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Ginny and Her Men


Story Summary:
AU. Ginny is in her fourth year at Hogwarts when strange things start to happen...boys start to notice her, but not just a few boys, many of the Hogwarts boys start to notice young Ginny. What happens when they are all fighting to win her heart? This story is ``meant to explore the wonderful world of Ginny and all of her ``relationships. No Slash. WARNING: Cho lovers beware...this story might ``not be for you.

Chapter 01

Chapter Summary:
WARNING: This story strays from the canon, so to all you canon lovers "ye be warned!" Ginny is in her fourth year at Hogwarts when strange things start to happen...boys start to notice her, but not just a few boys, many of the Hogwarts boys start to notice young Ginny. What happens when they are all fighting to win her heart? This story is meant to explore the wonderful world of Ginny and all of her relationships.No Slash. WARNING: Cho lovers beware...this story might not be for you.
Author's Note:
This story is dedicated to all of the Ginny lovers out there. She's the coolest character in the world! YEAH!!! I also wanted to give a big thanks to my BETA Stormyeyes! Thanks a bunch for working out all of the errors. Couldn't have done it without you!

Chapter 1: Hopeful Happenings

Attractive...no, that didn't come close. Dazzling, hmmm...almost...it just sounds too "flashy". Stunning? No, that's something used to describe a female. Gorgeous, Ah ha! There's the word! Harry James Potter is gorgeous!!! Ginny thought as she sat in the common room, staring at him intently. He was deep in thought, currently trying to defeat Ron in Wizard's Chess. Ginny knew that there was no way that Harry was going to beat Ron, but he looked so cute when he was deep in thought. No, Ginny! Push the thoughts out of your mind! You are over Harry, plus there's just too much emotional baggage that comes with that boy!

It was true; lately Harry had been very upset and perturbed about everything and anything that came near him. Ever since the death of Cedric, he had been a walking shell. He was a soulless covering, wandering the halls at Hogwarts. It made Ginny immeasurably upset to see him like this. He blamed himself for his fellow student's death, and Ginny knew that she probably would've felt the same way. Harry just didn't understand that things like that tend to happen.

Ginny had grown a lot over the summer. Her hair flowed halfway down her back, and waved a little rather than just hanging there without a purpose. Her chest had filled in a lot, but she tried to hide it under her school robes. Ginny didn't like being too abundant in the chest area, but her mother said it was genetics and she would have to get used to it. She had a nice torso that wasn't perfect, but it was bathing suit worthy, and hips to accent the shapeliness of her body. It was a rather rapid maturity, but since it was still autumn Ginny didn't really have an opportunity to flaunt her new shape. She had hoped that Harry would notice her transformation, but he had other things on his mind and Ginny tried to respect that.

"Checkmate!" Ginny heard Ron call from the opposite side of the room. "Better luck next time, Harry!" Harry just shrugged and stood up from his seated position. As Ron was challenging Neville to a game, Harry started making his way slowly over the where Ginny was "studying". She must have a big exam coming up, because she seems really interested in that book, thought Harry.

"Hey, Ginny!"

"Hey, Harry," Ginny blushed childishly, "I didn't see you there."

"So what are you studying for?" Harry asked, motioning to her book.

"What? Oh...this...actually I wasn't studying. I'm rather fond of muggle books, this one's called 'Where the Red Fern Grows' and it's rather interesting." Ginny was still nervous talking to Harry. After all, she had only really started talking to him freely over the summer, when they would owl each other because Ron was always too busy talking to his newly acquired girlfriend, Hermione. Overall Harry was a really nice guy- when he wasn't in a state of paranoia.

"Ah...so you're a little Hermione in the making then," Harry joked, "going to have your face attached to a book every time I see you now?" Ginny didn't think the joke was that funny. She just gave Harry a blank stare and said, "Actually most of my time is probably going to be spent hanging out with friends, since in times like these it's important to remember to have fun!" Harry's face faltered a bit, but he managed to push a smile back onto his visage.

