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The Harry Potter at Hogwarts Years
Published: 08/25/2006
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The Veela Girl


Story Summary:
Hermione has fallen into unrequited love with the youngest Weasley. When she finds out that Harry and Ginny are together she is heartbroken. It takes a certain Veela girl to lift her spirits once more. A one-shot. Warning: femmeslash involved.

The Veela Girl

Chapter Summary:
One-shot. Hermione is mooning after Ginny. Ginny is mooning after Harry. When Hermione's heart gets trampled the only cure may be a certain Veela girl. Warnings: Femmeslash
Author's Note:
The Search is on. Enjoy.

"I know what you see in dat little red-head. She 'as 'ow would you say? Spunk. But she can never love you in the way you love 'er. 'Eet is just not possible."

Hermione was shocked and dismayed by Fleur's words. She was sure she hadn't looked that forlorn staring at the youngest Weasley bounce happily around the Burrow with her new boyfriend, Harry Potter. Hermione remembered vividly getting the news from Ginny herself earlier that week while still at Hogwarts. She had come bounding up the stairs to the girls' dormitory, so happy that it took her a while before she was under control, enough, that she could relate her euphoric news to Hermione.

"'Mione! 'Mione! You'll never guess what just happened!" Ginny was practically swaying and didn't look very stable clinging to the edge of the bed as she was. Hermione steered the younger girl over to the edge of her own bed and sat her down before asking in a calm, reasonable, utterly Hermione voice just what had gotten Ginny as worked up as all this. She tried to disguise her own flutters in the pit of her stomach at seeing the fiery beauty so flushed with excitement. She looked stunning with her hazel eyes bright and ecstatic. Hermione could barely wait to hear what her friend had come to tell her. Although Ginny's next words felt like a slap in the face.

"Oh, Hermione, you'll just never guess," Ginny gushed. Hermione smiled indulgently.

"I believe you've already mentioned that. Now what is it you're so excited about?"

"Oh, 'Mione. It's Harry!" Hermione felt like she'd been hit with a jelly-legs jinx and had to sit down on the bed speechless. Ginny must have taken her response as "too happy for words" because she went on in bright tones. "It just happened now, in the halls. He was walking me back from the library and he pulled me aside and told me that he's loved me for almost this whole year now. He just wasn't sure how to say it. He and Ron already talked, apparently, and Ron says he's ok with it as long as Harry doesn't hurt me, and as long as he never has to see us kiss. Ron's such a git sometimes. As if he thinks he can control my life. I'm sixteen years old for Merlin's sake!" After this Hermione lost the thread of the conversation. She nodded heartily when it seemed like that's what Ginny was expecting but other than that she was lost in her own thoughts as Ginny's words kept rolling around in her head, cutting deeper with each round. He's loved me for almost a year...

Oh God, Hermione thought, I might be sick, but she forced a smile for Ginny's sake anyway. Her throat felt constricted and dry with unshed tears. She couldn't wait for her best friend and the love of her life to turn around and leave so that she could cry and scream to herself until there were no sounds left in her. But as if she wasn't hurt and sad enough, Ginny, in her excited and spastic state bent down and kissed Hermione. Full on the lips. The movement was brief and, for the most part instinctive due to her happiness over Harry's declaration. Hermione stared at Ginny elated, shocked, and incredibly saddened all at once.

Hermione came bolting back to reality as the memory faded with the touch of Fleur's delicate hand on her shoulder blade. Some part of her wanted to flinch away from the contact but another part, a weaker part, wanted to lean into Fleur's embrace and cry out. About how she had loved Ginny since she had been in fifth year, gawky at age fifteen, but learning how to cope with her bushy curls and now surprisingly curvy body. Ginny had only been 14 at the time but she had always been beautiful. Her fiery locks waved in defiance of any product or charm she might apply. But Hermione thought the bounce and flow of Ginny's hair, wild and free, suited her. Her eyes had held a smoldering look in the depths of hazel that Hermione found at once irresistible and forbidden.

Hermione wasn't sure when she knew that she wasn't like the other girls. She knew, of course, with her books and her grades that she had already been different. But this was deeper, baser, than any marks or knowledge she might possess. When she used to hear Lavender and Parvati talking about the Gryffindor (and on occasion Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff) boys in excited voices, she had felt out of place. Who they thought was the cutest. Who had the nicest smile. Who was most likely to get a girlfriend, and Oh! didn't Hermione just love Terry Boot? Lavender and Parvati were so sure he would be the perfect match for her. They were both so smart, and he was cute, right? But hard as Hermione had tried to join in their conversation, trite as she found it, she had never been able to mark out a single boy that she fancied above the rest. In fourth year everyone assumed it had been Victor Krum, but she hadn't really found a single thing about the boy that had attracted her in the way that Lavender and Parvati seemed to be attracted to the boys in their year.

