Search for the Broken Soul


Story Summary:

It is the summer after Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, and Harry leaves the hated Privet Drive in style. Escaping from the Muggle world, Harry goes to Grimmauld Place to meet Ron and Hermione; his quest for shards of a broken soul begins.

Words: 3,918
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A visitor to Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, brings unsettling news to its inhabitants, and in particular, to Remus Lupin.

Words: 2,384
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Ginny is not too happy when she learns she is being kept in the dark, but will Harry change his mind? And when Hermione looks at the fake locket Horcrux, her brain begins to tick...

Words: 4,383
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Mirrors! Notes! House-elves under bonds of silence! Can things get mre complicated? As the Horcrux hunt begins to unfold, the truth about the past is starting to emerge...

Words: 4,951
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