"So...are you going to Hogsmeade?"

"Maybe...I haven't quite decided yet."

"It would be really cool to see you there. We could hang out and stuff... I mean, ever since Ron and Hermione started going out over the summer, it's been nice hanging out with you." Harry smiled awkwardly at her, hoping for a positive answer. Ginny was speechless for a second, had Harry Potter just asked her out on a date? No Gin, don't get ahead of yourself now...he's just lonely because the magic trio is coming apart. It would be nice to spend some extra time with him, though. Harry took Ginny's silence as a bad thing, so he tried to cover up the awkwardness of it, "But, if you're worried about others taking it the wrong way-I mean... it's not a date-I mean... not that I don't find you attractive-I mean umm-you see it's just that..." Ginny couldn't believe what she was hearing, Harry Potter was stammering and- did he say that I was attractive? Ginny smiled at the thought and Harry finished his stammering, "So...umm...do you want to come?"

"Of course! I mean, after all, it's not a date so all of my other boyfriends won't have anyone to be jealous over." Ginny smirked. Harry's face fell and his eyes grew a few sizes too big for his face. "Wha-what? Boyfriends? As in, more than one?"

Ginny laughed heartily and put her finger to Harry's lips. "I'm only kidding, Harry! I haven't any boyfriends."

"Good-I mean-Ron would be upset if he found out!" Harry said sternly. Ginny only chuckled a bit, for she liked the fact that she could make Harry squirm.


It was now the day of the Hogsmeade visit, and Ginny was running around her dorm room trying to get ready. She wanted to make sure that she looked absolutely stunning so Harry would notice. The snow falling outside was creating a beautiful scene right outside the dorm window. It had already accumulated outside on the school grounds and had yet to be touched. There was something about fresh fallen snow...it just made everything seem right and pure.

After trying on many different assortment of Muggle clothes, Ginny decided on a light blue cardigan that was placed over a white turtleneck. She wore her favorite pair of denim square flare leg pants. On her feet were prominently displayed black boots, the necks of which were hidden beneath her pants. One might wonder how Ginny found the means to buy all of this, but the answer is simple: she didn't. Now, now, don't get your knickers in a twist! Ginny happened to be very talented in Transfiguration, and had even surpassed Miss Hermione Granger in that field of study. Ginny had simply used her old clothing, and transformed them into better looking items.

Ginny grabbed her wand from her vanity, and tapped her hair so half of it was up in a bun and the rest of it flowed halfway down her back in soft ringlets. She then applied the Brenda Brashing's Long-Lasting Blush, which Ginny had so kindly "borrowed" from her fellow fourth year Janet Kippling (Molly didn't like the thought of Ginny wearing make-up). Then Ginny applied some Lavrey's Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Simply Strawberry. Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, Ginny made her way down to the common room.

She had skipped breakfast, hoping that she would keep Harry on his toes. Sure enough, as Ginny came downstairs, she saw a very nervous Harry standing near Ron and Hermione. Ginny made her way over to the trio; they were rather famous at the school,: The-Boy-Who-Lived, The-Best-Friend-Of-The-Boy-Who-Lived, and The-Cleverest-Witch-In-Hogwarts. Harry looked up just as Ginny started her graceful waltz over to where he was standing. It's like she glides rather than walks, Harry observed but quickly pushed the thought from his mind, She's just your friend...don't forget, just remember what Ron'll do to you if you even think about such things. Still, Harry couldn't help the way that his eyes roamed over her small, yet somewhat mature, frame.

"Oy, Ginny," Ron called to his sister, "who are you dressed to impress?" Ron raised his eyes in suspicion as both Ginny and Harry began to blush furiously.

"Who says I'm dressed to impress anyone? I just like to look nice on occasions," she replied smartly.

"Well, where'd you get the clothes? They're nice, but I know mum and dad couldn't have afforded them."

"It just so happens, Ronald, that I am a very gifted Transfigurer." Hermione's jaw dropped at the last statement.