Until Ginny, Hermione had just assumed that she was a late bloomer. That she would eventually be attracted to and develop crushes on the boys in her year. But it never happened, and after Ginny there was really no doubt about why she had never liked boys in that way before. For a while she had tried to deny it. At one point, in sixth year, she had even let Ron kiss her under the mistletoe. After that he seemed to expect that she would want to date him, but she knew there was no hope. She was irrevocably and totally in love... with Ginny Weasley.

Hermione didn't recognize where she was at first, until she looked up and saw the room she and Fleur had been sharing. She vaguely recalled a few minutes ago Fleur calling to the happy group across the room that "poor Hermione did not look at all well" and that Fleur was going to "take 'er upstairs to rest." When Hermione looked up again she realized that Fleur was still holding her up somewhat and looking at her curiously. "What is it, Fleur?" Hermione asked with a sharper edge to her tone than she had intended. She didn't know how Fleur had known about her attraction to Ginny, but she didn't appreciate being reminded that she couldn't have what she wanted. The look in Fleur's eyes shifted. Although not to hurt or disappointment as Hermione's tone might have prompted, instead there was an almost hungry look in them. As if she'd like to devour Hermione with her eyes. " 'Ermione?" she asked, almost innocently, although the gleam in her eyes gave away something devious. Hermione was too tired from hurt, to notice and answered in an almost bored tone.

"Yes?" It was then that she looked up and saw the way that Fleur was gazing at her. A familiar heat began to rise in her cheeks and she quickly batted it away. This is Fleur, remember? You have absolutely no business falling for one, let alone two girls that you obviously can't have! But she kept on staring into Fleur's glassy blue-gray eyes anyway, she felt like she were falling, spinning, twirling, and there was going to be nothing left, except those too blue eyes.

"Do you find me attractive, 'Ermione? Is there anything about me that makes you want me? My eyes?" Fleur's eyes bored into Hermione's with new intensity. "My mouth?" Fleur's mouth curved upwards into a simpering seductive smile. "My..." she paused for effect "...body?"

Suddenly all air passages in Hermione's body seemed to close off as Fleur pressed her long sinuous body against Hermione's own softly curving one. She could feel the press of the other girl's thighs against her own. Her flat stomach pressed tantalizingly against Hermione's equally flat torso. Her breasts smashed against Hermione's. Every part of Fleur seemed to effuse a scent as sweet as any perfume, and ten times more tempting. "Well, 'Ermione? Do you want me?" Even Fleur's accent was making Hermione's breath come in short little gasps. She quickly nodded her assent and then spoke in an almost inaudible whisper.

"Yes, please, Fleur." This seemed to please the other girl as she began to trace patterns along Hermione's jaw line with her lips and tongue eliciting small moans from Hermione. She made her way over to the other girl's earlobe and licked and nipped at it with her teeth and tongue, teasing gently before making her way to Hermione's lips. She had been gentle before and she was so now, but with more of a sense of urgency, of need so great. Their shared kisses became more frantic now as the rest of the room seemed to drop away and all that was left was the two girls, and the bed. Hermione realized that she was about to fall, having had a lack of balance before this all started, was now having noticeable difficulty standing upright. Without once taking leave of Fleur's soft lips she maneuvered them so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed, with Fleur standing in between her outspread legs.

But as the kiss deepened the contact between them was not enough. Hermione felt on fire everywhere Fleur was not touching her and quickly searched to remedy the problem by pressing the length of her against the other girl. Fleur was soon sprawled against Hermione, who was lying almost completely horizontal on the bed except for her hips and sometimes back, which began to arch a little every time Fleur deepened their kiss. Fleur's hands, now around Hermione, began tracing practiced patterns on the small of her back where her shirt fell away from her body and left a small gap of bare skin between the hem of the shirt and the waist of her low rise jeans. As the need for contact between them grew the restrictions of the clothing between them became too much, and Fleur's hands moved farther and farther inside the back of Hermione's shirt. They came to the clasp of Hermione's bra, which in contrast to her practical nature, was a deep blue and covered in lace. As the bra came off Fleur threw Hermione an amused look and lifted the bra to her face, inhaling the scent that was Hermione.

Hermione responded to this unspoken challenge by rollin a surprised Fleur onto her back so that it was Hermione who was on top. Her hands traveled along Fleur's back also but came to rest in a decidedly different spot. As Hermione felt the contours of Fleur's arse she gazed upon the beauty that was the veela girl. She had always known Fleur was beautiful but she had never had the opportunity to appreciate it this way. That was Hermione's last decidedly coherent thought as soon Fleur's bra and both of their shirts were off. As they worked on the buttons on each other's trousers Hermione found herself wishing she had worn a skirt. When the pants were discarded unceremoniously on the floor all that was left between them was a thin layer of panties and soon that was gone too.

