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Published: 11/01/2007
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Yume - Prologue


Story Summary:
Hermione have a dream but, will she be able to make it come true?

Chapter 01



Yume - (Jp.), a dream




You watch her as she enters the Great Hall. Back straight, chin high a smile playing on lips painted red. Her slim figure gracefully displayed by the blue dress she wears. Her flaming red hair is shining with small diamonds fastened to it, and around her neck a thin silver necklace are visible, a polished pink stone points towards her beautiful bosom.

You gape at the sight displayed before your eyes. You try to swallow her, make her yours just by looking, but fail miserably, as she walks over and sits by some Ravenclaw. With a heavy sigh you pick at your breakfast, not hungry anymore, and wish, yet again, that she one day would walk just as gracefully into the Great Hall and sit by your side. That you would be the one making her smile that angeletic smile, that it would be you who would make her laugh. That you were the one taking her hand, leading her out of the hall to go snogging somewhere before classes. However, you are not that person. You sigh again, gather up you books, and with a heavy heart you make ready for the day in front of you.

"Hermione!" Ron shouts, you look up to see him come running towards you. "Hermione that project in Potions, I wonder, could you help me in our free period today?"

"Yea, sure I can," You say, giving him a warm smile, no sign of your emotional turmoil showing on your face.

"Thanks a million, Hermione!" Ron gives you a quick hug and hurries down to the Gryffindor table to finish his breakfast at neck-breaking speed. You sigh, glad he did not notice anything, and starts walking again.

As you leave the Great Hall behind, you run up the stairs, down some halls and further up through a hidden passageway until you reach the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. You slump down the wall down to the floor to rest your head on your knees, your entire being wants to break down and cry but you hold back the tears that stings in the corner of your eyes. You know that they will fall when darkness comes, and after all, you are a big girl now and big girls do not cry! Or do they?

As the hallway fills, you get up from the floor, chin high, and the day proceeds as any other day. You will answer all the teachers' questions correctly; hand in your assignments with a smile, and chat happily with Susan Bones in Herbology about, how you figured out, how a certain plant would grow at a tremendous speed if it were re-potted differently. All the while acting as if you were all fine.

After lunch, after having groped her with your eyes for at least half an hour, you will help Ron with Potions. Afterwards there is a few classes more, dinner, but you will only pick at it as you watch her, entranced at the way her smile seem to radiate throughout the entire room, her laugh sending a waft of happiness through you, and you will miss half of the conversation going on at the table.

When you reach the common room, you will find your books sit in a corner and sneak glances her way all the time, not really getting your 100 pages of Arithmancy read. You will then close your books as you conclude your work is going nowhere, and head for bed and cry yourself to sleep. You are slowly breaking. What a lovely day.

* * *