"Come on Gin, we haven't even started learning that yet," Hermione said, motioning to Harry and Ron; a jealous look was twitching at her features.

"Actually I've been taking Advanced Studies for quite some time now. Snape is also going to have Draco teach me Advanced Potions this year, since Snape is busy with other things." At this, both Harry and Ron's faces were flushed red in anger.

"What could a git like Malfoy have to teach you about potions?" Ron roared.

"Actually, Draco is a rather talented potion maker," Hermione admitted in a small voice.

"Listen, let's stop wasting all this time bickering over stupid things like clothes, boys, and studies," Ginny said exasperatedly. Wow, did that statement just come out of my mouth? Ginny shook her head and made her way out of the portrait leaving an angered Ron, confused Harry, and huffy Hermione behind her. She figured she would give them time to get all of their feelings out of their systems so she could have an enjoyable day in Hogsmeade with Harry.

Ginny was standing in the entrance hall; it was pretty full already with students waiting for friends so they could head over to Hogsmeade. As Ginny was waiting, quite a few boys had already come over to talk to her. A lot of them stammered, but some were confident as they approached her. Ginny liked the attention, but it made her feel awkward because she wasn't used to it.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Ginny turned around to face the person who was talking to her, "It's the Weaslette. My, my, my...you have been growing well, haven't you?" Draco said with amusement in his voice and a glint in his eye. Ginny wasn't sure yet whether or not she liked this response, since she and Draco weren't by any means on friendly terms, but he was going to be tutoring her. I guess I'll be civil, but only if he will. Ginny held out her hand. Draco looked at it for a while before he took Ginny's hand in his and brought it to his lips, giving her hand a kiss and smiling sexily at her. No wonder they call him the Slytherin sex god! Ginny blushed at the thought, but regained her composure and asked, "When are we to start the tutoring sessions?"

"Oh," Draco said in slight amusement, "so it's you I'll be teaching then? They told me it was a Gryffindor, I didn't know it was going to be the prettiest one."

"What are you playing at, Malfoy?" Ginny's eyes flashed with anger.

"Now, now Ginny, no need to be harsh! I can tell you don't receive compliments very often." Draco sneered, "I find that you have grown into a very beautiful young woman...and if you weren't a Weasley, I would probably try and seduce you. As my luck would have it though-you are a Weasley, so I'll just have to settle with flirting with you to make your brother angry and Harry Potter jealous."

"I will not be your toy Dr-"

"Fine have it the hard way, but I must warn you. You will be seeing a lot more of me this year." He finally let go of her hand, and was about to walk away when he saw something behind Ginny and smiled nastily. Ginny was turning to see who it was, but Draco grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her toward him. He brought his lips down on hers, hard. Ginny pushed on his chest, furiously trying to fight the urge to succumb to Draco and just kiss him back. He smells really nice. Ginny's thoughts were interrupted as Draco was pulled from her and thrown up against the wall.

Ginny thought that it was Harry who had pulled Draco off of her, but she could see that it was a very angered red head instead.


"Oh, shut it, Weasel." Ron punched Draco, and there was a little blood on Draco's lip.

"Ron, please stop!" Hermione begged.

Ginny walked up and put her hand on her brother's shoulder, "Come on Ron, nothing can be solved over this, Malfoy's a wanker. Just leave it alone before you get into trouble and receive detention." Ron's grip loosened on Draco's robes.

"Fine!" Ron said angrily, "Touch my sister again Malfoy and you'll be dead before you can say 'Avada Kedavra'!"


Ginny, Ron and Hermione were already half way to Hogsmeade before Ginny realized something wasn't right. "Where's Harry?" she asked urgently.

"Oh, he saw Cho Chang on our way down and told us he'd meet us at Hogsmeade and not to wait up for him." Hermione stated.

"Well, did he say anything about me?" Ginny asked softly.

"No...why would he?" Ron asked an interested look crossing his face.

