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Slash Romance
The Harry Potter at Hogwarts Years
Published: 03/07/2004
Updated: 03/07/2004
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24 Hours

Kate Bolin

Story Summary:
Glimpses of two lives. Hermione and Ginny.

Author's Note:
Written for the Femslash Ficathon for RubyKate.


There's a loose floorboard in Ginny's bedroom that squeaks each time Hermione moves from her bed on the floor into Ginny's.

No matter what steps she takes, it always shrieks, and she freezes, thinking that it'll wake up the entire house.

Ginny suggests she just sleeps in her bed now.



The mattresses in Grimmauld Place are musty and filled with strange lumps. When Hermione comes to stay, Molly thinks it's just easier to just stick Ginny and Hermione in the same bed.

Ginny grins and Hermione snickers and both of them spend an entire night too busy giggling to snog.



Hermione likes to make love in the dark, wrapped in warm blankets and soft pillows, not knowing which hands were where, and what Ginny would do next.

Ginny would giggle and kiss and surprise Hermione with her touches, stroking and cupping and occasionally scratching, smiling as she squeals and twists.



She'd sleep against Ginny's shoulder, muttering pieces of spells and fragments of books in her sleep as Ginny grumbled unconsciously, turning over.

Hermione would occasionally wake Ginny up, nuzzling against her body, a hand cupping Ginny's breast as she kissed her neck. Ginny would laugh and kiss her sleeping girlfriend.



Hermione slept on her right side, and Ginny would wrap around her, spooning against her with her arm curled around the gentle curve of Hermione's stomach. Their breathing would even together, a slow rise and fall as they joined together, two sleeping forms in the faint starlight from the window.



Hermione was a morning person, and she would wake as soon as the first sunbeam trailed across her face. She would rise, and sit in bed reading, occasionally looking over at Ginny as she slept. She would brush a strand of hair from her lover's face, and kiss her forehead.



They made toast and marmalade and tea for breakfast each morning, Hermione drinking her tea with a single dollop of honey while Ginny drowned hers in cream and sugar. Ginny would lick the toast crumbs from her lips, and Hermione would kiss away the few she always missed, smiling widely.



Hermione still read The Daily Prophet, despite the day they found a full-page article of them kissing behind the Three Broomsticks, the headline "Potter Pals In Sapphic Shocker!" taking up a third of the page as their photographic images giggled and kissed in black and white. Molly was properly appalled.



Hermione's class notes were color-coded and cross-referenced, matching between classes and years with different annotation systems.

Ginny's class notes were scattered and vague, and there was usually at least one "GW + HG" doodle in the corner of the parchment. Sometimes there were full drawings, with hearts, flowers, and stars.



Wrapped up in robes and uniforms, hands sliding up and down over soft skin, sticky wet kisses smacking as they giggled and gasped and wrapped around each other, thighs between thighs and arms around waists and Ginny's got her hands tangled in Hermione's hair as she keeps on kissing her.



They spent the occasional weekend up in Hermione's bed, wrapped up in blankets and books, reading and writing and doing everything proper studious Gryffindor girls should be. Ginny would ask for Hermione's notes, Hermione would scratch out problems, and, eventually, they'd push everything aside and swap kisses rather than books.



Ginny pressed her up against the library stack, balancing her hands against the bookshelf as she leaned into Hermione's body, kissing her roughly as one of her hands slid down between Hermione's legs and crawled underneath her skirt.

Hermione muffled a moan as Ginny's hand moved up higher and higher.



Hermione preferred grabbing sandwiches during lunch and taking them back to her room, setting them on her trunk as she pulled Ginny down onto the bed, kissing her sweetly as they both kept an eye on the clock.

They'd rush to their next class, eating the sandwiches on the way.



Ginny inherited her brothers' knack for invention, and when she was supposed to be studying, she was inventing. The rose that released perfume to match the holder was a public success, but the tulip that cupped flesh and shook...well...that was for a more private release. In all meanings.



Ginny's skin glowed pale white in any semi-dark place. Hermione's skin took on a dusky tone when lit by firelight. The dungeons made both of them look unnatural, fairy creatures come down to earth, and they would sneak kisses in between their potions lessons, meeting each other in the hall.



Hermione was in training to become an animagus, and Ginny would watch over her as she changed. Each time she changed back into the girl, Ginny would say she became a different animal, and laugh at Hermione's reaction.

While she was changed, Ginny would pet the small soft rabbit tenderly.



Ginny had learned duelling from her brothers-- spending her life around boys had taught her how to defend herself well. Hermione had progressed from the schoolyard fisticuffs she employed on Millicent when she was twelve. Both of them could block each other's hexes perfectly, a dance of wands and wizardry.



The girls' locker room was usually empty now after a match. The steam would rise in curls and spirals as Ginny would stand underneath one, little waterfalls forming as the shower went down her thin, lithe body, and Hermione's hair would frizz up angrily as she watched her girlfriend relax.



They would sit at one end of the Gryffindor table for dinner, both of them eating and reading at the same time. For the first few weeks, people commented, the Slytherins making the most vicious remarks as usual, but, over time, it just became as normal as anything else there.



The prefect's bathroom had the biggest bath and the most bubbles, and even the mermaid in the painting would blush when Hermione and Ginny would decide to bathe. Ginny would sit on the edge of the bath, her legs spread, and Hermione would kneel between them, licking and tasting deliciousness.



Sex education was something the professors at Hogwart's didn't like to think about. And no matter what books they read, they couldn't decide what would be appropriate, so they finally just chose students to speak.

Hermione gave lectures. Ginny held discussions. Both of them were proud to be role models.



Ron ignored it the first few months, with the sly glances and squeaky floorboards. But when it was in the papers, he had to admit that his sister and his friend made a better couple than Hermione and him could've made.

Ginny always remembered to ask Hermione out, for one.



Hermione rented a small flat in London her first year away from school. She wrote long letters to Ginny, and visited every single Hogsmeade Weekend.

That summer, Ginny came to live with her, and they spent each night on the small balcony, watching the world pass them by for once.



Hermione liked to shower before bed, and Ginny would lie in bed reading and wait for her. With her hair still damp and her skin smelling of rosewater soap, Hermione would climb into bed naked, snuggling against Ginny as she grinned and set the book aside, pulling her lover close.