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Deadly Hallows (Through Ch. 36) Epilogue to Deathly Hallows
Published: 02/09/2010
Updated: 02/09/2010
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A Bouquet of Lilies


Story Summary:
A look into the special wedding day of Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin. **Written for SaladOrCellarDoor's "Up For Grabs" Challenge on HPFF and evanescodarkness' "Here Comes the Bride Challenge! on TDM...**

Chapter 01


A/N: A big thank you goes out to my beta, butterbeergal! :)

Victoire sat absolutely still while her grandmother finished braiding her blonde hair, twisting it up into an elaborate bun. Her mother was rushing in and out of the room, muttering to herself in French. It was her wedding day, and her mother insisted on everything being perfect. Victoire smiled to herself in the mirror; this would be the day that she would finally become Mrs. Teddy Lupin, a day that she had been dreaming about ever since she was a little girl.

Molly Weasley put the finishing touches on Victoire's hairstyle. She added the veil and a white lily behind her right ear, and stepped back from her granddaughter with a smile. She was a beautiful bride, although beautiful in such a different way from her mother. Victoire's hair was more of a yellow blonde, unlike her mother's silver blonde, and she had her father's brown eyes. Her beauty was less obvious than her mother's.

"Victoire, it's time to get dressed now," Fleur said, as she entered the room once again, carrying Victoire's wedding dress.

Victoire's best friend and maid of honor, Lisabeth Young, followed Fleur into the room, along with Victoire's sister, Dominique, and her cousins, Molly and Roxanne. All four were dressed in identical light blue floor-length dresses.

Fleur hung Victoire's dress on a hook and approached her daughter. "It's time for Grandma and me to get to our seats. Papa will be outside shortly to walk you down the aisle. I love you, my darling. I am so proud of you," Fleur said, holding back the tears.

"I love you too, Maman," Victoire replied.

Fleur hugged her daughter, and stepped back to allow Molly to come forward and hug her granddaughter. Then, both women left the room.

Molly, Roxanne, Dominique and Lisabeth helped Victoire into her wedding gown, which was a floor-length, satin A-line dress with a beaded tulle overlay, and a chapel train. After she was in her dress, Dominique helped her to touch up her make-up, and soon the girls were gathering their bouquets and lining up with Teddy's groomsmen: Lisabeth with Victoire's Uncle Harry; Molly with Victoire's brother, Louis; Roxanne with Teddy's friend, Stefan Domfry, and Dominique with Teddy's friend, Joseph Edgecombe.

The music started and the wedding party filed out of the house and down the aisle. Victoire grabbed her bouquet of lilies, took a deep breath and stepped up to meet her father just inside the back door of her childhood house. As she approached him, she noticed he was trying to hold back tears, and she launched herself into his arms.

"Oh, Papa!" she cried as she threw her arms around him.

He embraced her and said, "My darling daughter, I love you so very much."

"I love you too, Papa," she replied, wiping away a tear of her own. She stepped back and Bill took her arm in his and they walked out of Shell Cottage, while the wedding march played.

The first thing Victoire noticed as she walked with her father down the aisle was her beloved Teddy. He wore his hair naturally brown, which brought a smile to Victoire's face; this was how she loved him best. Her eyes wandered around at her guests and she smiled at all of her friends and her family - her aunts, uncles, cousins, mother, and grandparents. The only person missing was her Papa Delacour, her paternal grandfather, who had passed away just two months ago. She felt tears well up at his absence and took a deep breath to steady herself.

She locked eyes with Teddy as she took the last steps toward him, and she smiled at the look of love and desire in his eyes. Her father shook Teddy's hand, then hugged Victoire, and placed her hand into Teddy's. He then took a step backwards and joined his wife in the front row.

Victoire and Teddy faced Minister of Magic Shacklebolt as everyone behind them took a seat.

Minister Shacklebolt smiled at the young couple before he began to speak. "Welcome, everyone. We are glad you are here to witness the marriage of this young couple before me."

"Love is a beautiful emotion," he continued, "and it is great to see this couple so in love. I have known both Victoire and Teddy since their births, and I am pleased to have watched them grow up into the people they are today."

Victoire blushed and smiled at the Minister, who returned the smile before speaking once again.

"Victoire Apolline Weasley, do you take this man to be your husband, to share with him the good times and the bad times, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?" Minister Shacklebolt said, looking down at Victiore.

"I do," Victoire replied, her voice cracking a bit.

"And Ted Remus Lupin, do you take this woman to be your wife, to share with her the good times and the bad times, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?" he continued.

"I do," said Teddy, his eyes full of emotion.

"Would you please clasp your wand hands?" the Minister said, pulling out his wand.

Victoire held out her left hand and clasped it with Teddy's right hand. Kingsley pulled out his wand and with a small wave said, "Matrimonia." A white cord wrapped itself around their clasped hands, and disappeared, leaving a gold wedding band on each of their ring fingers.

Kingsley put his wand away and declared, "By the power of the Ministry of Magic, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," he added to Teddy with a wink.

They dropped their hands and as Teddy leaned in for their first kiss as a married couple, Victoire thought to herself, 'So this is what it feels like to have a dream come true.' Their kiss was sweet and lasted just long enough to be romantic, but finally Bill Weasley cleared his throat and the young couple pulled apart, blushing.

Teddy took Victoire's hand in his and they walked back up the aisle to begin their life as Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Lupin.