"Well, he and I were going to hang out in case you and Hermione got into another one of your snog fests! I guess I can just walk around Hogsmeade by myself, though," Ginny said trying not to show how hurt she was. Bugger! How stupid can you get, Gin? Why would you think that Harry Potter would actually forget about Cho? Damn. Bollocks to him!

Once in Hogsmeade, it didn't take long for Hermione and Ron to run off together, leaving Ginny to walk the streets alone. She walked into a clothing shop, hoping to get some new ideas on how to transfigure her clothing. Once she was bored with that, she made her way to the Three Broomsticks. To Ginny's surprise, there weren't too many people inside. She noted that there were quite a few teachers as well as older wizards and witches, but very few Hogwarts students.

"Ginny! Ginny, over here!" called an urgent voice. Ginny looked to her left and saw Dean Thomas waving her down. He's matured over the summer as well! Indeed Dean had, he had broader shoulders and was very muscular.

"Hullo Dean. How are you today?"

"Wonderful now that you're here!" Dean smiled. He's always been such a charmer. "Won't you sit down? We would really enjoy your company," Dean asked, while Seamus, Colin and Neville all nodded in agreement.

"Alright, I suppose I will." Ginny smiled sweetly, and gracefully took an empty seat in between Seamus and Neville.

"So why did you come to Hogsmeade all by yourself?" Seamus asked blatantly, "If you don' mind me askin'," he added turning red in the face.

"No, no problem at all, Seamus. I was actually going to spend the day with Harry, but he found out that Cho was going, so I suppose they're around here somewhere." Ginny said, trying to convince herself that she didn't care.

"You mean Harry broke your date to hang out with Cho Chang? I mean she's pretty, but she doesn't have anything on you, Gin!" Dean told her earnestly.

"No, you don't understand it wasn't a date-wait...did you just say that Cho Chang has nothing on me?" Ginny tried to remember Dean's word correctly.

"Well, it's the truth, isn't it?" Colin asked. "I mean, you don't see every other guy in the school fawning over Cho."

"Well, they aren't fawning over me either." Ginny stated. The whole table of boys just stared at her uncomfortably, "Oh," Ginny said in a small voice.

"Don't worry about it though, Ginny." Neville said, trying to ease the moment. "We're just here to make sure that Draco Malfoy doesn't come near you." Ginny felt movement under the table and heard Neville yelp in pain, than she realized what was going on, "So, you lot are spying for Ron and keeping watch over me?" Ginny's anger was slowly rising, "What's wrong with you people? Don't you have anything better to do than to do what my brother asks of you? I mean...he's off doing God only knows what with Hermione, and you lot are stuck here playing babysitter!" They all sat and contemplated her words for a second before anyone spoke.

"Right well I'm going to get a butterbeer...anyone else want one?" Dean asked, getting up from his seat; no one responded. "Ginny? Would you like a butterbeer? It's my treat!"

"Alright then," Ginny said, she wasn't mad at the guys, she was mad at her brother for being...well...him. She got up from her chair and followed Dean.

"You didn't have to come, Ginny, I can carry two drinks."

"I know," Ginny blushed a little, "Dean?"

"Yes?" Dean turned and looked at Ginny intently.

"Do you think I'm attractive?"

"In all seriousness, Ginny? I think you are probably the most attractive girl at this school, but not just for your looks. You have an awesome personality. You are a very fun and easygoing person. A lot of the girls around here come equipped with a bundle of problems and all they want to do is 'talk', but you like to talk and play games, you joke around too...and..."

"And what?"

"You've got an awesome body," Dean said without blushing once.

"Thanks Dean!"

"No problem Ginny, anything for a friend."

Ginny enjoyed the rest of her chat with the boys.She did not see Harry once, and as the conversation went on Harry soon slipped from Ginny's mind. Soon, she was lost in the discussion of Quidditch, and an American Muggle game called "soccer" (brought up by Dean of course). Sitting here with these boys, she could almost forget that Harry had blown her off. Almost.

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