . . . gone. Beyond the veil. What ever you want to call it. Forever is a long time, Harry. I could spend a thousand years like this with you. I hope I can spend a thousand like this . . . after. But that's nothing compared to eternity. And if Casey doesn't help, some of us might be facing . . . whatever there is fairly soon."

"I think he'll help," Harry said. "And no one seems to have any answers. We either have faith or we don't. Not much we can do about it, except make this life as good as we can, and hope there's some explanation afterwards that makes sense." He shrugged. "In the end, we all have to go, even Casey. If there's something after, we just have to hope we did enough good, and learned enough in this life, to keep going." Ginny was silent.

"Don't cry," Harry pleaded, as he saw Ginny was crying.

"Sorry; I just realized, if Casey does help, then . . . we . . . we'll all survive. We'll have a chance to have peace; to have real lives and find real love."

"At least until the next Dark Wizard."

"Well, I must say THAT'S positive thinking!"

"There seems to be one in Europe every thirty to fifty years, Gin. If I live to be Dumbledore's age, there will at least three more. Not to mention all the little creeps, like the Malfoys and such."

Ginny sighed. "Will you please hold me tonight, Harry?"

Harry held Ginny close and kissed her temple. "Of course I will."

"Shall we just stay in tomorrow and make love?"

"Any way you'd like to. We can move on Monday."

"Where to?"

"We should be in central New York State a week from Thursday. I thought we could go through Ontario into Quebec, find a nice French-speaking town with good food, and stay there for a while."

Ginny pouted, knowing Harry had to prepare for whatever girl was next, but made certain Harry didn't see it.

They followed Harry's plan. The only pall over their happiness, especially Ginny's, was the knowledge that it would it soon be over. They stayed in Quebec until Wednesday, August 13. Both, having read some future accounts of the festival, were interested in going, and a bit anxious about the experience. They also knew they had to arrive early. One reason Harry had directed them to Quebec, other than practicing his French, was so they could approach Woodstock from the north west, which would be about the least crowded direction.

They left Wednesday morning, and easily made it to Binghamton, New York. They woke up very early the next morning, and made it through the thickening traffic to the camp sites by the late morning. They managed to snag one of the last sites under one of the trees on a slight hill.

They quickly secured the cycle and had the tent up in a few minutes. This was a larger, and more sophisticated, tent than the ones they had stayed in for the Quidditch Cup finals. Anyone other than them looking or even coming into the tent would find an empty tent (although Muggle repelling spells should prevent most snoops). They had plenty of food and gear, and they changed out of their cycle clothes to sort through their period costumes.

This took some time, as Ginny decided that would be a good time to encourage Harry to make love with her.

Harry and Ginny came out of the tent to mix with the crowd. Ginny had grown her hair even longer, down to her waist, and put it into a long braid. She wore just a granny dress in a light cotton print, sandals, rose-colored granny glasses, and nothing else. She transfigured her wand into a walking staff and took her camera. Harry had lengthened his hair a bit as well. He wore a tie-dyed short-sleeved shirt, cut-off jeans, and sandals. He also transfigured his wand, and carried a knapsack with an ever-fill water canteen and rolls of film in one compartment. Another compartment had two bottles of cheap wine, and was charmed to keep popping one bottle in as one was removed, up to 12 cases (144 bottles), which they had stored in the tent.

They saw that the large crowd had grown by at least three-fold. They knew it more than quadruple again by the time the music started in a little more than 24 hours.

In some ways, it reminded the pair of the Quidditch Cup, although the crowd was younger and even more good-natured. Radios blared rock from tents. After about half an hour, they came across an area where all the radios were set to the same station, and a large crowd was dancing. Harry and Ginny twirled around, hiding the transformation of their wands back to normal. Ginny put them away in Harry's knapsack, and they joined in the dancing.

They danced for three hours, and then made their way back to their tent. Ginny collapsed in an easy-chair, while Harry threw a pasta and chicken salad together for them.

"Are Muggles always like this in large groups?" Ginny asked.

"I wish they were," Harry answered.

"I know, I know . . . it's just so . . . amazing! The synergy!"

"And this isn't supposed to be much, compared to the next few days," Harry pointed out.

"I read it; I just didn't believe it!"

They rested another hour, and then went back out to dance the night away.

"Merlin! my legs ache!"

"Well, you were a lot more energetic than I was last night, and you danced with all those other boys," Harry teased.


"No. Now roll over, and I'll massage your legs."

Ginny shivered as Harry drizzled a little cold rose oil over her calves and the bottom of her feet. "Oh, Harry! You've gotten REALLY good at this!"

"Thank you, Gin." After a few more minutes where the only sound were Ginny's moans of pleasure from the thorough massaging of her legs and feet, Harry asked, "Anything else you'd liked oiled, or shall we go out and see what's going on?"