Fleur found her gaze ranging up and down the other girl's body taking in and devouring Hermione with her eyes. Hermione moaned in pleasure at the veela girl's reaction and did the same. Their lips soon crashed together again in a wave of need neither of them had ever felt before. Even Ginny's kiss hadn't elicited this kind of reaction from Hermione who felt that if Fleur's body stopped touching her own she might die from the sheer wanting of it. Hermione's head bent lower to capture one of Fleur's breasts in her mouth and licked and kissed and tasted until Fleur was moaning her need. Soon their bodies came together in the sweet friction they had both been craving. As both their hips bucked in rhythm to some unheard beat the climax was incredible and when the waves of pleasure had died down in both of them they fell exhausted upon one another. As Hermione made to roll over to the other side of the bed she felt a pale and surprisingly cool hand stop her. "Where do you think you're going?" Fleur asked incredulously. Hermione blushed furiously, in her inexperience she had obviously missed something. She started to apologize immediately. "I'm sorry if it wasn't good. I mean that was the first time I ever..." She trailed off at the incredulous look in Fleur's eyes.

"What do you mean, 'Ermione? That was incredible." That Fleur thought she was incredible made Hermione want to leap on her and make love to Fleur until she was weak and completely satiated and judging from the look in Fleur's eyes, she had a feeling she might be able to do just that. Hermione's eyes lit up with mischief and Fleur's gaze became wary and happy at the same time. Hermione leaned into Fleur, so close that her lips brushed Fleur's ear as she spoke, sending shivers of delight down both girls spines.

"Fleur?" Hermione asked quietly. Fleur nodded to show that she was listening and Hermione continued. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" Fleur's eyes went wide and clouded with lust as she shook her head to convey that she didn't know what Hermione had planned. Hermione shook her head in mock reproach and bent in again. "I'm going to lick every inch of your body, inside and out, I plan to make love to you until beg for sweet release and then I'm going to give the greatest climax you've ever had and you'll scream and moan my name. And when it's over and you're so sure that you couldn't go again even if you life depended on it, I'm going to start all over. And I'll make you moan and whimper until you're sure that you'll never get any release. I'm going to take you in my mouth and make you weep tears of joy. I'm going to love you." Fleur's eyes widened in shock and then closed in acceptance. For the rest of the night Hermione delivered exactly what she'd promised, and more.


Hermione spent the rest of the week in a haze, floating surreally from one moment with Fleur to the next. It was in one of these self-induced, half-conscious, states that she ran into Ginny in the garden. Ginny looked nervous and surprised, as if she had forgotten that she and Hermione were staying in the same house let alone the same planet. "Oh, hello, Ginny." Hermione said pleasantly. After that night with Fleur she held no grudge against Ginny. She wanted her friend to be happy. Just as she was happy. Happy, happy, happy. She giggled involuntarily. Ginny gave her friend an odd look. She had never seen Hermione so carefree and... Ginny wasn't sure what but something was different about the older girl and it was making her act very strangely indeed. Ginny went on to give Hermione the daily report of everything Harry was up to. Harry did this and Harry said that. And it was strange after so many years of believeing that she was totally in love with Ginny Weasley, to find that she was genuinely glad for her friend. She found herself laughing along about Harry's antics and smiling softly at a sweet word he'd spoken. And these reactions didn't feel hollow to her. They were exactly the reactions a best friend should have.

This knowledge buoyed Hermione on in her budding relationship with Fleur. The two girls found it almost impossible to be apart whether it was at night, which they spent tangled in each others arms. Or in the day which they spent most of together too, laughing at whispered secrets, blushing at lover's jokes. To both of them it felt so right, so natural to be in each other's lives that at first they didn't realize the attention they were attracting. But everyone else in the house noticed, and they quickly came to the decision that not all was as it seemed with the two eldest girls. Into the second week of their stay at the Burrow Ron approached Hermione with curiosity about her newfound levity.

"'Mione! Wait up." Ron jogged to get into stride with Hermione, her eyes were far away and it didn't appear that she had heard him. "'Mione?" He called again once he'd gotten a little closer. Finally he tried pulling on her shoulder gently while saying her name. She stopped walking and had the look of someone who was just waking up.

"Ron? What are you doing out here?" Ron knew he looked as exasperated as he felt so he tried to force a smile for her sake. "'Mione, I've been calling your name for at least two minutes. I can't believe you didn't hear me."

"Oh yeah, well I guess I've just been kinda lost in thought." She looked sheepish for a moment and then just happy again. Ron felt like he was losing her to the daydream again so he quickly blurted out, " So what's up with you and Fleur lately?" Oh, not the most tactful start. Lucky for him Hermione just smiled at the sound of Fleur's name and probably filtered out the rest of what she'd heard.

"Fleur," she said dreamily. "I'm in love with her, you know." She said it so matter- of-factly you'd have thought she'd been discussing what she'd had for breakfast instead of revealing one of her deepest secrets. So very Hermione. Ron's mouth fell open for a minute or two while he let the implications of her sentence sink in. After his initial shock Ron decided that he'd known all along. It figured.

"She treating you right Hermione?" he said seriously. "Does she love you too?" Hermione gazed dreamily from the garden into the kitchen window where Fleur was helping a reluctant Mrs.Weasley prepare lunch for the masses. At that moment Fleur looked up and mouthed three little words that would change Hermione forever. She turned back to Ron and smiled widely.

"Yes, I believe she does."

This is for all of you Easter Egg Hunters. I hope you enjoyed.