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The Harry Potter at Hogwarts Years
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Published: 06/21/2006
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Story Summary:
It's Harry's 6th year, and there's another Yule Ball! Who will he take? Surprise pairing (or not, if you've guessed it!).

Chapter 1

Author's Note:
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Harry tugged on the collar of his dress robes, trying to tie his shoe with the other hand. Ron appeared over his shoulder, wielding a brush. He handed it to the raven-haired 16-year-old and disappeared back into the bathroom, muttering about hairgel and what Hermione would like. Harry ignored his best friend's babbling and tried to tame the wild mass of glossy raven hair, to no avail.

With a frustrated sigh, he tossed the brush aside and hurried down the stairs, into the Gryffindor Common Room. He waited for Ron there, then they stood at the bottom of the girls' staircase to wait for Hermione. When she did appear, Ron's eyes glossed over, and his jaw dropped. Even Harry, who had no interest in his other best friend, gawked for a moment before pulling himself together.

Hermione walked, no, floated down the stairs, her blue and silver dress barely an inch from brushing the floor. Her hair, no doubt aided by large amounts of Sleekeasy Hair Potion, was like a honey-colored waterfall. A dash of make-up, and she looked fabulous. Harry thought his date would be just as pretty. Together the 3 of them walked down to the Entrance Hall, and Harry broke off from his friends to find his date.

The Great Hall was almost full by now, and few people remained in the Entrance Hall. He stood by the marble staircase, waiting nervously. A light touch at his elbow jerked him back to reality. He turned and would later swear his jaw hit the floor, he was so amazed.

Before him stood a willowy brunette, in a silky dress of a deep purple color that matched her eyes perfectly. Her sleek mahogany hair was up in an elaborate knot, and stray tendrils fell gracefully about her face, framing the delicate features and long lashes. She smiled up at him; she was rather petite, though her temper was extremely dangerous. She tended to throw sharp, pointy objects if riled up too much. Blaise Zabini linked arms with him and they strode across the deserted Entrance Hall together, the perfect couple.

As they entered the Great Hall, silence descended on the crowded room. Ron, dragging Hermione by the arm, rushed over to him as whispers broke out.

"Harry, are you mad? She's a Slytherin, for Merlin's sakes! A Slytherin! Are you out of your mind?" Harry looked coolly at his friend. "I know, Ron. And I. Don't. Care."

He brushed past his friends, leading Blaise by the arm.

"I'm sorry," he sighed to her as they reached the dance floor.

She nodded. "It's OK, Harry, I understand. Once they get to know me, they'll come to accept me." He nodded absently, then her words registered.

"Once? You intend to stick around, then?" She nodded. "Of course, Harry. I wouldn't have said yes if I didn't like you." They were silent, swaying to the music, for several moments. The silence between them wasn't awkward; in fact it was rather comfortable.

They stayed on the floor for several more songs, then retreated to an empty table near the drinks table to rest their feet. Harry fetched them some punch, and they made small talk as they watched their friends and fellow students twirl by, hand in hand. "So, do you like Quidditch?" Blaise grinned enthusiastically. "Of course! I've tried for chaser before, but the Slytherin team look more for size than skill, I'm afraid." Harry smiled. "You're too nice for Slytherin. I think the Sorting Hat made a mistake." She giggled. "Harry!" He smirked playfully and stood, offering his hand. "Let's go outside, it's kind of stuffy in here." She smiled. "Let's!"

They ducked out the door and sat on the front steps, listening to the crickets. Harry turned to say something to her, and the words died in his throat. Illuminated in the moonlight, she looked like an angel, smiled up at him so tenderly he knew that at that moment he could have produced the best Patronus he'd ever cast, just from this memory. He leaned down slowly, captivated by her eyes, dancing and hypnotizing as they were. His eyes were blazing, as their lips brushed. Lightning coursed through him, screaming and burning. He was in heaven. How else could he explain the angel sitting before him? He closed his eyes and surrendered to the lightning. Brilliant.

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