Ginny got on her hands and knees. "Go ahead; just be gentle. I know you've been thinking about it."

Harry and Ginny ate either a late breakfast or early lunch, and then went out to see what the crowd was up to. After an afternoon of dancing, and refusing many offers of pot, hash, and acid, they stopped at their tent before heading off to the concert.

A little after 5:00, as soon as some announcements were made, the concert started. Harry and Ginny stayed until 10:00, and then made their way back to their tent early. They almost made it back before the rain came.

"Whew," Ginny said as she beat Harry to the WC.

"Hurry up!" Harry pleaded.

Ginny opened up the door and rushed to the bathroom. "I'll be in here, when you're ready!"

"I'll double-check the wards, then be in!" Harry called.

Late the next morning, the pair went off to the second day. The music lasted from just afternoon on Saturday until late Sunday morning. They took just two breaks before the early morning, preferring to fight their way back to the tent rather than standing in line for the port-o-lets. They had fun arguing about the acts. While they didn't directly partake in any of the drugs being passed around, they had enough exposure to the smoke to get slightly high. They were also more than slightly drunk.

As the darkness surrounded them, they were a bit shocked at the sex going on all around them. At some point during 'The Who,' around 3:15 am, they were sucked into an actual orgy.

When Harry was finally exhausted, he managed to retrieve their clothes, and after a break in the action, Ginny. By the time Harry got Ginny back to the tent, she was crying. She cried as Harry stripped the badly torn dress off her; showered with her, cleaning off all the dirt they had picked up; helped her douche, and settled into the large frothing bubble bath whirlpool, holding her gently.

"I'm so sorry, Harry," Ginny finally said.

"For what?"

"You didn't want to do that; we shouldn't have done that." Ginny knew she had pushed Harry into the action, and when he'd hesitated, she had practically leapt into it. What she couldn't explain was why she had done it. She twisted around and hugged Harry tightly. "I love you so much, Harry. And I just had sex with at least six boys and two girls."

"Actually, I saw at least nine men take you, plus three women, before I could pull you out," Harry said.

Ginny shuddered. "You must hate me!"

"Do you hate me for the three girls I had? Especially the one I did while she was licking you and the man inside you?"

Ginny retched slightly. "I'm not like that! How could I?"

"It was partly, perhaps mostly, the atmosphere, and I don't just mean the wine and drugs. There was sex, lust, and affection as well. Add in the drugs and the wine we drank and the late hour." Harry shrugged.

"I don't know if I'll ever feel clean again," Ginny said.

"We can leave once we wake up," Harry offered. "We can even do some sobering and stimulant spells and leave now, if you want."

"I think that might be for the best."

They showered, did the spells, and quickly packed the inside of the tent. It was still dark, although dawn was not far off. Seeing no one was nearby, and knowing if there was anyone watching they were likely drunk or stoned, Harry collapsed the tent with a wave of his wand, and shrank the cycle with another.

They had to walk over two hours before they could safely restore the chopper. Ginny had been unusually silent the whole time. Partly to keep her mind occupied, Harry rode behind her as they rode route 17B to 97 to 17, and then west. They had a late lunch at a Carrolls outside of Binghamton and finally stopped at a motel in a town called Horseheads, New York.

Their dress and hair earned them some disapproving looks, but their money was welcome.

Ginny practically ran into the shower, and used up all the hot water trying to scrub the memories off her body. When the water ran cold, Harry dragged Ginny out of the shower. She again broke down, crying from guilt.

Harry managed to calm her down. She was partially disgusted with herself, and partially terrified Harry would think badly of her, and would never be able to trust her. It took some hours, but finally, after Harry had confessed how bad he felt about being drawn into the orgy and not helping Ginny get out sooner, Ginny had realized that, while such behavior could have had some nasty consequences in the 'real' world, they in fact had to treat this as a learning experience.

Harry was directed to a local pizza and sub place called 'Pudgies', and by the time they came back, Ginny had started to accept what had happened to the pair of them.

Harry coaxed Ginny into his arms that night. They had no place they had to go, and they decided that night to stay there until Casey came for them.

Ginny woke up feeling a little better about herself. She, and Harry, had made a mistake. She should regret it and learn from it, but not torture herself about it. She reached over and slowly stimulated Harry until he woke up.

Casey came for them on Thursday, the 21st. Ginny was a bit sad her time with Harry was over, but not as much as she would have been the week before. As she settled herself into the room she had at Casey's cavern, Ginny smiled as she flipped through a stack of photos she and Harry had taken.

She didn't know if she had captured Harry heart, but she would always be Harry's first, and he would always be hers.

Author notes: If you don't know Carrolls, the company is still called that, but operates franchises under the name 'Burger King' -- this is before you could 'have it your way'.