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Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape
Lucius Malfoy Severus Snape
Slash Romance
1970-1981 (Including Marauders at Hogwarts)
Published: 09/28/2007
Updated: 09/28/2007
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unwelcome Lover


Story Summary:
Lucius Malfoy is used to getting what he wants, and this night is no different.

Chapter 01


The pale boy sat on the soft leather sofa. His face glowing white in the fire light. Despite the flames dancing in the fire place in front of him, the common room was cold, it always was. He was alone in the dark dungeon room with his parchment on the table in front of him and his nose buried in the book held in his bony hands, his jet black hair falling in sheets on either side of his face. It was already very late, but he was behind on his Potions homework and was determined to get the majority of it done before retreating to bed.

The boys eyes fluttered shut for just a moment before opening again. Sleep was creeping up on him and the words in front of him were blurry. He was fighting sleep with every muscle in his thin, pale body and he didn't hear when the other boy entered the room.

The blonde boy was older, only by a few years, but he carried with him a sort of maturity and sophistication that the younger boy did not yet possess.

"Hello Severus," the boy whispered in his ear.

The lids over his black eyes closed as he drank in the deep sensual voice that spoke. He didn't need to turn in his seat to know who was standing behind him. He could picture the deep blue eyes and the strands of long white blonde hair of the boy standing on the other side of the sofa.

"Lucius." He spoke these words in a voice barely louder than a whisper. He placed the Potions book on top of his parchment on the table and stood. Turning to face the boy behind him, he found himself starring into blue eyes, the same blue eyes that he gave into every time Lucius wished it so.

"Care to join me on this side?" Lucius asked in a tone that suggested he already knew the answer.

Severus ignored the question, but continued to stare at the person in front of him.

"What do you want?" His voice shook with nerves.

"Now, now, Severus." He spoke as though speaking to a child. "Is that any way to address ones lover?"

"You are not my lover," he spat back. "And nor am I yours."

"Oh, but you are, my darling, and do you know why?" He didn't pause to let the other boy speak, but instead answered the question for him. "Because I want you to be, and I always get what I want." He spoke the last bit matter-of-factly.

Lucius made his way around the sofa to where Severus stood, stopping only a mere inches from the other boy's body. He lifted a finger and stroked Severus' pale cheek, brushing aside the black hair. he looked away, a movement that didn't distance the boys but only made it so that Lucius was no longer touching his face.

"Why do you fight it? Every time, you fight it."

Severus with held his answer this time. It was true. Every time Lucius approached him, he fought the urge, but eventually gave in. His conscience was no match for the blonde boy's sophisticated tone and blue eyes. Yet, if he tried, he could say exactly that, that at least he had attempted to resist temptation.

Lucius raised his finger once again to caress the face in front of him, but this time he let the touch linger, trailing his finger downwards over the robes covering Severus' chest.

Severus took a step back, putting distance between them for only a moment before Lucius advanced on him. In one swift movement the older boy had his prey pinned against the wall with his arms above his head. Their faces were so close, their lips, almost touching, mere millimeters apart. Severus turned away from Lucius' captivating stare and his ear was brushed by a pair of soft lips he knew all too well.

"You know you always enjoy it," he cooed. Severus closed his eyes as he was brought to a point of arousal he didn't know could be reached through simple words, until now.

Lucius found the other boys lips with his and kissed him hard, his tongue flicking in and out of his mouth. He pushed against Severus, trapping him between the wall and his warm body.

Against his will, Severus let out a small moan into his lover's mouth. Lucius pulled away, still keeping a firm grip on Severus' hands.

"Would you still care to know what I want?" He addressed the question he had been asked not long before.

"You've already made that quite obvious," Severus stated. he looked away. He didn't want to look into Lucius' eyes. Those cold blue eyes had the ability to make anyone weak in the knees. Those same eyes could make Severus give in to every hormonal desire he could ever want to feel, every time he looked into them.

Lucius covered Severus' mouth with his once again and after a moment he let the boy's hand free, knowing that he was no longer going to attempt to get away.

It was like this each time. Lucius would pursue the boy he wanted and Severus would fight it, but he always gave in, in the end. Perhaps the struggle aroused him. Lucius didn't mind, the fight never lessened his desire. The battle was over now though, and Lucius would get what he had come for. His hands found the fastenings on Severus' robes and undid them, one by one, slowly, teasing. Severus did the same and when both boys' robes were lying in a heap on the floor Lucius had his way with the boy, their soft moans echoing off of the shiny walls of the common room.

When he was finished, Lucius stood and dressed in silence, taking his time, a smug smirk occupying his lips. Sometimes Severus thought he did this to him for the simple satisfaction that it gave him knowing that he could make Severus do something he didn't particularly want to do.

Severus snatched his clothes from the pile on the floor and dressed as quick as he could, wanted to cover up his pale body, suddenly feeling shy and insecure in front of his guest.

Lucius, now fully clothed, turned to Severus, and running his fingers through the boys damp black hair, whispered in his ear, "Until next time, my sweet." He walked away, leaving Severus alone in the common room once again.

Severus slid down along the wall and buried his face in his hands, hiding the single tear that fell off his cheek.